Discord server now live! It’s called “The Academy of Arcane Arts,” and is a trial to see if it’s something people enjoy. There is also an arena (located in the Arcaner hall in the Lecture Wing of the academy) which should facilitate faster duels. The aim is to eventually foster a role-playing environment for all warlocks.

Current official user ranks:
Senior Attendant:
Atticus Monroe
Senior Chronicler: Ash
Treasurer: Devon
Nathan (Adriticus)
Junior Attendants:
Marek Cahill, Moira C., Kaden “Wildfire”, Alexander “Titan”

Want to duel against a fellow pupil? Enter The Arena.

Note: When possible, use the same name when you post so that I don’t confuse you with others. And avoid anonymous accounts if you can. Cheers!

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I’ve noticed people wanting to start discussions on various topics related to The Arinthian Line, Fury of a Rising Dragon, etc in the comments section of the blog posts, which in turn get buried over time. This discussion page should help (scroll to the very bottom to post your own thought/question, or reply to someone else along the way). I’ll weigh in//respond in between bouts of writing/editing when I can.

Let me kick things off by quoting a reader, who said, “What I find inspiring is that I think we can all find a little of ourselves in each of the characters.”

All right, so which of the characters do you relate to, and why?

If that question doesn’t inspire you, perhaps one of these will:

What’s your favorite scene?

Who is your favorite villain?

What’s your favorite spell? Why?

Which light-hearted scene did you enjoy the most? Why?

Which scene was the most thrilling for you?

Otherwise, have any questions, ideas, thoughts? Leave a comment below, and we’ll see how it goes!

June, 2021

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    1. KAREN* I am dueling you whenever or wherever

      * is that ok? Or you know never mind

      1. sorry. accidently captilized sister did it when i didnt look. I meant never mind to only fighting you everyone should get a chance.sorry, attendant.

    1. sorry meant master people take turns fighting bim till someone wins then they fight him the next duel.

  1. Also ur picture is a randomized square with simalities to others but it depends on your email which will change if you change your email

  2. I’ll fight you budding necromancer!For I shall turn you in to the undead for my sacrifice ritual*

    Jk I’ll turn you into my friend!

      1. Sorry I accidentally clicked post as I was finishing my name,also the only other ppl to fight against me is you because I fough the light and I fought the zap ,blowtorch

    1. Yes I knew that once ur 5th you take the TORMENT TRIAL,yes I’ll fight you,also please don’t call me “Master”,I’d prefer this title “Attendant”,or,”Attendant Atticus or Attendant Atticus Monroe

  3. I am Kaden”The Blowtorch”?????? Fire necrophte.
    P.S. The ????? is my last name, your not getting it.

  4. Its like a club. That remindes me. Say your name and nickname so we know who fights.

  5. looking at all that has happend with duels and stuff has made me very confused

    1. How?
      We just duel eveyother day like you did with Atticus. And a Giavani. We switch roles.
      P.S. Do you wanna duel me friday?

    2. im confused because there were a lot of comments and because of some being replys and some being new comments the order in which i read all of it made no sense as i read it backwords

      1. Ok I get that you know when you comment there’s an option called notify me of new comments if you click that then you can see in your email when things get posted and get a sorta timeline of it.

      2. umm that would be helpful if i wasent use a school email right now… and may have forgot my email password.its a maybe tho i might have it somewere.

  6. Ok can’t wait for Friday also at the start of book 3 is where u here of the extension

  7. Marek is 6 hours in front of me, so 3 in front Atticus because he is 3 ahead of me. Wich means everyone is behind Marek and Moira.

  8. I was looking at bottom text i live in Hawwaii so Hawwaiin(spelled wrong probaly)standard time.
    P.S. A Anomymous called me KAREN it is KADEN
    P.P.S. Be back in 30
    P.P.P.S. Doing online school for a bit reasons unknown permanetly for you(none of yo buisness)

  9. We should do this on friday that sound good?And you can be Mr.G again Kaden,though I got to do stuff Ill check in every once in a while though.

    1. K but i wanna fight sometimes Moira can be the back up Mr.G.
      But you just need to know you need to say the points until someone hits 5.

  10. And you see you get sentenced for 20 years in prison and no learning arcanery!I get paid 100 gold form Mr.G,also should we do this every,hmm say week or day? or every other day?

    1. Yeah! Like we agreed on before. Everyone switches, between the arena duelers, and the announcer. How about we also get to pick WHERE we duel? Like you coud fight at the black castle, or Orion. That’d be cool. Of course It wouldn’t fit the lore, but this is just for fun.


  12. I firmly stand and then run towards you and put my hand on your shoulder and cast shyneo

    1. I sheild your attack and get your hands behind your back and cast mute,confusipn and some other spells then cast group teleport to the nearest prison,then you see it’s a…

    1. I sidestep it and do duel telekinesis on 2 weapons that will try to hit you

      1. Question: I just took a look at the books, and I’m going to ask what’s been bugging me for a while; the cover of Burdens Edge. What is Augum holding? Can’t be the lightning scion, that was destroyed when Lividius was defeated. So could it be that Extension of (shine I believe) shine that Augum can create the little floating balls of lightning?

    1. First got a question what are your guys time zones mine is Pacific Daylight Time,But my nickname this one is not official becuase I have correctly known my element yet so this is the one for now Attendent Atticus”The raiser”,Necromancy 20th but will be fighting at the 1st in this duel.

      1. I meant to say that I do know my element and it;’s necromancy but I do know some healing spells,with a bit of illusion knowledge and is an Arcaner right now.

      2. Hi yeah this is Marek’s sister, and we are in Eastern Daylight Time. So I don’t know what time 3:00 o’clock PM would be for you, but I will look it up and post it here for y’all to see.

      3. The difference between them is 3 hours ahead so your going to be at 3 o’clock and It will be 12 o’clock for me,though we need to check what time zone karen is in

      4. Oki doki, I just looked it up, Eastern is three hours ahead, so if Marek and Atticus duel each other here, then Marek will have to log on at 6:00 and Atticus will have to log on at 3:00. I don’t know what time Atticus gets out of school. So the scheduling difference might be hard. You guys should just come on at any time I guess.
        -Peace out!

      5. Ok I can start at 12 and you can start at three o’clock your time and I’ll start at 12 o’clock MY time.

    1. it might be illegal but we need confrimation from the author

      Also let’s start some DUELING!!!

  13. is there a set of rules, or do we switch rules?
    P.S. Gonna keep the title as long as possible during this battle.

    1. Yes,Marek but not about the third degree I’m at least officially third degree and may be higher.

      1. However, I do know a little bit of the second degree. Note: I know all the spells in real life, but this is a duel, and it’s just for fun, and for a position in the Academy of Arcane Arts.

      2. Ok also I have a position in the Antioc library official what are the rules also do you want me to go easy,medium ,hard,or Arcaner mode in diffuculty against you also what do you want the rules to be?

    2. Also just to clarify I don’t have any specific element when I duel I just switch to different ones,which element are you?

    3. Ok giavani sounds good,We should have a mini dueling club and do weekly fights against one another and we can switch who’s fighting and who’s giavani.

      1. Thanks I just realized a good strategy someone should do in the future books

        Hypothetically you could just learn all the spells in the degrees but just skip the ceramonys and then you could challenge a fifth degree and they would laugh it off and you would make them bet on it in a arena and then destroy them as your like 14 degree.

  14. Degree rater here. First up spell knoledge 10th degree.(good job everyone,espesially you attendant). questoning, 12th degree(amazing!) Over all b+! oh yeah runic knowledge 3rd degree we know like 1! (sheild run)

      1. OK,I’m here as an Attendant of the Antioc Library,you are creating false names for your self for more info go look in the latest post on the home page that will give you more info on the matter,also welcome back!

      2. I’ve now clarified the rank situation (see top of discussion page). Atticus is the only one to have officially achieved the rank thus far.

    1. Would any one want to do a duel I’m up for any degree so we could do ffith and we could do spells in the fith deggree and so on but also all spells below it.

      1. The rules are as follows

        First to get 5 hits wins
        20th degree and all spells are allowed including otf and extensions
        We play in turns I do 2 spells then you do you can try to dodge my attacks but we must be fair if a move catches you off gauged then say that the opponent gains a point
        Play nice try not to kill each other and now say our degree,age,name and element as well as title and nickname like,”The Hood”.

      2. 20th degree necromancy* Atendent Atticus”Raiser” Monroe of the ?????????? Clan

        You go first

      3. Centeratoraye xao xen and un vun asperio aurum enchantus

        Also sorry but misspelling is basically miscasting keep that in mind

        Sorry I was late I had to help Ning with some stuff

      4. Guys go check the home page and scroll down till you see Mr.Bronnys newest post!!!!

      5. i miscast on purpose hoping you would try to avoid it and waste a spell “Summono arma” “Impetus peragro spectra xae”

      6. Smart strategy also it is your turn so you know can do your first two moves

      7. I dodge your attack by using the reveal spell then cast summano arma crux* dreadus terrablus then cast impetus peragro spectra xadius and land a hit using centaro from before you don’t even have a chance of dodging

        *I did a necromancy version of the awe of the dragon though hitting you once put you in a state of fear also the weapon is a snake whip

      8. awe of the dragon fails to break mind armour so “impetus peragro” i cast battle teleport extension then “centeratoraye xao xen”.

      9. summono arma crux is necromantic summon weapon so wouldent summono arma crux dreadus terrablus be awe of the dragon thing?

      10. Yes!!! I got a point you said that it hit you but the fear didn’t work but it was still a point and yes it is a awe of the dragon

        Virus vis viray

        Enta frenza harka natar shouting it whilst pounding my chest!

      11. “impetus peragro” “Voidus aurus” battle teleport into deafness. deafness hits but dosent break mind armour.

      12. I summon my champion elemental which is a demon ox,I tell it to guard my back then I summon my shield and run towards you and attempt to hit you with my whip the hit lands and most likely will brake your mind armor due to centtaro as well as frenzy.

      13. awe of the dragon breaks mind armour but due to my centtaro i can still summon shield and cast deafen which breaks mind armour.

      14. As I run I start to cast Breath of the dragon which disarms your sheild and pushes you back and you hear the screams of terror as is slam,I then cast with all my might and frenzy and centarro I cast with arcane elegance Annihilo muerto!!!

      15. I as quick as the beam started and pulsed I made it stop immediately,ok I hereby formally except your bent knee as an Arcaner,good job and would you like to join the dueling club that will soon be up and running?

      16. You guys are awesome. Dueling in comments is absolutely brilliant. Good luck to all combatants!

        P.S. I wonder if I can create a text-based tournament for duels, and I can be the arbiter. Winner of the tournament receives a real prize from me. Hmm…

  15. I have returned with after a harrowing adventure reading EVERY SINGLE BOOK I COULD, i have new knowledge and many more questions. Like can you do three spells at once(Telepathy,first offensive, and teleport)? But as the ALWAYS say, Omnio incipus equa liberatus corsisi mei(or all began equal but only the curious thrive)!

    1. Welcome back Kaden from your harrowing journey,I hope you have learned much and you discovered some new tidbits of information along the way.Also what were you meaning in these two comments about spell rating,best is attendant?Also Recently I emailed Mr.Bronny about the book and I just checked my email he said this,”Right now I will swing by soon,its just that I’m at a pivotal moment in the new book about Anna and I need to focus on how the story plays out from this point to the end”,This was on the 16 day on the 4 month.

      1. sorry misread your text. I meant i was rating our spell knowledge and you were the best because you are the ONLY one with a rank.

    2. Oof, that’s complex Kaden. I’m not Mr. Bronny, but I can try.
      Casting two spells at once is refered to as simulcasting, which was extremely difficult and was done by Mrs. Stone, Lividius, and Augum with the scion. Simulcasting, however, can only be done with a standard spell and an elemental spell, so if there was some kind of three-spell simulcasting, it would be done by only the most powerful warlocks, like Krakatos.

      1. Hey whoops Kaden! Here to prove myself wrong! There is a three-spell simulcast, I rediscovered it while reading. It’s Breath of the Dragon, a 4th degree Arcaner Simul that was not learned, incorporating Push, Disarm, and Slam. Looks like it is possible!

    1. In the real world what degree of spells would you like to have the power to use that means every spell in that degree and extensions but no other spells,Or what one spell would you want to be able to use out of ever spell.

      1. The 20th degree, cause it’s just all so cool, and master spells are in the 20th, and Spirit of the Dragon is 20th right? (I’m not sure). Just one spell, it would be Spirit of the Dragon. How about you?

      2. And think of all the off the book 20th degree spells you could find maybe even a cool teleport

      3. 19th for summon champion elemental.or 16th for group teleport and portal. or 20th for slow time.or 1st for telekenisis. or 14th for summon revenent…i mean for uh 3rd offensive or something like that no other reason then normal 14th degree spells.

  16. I’ve heard a lot of people ask what the healer first offensive would look like but that got me thinking what would the healer slam sound like if it even exists?

    1. Mr.Bronny,I was wondering are there holidays not just lovers day and end year is there like earth day and mothers and fathers day?Also happy earth day!

    2. The healing first offensive is a jet of white-hot light, and it is highly illegal in current warlock culture. But it will be featured in the coming book about Anna Atticus Stone’s first term in the academy.

      Atticus: Yes, there are other holidays. Some of these include the four solstices, which have a Star Feast; Hope Day; Good Luck Day; Vigil Night (all night watch to keep bad spirits away); Bad Luck Day; Lover’s Day; Day of the Child; Day of the Mother; Day of the Father; Devil’s Day; Witch’s Day; Leyan Honor Day; Pilgrimage to Semadon (Ohm only); Day of Silence; a day every kingdom honors itself; Merchant’s Day of Thanks; Elements Day (warlocks only); Givethanks (sacred to all); Plowman’s Day; Occupation Declaration Ceremony (Academy only); Ancestor’s Day; and a slew of others. unfortunately, I don’t always include them as the plot has its own demands that take priority.

      Also, on the first of every month is Market Day, when people from the countryside come to the cities to shop in massive markets. There are celebrations and games and music.

  17. Sever Bronny, you replied to someone a few weeks ago on how to become a better writer, and how to slowly work your way up to writing more and more each day. Well, this last week, I’ve written about 1,000 words per day for five days, bringing my manuscript’s total word count to 15,000 words, ten percent of my goal of 150,000 words! I know that might not sound like a lot, but it is for me, and I just wanted to thank Sever Bronny for inspiring us to make our own stories!

    Thank you,

    1. That’s incredible, Ben, way to go! 1000 words a day is very strong, and you will naturally increase that i due course, but even if you don’t, you’re doing better than 95% of other writers. Well done, and keep it up!

  18. as i seem to have broken the reply bus I think it would be possible for Jengo to cure Leera’s curse I also think they could recreate a portal to Ley the way it was done before the scions and go back to Endraga Ra to be healed by a healing dragon.

    1. Ah, I forgot about the healing dragons. Sever Bronny didn’t use them, but I remember him saying they existed, just not in the area the Arcaners went to. As for a portal to Ley and subsequently Endraga Ra, the trio destroyed the only way to create a portal without scions in Valor in Occulus’s castle.

      1. there was probably a different way because Ley had to have connections with Sithesia before Occulus and a couple of times its reffered to as “Occuluss’ recipe” which could mean that Occulus made it or just means that it was in Occuluss’ possession but i dont think thats the case as it had said that occulus was using it specificaly because it would be a portal to hell and ley.

      2. Guy’s found a neat tidbit ,Mr.Bronny released his 3 book in FoaRD on the 4 day of the 12 month…but he edited the spell list on the 2nd day of the 12 month which means we should always check the spells page when a release is coming up so that we get to see some new spells before the books actually come out.

      3. I look forward to doing some spell page editing in due course, guys. Just haven’t had the time and energy (a LOT of my energy is put into the writing, and then there are life things that always need energy too). I have a lot of updates planned but so little time to do them!

    2. THat would actually make sense,I wonder what element leleand will follow will he follow necromancy and be a good necromancer?

      1. Occulus’s recipe was a gift from the witch, as we learn from Peyas’s story in Clash. As for Leyan connections beforehand, the Leyans had purposefully left Ley open for visitors (probably some portals that were closed when Occulus became a threat or a powerful Teleport spell like the Teleport Cube or something).
        Leland is of the Illusion element, but it would be interesting to see him be the good necromancer Sever Bronny has talked about.

      2. OK actually ignore what I said about the release date I got the years messed up sorry :)

  19. Today, in 3343, the battle between the Canterrans and Solians ended. Woe to those who died, praise to those who fought valiantly, and screw Katrina

  20. Who can heal Leera’s curse from Tyranecron (the infertility one)? Not Ning, the Arinthian healing fountain, or Mrs. Stone and/or Krakatos. It’s Jengo!
    Early on, in Clash, he began studying far beyond the first degree in healing, and obviously has continued to do so. What if he learns a spell to reverse the curse? Obviously, it would be a high degree due to the curse’s complexity, maybe Master level, but the trio did learn Cron so Jengo could learn this. And we’ve seen healers (Ms. Jenkins) remove witch curses, this can’t be too different.

    1. But if he did he probably would be self ocrastrated or die unless he learned a secret spell in ley….

      1. Yeah, I was thinking some kind of Leyan spell, or maybe something like how Cron was hidden under Occulus’s castle.
        As for the side effects, araneastration could be one of them, but Jengo is very nice and Sever Bronny wouldn’t do that to him (Jengo is cool). As for death, I believe that only happened to Ms. Jenkins because her stamina was so low. I think Jengo would probably only have Arcane Fever, maybe on a dangerous scale though.

      2. Oh cool plot Leland and Jengo go to Tibbera because jengo heard there is some cool healing warlocks and Leland because itś occulusś home and he wants to grow his army and Jengo and Leland both find what their looking for and jengo finds a spell that reverses infertility.Then they trigger an ancient trap and people start attacking them but Leland spawns more ghouls and jengo uses healing and his FIRST OFFENSIVE or they go to ley and get mentored by some anceint healer and an actual good necromancer,unlike tyraceon.

    2. Here is a question if you could raise any one person and one item who and what would it be?

      1. Isaac Fliezzman (I think that’s how it was spelled) cause he was just so funny, along with the lightning scion. You?

      2. Uh either Dragoon Arinthian,Dragoon Myrimidion or Thomas Stone and either the scion or the open portal in Castle Arinthian.

      3. Ah, but he can not grow his army. and it would be create technicly cause he onl0y gots the captain.

      4. So if likr zombie lividuis just so i could kill him my self and the healing scion.(no offense but probaly least destructive) I not zombie still Healing Scion and,drumroll please, Atrius Arinthian!

    3. This plot line will play a factor in a future book, so I cannot comment on it, but it is super interesting to think about! (That said, I already have a solution to the plot line, but I won’t say another word on it as even a hint may spoil it).

      1. Know you won’t confirm/deny this, but just wanted to add it. Augum has healing tendancies (see Valor), so he could learn a spell to save Leera. What better motivator than love?

      2. He had the potential to pursue that path, but he has not committed to it. Yes, it is theoretically possible, but it gets harder the more one cements with one’s initial element.

    1. It would make time reverse slower, but it would be a bad decision as the caster would still have just as fast of a heartbeat but time would be a crawl, so the caster would gain years (maybe, depends on how far back they go).

    2. IT would be really stupid to do that,also I don even think you can cast spells during cron,unless you wanted to be really old really quick*.

      *or would you be old slowly?

      Also Hi Alexander Titan!

      1. It would be cool if as leland gets more powerful Ning works with the scroll lady(I forgot her name) and they change the agonex to make it so leland can create more ghouls for his tiny* army so that he can work with the trio and friends to defeat a force like say they accidentally do a black sight or kill an important person.

        *He only has one captain.

  21. 1.I would have to check. 2. Wasn´t chron in a secret rivican room/ cubby. 3. You might be thinking of Tritus Blade-of-Bright(I think that’s what he is called)

    1. 1.ok
      2. after looking through that section, it mentions that there was a book there in ancient Tiberran, which is occulus’ language. So it is safe to assume that he knew about this place, and Cron.
      3.I just looked and yes he was Dragoon rank

      1. Ah, nice on finding that it was in ancient Tiberran! Really makes it seem like Occulus had been studying the cron book. Besides, it was also in a tunnel under his private chambers, not too far down, that he crossed on his way to his army and most likely the Ley/Hell portal

      2. I had such a blast writing that entire sequence under Bahbell. I was truly worried for the trio, as I didn’t know if they were going to make it out alive from there. Place was HARROWING.

  22. 1. Occulus did not take the scions because Lividius was the first to bind multiple scions to himself. (Which would mean that no he could not regenerate himself like Lividius could. But he probably could regenerate to an extent because Occulus was a master necromancer.) 2. Chron was found in rivican structures UNDERNEATH Occulus´s castle so it is likely that Occulus didn’t know it was there either. 3. Arinthian was a Dragon rank I believe he was one of the last.

    1. 1. Your probably right, but can you tell us where it says that?
      2.possibly, but I’m pretty sure Occulus would have explored where he was building his castle
      3.I’m pretty sure we learned in Honor’s Price that he was dragoon rank, but I’m not sure. I would have to look.

    2. Atrius was a Dragoon, so he could not cast Spirit of the Dragon. Also, it is quoted that never had a warlock held more than two scions before Sparkstone, so Occulus could have had one or two.

      1. cool, thanks for finding that!!
        and remember that Augum cast the simul without having achieved dragon rank yet.
        so that leads to the question of where did the scions go? If Occulus defeated all 6 previous scion bearers, than why did he not take the scions?

      2. I mean maybe he wasńt able to because of some necromatic ritual that made him more powerful but made him not be able to hold any scions.Also other people could have gotten two scions and when atrius beat occulus beat him what did atrius do?

      3. It’s an interesting thought as to where the scions went. Maybe, since they were so new to the world, Occulus didn’t know what they did.
        Additionally, Augum became a Dragon when he learned the Spirit of the Dragon simul

      4. That is possible Devon, though after dueling 6 other wielders he would most likely have an inkling as to what they did. The most likely scenario I can think of is that the leyans gave specific instructions to hide the scions from Occulus, because if he got them he would be unstoppable.

        Augum learned the Simul, but than his time was cut short by Gavinius. He dueled Gavinius without having achieved Dragon rank, than after the duel as the lightning dragon lay dieing he appointed Augum to Dragon.

      5. Here’s a funny joke I made up

        What car would the trio get in the present?

        They would get a Ford*


      6. Ha, good one Attendant Atticus! We need Sever Bronny memes.

        But I do not believe the six scion wielders would hide the scions from Occulus, because then they couldn’t use the scions in the fight with Occulus, rendering them useless.

  23. QUIZE TIME!!
    QUESTION 1: Wich THREE elements is Lividus???
    QUESTION 2: Who is the strongest warlock in BOTH series???
    QUESTION 3:What is the most ADVANSED spells the trio knows???
    P.S.One is partly a trick question
    P.S.S.They may not be in sithesia
    P.S.S.S.There may be more than two(maybe)

    1. 1: I believe he was only Necromantic and Lightning, though it is possible I missed something.
      2: Krakatos is in the Arinthian Line by far, and could potentially be in the FoaRD as well as he is at least mentioned, but if not Krakatos, then Mrs. Stone for sure.
      3: That is hard to say. They still know cron, even if they are not able to cast it, though I would argue that that negates any value to them meaning the spell is meaningless. So yes, it would be the Spirit of the Dragon simul, as it is a 15th degreee LEYAN spell, very advanced.

      1. I agree with Nathan on most parts also Atrius might be the most powerful,he was raised by Sparkstone and mentioned in FoaRD,though Kraktos may be stronger*.3 For this one I would say Cron spirit of a dragon but also centarro because it was the most powerful spell in there arsenal before they learned Cron and after they lost the power to cast it.I would say there most powerful spells would be in the is order Centarro,Cron,Centarro,SotDS.

        * Kraktos is an Unnameable too though.

    2. Thanks Devon I think we should make some too,I would think that atrius would work with the scions.

      1. Here´s another joke,

        Do leera and Augum love each other?

        No,they lavo* each other

        *Lavo means love in the old tongue

      2. Getting into the meme style here

        Sever Bronny in FoaRD: The Solian warlocks are valuable and most be protected
        Sever Bronny, two pages later: DEATH (like the riders of Rohan in LOTR)

      3. Nice one Devon,I made the ford meme with a ford truck in the back round,Iḿ planning on making some more.

    3. 1: Three elements? Forgive me if I’m wrong, but I’m sure he was only a lightning warlock and necromancer.
      2: Krakatos, by far. He is an Unnameable, but it could be Magua (we don’t know how powerful she was, and it took Krakatos and Mrs. Stone to beat her.
      3: Out of all time (pun intended), it is Cron. But at the moment, it would have to be Spirit of the Dragon.

  24. to Atticus’s quiz (I am the first person that answered)Bogdan 8th degree fire was killed. He was raised necromanticly than died Again!(in the same fight) when lividus died.

    1. On the 15 and 16 is the first anniversary of the fight of the canteranns vs the solians,and dragons!

  25. Mr. Bronny, could not one theoretically propel one’s self using Telekinesis, therefore causing arcane flight?

    1. So I’m not Mr. Bronny so take anything I say with a grain of salt, but if that were possible Mrs. Stone would have done it. However, Augum did do something similar in the cloud chamber in legend, though that was not necessarily telekinesis because the chamber was created with ancient arcanery. So no, I highly doubt that a warlock could use telekinesis in such a way, for if it was possible it would have been done by the Arcane Artist.

      1. Yeah but, correct me if I’m wrong, when the Arcaners and Mrs. Stone fight the Necrmonatic dragons and the Archons in Endraga Ra and Mrs. Stone fights that jungle-army, doesn’t she float?

      2. I remember her not floating,though I’m guessing you’re able to float like Ning if you have a floating object like Ning also Nathan which arcane artist you referring to because atrius was an arcane artist as well,

      3. Atticus: I was referring to Mrs. Stone

        That is true but it was probably some ancient leyan spell or something, we don’t really know much about that incident. But good example!!

    2. It is not possible to fly, but it IS possible to perform Tarzan-like maneuvers. 14-year-old Anna Atticus Stone performs that very feat in her first year in the academy, which you all shall read about in December :)

  26. Hey everybody!!!!

    It’s been a while since I’ve been on here, as I am not much of a people person, hence why I read Sever Bronny’s books time and again. :)

    So first off I would just like to say that this is the most involved and interactive community for a fantasy world I’ve ever seen, and I love it. I love sitting back and watching all of the discussions (and duels ;) that go on around here!! So I would like to start a little discussion, because this is a topic that I’ve been thinking about a lot.

    So, how did Atrius Arinthian defeat Occulus, a master (probably) necromancer with enough skill to defeat scion bearers, and than most likely take those scions? While yes Atrius was perhaps one of the most skilled and advanced warlocks to walk sithesia, probably even more skilled than Anna Atticus Stone, he would still be outmatched by a master necromancer bearing six scions. Even with the Moon Orb and the scion, it seems like Atrius Arinthian still should have lost that fight, but than again 3 5th degree warlocks shouldn’t have been able to best a master necromancer with 6 scions either, but they did it through sheer friendship, cunning and love.

    How did he do it?

    1. ahh but he was a arcaner! He could of done a gauntlet spirit of dragon(posibbly, I forgot his rank) or a ancient spell like… WAIT WHAT IF HE USED CHRON!?

      1. Atrius was a Dragoon, so he could not cast Spirit of the Dragon. A gauntlet is possible, as is cron or some other powerful spell. The moon orb came in handy too, let us not forget that.

      2. Yes, all are possible, except for cron. Remember that the trio found Annocronomus Tempusarri in Occulus’ castle, proving that if anyone in that fight knew Cron, it would be Occulus. and yes, the moon orb would help a ton, especially at his level of skill and stamina. So I would conclude that yes, it was either a gauntlet or Spirit of the Dragon. While he was not Dragon rank, it may be possible that he learned the simul because he was still connected to Lay, and could go to Endraga Ra from there. Further, he was a secret-keeper so he would have known about the Simul and when it should be brought back. However, since he was a secret keeper, and a master planner as we know, I believe he would have done everything in his power to keep this simul secret. The fact that the battle was a 1v1 duel also supports this. The multiple dragon decorations around Castle Arinthian also point to this conclusion.

        However, there is one other possibility briefly touched upon in the comments. An ancient spell. I don’t remember exactly where, but it is mentioned in the series that Atrius Arinthian was a master spell crafter as well. It is possible that as possibly the most skilled warlock to walk sithesia, he was able to create a spell that Occulus didn’t see coming, perhaps one to nuetralize some of Occulus’ advantages, such as multiple scions.

        quick question for the author when he gets a chance out of his surely busy day: would Occulus have had the same regeneration abilities from the scions that allowed Lividius to come back literally from ashes?

      3. Wow, Nathan. That is clever, that Atrius would keep Spirit of the Dragon a secret. As well as creating his own spell, which we know is possible because of that Limbo spell Mrs. Stone used in Valor during the avalanche (you’d have to check the name).

      4. Atrius had a LOT of secrets, but don’t take that as confirmation of him knowing the Spirit of the Dragon simul! As pointed out, he was, after all, only a dragoon ;)

    2. Hi, I am kinda late to this, slight correction: No one had ever possesed more than 2 scions before the time of Sparkstone, so at most Occulus had only 2 scions, as well I think that the duels happened in rather short order, so Occulus would not have had much time to get used to the scions and use them to theire full effect. It is likely Atrius used some sort of gauntlet, maybe using a bunch of traps, but it likely did not take place at Occulus castle, because there is no visible damage that occurred at the castle that would have occurred in such a high degree duel.

    3. First off, I cherish all your enthusiasm, so thank you so much to everyone who participates in these discussions. As the author of the work, it particularly humbling and special, and always puts a smile on my face.

      Secondly, I’m not going to comment on Atrius’s victory because of two things: it may come up in a future book with the trio; or I may actually write about that battle from Atrius’s perspective :)

      Keep it up, you guys! I wish I was around a bit more, but writing takes up all my energy, so I rarely have much left over at the end of the day to interact (brain drools like Homer Simpson after writing a few thousands words).

  27. Also happy belated bday Leera as it was 2 days ago also guess what anniversary is coming up which fight?hmm….

      1. Leera is eternally only as old as the book you are reading her in. So she is 14 in Arcane, but 17 by the end of Champion’s Wrath.

        To quote Leera being silly upon shrinking to the size of a mouse: “Gidoo, gidoo, gidoo!”

      2. Ya remember when she joked about being a tiny fairy and jengo being a dragon an stealing the hoard of treasure from him.lol

      3. That part was added in a subsequent edit round too. The gold stuff, the really funny moments, sometimes happen in the editing process like that.

    1. I think it’s because there is already the slam spell and it has no phrasing so I’m guessing it’s something the Selbela the Midwife thought of,or it is a plain mistake by the founders of the founding.

      1. Mr.Bronny do you know when you are going to do the next contest the last one was a long time ago,do you know if you will be doing one soon?

      2. Hark,I shall leave for 7 days,I shall return on the tenth day on the fourth month;I shall return to this place of arcanery

        Goodbye fellow Arcaner Squires,Dragoons and Dragons as well as Arcanists.

      3. I have a fresh paperback copy of Champion’s Wrath ready for the contest. Will announce it in due course (been quite busy with the new book on Anna and other life things of late, but look forward to spending more time with the fans soon).

      1. I have returned earlier then I would have thought,also thanks for the answers Mr.Bronny as well as the promotion;)

  28. What does the Caireen Lavo anagram translate to? I know you all probaly figured it out quickly so cant wait to hear the laughs.


      Caireen Lavo translated to “I love Arcane”

  29. Illusion is not an element it’s a different skill but Ming (or whatever her name is) won’t teach it to a non healer because it’s very powerful
    2 ley spell level 1 is like 21 but easier to learn
    3 rings are not everything so even if max is 20 you can increase your strength and stamina, learn powerful spell instantcast ect

    1. I never thought about number3 but then again that’s what you do in ley.What do you mean by 2?

      1. think it was 18 to master degree cause she knows group witch it 16 but she looks very old.

  30. Mr sever bronny, how do you come up with these names. I mean i understand Olaf he is a ice and olafs made of snow… what about the others?
    P.S. I am the person who wrote The Third Great Peace(TTGP) and the Wand Weilders.

    1. Okay here are some questions

      1 Which two warlocks died in Legend that were of the Resistance in the final battle?

      2 who are the two powerful wind warlocks in FoaRD and tAL series?

      3 How did the two warlocks in question 1 die?

      Answers will come in a couple of days,when people answer.

      1. 1. Ms Hawthorne and somone else.
        2.Forget name but someone that resembles a beetle
        3.Hawthorne was stabbed by burdens edge wielded by Lividus

      2. Hints
        1One is a teacher and another is a fire warlock
        2 There are actually 3 one is a enemy,one a warlock that works at Antioc and one who is a mentor
        3 one was stabbed another died saving a young kid.

    2. A couple of comments/questions

      1 I’ve been reading/listening to tAL and the audio is awesome but then I switched to FoaRD and sadly it wasn’t Stephen red nicky :(

      2 Once i finish this round of listening/reading the books I’m going to make a spell chart of every spell you mentioned in the book.and the characters and degree

      3 so could you have the old tongue transcription because it sounds interesting like how lavo=love so does the a=o and so forth but then there is the all began equal quote but a=o but then what does e= I don’t know but love =lavo so would the e in love equal o because that doesn’t make sense?

      This is me just kind of asking random questions and kinda hoping for the answers,I know that making a language seems a bit hard so its okay if you cant.

      1. Transcription for the old tongue would be tricky as there would be verb/noun/tense issues that would have to be fleshed out, and the language is too complex for me to tackle it at this time, especially because I have my hands full writing / editing the stories :)

    3. I ruminate on the names as I craft the characters. Sometimes I change a character’s name during editing though if the name does not quite suit their personality. So I oft end up with names that work because those names go through a process.

  31. I am now allowed to have my name as kaden! And who would win… Robin or Butterwax?
    P.S. TEMPER Butterwax see book 4 and 5 possibly 3.

    1. uh… ROBIN he got to the finals in the antioc classic BUTTERWAX got out in her first match so ROBIN.

    1. P.S THERE ARE SPOILERS TO SEVER BRONNY’S NEXT BOOK!!!! (Well,, technically only what he’s writing about, I have NO special insight) YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!!! P.P.S I RECOMMEND READiNG HAILEY’S LETTER TO MR. BRONNY< AND HIS REPLY!!

      Wow. I just got on, and there is 813 comments! (Now 814 when I post this) I remember when it was 600-700, because it was barely even 3 months, that have gone by, and almost over 200 more comments have been added!! I'm scared of myself now, because I wrote around 50 of them… But, still I love the books, and I can't wait till' Anna Stone's book will be coming!

      1. If your on the home page, go all the way down to Mr. Bronny’s blog poSts, and there will be: So and so many thoughts on 6 years of publishing blah blah blah.

      2. HI Marek did you notice that ning is teaching DUEL ELEMENTS which means that ning knows illusion,healing,and another element I’m thinking its probably wind because she levitates but who knows any way welcome back!!!!

      3. Also does any one here read spy school just curious?Also who would win erica or jezebel??

      4. Doesn’t Jez have more experience? Like more rings, and stuff? Well, I’d think that Erika WOULD. . . LOSE! Because Jez has more experience, more powerful spells, and the wining factor: personality! Seriously, Erika could learn a thing or two from Jez. (Personality wise) Also one of your comments was Mrs. Stone’s age; isn’t she 111 or something??????

      5. I just wanted to chime in and say I really appreciate all of you guys. I’m not always able to respond in a timely manner as I’m busy writing, which drains mental energy, but yeah, your enthusiasm is very much appreciated!

      1. I actually never even thought of that! She does know some of healing, (or has maybe even achieved mastery in that element) and she is an illusionist. I really NEVER in my life thought of that! Although it’s so obvious! Also, I think that the levitating is either her chair that is enchanted, or some REALLY advanced telekinesis.

      2. Or Ning could have mastery level telekinesis like mrs.stone also mrs.stone is in her early 100 it really depends on how old augum was when she died and how old she was when she went to the academy of arcane arts.the question between Erica and jezebel the difference is that Erica has a ferocity

      3. Guys you know when the trio was in antioc for the tournament and they went through the trainers and they got coins and they were thinking about what you would get if you got ten degrees and complete the trainers and they were thinking that it might be a secret warlock club,an artifact that goes well with your element and maybe even a secret oftb spell for your element wonder what you could get???

      4. Also on the part of Ning’s chair It could actually just be an illusion she could actually be in her prime and not old also she could be using a ladder and she is just using an illusion.

      5. I wonder what deggree ning is because if she’s achieved mastery she could create a healing pool!!!!??????

      6. i think erica is ninth so jez nearly DOUBLES her degree so she would probaly win. Although erica is more ruthless…

    2. Has anyone read The Books of Elsewhere? They are suspenseful, mystery books. The first book is The Shadows, then Spellbound, and like 3 others. I really recommend this series! Basically this girl named Olive moves into a new house, and finds out the house is keeping secrets from her. I’ve only read the first book, though. I’m getting the rest on Saturday.

  32. Most famous quotes( not in order). All begin equal but only the curios thrive, Quarrel quarrel for the light know knought but darkness should you lose the fight,fear not the tempest of the past sweet child of the morning dew but the bertrayel of your present heart.
    P.S. I think Laudines is the most important she probaly saved augum with quote 2(by inspiring him to go on) and lee’s picture.

    1. Hey does anyone want to take a fun little quiz on tAL and on FoaRD,you just need to copy and paste and you can answer the questions if you want.

  33. I am a amueter writer i have tried writing 2 books, The third great peace, and the stone weilders, 3 and 5 book serieses. Tottaly diferrent. And i just ant think of anything! I mean how do you put conflict in the great peace!? And pages are soooooooooo long.

    1. Just keep at it and practice, practice, practice. It takes years/decades to become a good writer. Don’t rush it, just keep learning and applying. In time, you will start to find your voice :)

  34. Hi, Sever, I am a amateur author, and I have a question…
    How do you keep writing and write so fast? I have a hard time writing even one page nowadays and I don’t know how to get myself started up again. Have any suggestions?
    -A fellow author

    1. Hiyas! Think of it like going to the gym. The first two weeks suuuuuck, but after that you get into a groove and you go and do your thing even when you don’t always feel like it. The great thing is once the muscle is built up, you enjoy the work 90% of the time, regardless of how badly you feel. It requires self-discipline which you need to train yourself for. I’d advice reading as many self-help books on motivation and self-discipline as you can, as it’s a transferable skill.

      And assign yourself small daily word counts to start, say, 250 words. After a week, go to 500. After a month, try 1000 words a day. I’m comfortable at 2000-4000 words a day, which I can often finish within 4-5 hours. My best day was 10,000 words. My best month was 100,000 words. See if you can top any of the above :)

      Hope that helps, and I wish you much luck in the authoring journey!

    2. Guys we know know that Anna stone was. 74 when augum was born so she died at around her early 90s 91 or 92 wait you have to add 10,11 or 12 years so she was in her 100s so like 102,103,104,105

  35. The only reason that i’m asking those questions is that my brother said that there was a animal ( donkey) who was abused. I cry if an animal is being mistreated. No offence to you Mr.Bronny, You books are amazing (even though iv’e never read them). And that’s why I have never read the series. sorry. *tear drops out of eye.

    1. Yes,Moira I agree with you on animals have you ever heard of peta?Also The bad guys are Augum’s father all the necromancers,magua those are the bad guys in the arthainian line.

    2. Also,mellie was abused at the start of the first book other than that there is no other mention of animal abuse

    3. No worries, Moira! The old mule was whipped once in the beginning of the very first book, but the main character redeems that whipping by carrying the mule’s soul with him :)

  36. *SPOILER SPOILER SPOILRE! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i think Sydo(the prince in the arinthian line) is the worst badguy. He told lividus about the scion curse. Wthout that anna would just give it and he would be destroyed but ONLY when he had 6. Plus there would maybe be no divining rod. And maybe no fury of a rising dragon.

    1. He would be destroyed at seven but remember magua came to him so there wouldn’t be any change he would still learn of the curse he would get the divining rod and things would go a bit differently like sydo would still probably be alive and such.

    2. Okay this is one very important question is everything that “nice” occi said true,and if so is kraktos the wise the good brother and which tribe did kraktos come from and if not was it from solia or from a different part of the world.Also for the bridging to solia is it figuratively or an actual bridge or is it a bridge and a figurative one?Was krakatos and arcaner,is Anna stone learning to be a dragon?Does krakatos already know how to turn into one?What degree is krakatos the wise? Is there a set of degrees after the mortal world and mastery?I’m guessing probably most of the questions you can’t answer,but as one once said”All began equal but only the curious thrive”.

      A curious reader

      1. Great questions, but I can only answer the one that is published at this time:

        The bridging is both figurative and literal!

        Sorry I can’t be of more help, but kudos for the Antioc Library motto quote! You almost got it: Omnio incipus equa liberatus corsisi mei


      2. Well it’s impossible for Krakatos or Mrs. Stone to learn to become dragons because Myrmydion (I 100% spelled that wrong) said that he couldn’t attempt to learn the simul because he was a Leyan. I see no reason this wouldn’t pertain to both Krakatos and Anna.

  37. Hey! I just relized something! Sheild isnt a required spell. I thought it was cause i think ms stone made them cast it for the test.

  38. cant have my name up, stranger danger! though i guess they do know my name… But it will be your #1 fan!

  39. 1, what are you going to write next?
    2, can you put the more advanced spells in the spell chart?
    3, can you keep writing about augum,briget, and Leera?

    1. Holy Crap,Check out the fan mail and read hailey’s fan mail,it is awesome and really beautiful,though if you check out Mr.Bronny’s response it says that hes writing Mrs.Stone first term in the academy!!!I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. YYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!! I said that while pumping my fist like aug in castle arinthian in first series.(trying not to spoil)

        P.S. Who knows the release date.
        P.P.S. I love your books sever.
        P.P.P.S. My name is kaden!

      2. Okay I got a question I forgot this but I know someone does what degree does Jengo have in foard
        I can’t believe Mr.Bronny leaked it but I’m super sucked that he did !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      3. Was wondering when somebody would catch that =P

        Yes, I can confirm I am writing Anna Atticus Stone’s first term at the academy, and am already 100,000 words in (which is the length of Arcane). I needed time to get myself into the story, hence why I have not made a public statement yet (that will come in due course). But don’t worry, the trio will 100% return in due course, it’s just I spent nine years writing them and they need a break from me lol. I miss them very much, but have a whole folder of plans for them (just you wait!).

        In the meantime, I like the idea of just the hardcore fans here being the few who know :)

      4. Also could you put in all the spells you have ever mentioned in books please because if not i’m going to treread them all and write down what it says about it.I think jengo is 4th degree in foard then does he know empathic healing the spell augum did in the artianian line?

    2. thank you sever bronny,I just got one question is it going to be like 300,000 or will it be as big as Champions Wrath?I get it if you cant answer this at this time.

      1. So, I’ll break it into sections/paragraphs for each book! NOTE: Make sure you read the series for WAY more details!!!! SPOILER WARNING!! SPOILER WARNING!! SPOILER WARNING!!


        Augum is a poor boy who lived on the Penderson farm when he was a boy. Sadly, he was treated like a slave. He ended up running to Willowbrook when Mr. Penderson beat his only friend, a mule named Meli to death. A noble knight-in-retirement named Sir Westwood found him on the edge of the Gamber river. Sir Westwood takes him in as his squire. A few years later the legion comes to be. The Lord of the Legion, Augum’s father, burns Willowbrook to the ground- without hesitation, killing Sir Westwood, and most of the inhabitants of the village along with it. Augum runs for his life, and finds himself being struck by lightning on the Tallows. (He’s immune, he doesn’t know it yet though…) An old woman named Mrs. Stone (Augum’s grandmother, but he doesn’t know that yet either!!) finds him, brings him to her cave on Mt. Barrow, and takes him in as her apprentice after a series of tests. One of these tests Augum’s father Lividius Stone fails, thats when Mrs. Stone realizes that she needs to keep an eye on him. But, Augum prevails!! So, hes rewarded with going to the naming ceremony of Sparrow’s Perch!! (That Bridget invited him to!) He meets Leera and utterly falls in love!😍! (Just kidding, but if you read the book he will be blushing..so….) Haylee’s grandfather is working with THE LORD OF THE LEGION!!! 😮😮 OKay, you get the point… The L.O.T.L. comes and burns Sparrow’s Perch. However, Leera, Augum, and Bridget + Mrs. Stone escape!!! They flee to Mt. Barrow, where Mrs. Stone collapses her cave, knowing thats the first place he will look. The then journey to CASTLE ARINTHIAN!!! Augum and the gang meet Prince Sido and his crew of servants, knights, and other servants. Sido’s a jerk though. Augum then meets a servamt named Mya who is very beautiful, and instantly falls in love with HER. (BTW I’M TEAM LEERA LOL) So one of Sido’s knights rat out to the L.O.T.L. and gets almost everybody killed. Mya is killed later in the second book, but still. THEN THEY ALL GO TO LEY USING THE SCION.

        THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Whew, I’m not going to recap any others I started at 8:40 now it’s 9:13!!!!!

      1. Thanks, Moira!

        As to Colt Simmons, I’m not sure, I’d have to check my records. Sometimes if I don’t mention an element I haven’t chosen one for the character yet though ;)

    1. also about the summary. you missed the hellhound thing.but as i said earlier it was impressive!!

  40. PIcture this:you are occulus fighting atrius when a reaver(think thats right) just decaptates him-wait dont think he had them a wraith just steps on him.

    I would do A
    would yo rather
    (A) Just stare stupidly
    (B)assuming you got the rest give it to the nearest team mate
    (C)All of the above
    (D)make up your own

      1. I’d make up my own! This is how it’d go down-wait… I’m Oculus right???? Anyways, here’s how it’d go down: I would just conquer the rest of Sithisea (Hope I spelled it right) yadda yadda, yadda, and become ruler of all other continents, and rule the world. SO HOW’D YOU DO IT!!!!!??

  41. if there was necro lightning there would be no sithesia be because a ligtnighn later turned necro**COUGH TALKING ABOUT LIVIDUS COUGH** nearly destroyed it. if he was both…THERE WOULD BE NO WORLD!!

      1. Hmmmm…
        As of right now, Augum has years of battle experience and training. Leland has almost none. While Leland is certainly an arcane prodigy, Augum would (to put it bluntly) absolutely CURBSTOMP Leland. In this case, experience and training beats raw skill.

        But Augum would never do that to Leland. After all, he loves the little tyke.


      2. Ben but remember that Leland can use the power of illusion and he can see what move augum will use next.

      3. but remember that Leland can use the power of illusion and read augums mind and now which move he will use next also the type of battle it is is an antioc battle sort of one.So augum or leland would just fight till three hits or five i forget or till one bends the knee.

      4. Rmeber in antioc when augum was learning street slang and someone made a comment like was it cool and augum in turn said ya the ice bath is really cold.it was so funny!

      5. -Atticus
        But if Leland can’t do anything to stop Augum’s attack, knowing what it is would be useless. If Leland knows Augum is going to cast Mute, he still can’t do anything because he doesn’t know Mind Armor.

        And I think Augum could fight off any illusion Leland gave him. Augum was able to fight off a trained Illusionist in the Antioc Library in Champion’s Wrath, so I don’t think Leland would be much better.

      6. Ben but remember how I forget her name something ning from the antioc library she planted an idea in one of the princes he could do that like leera is hurt or something also illusion don’t need wording and even if augum could do confusion or mute he wouldn’t know where leland is so there is now point.

      7. But Leland is younger and would get tired out a lot faster than Augum.

        Leland can’t really hurt Augum, but let’s say Leland is using an illusion so Augum is confused and can’t see him. I think Augum would just cast spells randomly (if there’s no one around for him to hurt) until Leland was either hit or too tired to keep up the illusion.

      8. Oooooh that’s a hard one…
        I think Erika would win in a fight because she has more rings and more combat experience. Harvus spent a lot of his time running from the law, but I don’t think hiding and running would help him in a one-on-one duel.

        As for who I would have for a mentor…
        I have to give this one to Erika as well. Not only was Harvus a bad person, but I also feel like I wouldn’t learn anything under him. I think I might be able to learn under Erika and eventually kill her or run away once she’s taught me all she can. With Harvus, I think he would make my training longer and not teach me anything on purpose so he could take my money.


      9. Ben,personally I would want neither because harvus is horrible and he would probably get witch hunters to kill me and erica would treat me like a slave or something really though,I would also have to choose Erica.Who would win erica or Ning from The Antioc library.

      10. Ning would win for sure. We’ve never seen her rings or seen her use any offensive arcanery, but I’m convinced her illusions alone could defeat Erika. No contest here.

    1. I wonder what other leyan ancient spells there are, i wonder if they would be as low level as centaro.which now thinking on it its really surprising its such a low level spell yet off the books and is rather powerful.

      1. I think your right but it really depends if leland know the first offensive or telekinese because if they were in the antioc arena then if leland knew telekeneses then he could fling weapons but i think right now at his power and arcane stamina augum would win now here’s another fight Erica Scarson or the creepy harvus guy,also who out of those two would you rather be mentoring under?

  42. One question I have is in regards to Augum’s swordsmanship.

    Exactly how good is Augum at swordfighting? He’s obviously no slouch, but he’s never really faced an amazing swordfighter in a one-on-one duel. He beats a lot of low-level soldiers, but we can’t use them as a measure. And Augum has fought many high-degree warlocks, but most of them prefer to use arcanery rather than blades.

    So where does Augum stand in the spectrum? Is he like Percy Jackson or Eragon, a prodigy who could beat almost, if not all, of the best swordfighters in the world?

    Or is he more like Harry Potter? Or somewhere in-between?


    1. This is my “Educated Guess”, In even the first book they showed that out of the trio the line was Leera the best,then Augum and finally Bridget.Though you have to take in Augum’s inured elbow that greatly makes him worse then he used to be.Also it would depend on if he was in centtaro,after centtaro,in confusion,fear,blind,strength and many other factors.Though I would say right now he is probably rather medicore.

    2. Great question, Ben! If we were to rank swordsmen from 1 to 10, with 1 being a beginner and 10 a professional, Augum would be a strong 6 and Leera a 7. Warlocks just don’t train nearly as much with the blade as knights and soldiers do. Thus, Ordinaries in such professions tend to be stronger swordsmen and women, and would certainly best the trio in a sword duel. And yes, it goes Leera, Augum and Bridget in that order when it comes to the blade, with Bridget being a weak 3 on that scale.

  43. I’m back after a while! Anyways, Atticus I like the idea of creating more scions! Like, they could have two elements in one scion that’d be cool! Especially sense it IS possible in their world to have TWO elements! But, that’s only possible if Mr. Bronny says it is so I hope he reply’s to this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Technically, it actually COULD be possible with the consent of the leyans, but, hey Mrs. Stone is now a leyan so…….

    1. AND! Mrs. Stone is very wise and Krakatos and her are friends..SO….Wait…..No…..If they’re were more scions with even more power (Two elements type power) the world could very well end as we know it. But! Sorry I know! It’s getting annoying now! But, anyways all of the scions could be given to the Ohmish to later be given to people who have mastered TWO elements, AND to people who wouldn’t destroy the world with them. *COUGH* *LIVIDIUS STONE * *COUGH*

      1. While I enjoy the idea of having scions, you also have to look at the risks and why they came about in the first place. They came about because of great threat to the Leyans, and the Leyans now know the true extent and danger of that. With knowledge declining in sithesia over the past 1500 years, I highly doubt anyone could be able to make scions besides leyans, especially since they are linked to the leyan plane. Further on the idea of mastering two elements, while I love this idea and would like to see it happen, I believe necromancy is an adept example of why this would not work. As is said throughout the books, learning another element is extremely difficult as it “goes against the grain”. So mastering two elements would be nearly impossible without creating a new arcane element like illusion, one that is rare. Further, Scions need to stay dead. They died for a reason, because of extreme power and greed. If they were to come back it would corrupt the world even more. Sorry if any of this is wrong Mr. Bronny, but this is my opinion.

      2. Ah. Yes, BUT! The Leyans have the knowledge to create scions, so they could make them less powerful, for less destruction, but I’m still on board with the idea of two element scions. Because, like I said before the leyans could give them to the Omish who in turn could give them to heroes in need. Plus, no Ohmish would use them. Because, A. The Canterrans said that the Ohmish had never hurt them so therefore would never use the scions to harm someone. B. ,There is no B. because A was a really big thing that supports my idea.

      3. I think 2 elements would be cool also in the last book,”Champions Wrath” we learned of many characters with higher degrees which was interesting,I think if all the most powerful warlocks worked together they could,especially if the Monks of the North were to help and the seers.Also how can the seers answer any question what type of arcane is it?Is it some mix of alchemy and illusion or something like that

      4. And you have no idea if really, really, really ,really, really really, long ago there was a 9th element that was worse than Necromancy.,, Like Necrolighting or something.