Advance Reader Team

[Side note: a lot of readers have been asking how they can help spread the word. By far the most effective thing a reader can do to help is post on social media with a photo/image of Arcane, along with an honest but casual explanation of why they loved it. This sort of engagement has been found to be an incredibly powerful tool readers can utilize to help their favorite authors.]



What’s an Advance Reader Team?

The Advance Reader Team is a select group of readers who have volunteered to read and review advance copies of my new releases. A few weeks before release day, publishers send Advance Review Copies (ARCs) to select readers in exchange for an honest review of the book on These reviews are critical in helping launch the book off the ground.

Upsides of joining the team?

You get a free electronic copy of each new book.
You get to read it before anyone else.
You help other readers get a clearer sense of the new book.
You make a difference in one author’s life.


Since advance reviews are critical to the success of a newly launched book, the book needs to be read before the day of the release, and the review must be ready to be posted on on release day.

How do I apply?

1. Honestly review any of the following on Amazon: ARCANE, RIVEN, VALOR, CLASH, LEGEND, and/or BURDEN’S EDGE. Bonus points if you also leave a review on Goodreads :)

2. Email me at inquiring if you can join my Advance Review Team. Please include a copy of your Amazon review (or simply include a link to it). This is to ensure that you have an Amazon account in good standing and are able to leave a review.

3. Join my newsletter as this is how you’ll know of upcoming releases and ARCs.

I can’t express my gratitude enough to those that apply. Thank you so much :)


27 thoughts on “Advance Reader Team

  1. I would like to be on your team. I first read Arcane through Amazon free. Was such enjoyment I purchased book 2 & 3. Valor is the only one I reviewed though. If you can believe it I am 68 year old retiree and love to read.

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    • Hello Don :)

      Thank you so much for taking the time to review. You wouldn’t be the only person in their 60’s on my team — I have a former retired Nasa engineer and a retired vet too :)

      I have been fortunate in that all kinds of people have enjoyed the series.

      Please email me at and I’ll add you to the team :)


  2. I have just finished Arcane first book. A wonderful read. Such believable characters and a great plot. I look forward to reading the next in the series.

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  3. Loved all five books! I just finished reading the series and I couldn’t put it down. I read all five books in a week and a half and I can say it was a great story and I’m hoping there is more to come!

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    • Thank you, Jacob, glad you enjoyed the series! And yes, there certainly will be more. I’m currently doing the prepwork for another trilogy involving the trio, which I’ll start writing within weeks.


  4. hi my name is Issac and I loved this series I could not put it down my mom had to pry it from my hands. Mr.Bronny I wait for the new one to come out ur an awesome author
    ahhhhh I cant wait

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  5. Please include me in your advanced reader team.I am your greatest fan. I read all of your books and I seriously liked them. I also wanted to ask if there will be another scion or a thing like that in the trilogy? Thank you.

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  6. Hello Mr. Bronny I have absolutely fallen In love with your Arinthian Line series. And I would like to be on your Advance Reader Team. P.S. I am a huge bookworm to the point where everyone including my teachers ask me for book recommendations and I have to say that I always say to read this series.

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  7. Hello mr.bronny we have spoke through facebook before and i read about the ART team on this site and I was wondering about how I should go about joining I’ve read all of the books and I would rate two of them 4/5 and the rest 5/5
    They are all very good books and would recommend them to everyone from begging readers to above anyway I hope you have more success in publishing your new books and hit top ten in most read books on amazon

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  8. Hi My Name Is Addison And I Have Read All Yoir Books And Your Books Are My Favoirite Books And I Would Really Like To Be On Your Advanced Reader Team

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  9. Hi mr.sever I first got “arcane” on my kindle when I searched for young adults books on the store ……..I found really interesting and I was so obsessed with the book I wouldn’t listen to what anybody said and they had to wake me up from reading ….. I completed the arinthian line series in three weeks since I had my exams ……I completed burden’s edge in a day , I even taken notes on your books like no. of least pages and highest no. of pages

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  10. I loved the first 5 books, Then the first in the new Trilogy. I only hope Anna Stone and the Scion are due to make a return to shake up his new enemies. Honestly, when he was whipped in front of his Grandmothers statue, I fully expected that Anna would make an appearance from Let, to once again outlaw whipping students. Im on Netgalley, GoodReads and Kindle Unlimited, I hope I can be considered for the advance reading! Im on edge waiting

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  11. These books are amazing if you can keep up what you are doing then you are an absolute legend. I just bought the book yesterday and I’m already finished because it was so good can’t wait for the next ones. Oh and also great plot twist with Brandon and Katrina Von Edgeworth

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  12. I loved the whole series, I read the whole series in about a month, and just finished Burdens Edge. I am waiting anxiously for the next book. I too am one of your older readers but can see where younger readers would enjoy them as well. I am trying to get my grandchildren into them. Keep them coming! If you still seek advanced release readers I would really love the honor.

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