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I’ve noticed people wanting to start discussions on various topics related to The Arinthian Line, Fury of a Rising Dragon, etc in the comments section of the blog posts, which in turn get buried over time. So I thought I’d put this page up as a trial “discussion page” and see what happens. I’ll respond and moderate in between bouts of writing, but feel free to weigh in on anything and to anyone.

Let me kick things off by quoting a reader, who said, “What I find inspiring is that I think we can all find a little of ourselves in each of the characters.”

All right, so which of the characters do you relate to, and why?

If that question doesn’t inspire you, perhaps one of these will:

What’s your favorite scene?

Who is your favorite villain?

What’s your favorite spell? Why?

Which light-hearted scene did you enjoy the most? Why?

Which scene was the most thrilling for you?

Otherwise, have any questions, ideas, thoughts? Leave a comment below, and we’ll see how it goes!

March, 2019

174 thoughts on “Discussion

  1. So I have read burdens edge, and I’m partway through Valor, hoping to find Clash and Legend on audio to finish that series. But my question is about Leera’s elemental spells, with her element being water, what does her first elemental spell do?…

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  2. Hey Sever, I’ve just finished reading Mercy’s Trial and now I just want one thing… to make a dungeons and dragons class based on it. The only problem is the complete spell list isn’t posted on the spells page. I was hoping you could sometime make a completed version so I could make an arcanist/arcaner class. Of course it’s no rush as I know you must be busy, thanks!

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    • Hiyas Justin! The spell list usually gets updated only after the spells themselves have been published in a book, and then only once the book has been out a while. Hang in there, keep fighting the good fight in DnD, and glad you’re enjoying my work :)


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