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I’ve noticed people wanting to start discussions on various topics related to The Arinthian Line, Fury of a Rising Dragon, etc in the comments section of the blog posts, which in turn get buried over time. So I thought I’d put this page up as a trial “discussion page” and see what happens. I’ll respond and moderate in between bouts of writing, but feel free to weigh in on anything and to anyone.

Let me kick things off by quoting a reader, who said, “What I find inspiring is that I think we can all find a little of ourselves in each of the characters.”

All right, so which of the characters do you relate to, and why?

If that question doesn’t inspire you, perhaps one of these will:

What’s your favorite scene?

Who is your favorite villain?

What’s your favorite spell? Why?

Which light-hearted scene did you enjoy the most? Why?

Which scene was the most thrilling for you?

Otherwise, have any questions, ideas, thoughts? Leave a comment below, and we’ll see how it goes!

March, 2019

425 thoughts on “Discussion

  1. Frankly as a gamer, I think that I would better love a Skyrim like game based off of the Arinthian (which I am sure I misspelled) series that is hundreds of years before the events of the books where you play as an up and coming Arcaner during wartime during the age of dragons.

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    • I think a large gaming studio could potentially handle the work, as long as they understand the scope of it (helps to be a fan obviously). In fact I suspect it’ll probably end up being turned into a game eventually by a well-connected reader (same with movies). But we’ll see. And you spelled it right! Arinthian!


    • One year is 360 days, 30 days per month, split into three tendays each / six quints (each quint is five days, mostly used in the academy). Standard 24-hour days, but use quarter of an hour increments. Heartbeats are used as seconds (minutes are not used, though I’ll probably implement something along that line eventually). There is a moon, but the world itself is not earth.


  2. I was just rereading AL and FOARD and was wondering if Augums lightning is all black or just his armor, shield and his elementus, also are his ring regular lightning or black lightning and is it just random to have regular lightning or black lightning?

    By far my favorite series so keep up all the amazing work.

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    • His rings are normal lightning, as is most everything else he uses in his element, with the exception of objects that need a crust/that are hard, such as his shield and elemental armor. At that point the lightning turns blackish, hardening ice-like. For the book covers though the artist used regular lightning as black lightning just look like dirty ice.

      Hope that clears things up, and I’m glad you’re enjoying my work. Did you have any favorite scenes? Any favorite characters?


  3. My friend and I were hanging out at the pool and spent OVER AN HOUR discussing how we would like to see an Arinthian Line video game that follows the original series and maybe a sequel that follows the FoARD series. We envisioned it being an open-world adventure, and once you completed the main campaign, you could explore more and get all the way up to the 20th Degree, and maybe even Mastery.

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    • I was thinking that it would be cool for the game to be an original story taking place at the height of the Arcaner’s power and influence during some war or another hundreds of years before the books. The player character being a new recruit who is placed at the center of events by circumstance and ends up climbing up the ladder and whatnot to the rank of Dragon.

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      • I’d probably be up for whatever the game designers had in mind. After all, I wouldn’t be the one putting in the work. I believe in letting artists express themselves. That said, I wouldn’t sell the rights to a video game unless it’s to a studio that could handle the scope of the project.


      • I really hope you do the same if you ever make a movie of the books. Too many amazing books have had their legacies tarnished by absolutely terrible movies. *COUGH COUGH* Percy Jackson *COUGH*

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  4. With the 9th degree frenzy and srink hopefully bieng introduced to solia again through the trio does that mean we will see more of the separate kingdoms and maybe more about there arcane schools ? Bc we know quit a bit about Cantera and there arcane school but the rest we really only know through foreign exchange. And second hand stories

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  5. Hey Sever! Love all of the series and am very happy that book 4 of FoaRD is coming along nicely :) A few things I would like to know about is both Ms. Stone’s earlier life, just in general more about the Unnameable pantheon and the history of Ley and how it was founded (since I’m sure the two are related, at least in my head), more about arcanery and other spells of higher degrees/things that come with mastery and also maybe more about the the fall of the Arcaners. A couple questions- 1. Does Hell exist/where do witches come from? | 2. Will the various dedication levels of Augum, Bridget, and Leera to the Academy work impact their likelihood of acheiving mastery eventually? Also, I think I identify most with Bridget because we’re both nerds but we love goofing around once in a while. I also love her story and hope she gets more credit for her hard work. I absolutely love the series- keeps me captivated all the time. Can’t wait for book 4!!!!!

    P.S. Sorry for all the questions, I’m a curious nerd :P

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    • Mrs. Stone’s history is reserved for an entire series, so I hope you’ll forgive me for not commenting on that at this time. But the pantheon of the Unnameables is eons old, far, far older than Mrs. Stone, who aged out of Sithesia at around 101 years of age (or so). But the Unnameables go back thousands of years (perhaps longer!).

      1. Yes, “Hell” exists much like Ley, and is a place that likely will only come into play via other necromancers.

      2. Hard to say, so I’ll just answer with I don’t know =P

      No trouble at all, I’m only sorry I wasn’t able to answer them all!


  6. Hi Sever,

    Absolutely love the world you’ve built and the young, brave souls you have introduced all of us to. The best visual moment for me was Augum using his training cube as a weapon and the Archons being mystified about the destructive result. Augum’s “in battle” ability to strategize is masterful. I am curious about one other thing. Augum specifically asked if necromancy was part of the original elements as defined in The Founding. We have also now witnessed an Archon that turned away from his code to help the trio. Previously all warlocks the trio encountered with black rings were only necromancers and sworn to the Lord of the Legion. Is it possible that someone that has black rings and is a necro-element user can be “good” or benevolent? I’d love to see a necromancer be part of the Arcaner order. It would be strange. I imagine that person would face huge adversity, but wow would it make for an interesting read.

    Also, what would the Elemental “offensive” spells look like for a healer? What would the effect look like, and what would the spell do? What does Jengo’s shield look like? What about his summon weapon? (If he has one).

    Thank You,

    James C.

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    • Hiyas James!

      Thank you for such a lovely letter. Interestingly, I get a lot of requests for a necromancer character, and it is indeed something that I think would be wicked fun to play around with — that is, having a good necromancer character, or even necromancy being allowed as a “legal again” element. But then of course seeing it all turn sour would be fun too.

      The idea is filed in a very large folder of possibilities, so we’ll see. As you can tell, I’ve crafted the world to be voluminous and flexible so that I can go in any direction I want.

      A healer’s First Offensive (and shield) is yet to be revealed in the world, so I don’t want to spoil it here, but I can say it would likely be underpowered as healers are expected to stay focused on healing (non offensive) spells. In fact healers as a whole look down on standard spellcraft and consider it a bit of a waste of time. This is a secret point of honor among them, a bit of a culture thing within the paradigm of the healing element (I could write a whole book from a healer’s perspective one day).

      Hope that helps clear things up a bit, James, and thanks for reading my work :)


  7. I feel that there is something Sever Bronny doesn’t get enough credit for: writing female characters, most notably Bridget and Leera.

    In fiction, I feel that too many writers will put their female characters up on a pedestal, declare them flawless, for fear of being labeled misogynistic. Those characters are one-dimensional and boring, and make for extremely underwhelming stories. *COUGH* Looking at you, Rey Skywalker. *COUGH*

    Of course, some other authors do the opposite. They only use female characters for the “Damsel in Distress” trope, and it definitely gets old after a while.

    You, Sever Bronny, have not made those mistakes. Instead, we have two incredible female characters. They are incredible fighters, but they also appreciate some of the finer things in life. They are flawed in some ways, which endears them to us and creates multi-faceted and dynamic relationships that help drive the story forward.

    Anyway, to recap, Sever Bronny has done an incredible job with his female characters, specifically Bridget and Leera, and I don’t think he gets enough credit for it.

    Sincerely, Ben

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      • Like Haylee..cough…cough. But really I want to see Haylee do something. I was really. reaaaaaly disappointed she didn’t get to do the thing on that place because she is always the one getting hurt sick or what have you. Even when Bridget was the one to always get sick, stabbed, cursed multiple times, slashed at, or overdrawn, she used to do something important, but Haylee is just “The Sick Girl” now and her most noteworthy accomplishment is just her passing the two things which are still HUGE and not just anyone can do it in that world but just saying(trying not to do spoilers). She’s probably my best female character. She has so much potential for change and to become an MC, but I guess it didn’t really work out. And she is probably the one character who grew as a person the most gong from condescending snotty rich girl to what you have now. But yes keep up the good work, and I hope I can read about Augum beating that evil airhead on that flying metal chicken soon.

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      • That’s a sentiment I share with you, Angel. Alas, sometimes there just isn’t the room to squeeze more characters into the story. But in general I do agree that I would love to involve Haylee more. She has gone through a lot, changed a lot, has her quirks and flaws (oh boy does she like pretty rich thing!), and indeed has loads of potential. I’d love to write her in a school setting a bit more too, but not sure if there’s time (each book takes a year of my life, so I have to be very choosey).

        And thanks for not putting in spoilers for readers who haven’t gotten as far as you :)


  8. Hi,
    I was wondering if you were thinking of publishing your books with a main brand publisher instead of through Amazon.


  9. Hello! Im wondering if you could explain more about the dome around the school at the end of Honors Price. Some questions I have are how big is the dome? Does it only go around the school? Are they trapped in it? Is the heart of the colossus dragon in it? I reread a few parts but was still a little unsure. Thanks!

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    • Hiyas Eli!

      Sure, no problem. The dome covers the entire academy and the grounds, including underground (it’s actually a giant sphere that penetrates the ground). yes, they are trapped in it. I’ll refrain from answering the Heart of the Colossus portion so as not to spoil it for others (hint: the Heart of the Colossus is needed to run the siege engine as its literal heart).

      Hope that helped!


  10. SPOILERS AHEAD SPOILERS AHEAD………………But if I think im correct, then the dome closed around the school and part of the area around it, and the siege-engine dragon is trapped outside it, and Augum threatened Darby if Katrina causes havoc.

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  11. I’ve been wondering for a while, did the Arcaners have any enchantments or anything specific to them?

    I’ve always loved and been fascinated with the idea of enchantments in fantasy. With the Arcaners having spell specific to them it makes me wonder if they had any enchantments or crafting methods that were specific to them too.

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    • I’m going to explore more of the Arcaner pathos in future books, and some of that of course will deal with arcanery specific only to them. I’ve purposely left their future arcanery unfinished (not much is filled in yet) because I want to explore that along with the trio when I’m writing those books. I’ve made a note for my future files asking what an Arcaner-specific enchantment would look like.

      Great question, Corvus!


      • I was wondering if you were planning on making a spell book or something similar? I believe the Harry Potter series had a similar thing but dedicated to Quidditch.

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      • I think that’s a really lovely idea, Will. Perhaps an almanac with the spells, effects, maps, etc? Though not sure when I’ll have the time, I’ll make a note of it and see what I can do :)


  12. Hello Sever. I really love your books and I have read all of them at least 3 times! But, after re-reading them, I have a few questions.
    1. Can you put the names of all the neat extensions and otb spells that augum learned?
    2. After finishing FOARD #4, what will you write about? I would like to see what happened in the future like when they hit their ceiling etc.

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      • Also, can you make a sene where a healer has to use his/her armor,first offensive ,shield,and weapon. Because I would like to see that.

        Sorry for all the questions, I just really like the series

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      • No trouble at all. Yes that is the longterm plan for the website, to have an entire list of spells, including the extensions and off-the-book spells. I’ll be bringing somebody on to help me with this task as my time and energy is mostly on the writing and editing. But yeah, there’s an appetite for it I wish to satiate. As to the healer scene, I’ll see what I can do, but you’ll have to wait a while ;)

        Glad you’re enjoying my work :)


    • Oh and as to your second question: At this point I have two options before me that interest me: writing the trio when they’re older; and writing about Mrs. Stone’s tempestuous youth, and her journey in becoming “The Arcane Artist.”


  13. in response to your question on Mr. Bronny’s latest post, I think that Mr. Bronny should make another series on the trio. I came to this decision because most writers I have seen eventually change their main characters or just stop publishing, and it really would be refreshing to not have both of those happen. I have read both the arinthian line and fury of a rising dragon series at least twice and am a very avid reader, and I must say that frankly I have never and probably will never find another author like Mr. Bronny. Remember this is just a suggestion and I hope he sees it.

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  14. • I was also thinking, Augum becoming the king of Solia would actually harm Solia and the Arcaners.
    ○ With the Arcaners it would paint them as a Solian order of knights rather than a neutral organization of knights.
    ○ As for Solia, Augum is way too powerful and too revered as a hero to be king without either accidentally abusing his power without even realizing it, other working on his behalf abusing his power, or people simply letting him get away with things that he would rather they not let him.
    § As well, his level of power would probably cause some very serious political issues with the other kingdoms and place Solia in danger after what could be called the honeymoon period of saving all of the kingdoms.
    • Frankly, I think that it would be more interesting, and make more sense after everything that Solia has been through with either psychotic kings and weak ones that sell them out, if Solia tried to set up some sort of parliament in place of a king.
    ○ So far, pretty much every corrupt politician that the trio have encountered has been someone born into entitlement or someone working for someone corrupt and entitled.
    § So, it would be interesting for them to encounter and deal with someone who rose to power from nothing and is using their political power to forward some personal agenda or simply to profit themselves.
    § It would also be interesting to see in this new government how Arcaners will be included and how involved they would be allowed to be.

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      • I wasn’t thinking of this as a corruption proof government or anything like that. I was thinking of this as something new that the trio have never dealt with. They would still be dealing with corruption, but it will be in a different format than what they normally used to and come out them in different ways than what they have dealt with before.


  15. FYI, I’m all in favor of following the trio in upcoming series. You could add some AAS flashback in the same storyline…. I think that organically putting the flashbacks into the same story will keep familiarity but also introduce her youth.

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