I’ve noticed people wanting to start discussions on various topics related to The Arinthian Line, Fury of a Rising Dragon, etc in the comments section of the blog posts, which in turn get buried over time. So I thought I’d put this page up as a trial “discussion page” and see what happens. I’ll respond and moderate in between bouts of writing, but feel free to weigh in on anything and to anyone.

Let me kick things off by quoting a reader, who said, “What I find inspiring is that I think we can all find a little of ourselves in each of the characters.” So which of the characters do you relate to?

Some other things to consider: Which is your favorite scene? Who is your absolute favorite character or characters? Who is your favorite villain? What sort of scene would you like to see? What’s your favorite spell, and why?

Otherwise, have any questions, ideas, thoughts? Leave a comment below, and we’ll see how it goes!

March, 2019

17 thoughts on “Discussion

    • That seems to be the standout scene for a lot of people. It was one of my favorites to write (and hardest to get absolutely right!). I must have combed over it almost fifty times before I was totally satisfied with how it felt and read.

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  1. Jengo uses different elemental spells for healing. How would this effect the way he completes his training for being a Dragoon. What type of simuls would he be able to learn?

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    • It’s funny that you mention that because I went through quite a trial trying to figure the answer out a while back upon starting book 3. Needless to say, it took some time, but when it finally came to me, I was like, “Well, that’s obvious. Why didn’t you think of that before?”

      Jengo is going to have support simuls, almost like bless-style spells, that support the group as a whole. He therefore knows three simuls: Mirror of the Dragon (already revealed), Ally of the Dragon, and Stamina of the Dragon.

      The stamina simul is self-explanatory (it boosts arcane stamina for the group, allowing more spellcasting), and the Ally of the Dragon boosts something else, which I’ll leave the book to reveal (it’s also something rather obvious) :)

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  2. Arcane abilities in the elements are seen as a tool to be used as good or evil in the books up to this point with the exception that necromancy seems to be seen as more clear cut as evil. The fact that one of the dragons mentioned is listed as necromancy does that mean that you are exploring a positive aspect of the art of necromancy? Do you plan to introduce an arcanist that can wield the power of necromancy for good? How would that differ from the way those have used it for evil?

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    • That’s a great question. At this time, all the uses of necromancy are evil, but I could foresee it being used in a positive light in certain medical instances. And although I don’t have a plan to introduce a good guy necromancer, your question may change that in due time :)

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  3. Hiya!
    Just thought I should write something here because I am already reading Clash and I only started the series a week ago.
    Ok, maybe it’s the third time I am reading Clash but it’s the same.
    I just simply love your books even now that I am reading it for the third time it’s still amazing.
    I have a few favourite scenes like tha Battle at Hangman’s rock, the antioc library and everything about castle Arinthian.
    I wish you would write more about stuff like what the castle can or could do or what the other training sites are like in the library training ground (in Antioc).
    I love all the romanc between the characters I thinks it’s the perfect amount.

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  4. It’s still me just didn’t have enough space to finish :)
    I really want to see some fan arts about the books (I am terrible at drawing but really like to look at fan arts from books I read)

    Ps: I really hate you for killing Cai and Isaac they were my favourite characters besides the trio.
    Just kidding but really did you have to? :(
    Sorry for my english I am still only learning

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    • I think the fact that the trio already learned a 20th degree spell means they all are able to reach that level. The real question is will it ever be written that they reach that level officially. It is clear that with time and work that the trio have been shown to be able to cast any spell.

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      • Although it’s still a bit early in the process (have to finish Fury of a Rising Dragon, after all), my plan is to show the trio aging through time; their challenges, their hopes, their dreams. For example, the next series about them *may* showcase a marriage (or two?), a graduation, a tournament, and the running of a certain order. I think it’d be fun to see not only how people would treat them, but how they treat themselves. There will be no shortage of trials to come, especially from within (and not always the “kingdom-ending” type).

        I’m very excited.

        Oh, and I also want to write at least one book about Mrs. Stone’s youth and one about Jez’s tempestuous young adulthood. But I’m perfectly content allowing the trio to age and blossom and become the adults they and everyone want them to be (with some twists, of course).

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