What are readers of the The Arinthian Line series saying?
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F E A T U R E D    P I N:IMG_20171029_200343

From author:The other day my wife and I met Claire, a fourteen-year-old fan of The Arinthian Line, as well as her wonderful parents, one of whom also read the books. Her mother told me Claire “fell in love with reading” because of the series.

I don’t get to meet readers often, but to meet one who began a grand adventure into the world of books because of my work . . . well, it was truly a special occasion.

Thank you Claire, Lembit and Melanie for reaching out :)

Oct 29, 2017

Hello Mr. Bronny!

I loved reading Burden’s Edge, (I finished it in 8 hours in the same day) I couldn’t put the book down until I finished it. I was reading while eating, washing dishes, lying down—it was just. So. Good.

I loved Augum, Bridget, and Leera. I could tell that they were well thought characters. Overall though, I’d give this book five stars and a wide grin! Thank you for giving me such a great book to read.



Hi Mr. Bronny, I am a huge fan of your books. I am suuuuuper exited to see what you have in store for your next book Honors Price, and am wondering when your going to post the next update to your website. Thank you so much and good luck. 👍



I just wanted to say I loved your book series. Read them backwards (Burden’s Edge first) as I have the kindle unlimited through amazon, just clicked the description thought it was up my alley; downloaded it and read it in a day. I lost sleep staying up late finishing it. Afterwards I went to search for the sequel but instead found the Arinthian Line series which I promptly read in a week. I searched out this site from your about the author section looking for updates on your next book release date (and found them) and anxiously look forward to reading the next installment. Just wanted to say Hi, great series and keep up the great work.




1st off I want to thank you for dedicating your time to writing, in my opinion, one of the finest series I have had the honor of reading. My personal kindle library is over 500 ebooks. I was introduced to you through my Kindle Unlimited account as a recommendation. I have since purchased all 6 books on my daughters kindle account. Shes 21 and loves them by the way.
and My 6 year old grandson, my oldest son`s 1st born loves the series. loves Leera right now but that could change lol.

thank you for keeping your story line free of smutt and adult language. It`s really nice to be able to share the stories with my grandson and I really don`t care much for it either.
Best of luck in all your future endeavors.



I love that you have responded to me every time I have written to you. That is so awesome and rewarding, and kind of rare with some authors. You even posted one of my reviews on your website. Awesome. Anyway, like I said, I’ve been re-reading The Arinthian Line and..just wow. Falling in love all over again. I have to say that Clash is my favorite. The tournament and the awesome library mysteries to discover…so fun. Did you know, my heart actually started pounding in anticipation of Augum and Robin’s fight (reading the scenes as he arrives to the arena)? I…can’t remember the last time I’ve felt a physical response like that to a book. Movies, sure you get into those action scenes, you can feel the anticipation…but you captured that feeling in a book. That I was reading for the second time. Mad props. Currently rereading Legend, and the trio just returned from the Black Castle, so I know the best part is coming up. I’m writing my own fantasy novel, and I keep pausing while reading yours, mulling over how you did certain things that evoked certain reactions from me. I’ve come to the conclusion that some major motivating concepts are love and death. Most notably, our capacity for love, and the tendency for the villains to underestimate that capacity, and the fear of the other…most notably, the fear the villains have of death and the lengths they will go to avoid it. You have this and Harry Potter has this. I’m sure if I keep looking I will find it a vastly prevalent topic among other fantasy novels. I did an essay in college, on fantasy fiction and why it appeals to us so much, and I don’t want to bore you too much, but it was based on the concept that successful fantasy fiction deals with love, (a fear of, or struggle or understand) death, and good vs evil. You sir, have nailed it. Not trying to fan girl on you here, (heck, I’m 32), but as one who is aiming to join the craft (22 chapters and 50k words into my novel)…I wanted to reach out and say that I think your works are super.

Jennifer (Via author’s Facebook page)


i just absolutely love your content and can not wait for the second fury of a rising dragon book to come out.

i was just wondering if you had a general release date planned so i can plan to read it the day it comes out.

thank you so much. you’ve brought hours of happiness and imagination into my life.


[Author’s response:Expect book two around late summer! :) ]


Hi sever I am not your average reader this series is aimed at ! I am 70 years old and have been an avid reader of fantasy my entire life! Your series the Arianthian line is one of the best written fantasy series I’ve had the pleasure of reading since the Harry potter books and maybe better as I haven’t had a series hold my interest like this one in quite a while! Looking forward to the next book in Fury of a Rising Dragon! Ps. I might be 70 but inside I’m still about seventeen and a life long nerd!

Gregory (via author’s Facebook page)


Hi mr.sever I first got “arcane” on my kindle when I searched for young adults books on the store ……..I found really interesting and I was so obsessed with the book I wouldn’t listen to what anybody said and they had to wake me up from reading ….. I completed the arinthian line series in three weeks since I had my exams ……I completed burden’s edge in a day , I even taken notes on your books like no. of least pages and highest no. of pages

Benedict (posted in comment section of author’s website)

Awesome book

Comment: First off I just wanna say thank you for writing such great books. They have everything drama,comedy,lots of actions,and the story just gets better. I have read all six books and I absolutely love the trios adventures. I introduced 2 of my friends to your books and they love them just as much as I do. Just wanted to let you know your a great writer man

P.s. these stories can be made into movies or even a tv series think about it.



Subject: Release Date

Comment: Hey Mr. Bronny,

About two weeks ago I came across Arcane and got totally immersed in the novel. I finished the book, well not just the book but the entire series as well as your most recent- Burden’s Edge which was also great. I can’t stop thinking about the journey the three characters are on and I’m anxiously awaiting the next installment of the Fury of a Rising Dragon series. Any news on a potential release date? I just simply can’t wait. Keep writing and I do hope that you enjoy it as much as us fans do. Wish you good luck and great health!



Subject: Your doing a great job.

Comment: I’m 46 years old, and I cannot believe how fast the first book caught my attention. I’ve bought every book in the series so far and currently reading Clash. Your series of books are absolutely amazing reads. The friendship of the trio on their adventures is addicting. Good luck and thank you for your stories.



Subject: Your wonderful books

Comment: Dear Mr Bronny,

With decades as a fantasy fan and thousands of books under my belt I’m still strangely delighted by series that leave me feeling bereft after the last pages. It feels like a dose of home sickness, or even a faded grief. My husband, who knows me very well, looks at my long face and says “Oh, you finished a good book”. I cuddle the cats a little bit tighter than usual.

Finishing your books, the Arinthian Line and Burden’s Edge, felt like that. It’s only been hours and I’m missing Augum and Bridget and Leera terribly. If only books could be written as fast as they can be read.

Thank you so very much for the joy of reading a truly beautiful coming of age tale. The friendships rang true, the struggles felt real, the tension was occasionally feverish. I loved every page.

I can’t wait for the next one, and the ones after that. You should be very proud of your creations.



I enjoyed the fleshing out of the characters whether they survived their battles or not. The three main characters were such teenagers and had fun, made mistakes and grew as people! I will recommend this series to my 13 yr old granddaughter. I found it more enjoyable and more believable than Harry Potter.



I wanted to reach out to you to say how much I have enjoyed follow the trio’s journey. I have never reached to an author before. I just finished Burden’s Edge and litarlly cursed out loud. I wanted it to keep going I was so engrossed in the story. It makes me happy to know that there are more books coming. I eagerly await the next book in the series!

Bruce (message via Author’s Facebook page.)

Just wanted to let you know, started the whole series about a week ago and marathon’d through all the books in about a week, really good series and i’m looking forward to the rest! Enjoying the characters quite a bit and the newest saga dives nicely into the pressures of the aftermath, something we rarely get to see after a climactic battle like that. Keep it up, sir!



I just wanted to say that my 10 and 13-year-old boys are devouring this series. Now I have to read them myself! Thank you for writing exciting and involved novels that children as well as adults can read. There is so much junk out there, we need more authors like you!

Rita (left as a comment on BOOKS page of this site)

I finished BE…well… a few minutes ago with a bittersweet feeling, knowing I’d have to wait for god knows how long for the next part.

It will be hard (harder than the trio’s journey probably), but I might be able to survive until summer-ish!…As long as you’re not pulling a G.R.R.M on us.
Thanks for throwing me back into the fantasy genre!:)
PS: I’ll have you know, that I’m dumping the fault on my recent university-grades struggles on you. Shame on you for writing such a fantastic series! (Kidding)
Greetings from Austria

Tobias (left as a comment on BOOKS page of this site)

hey! I wanna say that your books are amazing and I love them. They never cease to amaze me and the books impacts my life greatly. Every time I have a bad day, I read your books and I feel good. That’s how gifted you are. Thank you for reading.

TOMMonyzzz (via Twitter)

I was so glad i found tbe arinthian line series. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I just finished burdens edge, and cannot wait for the next one. Keep writing awesome books. You should also consider writing prequel novels dtailing the life of Mrs. Stone that would be epic. Thanks again for what you do.



Upon just having finished reading Burden’s Edge last night at 1a.m. I was compelled to message you and tell you just how much I have enjoyed reading your books thus far. I am 21 years old and have always found this genre of novels to be fascinating, yet the books you’ve taken time to write have been by far my favorite yet. I’ve read all 6 books within 30 days time and I can’t wait for the second book of the Fury of a Rising Dragon Trilogy to come out.

Thank you for the excellent books you have published.



I send this message as a thank you for writing such amazing books! I was absolutely enthralled with your characters and world building. The way you portrayed Augum’s and Leera’s relationship is great. I cant wait till the second book comes out, which I hope is soon!

Thank you,


I love your books. I’m only on Riven, but the books get better every second! “When is the next book after Burden’s Edge coming out?”, is a question my brother asked. My brother asked about spells. My name is Hal, and I’m seven. I love to read. Your books are my favorite. My brother Trevy introduced your books to me. He is eleven. He reads a ton too.


Hi Just wanted you to know that I absolutely loved this entire series! Can’t wait for the next book. Also wanted to say that you have captured the uncertainty and self doubt of teenagers as well as that of adults. Not an easy feat. Your dialogue is easy and natural and character development very well done. I will miss this series when it’s over but look forward to more! Thanks for writing and I am glad I found it!



Hello, I finished reading Burdens Egde a few days ago and my head was buzzing with excitement. Your my all-time favorite author. It’s a nice thought to be able to know that after coming home from school or a bad day I can start reading your awesome books. I was wondering if I could get an estimate on when the next book will be available


[Author’s response: Expect book two around late summer! :) ]


I’ve read all 5 arthinian books plus burdens edge. Enjoyed all, I am a Sr. Citizen, and was sorry when I finished B. E. Good story, exciting, all around good reading. Looking forward to finishing the dragon series.



I just wanted to drop by and say thank you for the wonderful books you have written so far!
I just finished Burdens Edge and – as always with your books – was so sad when it ended because now I’ll have to wait for the next book :(
The world and characters you are building are so easy to imagine and I love the relationship between Augnum and the girls. I’m so excited so see how the three are going to develop the further they go down the arcaner path
Hope your writing for the next book is going well, I can’t wait to continue the adventure :)
Keep up your amazing work!



Dear Sever Bronny
You might have gotten this more than once but I feel that I might be your greatest fan. I’m not kidding. I think I have read and reread your books more than anyone else. I probably have read each several times. Here is a list.
Arcane:7 times
Riven: 8 times
Valor: 12 times
Clash: 7 times
Legend:3 times
Burdens edge: 1 time (have not had the time to reread)
I loved your books so much that I even have let my friends borrow the whole series. My friends agree with me in how good the books are even though they have not finished the series. I just wanted to let you know.

P.S My favorite is Valor if you couldn’t tell.


Thanks for writing such an engaging series, it’s been one of the most enjoyable I’ve read in the last year! I’m a sophomore in college and the Arinthian Line is exactly the kind of book that I was looking for! I love a good long series with magic aplenty. Already recommended the last series to my mom (reading buddy) and am looking forward to starting into the next series.
Thanks for the engagement!


Hello Sever,

First off, I’m an extremely big fan of your series. Ive read the first book and halfway through the second book, in about a day, I can’t seem to put the books down. I wanted to know, where did you get your inspiration from? I’m also a fan of Harry Potter, and The Inheritance series, and this feels like both put together. Albeit with it’s on unique storyline and characters that you love, characters you hate, and characters you love to hate.
   Books are my way to travel the world, slaying dragons and saving kingdoms. And ever since I was diagnosed with heart failure books are my escape. So thank you for this fantastic series. These are the kind of books I’ve been looking to fall in love with. I do have one more question, what books are like this series. Rather they be yours or another gifted author?
Best wishes,


[Author’s response:

Hello Brian, thank you for writing me. My initial inspiration came from reading and playing role-playing games as a kid and teenager. My secondary influence was Harry Potter. I too wanted to find an adventure that made me feel the way HP had. But because nothing like that existed, I simply wrote something that made me experience that same thrill. There was more to it than that, obviously, but that’s the gist.

As to which authors I recommend, I’d try AC Cobble, Viktor Kloss, and Jonathan Renshaw (Dawn of Wonder). Might be up your alley :)

Thank you for sharing your story, Brian, and I wish you many more years of reading and joy.


Thank you for writing these great books. I loved the Arinthian line books and Burden’s Edge, all of which I finished in about 2 weeks. Had to sacrifice a lot of sleep and deal with headaches, but it was good to increase my arcane reading stamina ;). Could not put the books down. I very much enjoyed the slightly different direction with Burden’s Edge too. Lot of lessons that still apply to today’s divisive world. Thank you again and I hope you keep writing forever, maybe you can figure out a way to become a Leyan that can keep passing books from another plane. As you can see, I am still living in your world. Disappointed that I have reached the end of the line for now. No pressure to put the next books out there fast :).



So glad I stumbled upon your series while looking for a new book. It has been a long time since a novel kept me interested and I couldn’t stop reading, couldn’t wait to start the second book, looking forward to finding out how Augum and friends make it through their next adventure. What a page turner.



I just wanted to say that I love the series and can’t wait to see what happens in the next Fury of a Rising Dragon book. I read the entire Arinthian Line series and Burden’s Edge in a week after first discovering your books and they had me hooked the entire time.

My only gripe so far has been the incorrect use of the term battlements throughout the series, especially when describing the arcaner classroom, which I found to be particularly immersion breaking. Other than that very minor issue I have thoroughly enjoyed each book and it was a very pleasant surprise finding a new series within the genre that had unique and innovative themes  and didn’t just rehash the same old tropes. The magic system with the arm rings, the antioch library (which I hope to see more of) and the scion powers controlling castle arinthian were particular areas I liked.

Keep up the good work, I can’t wait to read what adventures the trio get upto next,



I loved the first five books and didn’t want to say farewell to the characters. So I am thrilled to see them continue!
I admire the character development which helps to make this an engrossing series of novels. I can only imagine this on the big screen! I am anxiously waiting for the second book in this next adventure .I hope the Leyans return, especially Anna Stone and am hoping for dragons. Thanks so much for your writing and my delicious escape.




Ohhhh myyy Goddd!!!! I am soo excited to hear such amazing news!!!! I was just wondering about that recently, and I cannot wait to read more about my favorite characters, in my favorite land, by my FAVORITE AUTHOR!!!!!! Thank you so much for letting me know! What a great Christmas gift-for me!! 😊 Keep up the great writing, Sever! You’re awesome!



I just wanted to write and tell you how much I loved your series. I got the first book in the Arinthian Line for Christmas this past year, and I bought the rest of the series in the week following. They are my new favorite books. I read a lot, like a LOT, and I was extremely surprised to find such an awesome series that would become my favorite. I cannot tell you how happy I am that you are continuing Augum and Bridget and Leera’s stories because it is always so heart-breaking to finish a series forever. Luckily, I will not have to experience that for some time (I hope). I also wanted to tell you that I especially loved the battle at Hangman’s rock! I thought the perspective you offered there, with the Legion scout providing our intel for the happenings of the combat was extremely exciting. I got chills reading it, which is a very gratifying thing to do as an author, I would imagine. I’ve lent my copy of Arcane to a friend of mine, and I have a long list of people I want to read it. Anyways, thanks for reading. I really appreciate you writing these books, they are such joys to read. I wish you the best of luck in your coming works, and I’ll be sure to pre-order your copies as soon as I can!

Your fan,



Hey, just thought I’d drop a quick note and say I’m really enjoying your Arinthian Line.  For the past couple of weeks I have been attempting ( only somewhat successfully) to hike across New Zealand’s South Island, and your stories have kept me company in the evenings after long days of walking.
I just started your latest book while resting today in town after spending 11 hours cautiously finding my way through bog in the rain yesterday!
It has given me something to look forward to and think about while covered in mud or sand during the days.
I have enjoyed the characters, the world, and the arcanery (I won’t call it magic).  I hope you have many more stories to tell!
I have had my own story bouncing around in my head for several years as well, and I am inspired to dive back into it when my journey is done.
Best wishes,


Dear Sever Bronny,

Considering I am a chapter away from finishing the book, I want to say how surprised I was, throughout the book I was on the edge of my seat, constantly wanting to read more. Yet I cannot bring myself to finish the last  chapter considering I would have to wait again, which brings me to this question: when will the next book be approximately ready to release (estimate)? I don’t mind if you don’t answer, I just was curious. Of course, I’ll submit my review by December 1st… once I bring myself to finish the book. Again, this book was spectacular and I’d love to read more. I also want to praise you on the first Arcaner trial as that was splendid as I didn’t expect that to be an illusion. I was actually about to cry when Bridget ‘died’, which I must admit, I am quite emotionless while reading books. Yet this one, this one yanked on my heart strings. I thank you so much that you have spent time to write that masterpiece that I will read on countless occasions and also encourage my friends and family to read it as well. My friend is also in your Advanced Reader Team and he is also buckling down to read that story, and I can’t wait for him to finish as he and I will be discussing it for hours, as well as counting down until the next book is released. Surely you have other things to do, so I won’t write that much more. Just remember that I will support you and I do hope to read that book, however long it takes. Farewell, my favorite author!

From, your xth Degree Air Warlock

P.S. I know that salutations thing is weird, but let me get away with it. :D


Dear Mr. Bronny
My name is Sam and I finished reading the Arinthian line series about a month ago. I am currently 23 years old and have been introduced to fantasy literature for a majority of my life. I have read all sorts of authors. Some of these are quite famous and well known, such as JK Rowlings and Christopher Paolini, and some that are not so famous and are up-in-coming authors, such as Taran Matharu and AC Cobble. Your series might be the best mix of both these authors I have seen in a long time and I really enjoyed reading them. I think the most enjoyable thing from your series is that the magic system takes time to learn and more importantly, needs work and constant attention to excel at. Too many series now a days have their main character or characters suddenly becoming powerful or just happen to realize they have what it takes to defeat the antagonist. This aspect brings more realism into your work, showing that hard work and planning will trump natural ability and skill. Some would say the romance between Leera and Augum might not be necessary, but I say that this series wouldn’t be the same without it.

Just wanted to thank you for your work because I am sure this series took a very long time to create, as well as edit and modify. Looking forward to more of your work coming out in the future.

Thank you for your work,



Hi Sever! I’m Teri I’m from California. I’m your biggest fan. I’m a novice writer. What is the most important advice you can give to someone who is beginning to write a novel? And why? I hope you are having a great day. Thank you very much!



[Author’s response to Teri:

Learn as much about the craft of writing as you can, even as you write. Three killer books I always recommend on the subject:

Absorb those books like your life depended on it. Why? Writing “talent” is a myth. You need to have an aptitude to learn what works, which means working hard and studying hard. Pretend you’re a first-year med student studying for his exams.

Read the masters. Underline, make notes. What made those books great? Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself.
Also, join a forum writing community to get a sense of what other authors are doing. I recommend kboards writer’s cafe. This way you’ll get a sense of the community.

All my best to you and those you love, Teri, and I hope those answers helped,


Hi there. I haven’t seen anything about the new book. The last estimate I saw was December release. Is there a release date? You are usually on my son’s Christmas or birthday list if it falls close to a release and I was hoping that you would have something our before Christmas. He is such a book guy. I will stroke your ego a bit and tell you that although he has read everything Rick Riordan has put out that he would pick your work any day. When he gets one of your new books he gobbles it up like no others that I have seen and he reads alot! Hopefully that makes your day. 🙂 Let me know if you have a release date. We are waiting!!


(Release date for Burden’s Edge is still on schedule: Dec 1st, 2017. Major update coming soon)

Dear Mr. Bronny
Let me just start by saying your an amazing author and I really appreciate all the work you put into your writing. I’ve read pretty much everything from Harry Potter and Hunger Games to a series you’ve probably never heard of called The Sphere. And this is really an amazing peace of art. You series The Arinthian Line has great vocabulary, draws readers in and makes me want to see this as one of the next big series on the market.
Thank You,


Thank you for your fantastic books. You might remember me mentioning this before, but in my opinion, your writing is the same caliber as Anne McCaffrey’s (who passed away in 2011). I am happy to say that although she has been my all-time favorite author for 25 years, you are now right up there with her as my favorite author of all the many whose writing I have enjoyed reading since I was a teenager, 30+ years ago! You’re my favorite living author and Anne McCaffrey is my favorite who lives on through her work. I feel that literature is an extraordinary gift of the spirit from an author to readers and so thank you again for the gift of your excellent writing.

Steven, as posted on author’s Facebook page.

Missing your newsletter. Seems like it’s been awhile. I am anxiously waiting for your new trilogy. So excited. Thank you for the wonderful books you’ve already written and published.


Dear Sever Bronny, I absolutely loved the Arinthian Line series. I was scared of reading other books because I wouldn’t like them as much as your books… until I found out that you were making a trilogy about the trio. I was addicted to your series that I sometimes forgot was was real or fiction. I can’t wait to read the approaching trilogy! The Arinthian Line series would make perfect movies in my opinion. Good luck on the awaiting books!


Dear Sever bronny, I love you Arithain line books. I have read four of the five books I can not wait to read the fifth book. I am a boy eighth grader in Vermont. Your books have every thing a kid my age loves action romance and magic powers. I would also like to compliment you on your writing skills. When I read your writing you make me feel like the charters and for me that’s really hard to do. And also I like how descriptive you are about characters, places and spells also objects. I hope you keep making even more amazing story’s.

Sincerely , a big fan Travis

I am extremely excited and hope that someday I will write a book or a series that impacts others as much as your Arinthian Line series has impacted me.


Hi my name is issac and I am soooooooo excited for the trilogy although im quite young at 15 i love the length i just couldnt stop reading them not knowing how to stop myself i kept finishing them within a couple of days. through all the series ive read so far the Arinthrian line is my favorite keep up the awesome work Mr.Bronny

Isaac (via Author’s blog)

just finished the Arinthian Line, a bittersweet feeling, as it was possibly one of the best fantasy stories I’ve ever had the pleasure to have read, hence I’m sad it’s over.

However, I’m very excited to learn that you plan to continue the adventure.

Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful story, with such compelling characters. I particularly wanted to pass on that I think you did an especially good job portraying the budding romance of Augum and Leera -expertly written! I simply cannot wait for the tale to continue.

Kindest Regards,

I just wanted to let you know that I just finished reading Legend and this series has quickly become one of my top three favorite book series of all time. This is coming from someone who go inspired to read as many books as I can from a young age when I first read the first Narnia book. I got to the point where I ran out of space for books and had to start giving books away to people to create more space then I finally gave in last year and bought myself a kindle fire. I have recommended this series to everyone who will listen to me, it really is a gem among a lot of the books I’ve read. I just finished the 5th book tonight and I’m already planning to read the series again. Thank you so much for writing these books. If you ever get around to signing any of your books, I would like to know. I would drive out to where ever you are signing books or pay for shipping of a signed book if you ever decided to send out signed copies. If you do then it would be one of 2 other books that I even be remotely interested in getting the author’s signature. Its that big of a deal for me so I will be watching closely to see if you sign any books any time soon. I’ve also signed up for your news letter and talked about your books on social media as well. I hope that helps and I really hope you continue to write books, I read you are doing another trilogy for Augum, Leera and Bridget. Consider all 3 of those books already bought because I will buy them, no matter the cost, the day they are released. Also I’m a huge fan of many of the movies you mention as well like Star Wars and I still play Zelda and Doom to this day. Anyway, I’m sure you’ve heard enough of my rambling, I just got excited when I saw there might be a slim chance you might actually read this.

Best regards,


I just finished the series and I can not wait to read the next one. What will the name of your next book series be ,and when do you expect for it to come out.


[Author’s response: The name will not be revealed for some time, and the series, an expected trilogy, is due out December of this year, if all goes well. I’m already three chapters in! Am very excited.]

Mr. Bronny,

It’s certainly a pleasure to read your books. I started on The Arinthian Line barely a week ago and just finished Clash. One thing I can’t figure out, is why the awards platform vanished at the end‎? Maybe I’m just thick and missed it, but I’ve reread it a few times and can’t figure out an explanation. Only thing that comes to mind is the tiberran girl he fought against, and then allied himself with, in the semi-finals did it somehow. If this is the case, I’m just curious how she managed it?
I’d just like to say I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your books so far and I hope you continue to put out quality fantasy for years to come! Only down side is I read a lot at night before bed and can’t seem to put the books down, hence why I’m emailing you at almost 6:00am!
Thanks for your time and consideration!

[Author’s clue to Michael’s query: The Canterran judge]

I am a huge fan of this series. I just finished the fourth book, my favorite by far. I know I will probably never get a response, but I hope I will. I am thirteen years old, and I was very confused when you said Caireen Lavo was an anagram. I know what that is, but I have spent hours trying to figure this out. And even google failed me on this one. I write to you in the hopes that you will tell me what this decipher to be. And whether you write back and tell me, or give me a clue, or, in the library of Antioc way, don’t give me a hint, I hope you know that I will find the answer.

P. S. I don’t claim to be your greatest fan, as Many have taken that title. However, I have not heard anyone claim #2 fan, so I hope you can allow me this small luxury.

I began this 5 book series over the summer after I sent a copy of the first book to my son at overnight camp. I bought it, and a few others, solely based on Amazon reviews as a care package for him. My son came home from camp raving about the first volume, so I read it and was surprised to find a compelling story, strong characters, and an overall enjoyable read. I was hooked, and since then my son and I have read each book, purchasing this last volume of the series right after it was published.


Let me just say that here in the US, things have changed since this summer, and we find ourselves in strange and unfamiliar territory. This book is based in deep wisdom and in it I found so much strength and joy. It helped me and gave me hope. It reaffirmed that mistakes are a natural part of humanity, and can be a set back, but can also be overcome. It helped me understand that working together with love is really where strength lies. It is a powerful book that does all that. And I can’t help but think that if it worked on that level for me as an adult, it will also work that way for many teens and preteens.

Thank you, Sever Bronny, for telling us that truth, love, deep friendship and hard work will win against evil every time. We may have to make some sacrifices to get there, but good will prevail. I look forward to the next trilogy.

Melanie (Goodreads review of Legend)

Sever, I just finished Legend. Amazing finish! I often like to sit in a bar and just envelop myself in a book and drink my favorite brew. Twice during this epic conclusion I was forced to call my wife to pick me up, for I sat and read just a little to long and had a little to much to drink. I can only think of twice before where this has happened with separate series. You’ve done it with 1 book just mere days apart. Suffice to say, you got me in trouble! However, the minor grounding from the bar and beer was well worth it. I thoroughly enjoyed this series and will read it again and again. I wish you the best luck in your future works as well as your personal life. Thank you for a great escape, where Ordinaries like me can get a taste of a world different from ours. I’m looking forward to your future works of amazing artistry! A humble reader,



You have no idea how much I have enjoyed your books. The series is by far my favorite, even above Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings. I’ve stayed up a bit too late in many nights, unable to put down your books (I finished one in four days). I’m on the fifth book now, and can’t wait to see what it has in store. Your books brought me out of somewhat of a reading slump, and I can’t wait to see the trilogy you come out with next.



Hi there, just wanted to drop you a line and let you know I just finished Legend and loved it.  I am a 43 year old kid, with four sons of my own, and I absolutely tore through your books.  I am now getting my kids to read them.  I love how adventurous they are without the over-sexualized nonsense, bad language, and crapola that some authors add to their books.  It is nice to know that I can recommend a book to my kids, in the vein of CS Lewis, without concern for the content being too gross or inappropriately absurd.  As a father, I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate it. Thank you so much for your authorship, and I look forward to reading more of the exploits of Augum, Leera, and Bridget in the years to come.

Yours sincerely and gratefully,



I just finished the last book, what a rollercoaster, I loved it. I got to around 70% through and started to worry how you were going to end it but you did great.
As I got closer and closer to the end I started to become sad as I had assumed I wouldn’t get to know more about the trio. Almost not reading the book as much because the more I read the more quickly I would arrive at its conclusion.
The concept of Ley now opening up its knowledge, the rediscovery of arcaneary long thought lost, combined with where the trio currently are with their degree of experience/knowledge…so many possibilities.
While reading I kept thinking how I wanted to know more about not only their relationships blossoming but also their abilities. More about the trio reaching higher degrees or maybe even mastery. Bridget certainly has the focus, along with Augums determination, all three working together could achieve mastery.
Regardless, I was very happy to read that you would continue on with the trio.
I enjoy your writing and the universe you’ve created so very much.

P.S. with the success of Harry Potter, and now the void it’s left, wouldn’t your universe be a good series of movies? R rated hopefully.

Hi Sever my name is Trent and I’m a middle school boy from PEI. I’ve read all of the Arinthian Line twice and loved it all the while. Anyways, i should get to the point so you can get back to your writing. I’m writing this to give you a concept that came to me during the section about the cloud chamber and how Augum telekineticly  propelled himself. My point is a warlock could use push on the ground while jumping, and jump significantly higher, or use push or telekinesis while running or dodging to move faster. I hope that you found this Idea useful or at least interesting, and by the way, your cat looks exactly like mine except half the size.

Sincerely, your appreciative and loyal reader, Trent

P.S: what happened to Jordan from Ms. Stone’s trio when she was young?


Mr. Bronny – I’ve read well over 500 fantasy / sci fi books. I’ve read your entire series and wanted to let you know (and I’ve never written an author before) that, as a whole, I found it to be the absolutely best series I’ve ever read. I would rate it higher than The Black Company, The Dresden Files or even The Dark Tower series. Thank you for writing. I hope to see more of your work. Best wishes,


You never fail to disappoint!  Just finished Legend and am feeling really good about how it wrapped up. So intense!  My husband read it ahead of me and kept staying up until 2:30 in the morning reading he was so addicted. I have had to develop more self control to get sleep being the mom of a 5 year old. But it was hard to put down. Thank you for an excellent series!  I look forward to reading more about Augum, Leera, and Bridget. I also hope this series makes it to the big screen!  Totally would go see them all!!!


Just finished the book [Legend] and it is so full of action and excitement I couldn’t put it down. A great book and great series..loved every book and can’t wait for the next one. You are a great auther..thank you for writing such a great story.


My husband and I recently (September 2016) took in 3 siblings as foster children. The oldest, who is 11 loves to read, the younger two, 9 and 7, not as much. I am an avid reader, and was hoping to inspire them to read. I stumbled across your book, Arcane, on Amazon. We started reading it. A chapter or two each night (as long as I can stay awake to read out loud!). They LOVED it, and beg for me to keep reading. After finishing Arcane, I offered to look for something different, but they wanted to proceed with the series. This past weekend we finished Riven, and launched directly into Valor. We are looking forward to the Augum’s adventures each evening. Thank you so much for writing such a delightful and exciting series. Hopefully, your books will inspire their imaginations and create three life-long readers. It is wonderful to read something to them that we are all four engaged in. Definitely a series that reaches out across the generations and appeals to all of us!

Lisa (via “books” page on this site)

I just finished “Legend” and it was a very satisfying end to the series. Just want to thank you for writing such a wonderful fantasy story. I did a review on Amazon (5 stars). I don’t do many reviews, but felt good about this one. Hope it helps bring in a new reader for you. You are a great writer, thank you. And I am very excited that you will be continuing more adventures with our heroes. Keep up the great work.

Anonymous (via contact form)

Well, here it is, nearly mid-January. When will this interminable wait be over?!? But, seriously, I love your series so much I will actually read the next book out of order on my book list! You have a very clever imagination and a great talent. Congratulations on this great success.

Kim (via author’s “books” page here on the website)

Greetings and salutations! This is the first time I’ve ever voluntarily contacted an author (the letter to Judy Bloom in the 5th grade doesn’t count as it was homework). I realize I’m probably just a drop in a bucket in comparison to the entirety of your incoming correspondence, but I felt it worthwhile to let you know I’ve really enjoyed your Arinthian Line series. I too grew up first with the Narnia set, then the Dragonlance chronicles. Wheel of Time was somewhere there in the middle, but I have to be honest that I stopped reading that one because I couldn’t keep my eyes from rolling at the corny repetitions. Still a good series though, I may have to go back and finish it at some point; ended up donating the set to my brother who did finish it. I tend to relate better with books and video games than I do with people, even got my platinum trophy on Diablo III which has no real life value whatsoever.

Anyway, I found it interesting that I’m able to relate to much of your life story now that I’ve read your Amazon page and was so easily pulled in to this series that you’ve produced perhaps because of that. I didn’t sigh and roll my eyes once during the 4 books so far and I’m quite the cynic usually. There was always an unpredictable spin to how they get out of trouble and your word paintings are so detailed it was easy for me to get sucked in to Augum’s world. Very well balanced and well written series (in my opinion, at any rate). I found myself completely absorbed and actually concerned that they might not make it out on more than one occasion. Thank you for that, keep up the good work!


I can’t wait until January 14th to purchase “Legend!” I hope that it will be available right away on Amazon. I did not see an option to pre-purchase. Sever Bronny has become my new favorite author and I have explored many good authors in the past few years. My all-time favorite author is Anne McCaffrey, who passed away in 2011. If I recall, Author Sever Bronny, you mentioned somewhere that you are also a fan of Anne McCaffrey? Thank you for the gift of your books. It is not difficult to see that not only are you a brilliant writer and storyteller, that you are also obviously an extraordinary person in the same vein as Anne McCaffrey. Thank you again!

Steven (via author’s facebook page)

Just finished reading Book 4 Clash. My heart was DEFINITELY pounding hard and my hands shaking during the battle between Robin and Augum. Literally can’t wait for book 5!!! And I’ve never read a book to its completion except the Arinthian series so it was my first time experiencing how reading a book feels like!!! Anyway you’re awesome!

Nouman (via author’s facebook page)

I’ve really enjoyed all four books, especially Clash. I have been reading and rereading Robert Jordan Wheel of Time series I won’t say how many times I’ve read them 10 did I just say that out loud😳 anyway I did a search for similar authors and thank the Arinthian gods your name and book series came up. I purchased Arcane first and within the first hour of reading it I went back and bought Riven,Valor and Clash. I loved everything about the characters and hated a few too (Robin) keep up the good work can’t wait for the next book.

Your newest fan


I just finished reading the fourth book and I have to say it is one of the best series of books I have ever read.You are a great author with a gift to make the characters seam so real I can picture them.The books are so full of excitement and action it’s very hard to put them down and I can’t wait for the fifth book to come out. Thank you very much for writing such a great story..I have truly enjoyed reading your books and you have become one of my favorite authors.


I really like Aug’s growth. It’s portrayed as hard work and narrow focus on practical application as supposed to “destiny”, “magic”, or him being a prodigy.
I’m still somewhat on the fence about lightning not harming him.
The pace of the books is great.

Keep the good work,



I can’t wait for the next book. This is one of my fav series EVER!! So well done, I’m almost scared to read the 5th book. I don’t want it to end! Thank you so much for this journey Sever! I read a book a day and of all the series I’ve read this year this is my favorite.

—Stephen (from the blog page)

Just when I thought I wouldn’t find another “school of magic” themed book that wasn’t a blatant rip-off of a certain boy wizard….along comes Arcane. In this, you have taken a commonly-used subject (special kid gets accepted to wizard school!) and made it decidedly UNcommon. I love the unique way you imagine your magic–excuse me, arcanery. I love the detailed descriptions of the TEACHING we are seeing. In many magic-school books, how the magic is actually taught and learned is glossed over. You make it so much more realistic when we see Augum, Bridget, and Leera struggling to understand and apply concepts. And then you weave in a great adventure along the way. Thank you for this wonderful breath of fresh air. I am currently in the midst of Valor and enjoying the story immensely.

Jen (from the blog page)

Im super pumped! I’ve devoured this series and Im hungry for more. Definitely hard books to put down. You are definitely one of my favorite authors! Great work!

Netta (from the blog page)
I’m a huge fan of the series and am checking every day for the release of Legend. Keep up the great work and thank you for pushing them through so quickly.

Michael (from blog page)

Re: Dear Mr Bronny. My name is Sam . I have read every book of The Arinthian Line. I am a huge fan of yours and have always loved your books. That is why I am going to write a book in your honour, I don’t mean to sound cheesy but you and your books have inspired me to start writing my books. Thank you so much for reading this. From Sam. P.S. hope to speak to you. :)


I’m SO excited for this [book 5]! I started reading arcane early this year and have been aching for more. The series was written so perfectly that you feel like you know the characters and can imagine every detail. Definitely the book I’ve been most looking forward to for most of the year!


Thank you for these amazing books they have surpassed Harry Potter and Percy Jackson in my mind at least i have “All begin equal but only the curious thrive,” as my description on Steam please continue writing amazing books because most of my favorite authors can only write every year or so. I love your books you are a legend to me man just keep being a beast and soon others will agree i just finished clash tonight as i write this i wish you the best. <3


I bought the first book for my 12 year old son and he tore though it in a day. I promptly ordered the next 3 in the series. He absolutely loves this series. I cannot wait to read it myself.

—Jaime (via comment on Books page)

I can’t wait for this book! Me and my Dad have been reading the whole series over and over again. We are ready and waiting for a new book.


This has been an awesome series.  I am torn between really looking forward to the next and sad because it is the conclusion.  I am looking forward to where you will take us next.  I have a 10 year old granddaughter that I can’t wait to introduce to this series.  Thank you so much for the wonderful hours of reading.

63 years young and loving it!

Thank you so much for writing these books they are my favourite series and will continue to be for a very long time if this next book is half as good as the one before.


my husband and I are waiting for the book, you truly made us love them all, and yes we are retired , cant wait to see what you do with the gang , and will always consider you to be a favorite among our authors ;) you truly have a gift. ty .


Oh, dear! It took me a while to read the first book, but I absolutely LOVED it!  Finished today, and planning to buy the whole series. Thank you for communicating and the wonderful work you do. I love Augum and Anna. My eyes watered when he finally called her Nana.

Puerto Rico

PS I’m 50 Years old. Or young. Not sure yet.

Hi Mr. Bronny, I really enjoy your books. The trio’s adventure is really exciting. I especially like the Antioc Tornament part where Augum fight. Sometimes, the thought of the Arinthian Lines ending makes me want to cry; and I can’t even listen to sad songs like The Writing on the Wall. I really hope that you’ll finish Legend.


Dear Mr. Bronny. Hi, my name is Jack. Those books are probably my most favorite books right now. I just finished the last one. When is your next book coming out? I can’t wait for it. I really like how you mixed inspiration from Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter all in one series! Or, at least that’s how it seemed. That made it so cool. I didn’t think anyone could do that. I’m doing my book project on your first book. It’s a timeline of all the important events that happened in the books. Hopefully, it will make some more people read your book. Lastly, do you think this book could become a movie?


Hello sever!!! I can’t wait for the new book!!!!! I was wondering if at all possible you can put a list of all the common and elemental spells for all degrees with a short description of each. I think that it would give us a better understanding of what you can and can’t do with the arcane arts. If it is to late to add it to the book can you put it on your web site?


Feeling as  though I’m right there inside your story is something I truly enjoy. Very few writers are able to do this, so I thank you!

You are able to sculpt your characters, giving them form with your words. As I move further into your stories, they have more than just dimension, but color and texture as well. It’s a delightful feeling for me!
As I read, I worry about them, often wishing I could lock a few of them in a room somewhere for a few hours, or helping them ease their pains and giving each of them big (but gentle) hug.
I see some of my friends a acquaintances in your stories, both those I like or adore, or merely tolerate. I see scientists, messed up societies, power hungry and/or just-plain-greedy politicians. I see wise and brave people, and the not so brave who re still willing to step outside their comfort zone. Feels good to see them grow.
I also love, love, love the odd a quirky characters that turn out to be amazing “good guys,” especially the character in floating chair in the library. That was brilliant on so many levels.
And finally, I generally don’t like stories that are too dark (Never read the last Harry Potter book, even though it sit’s on my bookshelf) but you somehow seem to be able to “soften the dark” somehow. Again, thanks.
And one more thing:

Please, please, please  keep Mrs. Stone in the stories! (Even if it’ just a little bit). Her wisdom, tenacity, determination even though it appears it is pushing her over the edge, helps me when things look their most gruesome.


I am a disabled veteran and am constantly looking for ways to entertain myself. I lost both legs to an IED, my life now is one disapontment after another, after reading hundreds of books it becomes monotonous. I read all four books in this series in three days, a perpetual smile plastered to my face, happiness is priceless and I gladly give both arms to live in this moment forever. You provided a much needed break from reality, one in which I experienced hope, love, bravery, and triumph for the first time in many years, I dare say it rejuvenated a new will to live long lost. For that I am forever grateful Sir Bronny. I would love to know if you had an estimate for your next release.Ross (posted on BOOKS page of this website)

I have thoroughly enjoyed your books. I just found you early last week and have now finished all but the 4th. You have kept me up at night ( I hope your proud of yourself) as I can’t stop sometimes. The story is really good. It’s hard to find these types of Fantasy without them being to “kiddish” anymore. I love the characters you have brought to life. Keep it up because I’m almost done and would love to read more!! Thank you for the story.


Sever, I read a lot of books and particularly in the fantasy genre. As a result, I often get bored (at times) with the content or style of writing. Rare is it to read a fresh approach and you have succeeded in each of your novels.  When I describe the series to others, I state it has elements of Harry Potter (friendship), Lord of Rings (a true quest), and Percy Jackson(the banter and pace).  Simply referencing the two latter series is about as big of a compliment as I can give (Harry Potter is good, but the early books showed a lack of experience).
I appreciate the effort and I am thankful for your talent. The series is a joy to read and I look forward to the next book.


What a great series. If you love Harry Potter you will love this series just as much. It is full of everything you could ask for, adventure, true bonding of friends, good vs evil. And love in a way you have to read to actually feel it.
This is a series that everyone can read. Young and old. It is so wonderful to find a book that you can share with your children and not worry about unessasary profanity and vulgar language. Thank you, thank you for showing young readers that great writing does not need to have profanity to make it great.
Only downside is I finished and need to wait for next book and struggle to find a book that is remotely as great as this one.

—Amazon review of CLASH (The Arinthian Line, Book 4)
I see that a lot of people are comparing your books to Harry Potter. I do see parts that would lead someone to lean toward that series, but honestly (and this if from a die hard Harry fan) I actually like your books better! A little darker, a little more drama and character building/world building, and definitely more twists and excitement!!


Dear Sever Bronny,

How do you do it? You somehow manage to make a book that is so amazing and make it even better! You’ve got a super talent in you for writing! I mean one day I was just looking for a book and I came across Arcane. I decided to try it out. So I read a few chapters and then I couldn’t keep away from it. Every word teleports you in to a world of fantasy! So I read and I read until I finished the book. I was hoping you had released more books in the series and to my luck, you did! So I read Riven. It was somehow way better than arcane! I couldn’t believe it. I just don’t get how you make something like that even better. It had me read and read until I fell asleep with my iPad on my head! Then I read Valor expecting the most amazing experience. And you know what? It was better than that! It beat Arcane and Riven! Then the tragedy happened… I FINISHED THE BOOK (dun dun duuuuun)! I didn’t want it to end because it was so amazing (and Clash hadn’t come out yet)! So I waited, having various dreams on what would happen to the mighty trio. I tried to calm my thirst for the arinthian line books with other books, but It just wasn’t the same. They just couldn’t come close to the books you wrote. So I waited. Instead of reading I just watched tv to help me fall asleep. Then a few months passed and it was March. Normally I check your website every week, but when I went to check it something outstanding caught my eye. Clash had finally come out!!! I used my arcanely amplified voice to scream,” yeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssss!!!!!” So I read and I read. Again you managed to beat the rest of the previously written arinthian line books. However, this time, it felt like a arcanely made barrier was stopping me from turning my iPad off. I would be like,” well I finished the chapter so let’s go to bed… Actually lets read one more chapter.” That repeatedly kept happening and happening. I swear, you put some sort of arcane enchantment on clash. It was the best book in the galaxy. And I’m sort of picky about books. Clash was so good that during school I would be daydreaming and daydreaming about what is gonna happen. I mean I would be startled when someone put my math homework on my desk. I would be like,” pi times radius equals… Unnameables help me now.” It was like I was experiencing the side affects of centarro. But then it slowly came back to me what I was doing. Then I finished the book. And now I can’t wait until the next book. Thank you for blessing the world with a unbelievably outstanding book! Your amazing writing skills taught me better word play and inspired me to write a book! The trio and your amazing books have already took up a place in my heart.


I just finished valor. And you did it. It’s even better than riven and arcane. It must be wonderful to have an imagination like you.
I’m a thirtyone yoear old man and you had me close to tears throughout half the book.
Wonderfully written.


I’ve particularly enjoyed the gradual development of the protagonist’s powers, the portrayal of his developing relationship with Leera and the MANY narrow escapes.
These stories have cost me a lot of sleep!:) I can’t seem to put them down once I begin one.


So, last January I discovered a new indie book on Amazon that sounded interesting. It was called Arcane, and I bought it to try it out. I love finding new indie books on Amazon, and the price was right.

I am so, so glad that I bought that book that day. I generally get in a mood and buy several books, and then I promptly forget about them. When I finally got around to reading this book on August, I bought the next two books and read all 3 in 2 days.

—marinealRose, from her blog post, found here. [SPOILERS]

I just finished reading Arcane… I’ve read a lot of Fantasy, and this is one book I couldn’t put down. Thank you for your additions to the wonderful world of fantasy!


I am about halfway through Clash and love it.  I feel what your characters feel, I see what they see and I am drawn into this book just like the previous three books.  You have a way of writing that brings your characters to life.  It is such a pleasure to read your books, the way you weave a conversation makes it seem like I’m right there with Augum, Bridge and Leera.  Can’t wait for your next book in the series.


I just wanted to say that I took the last two days and binged read the first three books in the Arinthian Line series.  I thoroughly enjoyed them.


I read a lot of books and particularly in the fantasy genre. As a result, I often get bored (at times) with the content or style of writing. Rare is it to read a fresh approach and you have succeeded in each of your novels.  When I describe the series to others, I state it has elements of Harry Potter (friendship), Lord of Rings (a true quest), and Percy Jackson(the banter and pace).  Simply referencing the two latter series is about as big of a compliment as I can give (Harry Potter is good, but the early books showed a lack of experience).

I appreciate the effort and I am thankful for your talent. The series is a joy to read and I look forward to the next book.


Dear Mr. Bronny,
We really like these books and we need to ask you something: What will the name of the next series that continues this story be called? How many books? When will they be published? Also, does it make you mad that we read your books in a few days, when it takes you so long to write them, and then demand more when we’re done?

(Comment on blog)

I have been meaning to email you for some time now. Most people usually start by saying: “I’m your biggest fan” or “Your the best” but if I said that, it means almost nothing, as it’s just a statement with no context. So, I’ll start by saying this instead:
I read your first book when my mum borrowed it for free of kindle library. I was a bit reluctant to read it at first but I am sooo glad I did. Wow. At this point when I read the book, I read it in one night! I just couldn’t put it down! When I finished I looked to buy the second one, but it wasn’t out yet :( So I looked on your blog and saw it would be out soon, I ordered it! Yet again, I wasn’t disappointed! Augum, Bridget, Leera, Haylee, Robin, Mrs. stone, what fantastic, well made characters! I simply love them. When I finished, once again, I waited for the third book as it wasn’t out…yet. I read more books in the mean time and almost forgot about the series (!) It was yesterday (GMT) that I got the fourth book. It’s finished and I can guess what’s next! Please make sure that NO ONE, I REPETE NO-ONE died (apart from idiot scarson, and anyone (who’s bad) in the legion. I am looking forward to reading Clash, and I know that it will be yet another gripping book. I have so much more to say, but I’m in an English lesson trying to write a horror story. One last thing before I sign off, Your an inspiration. Thank You, and keep being the amazing, inspiring author you are.

Kind regards

Deryn (a big, big, big fan)
P.s- I apologise for any grammar or spelling mistakes I may of made

This book is everything you could ask for in this genre. Each book in the series gets better and better and leaves you with this awesome anticipation of what is to come with the charachters. The magic system is really fun and leaves you wondering what kind of mage would you be? The series would make an amazing movie, however it still would’nt be as good as the books becuase it never is. Long story short, if you like this genre, Give this series a go. You will not be let down and I cannot wait to read more from this incredibly talented author. Until then I will suffer through book hangover for I know this series will be on my mind for quite some time.

Amber (via Goodreads review of Clash)

This book series is really good! This is one of my favorite ones of all time. I started this book series last week and finished it tonight, and I’m only 13! Granted I am grounded, but still. I think you are an amazing writer and I really like the character scheme you have set up. I just want to say thank you for introducing such an awesome few books into my life. I am soo excited for the next book! Even though I am definitely not your biggest fan (seeing as people have probably done out outrageous things) I think you should never stop writing books. Your books drew me in super fast, faster than a lot of series. So thank you (even though that doesn’t really cover it).


I love your books anyway, you are one of only two authors I have signed up for email alerts for (and I read a LOT) so that must tell you something : )

I can’t wait! In fact, I’m going to re-read your previous books so my heads back in that world. Yay!


I was pulled right in. I’ll be one of the first to get a copy!


Great news that book 4 is out! I’ve been looking forward to this. I’m now going go back and reread the other books.


Hi, I am Jocelyn. i am a 13 year old eighth grader at Crocker Middle School. Since I read Arcane, I have recommended the book to all my friends, family, and even my favorite librarian. I have enjoyed every word of all your books, and cant wait to read the fourth.
I finished Arcane in October, and November was coming up. I decided to join Nanowrimo (national novel writing month), a program where you have to write every day in the month of november, and hope to finish a book. I did, and it was largely thanks to inspiration from your books. I have never enjoyed writing, but when I started Nanowrimo, i really started to enjoy it. Thank you so much for inspiring me to write.


It’s pretty neat you are so dedicated to your fanbase. I really enjoy your approach to the Arinthian Line in that you follow the Hero Quest storyline but put the effort in to develop your characters so well. I tend to read about a book a week and it’s difficult to find well-developed characters and plots that don’t lose their thread about halfway through. I’m glad to find a new author that captures my imagination and makes me excited for the next book in the series


Dear Sever

Firstly hanks for a great book, already downloaded the next 2! I travel quite a lot with work & my Kindle is a life saver. I read a lot of fantasy as I find it’s a great way to switch off from work & immerse yourself in a story.

What I really love in your books is the great balance on the friends, the hardships & the way you are making them work for prize. You just think they have it easy & a new spanner arrives in the works. Augum & friends are really developing into a fantastic series that I struggle to put down even to see what the next treasure might be that they unearth in their adventures.


Just re read arinthian line series for the third time, really needing this 4th book


I love these books and read and reread them every chance I get, can’t wait for the next one!


I enjoyed this book so much that I encouraged my son to order an audio book to read on his next road trip.  Can’t wait for book 4! It will make the cold nights in Upstate New York go much better!


I don’t want it to END!  EVER!!!
To be humiliatingly honest.. I’m still hoping that Ms. Rowling will provide LOTS of further installments in her series, it really did leave off feeling unfinished.
I’d hate (really, really hate – cry even) to have that happen with Arinthians..  Seeing where Bridget, Leera and Augum go in their lives, eventually having families and the adventures the children have (hopefully attending their old Alma Mater – with new, and  even better teachers. :)
Much like Harry et. al, I just hate to see the sharp drop when the end comes.
Yes, you’ve addicted me;
Take care, enjoy and be proud of the legend/s you’ve created.
Now, if only the local bookstore would host an “Augum Stone new release” party..

Yours in script;


I am absolutely obsessed with this book series! I just started Clash yesterday and have to admit that I am going to be very sorry when I finish the book. Seriously, your writing is superb! I feel like I am in the book with the characters and casting spells with them as they go! I am going to get my husband to read the series soon. Thanks so much



What I like most about your books is that you allow the characters to prevail against all odds and in book three you allowed one of the primary protagonist to be killed (or at least he appears to have been killed by Mrs. Stone).  You have given the three main characters enough power to survive but not so much that they simply walk through their adventures unscathed.  I also appreciate how you allow the characters to grow in their own time and in their own way without forcing them progress to simply meet formulaic  story line. Finally, you move the story along without sacrificing necessary detail to explain your character’s motivation for their actions. In my line of work, reading is a wonderful escape from the mundane realities of life.  Your books have provided me with much needed reprieve from the stress of dealing with other peoples problems on a daily basis.  I look forward to book four and your future work. Well done sir!


I don’t know why you chose to exclude foul language and explicit sexual content in your books, but I love it and am grateful for it.  I can read these to my kids in a little while (once I finish them… I go too fast for them to keep up) and not have to censor or question what’s happening in the books.  So whatever your reasons, thank you!


my son Michael has asked almost every day since finishing book 2!  we love this series of books….well Michael says “It’s just brilliant…”.   I need to work on his descriptive skills!  From my point of view these books have taken him from a struggling reader with dyslexia who loves fantasy stories but preferred being read to, to a young boy who I now can’t get his nose out his kindle!—Angela

Magic spells old found treasures, Sever I need the Dragon to be reborn and for Aug to talk to it like OrmEmbar did in ancient language for it to have two wings of solid rings and for it to leave an egg and for castle Arinthia to be whole again and for the leyans to be his friend and for him to see the seers, you’ve really excelled your imagination is fantastic xx


Found the first two on Book Bub and have to admit they are the best books I have read in a long time. Finished Riven and thought at the back it said the third was available if I subscribed to the newsletter for a discount. Did so but all I got back was an email saying thanks for subscribing. Did I do it wrong? Can’t wait to read the rest of the series.  I have a younger sis and two older brothers and it kinda reminds me of all the banter and snarky fighting with them growing up.


Throw Fireballs in Arcane!

It all seems simple enough. You say some words, wave your wand, and poof! Something happens, a feather floats, or you are now at a rock in the middle of the ocean, or maybe that random fire went out. This is the world of magic that almost all of us see. Magic is just so easy it seems, there’s really no trial and error. You either get it, or you got something a little wrong, it’s as easy as that.

In the book Arcane, Sever Bronny has a completely new take on magic, where to be able to cast multiple spells, you have to choose ones that you have practiced before, ones that don’t take a lot of your energy. Also: don’t call it magic, because it’s “Arcane” or “Arcanery”

Before throwing some fireballs, there are a couple of things you have to decide. First off, what element do you want to attempt success in? The three main characters have chosen theirs. Agum has chosen lightning, Bridget has chosen the element earth, and Leera has chosen water. They all have some special spells to themselves Agum can shock people with his hand, Bridget can create a sound of a massive tree breaking, and Leera can… Make water glow. The characters are a little similar to the ones in Harry Potter, with Augum like Harry always trying to do the right thing, Bridget like Hermione knowing everything and coming up with her own ideas, and Leera like Ron, that third wheel right up until that one moment when she shines through.

This book had a lot of interesting takes on magic, and various spells both taught at schools and not. Almost of these spells had a spoken incantation, usually one or two odd words, and subtly came with practice. The first spell that Augum learned was telekinesis, the ability to move things with your mind. The way you progressed through magic was this: there were 2-3 non-elemental spells, and one elemental spell, depending on your element. After you’ve practiced these you get tested, and you either pass and get a elemental stripe, or you fail and have to retry. It’s a long and complicated process, but in the end it’s the only way to advance through the knowledge of Arcane.

This book is a great fiction-fantasy book, and anyone who likes that genre would easily like this book. What makes this book so good is the way the characters flourish, and the interesting take on magic. I personally was engaged through the whole book.

Goodreads review

Hi, I love to read so much, as a child , got started on nancy drew , have always loved mystery’s , huge fan , only kind I read until I joined book bub and my hubby got me to try scifi/fantasy , your books made the characters so real to me , I love the friendships , they growing up , it made me angry sometimes , happy , sad , loved them, couldn’t believe you left us hanging like that!!! I am addicted to series now , where before it was always a stuart woods or a Patterson and then done , I love that there is more to the story , I mean they have characters also that I followed , but they weren’t as involved , your books and story line are awesome , ez to read , I have always devoured books , cant wait for more from you , June seems so far away ! my grandkids got me a tablet last mothers day and dragged me into the 21st century , lol, ebooks make it so ice , used to have to go to the used book store and load up every other week, but e books are affordable and bookbub helps also, I love being able to get the next book with a click, buy cant wait for more from you , you have truly made a fan here , and passing you on to my hubby , so probly 2 fans , keep us informed of what your up too, your an amazing young writer , ty so much. my hubby is ill and I take care of him, so books are my own little world , and yours truly took me away, ty , reading has always been my favorite pastime , cant wait for more , have an awesome day !


I wanted to take the opportunity to tell you how much I loved your series so far! Ms stone is awesome! What a character full of mystery and power. I look forward to reading number 4!!


Your writing takes me into your world so easily by painting pictures or like actually viewing a movie in my mind! I can not thank you enough for writing this series. So many characters makes it hard to choose a favorite. You succeeded in fleshing all of them out not only physically but also emotionally and mentally to boot. I was thrilled to hear the news of the 5th book and final book will be here by Christmas. I was glad to read that you tied up the storyline in a good way. The characters become real and we need to know their final path whether sad , happy or indifferent! Can’t wait!

Can you try to make at least 6 books instead of five pweez
P.S. Your books are my favorite books of all time.


I really enjoyed your books, in fact thanks to them I have had a number of really late nights as I had to just keep reading to find out what would happen next.  I love your characters, they are so real and compelling.  I am now on tender hooks waiting for the next installment.

Dear sever,

I cannot wait for the next book in my favourite series to come out! I love the detail and the plot. The characters are amazing! Thank you so much for writing these books!


I just found you. You are my kind of storyteller. I just finished Arcane. Enjoyed the story line and the fast pace. The characters are interesting as is the world they live in. I am excited to read the 2nd book and all the following books in this series. Thank you for great escapism. Looking forward to more great reading.


I love this series and was so glad I stumbled upon it. Wonderful plot, engaging characters and sadness when you reach the end of each book and have to wait for the next one to come out. I have been in love with fantasy for over 40 years you should be proud that you are now on my list of incredible authors joining Mercedes Lackeys, Simon Green, Jim Butcher and many more.  Keep working and I’m sure I’ll put you up by Tolkien someday.

The story is adventurous and very clean, full of wonderful relationships (I am a mother of two and am thrilled that I can introduce these books to my two kids without worry about inappropriate content).  Book 3 was very touching.  I love the friendships and cannot wait to see how the characters fare in the rest of the series.

—Suzy, first grade teacher, mother of two

Dear Sever, I have read them all including Clash. The first thing I noticed was the quality of writing. I don’t care how good the story is if the writing and typos are bad. Simply put, you write superbly. Plus, there were very few typos. Yay! As for the story, even though I’m sure you are being accused of being,”Harry Potterish,” it was enough different to keep me satisfied throughout. The clean, simplicity of young love was a plus. I usually like a few more metaphors, but the ones you did use were good. Your characters are delightful and well developed. Your descriptions easily grasped. Thank you for a good read. Can’t wait for the next installment. I had a meltdown last night, when I realized I didn’t have a good book to read. Any suggestions? Sincerely,


I absolutely loved this series!!! I couldn’t stop reading! I read through the first four books in the series in a week!!! I was super sad that it ended- but I’m looking forward to the last installment being released(hopefully soon- I can’t wait to find out how it all turns out! I would definitely recommend this series for readers of all ages! Very imaginative; never a dull moment!!!

Deborah (Goodreads, Clash review)

I reviewed Riven on Amazon and am now reading Valor.  I plan on purchsing all the books for my granddaughter.  I think she will enjoy the series as much as me.  I enjoy following all of the characters as they struggle with learning arcane studies and dealing with the difficulties posed with life in general.  It is truly a fun journey.


Just wanted to let you know we’ve purchased “Clash” today.  Also, my wife started a book club with some equestrian friends and they pulled me in as well.  I recommended reading your books and we will be discussing “Arcane” tomorrow.  One of the members liked “Arcane” so much that she finished the series in one week.  Everyone has said how much they are enjoying the series.  Their opinions actually mean more than mine as they all have their Master’s in English Literature or Composition.


I love this series and have had 3 of my children reading them, too! Thank you for the wonderful story and lovable characters! Please keep blessing us with your amazing imagination.

All the best life has to offer to you!



“My husband lost vision in his left eye this spring, a retina detachment. Recuperation required holding his head very still at an odd angle. He listened to the first book [Arcane] then read the other three using a magnifying glass. He was greatly entertained. His new implant was installed this past week…. He will be delighted by this news”

Anyone who’s entered the world of the Arcane already knows Sever Bronny delivers. Fun storyline, great characters, interesting twists and enough action coupled with intrigue to keep any reader flipping pages well beyond bedtime.

This latest installment of the adventures of Augum and his good friends Bridget and Leera won’t disappoint. The most apt description of this story line (as with the entire series) is that of a mobeus strip. When you sit to read this book, make sure the chair you’re in is both comfortable and has arms and legs to anchor yourself in and around. You’ll get maybe a page or three into the chapter, feel you’ve a grasp on the path, and whoops! suddenly that chair is upside down on the ceiling. A little further in, after you’ve regained your own stomach, the story and characters (all older, wiser and more skilled) take yet another unexpected twist, turn and flip AGAIN. The closest comparison I can come up with is: we’re witnessing a new J.K. Rowling with the inventiveness of the story line, the thorough and believable building of characters (some old ones will reappear to explain some of the mysteries encountered in previous books, yet there are always more questions arising even from those answers.)
Bringing back some of his characters and progressing with them shows readers that some characters they’d believed long out of the picture, aren’t. Really. Well, mostly.
Mr. Sever is definitely onto an addictive, thoroughly howling great tale. Characters that are easily anyone next door (without certain arcane abilities.)
Do not pick this book up if you’ve deadlines on other things you need to meet. As always, these books glue your hands and eyes to them. It’s a sinful addiction, but hey, everyone needs to exercise their brain muscles too – even without being of an Arcane talent!

Review left on Canadian Amazon page for Clash

Another that may ring some bells is Melanie Rawn, Mercedes Lackey (sorry, yes, they’re all women) or even J.D.Robb :) No, there’s yet one more! Neil Gresham!!
Yep, I’m addicted to the core. Actually there are a FEW more, but I’ll spare you. Consider yourself in fab company. I do get bored easily with authors who just aren’t up to snuff. And I’m not afraid to point it out. Amazon regularly rejects about 1/3 of my feedback – because I’m critical instead of “the clouds are sooo fluffy and you’re so fabulous.”Thanks for sharing Augum, and your imagination, with the rest of us. If anything, you remind me very much of Anne McCaffrey and her world of Pern – with the ongoing inclusions of new characters in new (sometimes old) books and releases.



Hi! Im a teen reader and found your books through reddit and the fantasy subreddit. I loved the first three books and can’t wait for the fourth to come out. My favorite things about the series are probably the magic system and the way the degrees work. I also love Leera and Augums awkward relationship so more of that would be awesome in the next book. I look forward to reading the next book!


This was a series I just couldn’t put down. Some of my work suffered as I spent more time reading when I should have been getting stuff done around my place. My only complaint is that your next book isn’t out yet! You are a great writer.


Love the series, can’t wait for number four. Characters are great, especially Anna tho missed her not being in the third book so much as before. Story line is thought forward and makes you want to keep reading. Way to go


Dude those books are addictive. I read all three in less than a week. The story is immersive and the characters are compelling. I can’t wait to get to read the next one. I tend to not be able to stop once I start a book I like and will end up reading every spare moment I have until the book is finished. With yours, well it was a bit more than that. Each book I finished just made it all the more imperative I get to the next one and I’m eagerly awaiting getting the fourth one.


Hi Sever,
While reading Riven, I have become so engrossed and immersed in the mood of this book, that I had to deliberately put the book down,  It was so powerfully drawn that it affected my reality, and I couldn’t remain in the hopelessness I felt.  After a few hours of FL sunshine, I was able to resume the book and read for a few more hours. I hate to put this book down, and it has caused me to loose sleep and ignore my husband!! It’s a good thing he was engrossed in the History channel.  Thank you for such a compelling story-line, and such vivid characters. I hope to finish the book tomorrow and begin the next one!!!
I wanted to thank you for your great story. I read a lot. Some books I know within a chapter whether it’s even worth continuing, others, I struggle through to 3/4 ths before putting it down. Yours however was a pleasure from start to finish. Each page kept me wanting more of the story. I didn’t want to put it down. That to me is what a great book is all about. Your characters have awesome personalities. I can’t wait to see how they continue with this. After I finished Arcane, that night I bought the next 3. Last time I did that was with Harry Potter, back when Harry Potter was being written. I’m sure you had as much fun writing this as I did reading it.
Thanks again,


Mr Bronny,
I just finished reading and reviewing Arcane , and have enjoyed it thoroughly. When the kids and Mrs. Stone stepped out of the portal, I thought, no this can’t be the end! I immediately purchased Riven, and will start it tomorrow. I am an elementary school teacher, and always looking for something to read. I am considering Arcane for a read-aloud. Anyway if you still need advance readers it would certainly be my pleasure.
Thanks for you grateful work,

Thank you for writing this series. I get up on Terry Brooks and Terry Goodkind. This reminds me of reading those. Please continue writing


I loved them all!1 I can not wait for the 4th book to come out! You are a phenominal writer!!!!


I too am a fan of Middle Earth and Hogwarts as well as post apocolyptic/dystopian and/or sci fi fiction. So I really appreciate seeing those influences in your writing. The Arinthian Line series has kept me engaged and curious. Series are always so much better for someone who develops so much connection to the characters (you’ve created). Thank you! And hurry up!!!


There are many writers out there, but few are artist of their trade but you are one.


I can’t wait I am going to read it fifty times And still not be bored of it . I shall memorise the whole book


How can I get the fourth book because I love the series and really wan’t to get the rest of the series. Please let me know how I get the book because I think you are a great writer and wan’t to finish the series and wan’t to know what happens in the end and know if the trio plus Haylee get more rings in their elements.


I have thoroughly enjoyed the series from the first book. I found the series very refreshing and exactly what I was looking for in a newer series.


Mr. Bronny,
I just finished reading “Arcane” and even though I’m retirement age I thoroughly enjoyed it. I live on a government subsidy so I can’t afford to buy many books. I got “Arcane” because it was offered free and I was able to purchase the Audible this month. It was the best $2.13 I’ve spent in a long time. Not to be long winded but I have Parkinson’s so I read along with the Audible recording as I have trouble holding the Kindle still. Long story short – GREAT JOB!!!!


I LOVED the story, can’t think of anything I did NOT like about it! What else drove me to adore you as an author, is obviously you’ve either got a good command of the written language or are savvy enough to have had (even an informal) editor read it. No misspellings, no misuse, no incorrect homonyms (those are SO everywhere, they usually drive me to deleting the book without finishing!!)
A nice take, with the switch to using ‘arcane’ and targeting ‘magic’ as foolish. I loved it! Also adored the lineage and passage of ability down. The ‘test’ with the bird? BRILLIANT! Please, do keep writing, whether this series or new, I’ll be on the lookout. Thank you, sincerely;


Hi Sever, thanks for the quick note. I love authors who take the time to communicate with their readers. It’s appreciated. I just finished reading book 3, Valor. I’ve really enjoyed the series so far and look forward to the release of Book 4. You’ve created an engaging story with compelling characters you can’t help but cheer for.


Please know that your writing is WONDERFUL and I still look forward to many more of your books, the other two are already on my ‘must have’ list (which, btw, only include Anne McCaffrey and Nora Roberts/J.d. Robb) so you’re in great company. :)


Your books are well written, no grammatical or misspelling errors which I find a lot in E-books on my Kindle. I like the way the story is flowing (a lot like Harry Potter). So its Augum & Leera & Bridget, it’s good that you have 3 hero/heroines. Each has his/her strength and weakness. I highly recommend the book for all ages even though you consider it Young Adult fiction. It takes time to tell the story of the journey. We know that one day Augum will have to face his father in combat(Star Wars). So continue to write the journey so we can follow along with you. Best of Luck,


Hi, I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed the book Arcane. I finished it in 3 days and already but the next one. I can’t seem to put the books down. Your characters are so well defined I find myself getting lost in the book. Thanks for putting out such a great series. What authors influenced your writing the most? Growing up a loved reading Tolkien, Piers Anthony and Terry Brooks, but I’ve bee reading mainly mysteries for the last 20 years. Every once in a while I will try a fantasy book. Your books are a pleasure to read. The pace is perfect, they are very hard to put down.


Have read the first three books in the Arinthian Line, and have enjoyed each thoroughly.  Your blending of imagination with history and the interplay of characters is “spell-binding”.


I’ve started your books 2 days ago, and I must say that they are absolutely amazing! I’m an avid reader, and I search the Kindle store endlessly for good books. However, the only books that have made an impression on me is Percy
Jackson, Ranger’s Apprentice, Harry Potter, Brandon Mull’s books, and Douglas E. Richards.  That is, until I found yours. I was dragged in the story 1 chapter in, and I couldn’t put it down until I finished.


Just finished book 1 and felt compelled to write to you. Your writing style is fabulous – draws you right in from the start. I can’t help thinking this would make an awesome movie. The last fantasy line I enjoyed this much was Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan. But your writing styles are night and day. Jordan spent way too much time on description and not enough on plot. (That series could have been done in half that number of books!)  Your books are pure plot and you just can’t put them down!  I find myself breathless while reading!


I enjoyed the characters and seeing the friendship blossom and I am intrigued to know what happens in the next story


I loved it. It’s been so very long since I’ve found characters that I’ve felt a connection ty. And I’m talking about way back when Feist first wrote Magician or Eddings started the Mallorean. It’s so enjoyable to be able to immerse myself in a book where reading it is like watching the movie that the words spin out. Thank you very much, and my hat’s off to you.


I really love your characters, well except perhaps for the spoiled prince.   I purchased Arcane in both the book and the Audio book.  I needed to drive from Woodburn to Sacramento,  and since I was driving alone I needed something to help pass the time.  I was hooked after the first few chapters.


I devoured the first three books in a few day. I’m always *extremely* excited to come across talented indie authors, so thank you for making me happy on that front!


You write a believable, fresh story which reminds of Mercedes Lackey, Anne McCaffrey, Tamera Piece and others. I enjoy learning where a character comes from. what makes them who they are as they deal with events as life unfolds.  I love finding a new book that just compels me back to Amazon to grab the second and then the third in the series. I’m awaiting the next one with the knowledge it will be a great read.  Wind to thy wings…thank you for sharing your talent.


Hey i just was wondering how close to being finished book 4 of the arinthian line series is because they are great books and just get stuck in my head and really open up the mind to imagination.


What I’ve enjoyed the most are the 3 main characters developing their arcane abilities. Especially when they put them in practice “in real life” after practicing to defend themselves and others. These books take me to a completely different world, such a great distraction and inspiration.


The books mean so much to me because the are my favorite book series of all time.


Oh my gosh!!! Sever Bronny your books are the best!!!!!! :) I love the way you wrote the books, they are so amazing. The words and characters just come alive, and I just want to say, I love Leera + Augum. Bridget is also so awesome, I just mean that I love them together. I am soooooooooooooo excited for the fourth book to come out!!! 😁😄😝😍😙😘🙌👻 Your books are so awesome!!!!


I’m loving the series stayed up ’till 1:00am one night reading. :D


I thoroughly appreciated the loyalty and kindness of many of the characters, as well as those who sacrificed and/or tried to undo the harm they caused. Often,  I feel as though I am within the story myself, indeed, I find myself feeling somewhat chilled when reading, especially as I am picturing our heroes on the frozen, wind-swept and snow covered mountains. Your rounding out of the characters is also remarkable. And no, I’m not trying to be a kiss-a*&#,!! I adore them sometimes, am frustrated with them sometimes, would like to slap their faces myself sometimes, and more! Which shows me you have me emotionally involved.

The best part of The Arinthian Line in my opinion is your “arcanery” system. Authors have to be creative to make a process of supernatural powers seem believable, useful, and fun to read about. I think you have accomplished this by stripping down the idea of magic to its bare minimum- ‘These are the elements these are there spells this is how you do it’. Since a childhood spent with many fantasy video games, I have always wanted to read a book that was about powerful but easy to understand magics that have tiers and organization like that of a game such as Skyrim. The fact that your concepts are the closest matching to how as a little kid I would imagine being a warlock would be like when I played and goofed off, and how I always wanted to play a game or read a book focused on such arcane powers as I have grown older, fills me with glee as I read your books.


I loved it,  to the point where I lost track of time :)
I’m looking forward to the next installment!

Thank you for writing such an addictive read.


Loved book one, read it in a single sitting


I fell in love with the picture you paint . I quickly became invested . Thank you for a read I could get lost in with pleasure. Some things are worth the wait and you next book will be also .


The slow rise to power of the supposedly gutterborn children who’ve endured nothing but powerless poverty, hardship and a plethora of abuse is a formula for capturing the heart of this reader. It’s magical.


I just finished your second book about Augum and his friends. Loved both and can’t wait until the next one.


My son loved your first 2 books and is dying for the 3rd to be released. Thank you for writing such great books for younger readers who are advanced in their reading and find it hard to find great books!!!


Just a quick message to say that I have read Arcane and totally loved it. Everything about the story was awesome. :)


I was baffled at how awesome the a series was, and I felt connected to Augum leera and Bridget as I have turned their age as of a couple days ago, especially Augum as u share a lot of physical traits as him except for the scars…Mr Sever you’re an amazing author and by far my favorite ever, and I can’t wait for book 4, btw in book three down in bahbell with A and L, Cool!!!!!!!!!! In short, best damn books I’ve ever read



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