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I’ve noticed people wanting to start discussions on various topics related to The Arinthian Line, Fury of a Rising Dragon, etc in the comments section of the blog posts, which in turn get buried over time. This discussion page should help (scroll to the very bottom to post your own thought/question, or reply to someone else along the way). I’ll weigh in//respond in between bouts of writing/editing when I can.

Let me kick things off by quoting a reader, who said, “What I find inspiring is that I think we can all find a little of ourselves in each of the characters.”

All right, so which of the characters do you relate to, and why?

If that question doesn’t inspire you, perhaps one of these will:

What’s your favorite scene?

Who is your favorite villain?

What’s your favorite spell? Why?

Which light-hearted scene did you enjoy the most? Why?

Which scene was the most thrilling for you?

Otherwise, have any questions, ideas, thoughts? Leave a comment below, and we’ll see how it goes!

June, 2021

1,849 thoughts on “Discussion

  1. So I’m going back and rereading/listening to the Arinthian Line again (stefan rudnicki has the perfect tone of voice for your series). I didnt realize how much you actually foreshadowed between the end of Valor say the last 10 to 15 chapters and the first 10ish Chapters of Clash. Now my question is did you do that on purpose meaning you had the idea for Rise of a fury Dragon while finishing up AL or did you get the idea going back and rereading the AL series? Also I didnt catch any hints of who Lividus’s father is. Could you give me a hint or pm me and tell me

    1. Yes, I’ve always had a vague idea of where I wanted to go with the next series, so there were some dragon hints / foreshadowing / breadcrumbs sprinkled throughout series 1.

      And it has not been revealed who Augum’s granfather is (but he does know who his great-grandfather is — Thomas Stone, Mrs. Stone’s Leyan husband.)

  2. I saw a question on the subreddit that I also have been wanting to know the answer to, and I couldn’t find it anywhere else, so I’m asking it here: How did you come up with the Arcane Language? Is it a mishmash of other ;anguages, or something completely different?

    1. The language is based primarily on Latin, but with my own twist. Some of it, depending on its origin within Sithesia (and elsewhere), is also based a little on Spanish, Polish, and even Japanese.

      1. I picked up on the Latin, but I thought that it was also French mixed in.

  3. I love your books. I have a question about setting. You have years for the adventures, but are these supposed to be Earth years, possibly using a different system of numbering years, possibly in the far distant future, or is it some other planet or some other dimension?

    1. They are close to earth years: each year is 360 days, each month 30 days. It’s an earth-like planet. As to the rest, that I shall perhaps reveal in good time :)

      Glad you’re enjoying my work!

      1. I enjoy them very much. I teach college English and introduced a class to Arcane during the fall semester. They liked it, and at least one of the students was going to ask for all the books for Christmas!

  4. How do you make the time to write a book I’m trying to write one and just can’t make the time. ( I may also be a little bit lazy)

    1. It’s very difficult to start. I’d recommend working on self-discipline, which is the root skill you need to write consistently every day. Then set goals. Start with writing a mere 500 words a day. Then after a month, inch it up to 1000. Then 1500, then 2000+. But you can go in smaller increments. The key is consistency :)

      Good luck!

      1. Then there’s no rush in learning the skillset. It takes years to develop the skillsets involved in writing, so feel free to take the time you need and don’t rush it.

  5. So I’ve been doing some reading of your books (and rereading, and re-rereading and so forth) and I just want to say that you are a master writer and thank you for your books. I also want to ask about mrs stone and her potential (and I hope definite future) series. When will it start in her life? We hear that she cast her first spell at age 10, what was it? How many, if any, rings does she have when she first starts the academy? How many rings did she have when she inherited the scion? Thanks for using some of your precious time responding to these, you amazing!

    Nathan Robinson
    “You can’t push a chain…”-Lyle Robinson

    1. Hello again, Nathan!

      Anna’s story would start young and progress quickly through her years. But I have some ideas how to accomplish this, probably by calling the series a “chronicle”, meaning it would be open ended and I keep adding to it with time. I think that would be a lot of fun and take the pressure off too.

      A skill I’d love to develop is being able to push out two books a year, but it’s a LOT of work, and I already work a lot with the trio.

      And thank you so much, that’s very generous of you to say. But I still feel like I have a long way to go prior to earning the “master writer” title ;)

  6. I just love in Legend when Augum teleported everyone in castle Arinthian away from danger, but in doing so, giving himself arcane fever, even though he had the scion. But it was cured by the love of his friends. Is there some way Augum could use this to his advantage in the future to overdraw but have his friends help him again? Also I have read many books, including Harry Potter, and it is by far the best series I have ever read. Thank you for your hard work!

    1. Hello, Joey!

      That was a very special circumstance, but theoretically, yes it is possible, though would have to be a moment that transcends the normal bounds of arcanery. Love is a healer, and one day the trio will hopefully well and truly understand that :)

      And thank you so much, that means a lot, especially compared to the juggernaut that is Harry Potter. I get a lot of people saying they think The Arinthian Line is like Harry Potter, and frankly I’m deeply honored.

      And thank you for swinging by, Joey, you are always welcome here!

  7. Hey so I have a question about the Strength spell. As we know, the power of said spell is amplified with higher proficiency, but does it also depend on the warlock’s base strength?

    Also, is Jez related to Leera in some way? Maybe an unknown aunt?

    Third thing. After the Legion War, people gifted the trio stuff for Castle Arinthian. It is obvious they’ll get the castle back. But will they get more stuff? If so, a stone carver, perhaps a powerful earth warlock, making parapets in the design of dragons would be awesome.

    Fourth thing. You made the books like 581965078943745123457803420501 times more awesome by adding dragons, especially by having them come from a different plane!

    1. To answer:

      Yes, the Strength spell is based on the character’s base strength.

      No, Leera is unrelated to Jez, it’s just a coincidence they look similar (I thought it was fun to do that).

      Unfortunately I am unable to comment on this one at this time. Sorry!

      Thank you, glad you enjoy the dragons. I have some surprises ahead on that front in FoaRD book 4 too ;)

  8. I was wondering if after you finish the fury of a rising dragon series if you are going to start another series with the trio or are you going to end that storyline?

    1. Most likely I am going to start another series with the trio, but they’re a touch older, and will have other challenges. Also, there will be more lightness and relaxation involved and fun plot points rather than the constant harrowing survival plot lines. But we’ll see, nothing is set in stone yet :)

  9. I don’t know if this could be possible within the arcane laws of this universe, but I think it would be awesome if there was an Arcaner spell that allowed one to use portals as weapons. It would allow you to, instead of using a lot of stamina to slowly make one large permanent portal, use smaller amounts of stamina to create smaller temporary portals that could send enemies away from you, send them off a cliff, or even cut appendages off. I’ve seen this in some action movies and books, and it always made for some really creative fights.


    1. Well that’s certainly an intriguing idea, Ben! Due to the arcane laws, however, it would also be extremely difficult to pull off, perhaps only at the 20th degree or so. But I suppose it could still be done with a creative enough mind :)

  10. oi guys how cool would it be if we could have simuls with summano arma combined with Slow or Paralyze or Sleep or Disarm or Push or Mute
    would be awesome, after the cumulative effects your enemies would be utterly incapacitated

      1. I can imagine that it would a mouthful to say those at all at once. German language has this thing were you can keep on describing something as a single word that is interesting. Seemanmitschwarzbootmitweißhemd… and it can go on and on. I think that is something you could put in as a spell that they would have to figure out. “What is this spell it’s like a scroll but all the letters are connected into one word.” That would be priceless to see how they would figure that one out.

  11. Hey!
    i have seen so many amazing questions and points of view i hadn’t even considered,, brought to life on this page. i think it was a stroke of genius to implement it. i just thought i’d jump on here quickly and let you know that your books have been changing all our lives for the better, casting an ever-brightening light since i picked up the first book. i also thought i’d remind you that although we have many questions and things that we want added and must sometimes appear impatient, it is due only to the fact that we love these books so much, and appreciate immeasurably the unquantifiable effort and thought you continue put into these books, fleshing them out into awe-inspiring perfection. you even go beyond the writing to supply us lore and spell-lists and with ways to talk to you and ask questions and engage in fierce debate, taking the extra time to please all of us as best you can, for no reward or reason other than that you want to.
    i feel that all of us are connected in a deep way by your accomplishments with these books, and i implore you to continue in these endeavours, and dont let us impatient and grumpy readers get to you ;)
    im only 15 at this stage, but have read many many books, and can say with honesty that your writing holds a truly special place within me.
    thank you so much, we really appreciate you and as always
    sempiris vorto honos

    1. Thank you, Jayden, that means a lot to me, and it made my day! I will continue to push hard to give you all my very best work, and hope to continue to inspire you with the trio’s coming adventures :)

      1. i also would like to flip a few of your own questions on you, like what was your favourite light hearted scene and which spell is your favourite

      2. I’ve got a slew of light-hearted scenes that are favorites. The campfire scene deep in the Hall of Rapture in Honor’s Price. The snowball fight between Bridget and the gang in Mercy’s Trial was a recent fav. But then I have old favorites too, like this one from Arcane:

        | Augum, Bridget and Leera squeezed through the doors then made a giddy run for it, forgetting the tragedy of the night before and blaming each other for incurring Mrs. Stone’s wrath. It was a moment Augum would remember for the rest of his life—the first quest together in the castle—how marvelous!

        There’s usually a bunch in each book that I always look forward to rereading when I’m doing pre-editing prep for my work.

        As to my favorite spell, that’s a tough one. Besides the Spirit of the Dragon simul (not just because the trio can fly, but because of its side effects which are fun to write), I’d probably say Centarro because it can lead to some incredibly moments of inspiration (for both me as a writer and Augum as a character). Now in terms of pure casting satisfaction it’s a tie between Telekinesis and Summon Weapon ;)

  12. So I just thought of something silly. Could it be possible to make portal like in the game portal building momentum and coming out of the other at high velocity? I can imagine a person doing this the first time and doing cartwheels coming out in a ragdoll like fashion.

    1. That’s hilarious! Yes, I suppose it is possible, but also difficult as permanent portals are ritual spells that are always cast vertically. You’d have to have a thorough arcaneological understanding of the craft in order to flip the portal horizontally. But yes, theoretically it is possible :)

      (Great game, by the way! Finished the first one twice years ago)

  13. I have a question about what happens when someone cuts off the arm with a warlocks degree rings. Do the rings just switch sides? If not does he just lose them all? I had this thought after reading Valor and the professor reminded me about this question which I’ve had for a while.

    1. I have to avoid spoilers as the answer is interesting. But I will say that this very question is directly answered in Mercy’s Trial (Fury of a Rising Dragon, book 3).

      1. It’s the chapter title “Surprises”, featuring Akeya “The Blackest Howl” Kessenga, who says the following:

        “You may wonder how a right-handed woman transferred her rings to her left arm.” She looked back at them with a sharp-toothed smile. “Nothing short of hard work is the answer.”


  14. Ok so I have a few questions
    1. Is the immunity to lightning hereditary?
    2. If so does that mean that the original arcaners were immune to something that relates to there element like water would be able to breathe underwater?
    3. This is more personal, what gave you the idea of the story? and how did it come to you?
    4. (Back to the books.) Will you write a book on Leland?
    5. Will the trio spend more time on Endraga Ra?
    6. If so will they be studying dragons and get more powerful?
    7. Will the trio be fighting in the final battle or commanding?
    sorry, there are so many questions.

    1. 1. Yes and no. Two things are required: both parents must be lightning warlocks, and the offspring has to be lucky / blessed by “The Fates / the Unnameables”.

      2. As above only.

      3. The idea of the story came simply as such: it was the adventure I wanted to go on. Nothing more. Arcane was built scene by scene with no goal in mind other than adventure (all that came later). That said, my roots in RPG / fantasy reading laid a strong foundation.

      4. Possibly, if there’s time. Each book takes about a year of my life, so nothing is certain.

      5. That I cannot say at this time. Maybe :)

      6. This I cannot answer at this time.

      7. I cannot reveal this at this time.

      Hope that helped!

      1. I love how your last three answers were basically just different ways of saying: “Wait for book four!”

      2. It would make sense for them to do both. They would lead and fight. That’s what they did last time. I doubt that just doing it from a commanders point of view would be very interesting for the reader or at least not as interesting as fighting in the dirt.

  15. What does castle arinthian look like. How many stories is the castle? How deep does the foundation go? Is the court yard inside the castle or on top? How large is the catacombs? Are there matticulations on the parapets. Are the parapets round, square or rectangular? What is the color of the floor in the legendary trainer? Are the gates on the castle reinforced with steel or iron? What caps the tops of the four parapets? What is the broad capacity for food stores and beds? Final question, what is the size of the fountain room? Sorry for all the questions trying to get a layout to recreate the castle. Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

    1. Speaking of the castle, I have been thinking for quite some time not that it would be cool if it was remodeled for the next series to have dragon fixtures all over the castle, a dragon statue in the square as a memorial, a boarding house or wing to the castle for apprentice Arcaners, and if the castle acted as the primary headquarters for all Arcaners. (I was thinking that after what happened to the last generation that they might decide to have the Arcaners work closely with all of the royal families, but be a sort of inter kingdom law enforcement agency allowing them the freedom to be more neutral on certain topics of politics.)

    2. Hi there! All great questions, and thanks for your patience with my reply (super busy with book 4 FoaRD writing/editing). Some details about the castle are as follows.

      The castle is seven stories high:

      Main Floor, Knight’s Floor, Nobility Floor, Scholar’s Floor, Prince and Princess Floor, King and Queen Floor, and watch tower.

      The foundation is arcane and extremely large (there’s a massive Training cavern down there, among other things like a cellar, a massive crypt, a dungeon, and an armory). Think maybe 10-20 stories underground. Can’t give specifics as to size unfortunately, so you’ll have to wing it. Parapets on exterior are classic castle crenelations. The Trainer has a living earth floor (it’s described in the book Legend as well as in FoaRD series). Castle gate reinforced with iron and arcanery. Lots of room for storage in cellar, and servants sleep and work on main floor. The fountain room is a long rectangle/forest room.

      I hope to eventually post some of the maps/drawings I’ve done for the castle.

      And Corvus: interesting idea about fixtures! I’ll consider it for next series :)

  16. Will the trio have larger dragon forms as degrees increase or just the same size with more arcane power?

  17. Alright, got a few more questions I came up with recently.

    1. How do you come up with different characters and their traits, personalities, strengths, weaknesses, etc? Are they based off of people you know? Or do you mainly use your imagination?

    2. Back to Mrs. Stone again. After the FOTRD series is over and you turn to her story, how do you think you’ll adjust to writing from her perspective instead of Augum’s, since every book so far has been from his perspective.

    3. How difficult was it to come up with the storyline in the first book of the Arinthian Line? Did you spend a lot of time planning?

    4. How did you come up with the names of different spells and their effects? Also, how did you come up with the language? Based off of English?

    5. Jengo mentioned that in the past, healers were able to cast the First Offensive, but there would be punishments for doing so. Out of curiosity, what would it look like if a healer cast a First Offensive?

    Sorry if this is too long. Keep up the good work!

    1. Great questions, Gabriel! here are my answers:

      1. I come up with character traits in various ways. Sometimes I have a strong idea for a character and simply run with it. Sometimes I draw one up and fiddle with it prior to inserting them into the story. Sometimes I get inspired by characters in film, books, or certain mannerisms people I know have. But the characters always get fleshed out during the editing phases, sometimes changing completely.

      2. I am not sure yet which direction I will go after FoaRD is over. No decisions have been made on that front yet. As to changing over to writing from Anna Stone’s perspective (when I eventually give it a try), there is no doubt it will be challenging. But I have some ideas on what I want to do ;)

      3. It was pretty difficult coming up with Arcane’s plotline because it was my first try. That said, I flew by the seat of my pants mostly, meaning I came up with it as I went along, and planned only a few scenes ahead usually. That book went through twelve drafts too, because I was that inexperienced and wanted to ensure it worked. Luckily I have an amazingly supportive wife who encouraged me to tune it.

      4. Spell names are always tricky, and what I usually do is play around with different names and variations until I stumble across something that I like. As for language, it’s based very loosely on Latin, though sometimes Japanese, Spanish and French too.

      5. A healing First Offensive is a beam of white-hot light ;)

      Cheers :D

      1. Alright, thanks for answering these questione of mine. I may come up with more to keep you on your toes ;) well, depends on if I come up with more. Guess that’s another reread. I have a reminder set for early December :)

        A beam of light. Should’ve expected that lol.

    1. Working as fast as I can, but the key is to write in balance, otherwise burnout happens and the work suffers (and thus so do the readers). That said, I am on pace to hit the deadline, which is a December launch.

  18. So since all the elements in the book are in some way linked to a person and can be the same down lineages. Is it possible that all the elements(expect for necromancy) are possibly hereditary. It seems to be the case with the way many of the characters have the trait and why it is hard to expand into the other elements but not impossible. However, my main question is can an Arcanist child possess more than one element when they begin training such as a mix between fire and earth elements? Also just a side idea couldn’t arcanery be used to technologically advance without using to much machinery? Imagine a train like contraption with a fire and water warlock making steam for the engine and some form of ancient earth spell that instantly makes tracks in front of the train.

    1. The question of heredity is an interesting one, and does play a factor. It’s something I hope to explore further with future books.

      Now, can a child express more than one element? Theoretically, yes, but you’d be talking about a superbly gifted child, a prodigy, if you will. One hasn’t come along like that yet … but may in the future ;) The closest prodigy thus far had been Anna Stone, and I hope to discuss her youth in a future series that will explore that talent.

      Arcanery is already used in place of technology, yes, and on many fronts. Interestingly, “technology” per se does NOT advance very quickly because people merely shrug their shoulders and hire warlocks to do the work instead. What’s even more interesting is that certain mechanical technologies DID exist thousands of years ago (see the Rivican empire). But much knowledge has been lost due to war, famine, pestilence, and especially superstition etc.

  19. I have several canon questions, so I’m sorry if this seems like a lot. My friend and I have lots of heated discussions on these topics, so I was hoping that you would shine some light on the more elusive answers.

    1. How does the Slow spell work? Is it a Mind Spell that you defend against with Mind Armor, is it a physical spell that you have to dodge, or is it some combination of the two?

    2. What exactly is the gesture for 1st Offensive? And, follow up question, does the gesture change with each level of Offensive? (i.e. 2nd Offensive, 3rd Offensive, and so on.)

    Thanks, Barrick

    1. Two great questions, Barrick!

      1. The Slow spell is a mind spell that affects the body.

      2. The gesture for The First Offensive does NOT change with higher degree variations of the spell. What changes is the thought process, how much arcane stamina one puts in, etc. As for the gesture itself, one slaps their wrists together with straight arms and the hands open outward.

      Hope that clears things up for you two :)

      1. Sorry that I didn’t make this clear, but do you bring your hands together horizontally or vertically? That was the part that was confusing us.

        Thanks for the answers on the other things though!

  20. I’ve been reading through all of the epic duel scenes, and I’ve noticed that we only really see one duel between Mrs. Stone and another warlock. Is this on purpose? and are you planning on putting in other scenes like this with Mrs. Stone?

    1. Good question! If he comes up against a lightning warlock, then yes it will. Hasn’t happened yet though and I’m 175,000 words in as of yesterday.

  21. Do you think you will ever write a massive battle with ordinaries as well as warlocks. Like a field battle.

  22. Love the books and hope that the next one comes out soon!!

    I just had a question to asked that had occurred to me. Is it possible that scions were crafted from the hearts of dragons? They have the same amplifying powers so I just thought that it might be possible.

      1. Is it possible that that is what Tyrranecron is trying to do? create more scions to make himself more powerful?

    1. That changes all the time, and it’s always a character that bores me in that moment (though very rarely is it any of the major characters). If I’m bored by them they annoy me. It also usually means the underpinning idea for the scene is weak, and so I have to step back and rethink the scene from the ground up. I trust my gut with these sorts of things a lot and am easily bored, so a lot of characters get makeovers using this method.

      Great question!

  23. I have a question, and your answer doesn’t affect my feelings for your books in any way, but…


    In Riven, (Which I always though was a cool book title because it means basically the same thing as Sever) why didn’t Augum, Leera, and Bridget use the witch’s favor to kill the Lord of The Legion and all his followers? I can’t think of any limitations in the poem they find that would stop this.

    I understand completely if this is just a plot device, and, like I said above, it doesn’t affect my feelings for your books in any way, but is there an in-universe explanation?

    1. There actually *is* an in-universe reply to this. Should the characters have asked for this favor, it would have rebounded back on them. The way “evil” works at that level is it tends to help itself, and so the witch would have found a way to screw the characters over because the witch served the same side as the Lord of the Legion (again, only at that level, so to speak).

      Hope that makes sense :)

    1. Great question, and very difficult to answer. I have a wide variety of scenes that I very much enjoyed writing, but it’s hard to quantify them as “best” for other people. But as far as that “best” goes, I suppose the scene that shows the moment before Augum enters the arena to fight Robin in the book Clash is up there (I went over that scene more than any other probably to get the nuance just right). Some of the final scenes in Legend are similar like that; lots of tension and nuance and emotion involved.

      Personally, I tend enjoy the scenes with witty reparte most, such as when the trio and Jez enter the academy in the FoaRD series, and Jez hooks an arm around Augum and relentlessly teases him, and then Augum spies the girls in their funny-colored dresses and thinks of them as fruits. Silly stuff like that is probably my favorite type of scene to write. As such, Leera and Jez are probably my top favs of secondary characters to write about because they have similar mischievous streaks. Bridget’s fun and challenging on another level because she’s more in touch with her inner feelings, and struggles with a deeper conception of morality, whereas the others can get by on less, so to speak.

      Oh, a really fun scene to write in FoaRD was when Mrs. Stone sat down and got all excited to pass on what she’d learned. Went over that scene quite a few times too to get her nuance just right.

      Hmm, lots of others, but I have to get back to writing. FoaRD book 4 is coming along nicely, despite everything that’s happening in the world (wife and I have been in self-isolation for almost two weeks now).

      Hope everyone out there is coping.

      1. I think I know the title (You said last book in FoRD would be called it in previous comment. Just a theory.)

  24. Were there other orders like the arcaners such as with the knights Templar and the Knights of St Lazarus

    1. What a great question!

      The top thing by far is I get to experience wild adventures through my characters, full-time, for day job. So whereas others blow through my books in a matter of days, I get to *live* inside those books, day in and day out, in the world I created.

      That’s my job … so it’s not really a job to me, it’s a beautiful and thrilling and wild adventure.

      That’s my favorite thing about being an author.

  25. In Burden’s Edge, Augum states in an internal monologue that he has taken 4 lives in total through his entire life. But by my count, he’s killed at least 7-8 people by that point.
    1. Corrigus (Stabbed through temple in Riven)
    2. The Bandit Sal (Killed with a 1st Offensive in Valor)
    3. Robin Scarson (Killed through Karmic Revenge in Clash)
    4. Insect Necromancer (Killed in Legend)
    5. Random necromancer in Blackhaven (Head blown off in Legend, although this one was a group kill, so it may not count)
    6. Erica Scarson (Killed by a reflected 1st offensive in Clash, then resurrected as a Revenant and decapitated by Augum in Legend)
    7. Random necromancer on the drawbridge of the Black Castle (Sliced in half in Legend)
    8. The Lord of the Legion (We all know this one)
    Were these all typos, or am I missing something? I need answers!

    1. SPOILERS!!!!! Forgot to mention that, so please don’t read if you haven’t read the whole Arinthian Line series.

      1. No, you’re quite right! But there’s a bit of nuance missing: Augum considered certain deaths more personal. For example, all three of them killed the Lord of the Legion together. Same with the group kill necromancer. As for Robin Scarson, Augum wasn’t the one who did the killing, but Robin’s own karma ghosts. As for the insect necromancer, that thing was more undead than alive, lol. So, yeah, good list, but there’s a bit more to it :)

      2. OK, that makes sense, I was just confused when he said that he’s only taken 4 lives. Thanks for the clarification.

      1. But she was a revenant (that’s it, right?) the second time. It was different from killing Erika in the arena.

  26. What are the names of the positions of like the inner council of the Arcaners like the judge and sword training master

  27. What are the positions of Arcaners such as the person who trains the squires in the sword because it would make sense for someone to teach classes

  28. Hi, I was the one who made that book cover for Arcane, which was posted in the reader mail section somewhere around Dec 20th. I love this series and can’t wait for the next book! I do have a few questions about the series and lore.

    1. Mrs. Stone.
    Have you thought about making a book about Mrs. Stone’s adventures/duels? I am so curious about some of the stories mentioned in the series and am wondering if you’ve considered writing about them.

    2. Spells
    When Augum, Leera and Bridget’s adventure comes to an end (please don’t make it end soon c:), will you make a full list of all four spells per degree, from the 1st to the 20th? I know there’s a list that refers to the trio’s spell knowledge, but it would be nice to have a full spell list.

    3. Bowlander
    Oh boy… there is one big question I’ve had ever since reading Legend: What is the fate of Buttbe- err, Bowlander? It said that he had, supposedly, fled to Canterra. And now Solia is under attack from that very same kingdom. Makes me wonder if you have plans for him… :)

    Anyways, those are all the questions I have. Sorry for it being so long. Again, can’t wait for the next book!!!

    1. Hello, and thank you for your earlier cover contribution!

      Here are my responses:

      1. Yes, I have. Quite a lot, actually. I do have plans on writing about her youth one day, but not sure when as I am having a total blast with the trio right now.

      2. Yes, a full spell list will be made public in due course, but only after the spells have been written about in a book in the first place.

      3. That’s a great question! Alas, I cannot answer it at this time because I don’t know (yet) :)

      1. Sorry for such a late response. This is going to be hard to wait in anticipation :) but then again, “Patience is a virtue that transcends”.

      1. It could be like an organization called like the brotherhood of the arcane arrow

      2. Ignore last comment it changed the fill out details and I couldn’t see the post

      1. I don’t know about you, but I think maybe it should Leera or Bridget who looses a body part/suffers an injury like Augum’s elbow. ;)

      2. i bet he is going to trick us he wont survive fighting orion and needs to fight his way out of hell

  29. what are the logistics of Turing into a dragon because when I was reading I heard they said to summon the dragon inside of you so I thought that all of the pepole with arcanery have a dragon that is part of there soul and bonding with a dragon lets you interact with that part of your arcanery and become a dragon and like you Lose stams to appease the dragon because you are making a trade with it

    1. Those are all great questions. Unfortunately I don’t have a direct answer at this time, but I will be exploring some of these issues in book 4 of FoaRD.

  30. hey if arcaners were owned by women what if men are only allowed to use it during war times and after the war agmum looses his ability to turn into a dragon and need to work really hard to catch up to Bridget and Leera would be some good drama

    1. I don’t know, that would cheapen all the work Augum went through in order to get his ability. Plus, the whole idea of gender equality doesn’t mean women are better that men, but that they’re equal. I believe that Isabel the First Arcaner would have wanted men and women to be on the same ground in her craft.

      1. Love the enthusiasm, you guys :)

        Augum will have some challenges ahead in his life regardless of how things turn out in this series. I look forward to exploring some of them in the years ahead :)

  31. what do you think the trio would need to do if an unnamable tried to take over the 7 kingdoms

      1. Well in a way an unnameable already made a bid for control. Magua.

      2. Very true, hence why Mrs. Stone had her own fight on her hands (and that would make a fun one-off book showing her side of the story)

  32. Would you consider making one/all of your series into a movie? I would love to see the trio come to life, and I don’t think I would be the only one.


    1. This is a commonly asked question, interestingly. Seems a lot of people feel similarly. I would absolutely love to see their story turned into a movie franchise. Unfortunately, I have no contacts in that industry and wouldn’t know where to begin. But in the meantime, I’m happy and grateful to simply be able to write full-time as is.

      1. Hey sever I do have contacts in movie industry and on a tv level. I know some producers and friends that have appeared on Chicago Fire PD And Med. Is there someone I can point in your direction?

      2. Hiyas Mustang! I don’t know what sort of person would be required, but I’d love to start a conversation with someone who can at least point me in the right direction. Maybe just tell them I have readers that are constantly asking for a movie franchise? See if they know someone who can get the ball rolling?

        Thank you, Mustang (and feel free to email me via the Contact page of this website)

      3. I would love to see this series as a tv series more than movies that way you could do it justice. Maybe an amazon video series

      1. I think if was a movie that would tried to condense the books plot so they could do it in a 2 hour movie theres a few books that went to movie that bombed because the condense the book into a set window of time like Eragon that first book was great the movie not so much it. I think with a series it would do it justice as long as you got a say

  33. Can you please update the spell list for all of the new spells, because all of the new spells, in my opinion, are the best part of the books.

  34. I’ve been reading a prequel to a book I read and it explains how a lot of characters know each other. I think it would be cool to do that should you ever do a prequel. Mrs Stone knowing Sir Westwood because of Narsus or something would be very cool and interesting

  35. Hey Sever, I’ve just finished reading Mercy’s Trial and now I just want one thing… to make a dungeons and dragons class based on it. The only problem is the complete spell list isn’t posted on the spells page. I was hoping you could sometime make a completed version so I could make an arcanist/arcaner class. Of course it’s no rush as I know you must be busy, thanks!

    1. Hiyas Justin! The spell list usually gets updated only after the spells themselves have been published in a book, and then only once the book has been out a while. Hang in there, keep fighting the good fight in DnD, and glad you’re enjoying my work :)

  36. So I have read burdens edge, and I’m partway through Valor, hoping to find Clash and Legend on audio to finish that series. But my question is about Leera’s elemental spells, with her element being water, what does her first elemental spell do?…

      1. I guess I meant to ask what is her extension of Shine with water?

        Thank you I hope to listen to them soon!

      2. Ah, it’s a very basic one: it simply lights up a small area of water. I believe she even complained about it in Riven, yet it came in useful in Valor :)

      3. When will the next book come out I’m in total anticipation for the fourth book of fury of a rising dragon?

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