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I’ve noticed people wanting to start discussions on various topics related to The Arinthian Line, Fury of a Rising Dragon, etc in the comments section of the blog posts, which in turn get buried over time. This discussion page should help (scroll to the very bottom to post your own thought/question, or reply to someone else along the way). I’ll weigh in//respond in between bouts of writing/editing when I can.

Let me kick things off by quoting a reader, who said, “What I find inspiring is that I think we can all find a little of ourselves in each of the characters.”

All right, so which of the characters do you relate to, and why?

If that question doesn’t inspire you, perhaps one of these will:

What’s your favorite scene?

Who is your favorite villain?

What’s your favorite spell? Why?

Which light-hearted scene did you enjoy the most? Why?

Which scene was the most thrilling for you?

Otherwise, have any questions, ideas, thoughts? Leave a comment below, and we’ll see how it goes!

December, 2020

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    P.S. This is for sever,though i guess you can answer too:)

    1. My cats name is Tobi Wan Kenobi. He is a dog though. He acts like a cat. He bites his nails and has a back hunch. he also sits by the window on our couch.

      1. what about skibbles leera’s kitten that was killed when Sparrow’s perch was well. you know what happend.

  2. Wait can I invite you don’t you have parental settings so I can’t friend you or something

      1. Maybe we can see eachother then.We wont have to worry about time differinces then!:)

      1. Here’s a random quote I just like by Albert Einstein: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”

        – Albert Einstein

    1. If anyone wants to play Minecraft tonight please tell me because I’m going to be playing tonight

      1. definatly!:) if you can see when i am on just check and im=nvite me.

      2. when do you think I forgot your time zone mines pdt

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