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I’ve noticed people wanting to start discussions on various topics related to The Arinthian Line, Fury of a Rising Dragon, etc in the comments section of the blog posts, which in turn get buried over time. This discussion page should help (scroll to the very bottom to post your own thought/question, or reply to someone else along the way). I’ll weigh in//respond in between bouts of writing/editing when I can.

Let me kick things off by quoting a reader, who said, “What I find inspiring is that I think we can all find a little of ourselves in each of the characters.”

All right, so which of the characters do you relate to, and why?

If that question doesn’t inspire you, perhaps one of these will:

What’s your favorite scene?

Who is your favorite villain?

What’s your favorite spell? Why?

Which light-hearted scene did you enjoy the most? Why?

Which scene was the most thrilling for you?

Otherwise, have any questions, ideas, thoughts? Leave a comment below, and we’ll see how it goes!

December, 2020

751 thoughts on “Discussion

  1. PIcture this:you are occulus fighting atrius when a reaver(think thats right) just decaptates him-wait dont think he had them a wraith just steps on him.

    I would do A
    would yo rather
    (A) Just stare stupidly
    (B)assuming you got the rest give it to the nearest team mate
    (C)All of the above
    (D)make up your own

  2. if there was necro lightning there would be no sithesia be because a ligtnighn later turned necro**COUGH TALKING ABOUT LIVIDUS COUGH** nearly destroyed it. if he was both…THERE WOULD BE NO WORLD!!

      1. Hmmmm…
        As of right now, Augum has years of battle experience and training. Leland has almost none. While Leland is certainly an arcane prodigy, Augum would (to put it bluntly) absolutely CURBSTOMP Leland. In this case, experience and training beats raw skill.

        But Augum would never do that to Leland. After all, he loves the little tyke.


      2. Ben but remember that Leland can use the power of illusion and he can see what move augum will use next.

      3. but remember that Leland can use the power of illusion and read augums mind and now which move he will use next also the type of battle it is is an antioc battle sort of one.So augum or leland would just fight till three hits or five i forget or till one bends the knee.

      4. Rmeber in antioc when augum was learning street slang and someone made a comment like was it cool and augum in turn said ya the ice bath is really cold.it was so funny!

      5. -Atticus
        But if Leland can’t do anything to stop Augum’s attack, knowing what it is would be useless. If Leland knows Augum is going to cast Mute, he still can’t do anything because he doesn’t know Mind Armor.

        And I think Augum could fight off any illusion Leland gave him. Augum was able to fight off a trained Illusionist in the Antioc Library in Champion’s Wrath, so I don’t think Leland would be much better.

      6. Ben but remember how I forget her name something ning from the antioc library she planted an idea in one of the princes he could do that like leera is hurt or something also illusion don’t need wording and even if augum could do confusion or mute he wouldn’t know where leland is so there is now point.

      7. But Leland is younger and would get tired out a lot faster than Augum.

        Leland can’t really hurt Augum, but let’s say Leland is using an illusion so Augum is confused and can’t see him. I think Augum would just cast spells randomly (if there’s no one around for him to hurt) until Leland was either hit or too tired to keep up the illusion.

      8. Oooooh that’s a hard one…
        I think Erika would win in a fight because she has more rings and more combat experience. Harvus spent a lot of his time running from the law, but I don’t think hiding and running would help him in a one-on-one duel.

        As for who I would have for a mentor…
        I have to give this one to Erika as well. Not only was Harvus a bad person, but I also feel like I wouldn’t learn anything under him. I think I might be able to learn under Erika and eventually kill her or run away once she’s taught me all she can. With Harvus, I think he would make my training longer and not teach me anything on purpose so he could take my money.


    1. I wonder what other leyan ancient spells there are, i wonder if they would be as low level as centaro.which now thinking on it its really surprising its such a low level spell yet off the books and is rather powerful.

      1. I think your right but it really depends if leland know the first offensive or telekinese because if they were in the antioc arena then if leland knew telekeneses then he could fling weapons but i think right now at his power and arcane stamina augum would win now here’s another fight Erica Scarson or the creepy harvus guy,also who out of those two would you rather be mentoring under?

  3. One question I have is in regards to Augum’s swordsmanship.

    Exactly how good is Augum at swordfighting? He’s obviously no slouch, but he’s never really faced an amazing swordfighter in a one-on-one duel. He beats a lot of low-level soldiers, but we can’t use them as a measure. And Augum has fought many high-degree warlocks, but most of them prefer to use arcanery rather than blades.

    So where does Augum stand in the spectrum? Is he like Percy Jackson or Eragon, a prodigy who could beat almost, if not all, of the best swordfighters in the world?

    Or is he more like Harry Potter? Or somewhere in-between?


    1. This is my “Educated Guess”, In even the first book they showed that out of the trio the line was Leera the best,then Augum and finally Bridget.Though you have to take in Augum’s inured elbow that greatly makes him worse then he used to be.Also it would depend on if he was in centtaro,after centtaro,in confusion,fear,blind,strength and many other factors.Though I would say right now he is probably rather medicore.

  4. I’m back after a while! Anyways, Atticus I like the idea of creating more scions! Like, they could have two elements in one scion that’d be cool! Especially sense it IS possible in their world to have TWO elements! But, that’s only possible if Mr. Bronny says it is so I hope he reply’s to this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Technically, it actually COULD be possible with the consent of the leyans, but, hey Mrs. Stone is now a leyan so…….

    1. AND! Mrs. Stone is very wise and Krakatos and her are friends..SO….Wait…..No…..If they’re were more scions with even more power (Two elements type power) the world could very well end as we know it. But! Sorry I know! It’s getting annoying now! But, anyways all of the scions could be given to the Ohmish to later be given to people who have mastered TWO elements, AND to people who wouldn’t destroy the world with them. *COUGH* *LIVIDIUS STONE * *COUGH*

      1. While I enjoy the idea of having scions, you also have to look at the risks and why they came about in the first place. They came about because of great threat to the Leyans, and the Leyans now know the true extent and danger of that. With knowledge declining in sithesia over the past 1500 years, I highly doubt anyone could be able to make scions besides leyans, especially since they are linked to the leyan plane. Further on the idea of mastering two elements, while I love this idea and would like to see it happen, I believe necromancy is an adept example of why this would not work. As is said throughout the books, learning another element is extremely difficult as it “goes against the grain”. So mastering two elements would be nearly impossible without creating a new arcane element like illusion, one that is rare. Further, Scions need to stay dead. They died for a reason, because of extreme power and greed. If they were to come back it would corrupt the world even more. Sorry if any of this is wrong Mr. Bronny, but this is my opinion.

      2. Ah. Yes, BUT! The Leyans have the knowledge to create scions, so they could make them less powerful, for less destruction, but I’m still on board with the idea of two element scions. Because, like I said before the leyans could give them to the Omish who in turn could give them to heroes in need. Plus, no Ohmish would use them. Because, A. The Canterrans said that the Ohmish had never hurt them so therefore would never use the scions to harm someone. B. ,There is no B. because A was a really big thing that supports my idea.

      3. I think 2 elements would be cool also in the last book,”Champions Wrath” we learned of many characters with higher degrees which was interesting,I think if all the most powerful warlocks worked together they could,especially if the Monks of the North were to help and the seers.Also how can the seers answer any question what type of arcane is it?Is it some mix of alchemy and illusion or something like that

      4. And you have no idea if really, really, really ,really, really really, long ago there was a 9th element that was worse than Necromancy.,, Like Necrolighting or something.

    1. Intelligence has many facets, and they’re both very smart in their own ways. Bridget is emotionally more intelligent than Jengo, but perhaps his book smarts may outshine hers as the healing element is indeed three times more complex :)

    2. This is in regards to the discussion Marek/Nathan are having.I agree with marek in the Foard series they even said that ohm did’nt owe any lives to canterria but cantterian people owe the owmish some which shows that the owmish people are trust worthy

  5. I am confused on why Bridget and Leera were never tested to see where their moral compass points. I love the series and I just was curious

    1. I think just Augum choosing them as friends shows they have a good moral compass,unlike robin who had a really bad moral compasss.

  6. So here’s a funny story:

    In my homemade fantasy novel series, the characters use magic abilities by channeling different parts of a god’s power. (That’s the short explanation, anyway). All of the characters pick a certain trait of this god, and it manifests itself as certain elemental powers.

    Well, the main character of my book uses the power of Wrath, which corresponds to lightning. Not much of anything there, right? Just a protagonist who uses elemental lighting powers. But, in my fictional universe, this character receives the title of Champion, which is highly revered and a pretty big deal. In fact, a lot of the series’s message is focused around what it means to be a champion.

    So, naturally, I name my series the first thing that comes to mind: Champion’s Wrath.
    It checks all of the boxes: sounds cool, means something to the story, easy to remember…

    But then the REAL Champion’s Wrath comes out…
    Well, crud.

    So, I’m sorry Sever Bronny, but somewhere out in the world are two stories about a person with lightning powers called Champion’s Wrath.

    Hope you don’t mind,


    1. Wow that sounds like a cool story,in a book I’ve read the Kane’s by Rick riordan they let God’s into there body and they share each other’s powers but any way that’s sounds like a cool story!

  7. By far one of my 2 favorite series ever written. “Fury of the rising dragon” and “arinthian line” will always be a favorite read. To start the development of the world is so well done, the characters, the cities, and there is very very little errors. I also love that you gave a dark side to the fantastic trio making them seem less godlike. One thing that bugged me slightly is that Once the scions were destroyed Augum was unable to become keeper of the keys anymore. When he was able to become it again it was a little bit of a “all powerful” feel to it. But not giving him all the abilities balanced it a little bit. The series was amazing, favorite character is Jez. Can’t wait to see more adventures in this world. I also wonder what mrs stone was doing during all this, follow up story perhaps.

    A simple book enthusiast,


  8. Is it possibole yo do disarm just as some one finishes the first offensive so it flyes in to the sky.
    P.S. sorry i didnt see my first one so sorry if it is there

  9. is it possible to do disarm on someone as soon as they finish there first offensive so it just flyes in the sky?

    1. Mr.Bronny what I mean by a declaration is like the declaration of independence,I was curious if there are and set of rules that you must follow or some things that you can do,like freedom of speech and press,those sort of things.Maybe Atrius Arthainian made one as king or something like that.Also even though Augum’s title as prince was stripped away isn’t he a prince do to him being a decedent of Atrias Arthainian even though in the coming books he will probaly be a prince again ,but most likely for being a decedent of Atrius Arthainian.

      1. Sorry the last sentence was supposed to be he will probably be a prince again but not for being a decedent of Atrius Arthainian.

      2. Also if in Riven at the start of the book if the trio and mya had voted for the fake sydo to be the new one what would have happened to the real sydo?

      3. If all warlocks(not including any leyans)were to work together and attempt to create a scion would if work,if so would it take away all of there stripes or would they just have no arcane stamina.Also could the leyans create scions again if there is a need?

      4. That’s a lot of questions! Let’s see if i can tackle them all:

        There are documents like the Declaration of Independence, yes, and they’re kept in the royal archives.

        The prince title is a title granted by the crown, so it has to be officially declared. Royal lineage can get complicated over time though due to the splintering effect of branches of families and such.

        Regarding Sydo: the real Sydo would have been replaced by the illusory one until the trio and their friends realize they’d want the old Sydo back to give him a chance at life!

        If all warlocks banded together, they still would not be able to create a scion as the knowledge to create one rests in the Library of Ley. And yes, Leyans could theoretically create another scion, but making them requires great sacrifice, and the Leyans would not want to pay the price.

        Hope my answers helped! :)

      5. Mr.Bronny say overtime Mrs.Stone as a leyan were to build the bridge and share the knowledge would it be possible?

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