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I’ve noticed people wanting to start discussions on various topics related to The Arinthian Line, Fury of a Rising Dragon, etc in the comments section of the blog posts, which in turn get buried over time. This discussion page should help (scroll to the very bottom to post your own thought/question, or reply to someone else along the way). I’ll weigh in//respond in between bouts of writing/editing when I can.

Let me kick things off by quoting a reader, who said, “What I find inspiring is that I think we can all find a little of ourselves in each of the characters.”

All right, so which of the characters do you relate to, and why?

If that question doesn’t inspire you, perhaps one of these will:

What’s your favorite scene?

Who is your favorite villain?

What’s your favorite spell? Why?

Which light-hearted scene did you enjoy the most? Why?

Which scene was the most thrilling for you?

Otherwise, have any questions, ideas, thoughts? Leave a comment below, and we’ll see how it goes!

June, 2021

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  1. Short Quiz: 1.What Degree was the Trio when they defeated the SparkStone? 2.What Degree was Harvus? 3.The Servant The Harouns hired(the Son,I forgot his name) what was his element?

    1. Okay, lemme take a go at this. I have not read the books in a little bit, If I get two of them wrong or more I will go to the books and reread them.
      1). fifth?
      2). No idea.
      3). Healing?

  2. Short update for everyone:

    I’m working through a TTS edit (Text-to-speech) of the book about Anna. That means a bot reads aloud the text to me, and I make any final changes. It’s a critical part of the process that demands maximum focus. Takes about two weeks. Then comes the proofread and formatting. Coming up on the docket, in no particular order:

    – An announcement regarding a new contract signing with a major audiobook publisher
    – A title reveal of the new book
    – A cover reveal of the new book
    – A blurb reveal of the new book
    – A test Discord server to see if people like it better than commenting on this site

    Still on schedule for an early December launch :)

  3. I have been gone from the website for like a month. This has nothing to do with the website, however, I thought it was funny. So in English class, we have these bookmark thingies so that the teacher can track our reading. Mine is a mess. I have read twenty two books, and my teacher asked me why it looked a mess. I said ‘I read to many books.’ she said ‘I see.’ Overall, I think it was funny. you might not. I just wanted to share it. Hows school going for y’all?

    1. That seems funny,Schools doing ok for me.Due to Covid Im doing Homeschool, schools kinda boring for me at the moment though. (:

  4. Questions:

    1:How did harvest group teleport? He is 9th degree.

    2:Why is senior arcaneoligist ning not senior arcaneoligist herzog if they are married?

    3:In the heart farm(a.k.a.) August child hood who was holding the door shut?

    1. 1. I think he had a group teleport srcoll 2.I doubt ranks transfer through marriage like Arcaners it would make sense for Dragoon x to marry non arcane y and then arcaner y become a Dragoon.3.I think thats’ a mystery also I think it may have been the mother but I don’t know.Also do you want to still duel second degree?

    2. I get all of those exept the first. The scrolls are like 50 words. He said like 7. And sure I would love to. I just don’t have much time.

      1. I can do it any time(you can start).Also I just thought of this but I bet there’s a spell shortener or something you can do.

    3. Correct on the third, Atticus. However, Harvus does not use a scroll, it seems to be a OTB Teleport along the lines of Dual Teleport (Harvus say Impetus Peragro BATO, as in second from Second Offensive). On the second, Ning is SA Ning instead of SA Herzog because Ning refuses the Herzog name. I don’t know where it is, but its when Augum, or the trio, or the party in FoaRD, is talking to Herzog and he calls Ning an old coot, etc.

    1. Hmm,I think that sounds good.If you were to add some custom bots (That could add even more interactiveness if your able to get one of course)You could make one that’s fentwick-esqe.That seems like a great Idea

    1. To the inhabitants of the continent of Sithesia, with its seven mighty kingdoms, Sithesia *is* their world. They have no concept of anything beyond, and only theorize on the shape of their world. It’s very much a medieval mindset. That said, certain warlocks know what lies beyond Sithesia, but keep those secrets to themselves lest they are denounced as heretics and hunted, even by their own kind . . .

      1. Yes they briefly mentioned in FoaRD of what people thought or the world,as well as The outer lands.Which Mrs.Stone said she visited in the Arinthian Line.Though,what is the shape of the world?

  5. HEAR THEE! HEAR THEE! I have returned after 2 months of quarintine! I shall not use the forum because I can’t access it. Also sorry about the duel Atticus.

    1. Welcome back! Curious: why can’t you access the forum? Is it an impediment I can solve from my end?

      P.S. I sent you an email regarding kits some of the others got. Email me when you get a chance.

      1. Well, that was quick, someone mentioned it like… two days ago? Looking forward to using it, but I too cannot access it :(

  6. Hi, long-time (repeated) reader, love the series. I pop onto this site once in awhile to see if there is any news, but was wondering if there were any plans to implement an actual forum, vs this extremely long page w/ all posts. It can be tedious to search for certain information, and can’t help but think a forum and some pinned posts would make things easier. Thanks for all the hours of enjoyment, if nothing else!

    1. I agree ,there is a reddit forum but it does not contain all the information that is in the discussion page our even the fan mail, both of which have tons of information.Though the reddit page is not as active.Though I guess as a project I could start sorting through information, which I’ll probably start doing. (:

  7. Here is a fun question:
    If you could be any villain from both series, which one would you be any why?
    I would be Katrina. (Is she really classified under, the category of villain.) Because… I feel like she is the only girl villain, and because who wouldn’t want to pilot the dragon thingy. (I totally forgot what the dragon was called.)

    1. Ok my answer is…… Bowlander.Im just joking I could Never be him.Really though I would choose Magua,for a couoke of reasons.
      1.She was a leyan
      2.A god(they said she was the god of trickery i’m pretty sure)
      3.She was a witch
      4.Also we don’t know here backstory at ALL,I hear a ton of people saying they want to hear about atrius and jez and Mrs.Stone which I agree on.But if she had a story rthat would be awesome.

      My second chose (maybe my first even)Is Occulus or the main occi. They would be super cool to hear and learn about.

    2. Moira, don’t forget Erica. Countess Von Edgeworth was a villain too, but more politically-evil.
      Magua was the Godess of Deciet.

      Bruh, it’s gotta be Occulus. A master (I’m pretty sure) necromancer with a humongous army of undead, and defeater of six scion-wielders… awesome, and I loved his backstory.

  8. Okay, so I know that I said that I was going to shun myself, because I missed my duel, but I just wanted to say this: Mr. Bronny, Marek and I got your package yesterday, and I wanted to say thank you for sending it! I really love the map and the book mark! And this morning, I tried to do the meditation. The letter was really cool too! Again, thank you so very much!

    1. Very much agreeance here that that package was awesome! Loved everything in it, and the meditation sheet is proving useful already! Aaand I have a new favorite bookmark!

      Yeah, don’t shun yourself Moira, I agree with Attendant Atticus

    1. The book was called “The Orwellian Night” which I later turned into a full-length music album. One of these days I will make all that music available to the public again.

      1. Aw, yeah! So cool! Wait, so if he said that a year ago, does that mean he still plans on doing so? Maybe once he’s done with Anna Atticus Stone’s Book . . .

  9. Could you update the lore page Mr.Sever Bronny

    by adding when people have died like terra titan or the grizzly,adding people’s birthdays like olaf,jengo,haylee,ect


  10. Hey everyone!! Sorry it’s been so long. My school year started and it’s just been very busy. But anyway, I’ve finished Bridget’s theme (finally). This one was definitely the hardest. In fact, This is the complete second rewrite of her theme. So yeah, it’s been rough. Anyways, here’s Bridget’s birthday, I hope you enjoy!!

    As always, I’m open to any constructive criticism and advise :)

  11. Here’s a question

    How do you think you can change your stripes to go to the other arm,We know that A lady from the Leyan library was able to (Sorry I forgot her name).So how do you do it?

    Also is it possible to have you stripes go on different arm like say your an 18th degree could you split them up and do 9 on you main hand and 9 and your left?

    Sorry if it’s acting weird I just changed my profile picture

    1. About splitting your stripes, Mr. Bronny would have to answer that one.
      As for the first question, stripes appear on the dominant arm, so most often the right. The Leyan, Akeya I believe, switched them, but she had lost her right arm so I think her left became dominant then so they switched to there.

    2. hey i don’t think you can divide your rings to make them fit them on both hands. BUT there must be a Leyan spell to help transfer the rings to the other hand

  12. Would you want to join a new guild,titled Arcane Archivists of Solia,or A.A.S* for short.
    If you can check three or more of these questions below then you will be PERFECT for this guild.

    1. Are you interested in the lore of Solia and the surrounding areas?🔲

    2. Are you fond of tales of Solian Adventurers such as Augum Arinthian Stone,Leera Matilda Jones,Bridget Burns*?🔲

    3. Have you spent countless hours looking into the lore of Solia and the surrounding Areas?🔲

    4. Do you enjoy doing discussions of such tales(Cite Question 2)?🔲

    The next two questions are just out of curiosity

    5. Who created the Antioc Library in BlackHaven?🔲

    6. How did BlackHaven get it’s name?🔲

    Ask for more info by Contacting Attendant Atticus Monroe

    *It may or may not be a coincidence that the acronym of this guild is the same initials as The fabled Anna Atticus Stone as well as Dragon Augum Arinthian Stone

    1. Yes to all of these questions and the person who created the antioc library was theadores winkfield (did I spell that right?) And blackhaven got its name because Haven was heavily burned by dragons so they renamed the city Blackhaven.

      1. Correct and Correct again,I’m making the lore to this group soon which I’ll will post I’ll try my best to make it not affect the Main story lines

    2. I suppose that it is a yes to everything. However, for Question number three, I do not spend countless hours looking into the lore, but I do like to look into the lore from time to time.

    3. HI I’M BACK Y’ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Alright, sounds cool, check check checkedy check. The Antioc Library was founded by Theodorus Winkfield, a Dragoon as well if I’m not mistaken, after purchasing the castle for a mere chest of gold.
      Blackhaven earned it’s name due to the original city, Haven, being burnt by rouge Arcaner Dragons, who later founded the Whisper Blades, simultaneously ending the Second Great Peace (Second I think)

  13. Mr. Bronny, I was wondering, Marek said that he might be getting a rank soon. Is there any conformation on what the rank is yet? Merci! Also, Marek and I have showed our elder brother Max the series, I believe he is on Valor. And if I am being completely honest, he is becoming a hardcore fan. He already has declared himself a twentieth degree master air warlock. Or in his words, “I have become an air warlock. That lives on an floating island in the Solian Sea. Whose favorite dueling spell is using Arcane drain on his opponents to drain the air from their lungs.” In my words, “Lovely.”

    1. Yes, I’m currently thinking about what to title the next set of ranks. A few of you qualify for ranks, and Atticus, who already has one, has long qualified for a rpomotion. I just have to settle on the names of the ranks, as I want to make sure they fit the context of the website and my world.

  14. Has any one read the I am four book,if not I would recommend it it’s about a GOOD alien race who had to retreat to earth as there home planet had been destroyed by a BAD alien race who seeks to conquer part of the universe,it’s called the Lorien legacies series and the good aliens have legacies which are powers basically they gain over time,great series 7 books in it

    1. Great series! Read all of them and tried to read the new books thats a spinoff series Pittacus came out with but they don’t have the same feel but yeah the first series is amazing. One of the first books I started reading in middle school

  15. Sorry I’m just SUPER curious,when will your next event be or a giveaway like the custom maps you gave away to a few of the fans?Ive been a big fan for a long time and have read and reread all of your books 7 times and 4 for champions wrath.Thank you for entertaining me for so long!

    1. Good question. I’ve been maintaining a low profile so that I can get stuff done, but I’ve also been meaning to do another round of sendouts for the hardcore fans. No promises yet, but it’s something that has indeed been on my mind. Especially for the people participating here and in the arena.

  16. So,I’ve recently moved and when I was moving I noticed something on my wall I haven’t before (My entire room walls and ceiling are covered in maps).I noticed in Tasmania,Australia that there’s this mountain called…Mount Barrow.No kidding check it out your self

    But Sever bronny did you know about this?

  17. Favorite villain would be Lividius Stone. My favorite scene is when Orion first became activated ( it was cool that Orion was a dragon not some powerful weapon on wheels) favorite spell? Good question. I have to say Mirrior Of The Dragon. Also what happened to Bolander when he escaped? All we know is that he ran away to warn the Legion.

    1. Okay, to answer the question about Bolander: I am 99.9% sure that at the end of Champion’s Wrath, (In the epilogue that is.) that it is mentioned Bolander was to go on trial. Also just wanted to say: Marek and I have gotten our elder brother, Max, to read the AL series. He has declared himself a twentieth degree master air warlock. Or in his words: “A fart warlock.” Real Mature, Max.

      1. Wait, I had no idea if you read all of the books yet! So sorry if you hadn’t and that was a spoiler! I am a terrible person!

      2. It’s fine that you spoiled 1% of the book. I’m on Honors Price and I’m like half way though it ( I have the audio book version of the AL and fury of a rising dragon) again thank you for answering my question… (MajoraTheNecromancer youth herald.)

  18. I’m so patiently waiting for the next book, as everyone else. I really can’t wait to start reading it.

    1. Yeah, can’t wait for it. Also, you’re right Majora. Thought so when Ning gave a brief summary of Arinthian in Champion’s Wrath, sounded amazing.

    2. I’ve applied everything I learned from writing Bridget and Leera. You guys are going to love Anna’s story, and I suspect will have a blast comparing how she was raised and how she approached problems relative to Augum ;)

      1. Hmm,I know that her sister died in the duel for the scion but I wonder if her sister mistreated her like dap and his foster family did or if her mother was cruel to her.

  19. This has nothing to do with the Sever Bronny books and the lore, but I wanted to say this: Work has begun in changing some characters names in my book. Especially the character Moira. So, if you have the google doc, I wanted to ask you to go on the google doc and help me change the names. Moira’s new name is Morgan. You don’t have to, but it would be a big help! If you do, press CRTL F, then type in Moira. If you have any ideas on a new name for some characters, let me know!

      1. No problamo, I just used the find and replace thing to do it instantly, super easy.
        Also, Yargen?

      2. I am reading this new book series. Yargen is the Mother Goddess in them. She is supposed to bring good luck. And if any of you were wondering, no the books are not as good as the AL and FoaRD series. The story is good, but the characters are so hard to understand. One moment the people hate each other then the next moment they are best friends. Cough- Eira and Cullen -Cough.

      3. Oh, ok, cause I looked it up and it was only more confusing.
        And of course, no books will ever be better than AL or FoaRD.

  20. Hey everyone!!
    I’ve finally got Leera’s Theme done. Sorry it took so long, the first email I sent Mr. Bronny I messed up and then he “got jammed up with mail, running the career (loads on my plate right now, including a very special surprise for all of you).”

    His exact words ;)

    He also reviewed my piece with words such as “touching, kind, tender, and light” as well as “your best work thus far!” (needless to say that made me feel good :))

    welp, enough rambling. here is Leera’s Theme

    1. DUDE THAT IS AWESOME! That’s like really skilled work right there man. It’s just got a beautiful air of… serenity (serenity is a word, right?). Makes me feel nice and calm, real peaceful and down-to-earth and relaxed too. Can’t help when I listen but to see a snowy forest for some reason, with the occasional rabbit darting across a path or a bird calling. But yeah, that’s some real good stuff there, keep up the good work!
      PS: Are you planning on making Bridget’s theme?

      1. Thank you for your kind words :) the thing I did different with her theme was that I actually developed it in the piano. However, with Bridget’s theme I wasnt able to because of her complex time signature.

        I’m on page 4 of Bridget’s theme with the end bar more or less set in place. I’ve just gotta fill out some harmonies and change a few things and then finally add some dynamics. Hers has been the most difficult and complex because of Bridget’s character. I think her theme is sounding good, but I hate the sound in the website😂 it’s terrible for many reasons.

        Anyways, thanks again!!

    2. On a scale of one to 10 i rate a 1…………..11111111111! Amazing!I don’t no wish is better Aug or Lee’s…hmm

    3. When do you guys think I’ll get my rank; When Mr. Bronny finishes up with Mrs. Stone? Hopefully soon, I’m getting kinda impatient. . . But I’m sure he’s really busy.

  21. 2 things

    1:Look clostly well not really close but still. Anna ATTICUS stone: Attendant ATTICUS monroe.

    2:Question for atticus.Is that coincidental or purposful???

    3.MWAHAHAHA I TRICKED YOU! I AM DIABOLICAL! How do you guys like the book so far?

    4.I AM EVILLLL!. 3 was the last thing. i just like being evil. MWuhuhuhuhuuuu

    1. I have no idea how to respond to any of these, except 3. Your book seems to be coming along quite nicely, and I think you’ve done well portraying Einar.

    1. Just below the Share button will be another button saying Editing. Click on it and change it to suggesting.

    1. Okay, open the Docs page, go to the top right corner. There’ll be a blue button saying Share. Click that. Whatever pops up, click where it says Restricted and change to Anyone with the Link, that’ll let us (but also everyone) see it. Alternatively, if you don’t feel like letting everyone in that clicks the link, we can give you our gmails and you can share it with us that way.

      1. Seems good and promising man! Over ruling the king… foreboding, foreshadowing, foresomething, can’t wait to figure out what that means.

        Also, I wonder where you came up with such great and amazing descriptions of Einar and Charlotte. It’s almost like Moira and I described them ourselves…

  22. Backstory on Einar “Stormblade” Jenson

    Einar is basically gonna be me but older. He is tall with lightly olive skin and a long tangle of dark brown hair half down his back (don’t worry, my long hair’s gone :( ). His eyes are chocolate on the verge of black. His pure skin and strong features are enough to make girls swoon. He has several piercings across his ears and face (I only have one earring, bit different here). He has broad shoulders, and under his robe he has thick and toned muscles.

    Einar is a nineteen-year-old 9th degree lightning warlock.

    Einar was born into the Jadefire clan of Nodia. His large noble family was quite well known for going insane as lightning infused them, but they never died to the element. The warlocks and rare Ordinaries all are scholarly no matter what they are like. He had several brothers and sisters, 11 brothers and 9 sisters. all lightning warlocks. Einar was one of the many lightning warlocks, but set himself apart by casting his first spell (Shine) at the age of 10, but that is a secret his family kept until he was 14 for the Heartfire Academy (right name?). Before he could attend, he was trained so much that he could cast all of the first three degrees and half of the 4th. The Arcanists at the Academy were perplexed by such rapid advancement, which resulted in Einar quickly being transferred to the Solian Academy. He was 6th degree when the Legion arose and quickly returned home under his father’s command, only to find that his father had assembled every family warlock (most were high in degree) and led them like a small army against the Legion to defend Tibbera independently. After the war, Einar knew brief peace. He had reached the 9th degree under his family’s tutorage during the war. He took time off of the Academy for independent studies, as well as travel. Einar became quite a renowned travelling dueler, but he returned to the Academy just a week before the dome appeared. After barely surviving that ordeal, Einar went to become a field warlock in the Canterran war as a Lieutenant. In the final battle, he fought with such intensity that many thought he was under Frenzy, even though he had not been selected to do so, but such skill promoted him to Captain. Now, Einar is finishing his 10th year at the Academy, whilst helping with Solian military defense. The Heroic Trio, however, has made Einar decide to be one of the first to become a Squire once they start accepting applicants.

    Einar enjoys to study wherever he can and nap wherever he can. He is very funny, at least to those he feels comfortable talking to, and demonstrates exceptional smarts. Nothing is better to him than a good book. But, despite his “tough guy” visage, Einar is quite a softy, who is quite sentimental and in tune with his emotions, even writing poems occasionally.

    PS: The description of Einar’s looks and his personality are both exactly mine, unless specified.

    PPS: Sorry if this is tooooooooo long, I like writing Einar’s story.

    I I

      1. Thanks. Forgot to mention it, but I really liked yours too! That’s why I decided to make Einar look basically like me

  23. NEWS!
    1:Everyone knows this is fan fiction and wont be published.
    2. Your in the book now Marek! You will just get added in a bit as frieands with 1 of us. Not saying who. Hope you enjoy!

  24. New Charlotte backstory:
    Looks like: I’m just going to make her look like me. Blonde hair, Blue, eyes, tall, wears glasses. Skinny. She has two ear piercings. White skin. Freckles down her nose and half of her cheek. And a red dyed strip down her hair.
    Age: 17
    Warlock element and degree: Fire warlock, 9th degree.
    Charlotte lives in Blackhaven with her brother and sister. Her mother and father died in the legion war when all three of them were fourteen. Charlotte is the eldest triplet. Then Charity, and then Emil. She and her siblings are all 9th degree fire warlocks. Except for her brother. He is a healer. Charlotte lost her siblings in the Canterran war (not dead lost, physically lost them while she was fighting people.) she then found them all when looking for dead body’s on the battlefield. Her sister lost her left arm and her brother was unscathed. Charlotte is a semi popular girl who is seventeen. She is a very good warlock and can do many extension spells. Charlotte’s best friend who she has been friends with ever since she was little, is a 9th degree water warlock named North Jackson. Charlotte comes from a noble family, and old money. Charlotte is a very nice person, and is kind to all. If you make her mad, you will be sore for weeks from the beating she will give you, (dueling of course). She likes to eat chips and bread, and cake, and basically all carbs in general. She also likes to wear black underneath her robe. And when not in the academy learning, she is at her house either studying or trying to read a new book, or trying to break up a fight between her siblings.
    Well, I hope that you liked the new backstory. I might add more stuff along the way. Sorry it is so long.

    1. Now, I know that Leo Arthur won’t be included in Kaden’s book, but it’s just fun to make up backstory’s. Here’s mine (REVISED)

      Name: Leo Arthur

      Birthplace: Crimson Tooth

      Age: 16

      Looks: Bit rounded, reddish-orange hair, and many freckles

      Biography: Get ready, it’s sad, and long so buckle in. . . Leo was only 10 when The Legion War started and ravaged Solia, and got dangerously close to Canterra’s borders. However, he was lucky, Crimson Tooth untouched, he, himself unscathed. His mom was killed in the. Canterran war when he was 11, because she herself was Solian, and she had met Leo’s father in Solia. After that, both Leo and his father were dispirited, and his father joined the Canterran army, Leo, having no choice but to follow his father to Solia, tagged along. He learned that he could move things with his mind, and knew he must keep such a thing a secret in a Canterran camp, where he was staying with other refugee kids whose parents had gone to war. He learned of the Academy of Arcane Arts, and decided he could get answered there. Leaving camp in the night he made his journey from the Ruins of The Malevant, and it took 35 days to get to Blackhaven from there. He went to the front of the Academy, but he wasn’t allowed in. He learned there was a tuition fee, to get there, and it’d be even harder because of the Canterran Occupation. So he began doing odd jobs, and by the time the war was over he was in the Academy, safe. Present day he is a very powerful Lighting Warlock, 9th Degree. He isn’t one who duels much, but one stand down from a good fight when one is asked for. He missed his parents, he presumed his father died in the war, and, obviously his mother was killed towards the “Ancient Blood Debt” and all that Path hogwash he didn’t believe in. So, there you have it! Oh, one more thing: He’s also A writer for 𝚃𝙷𝙴 𝙰𝙲𝙰𝙳𝙴𝙼𝚈 𝙷𝙴𝚁𝙰𝙻𝙳 and he’s a good writer, maybe even better than Cry!

    2. Just wanted to add one more thing! Charlotte is in the 𝙳𝚁𝙰𝙼𝙰 𝙲𝙻𝚄𝙱!

      1. Also do you mean theater club I doubt drama club is thing back then when there was theater club

    3. Oh yes of course I meant theater club. Sorry. Also the font is kinda my way of doing italics. I kinda for got to get rid of it when doing the name part. Also the pink profile picture is a result of me getting my email wrong.

      1. Cool,also please don’t be sorry I didn’t mean to be rude if I was,I was just joking

    1. I saw that you’ve asked this earlier. Since Mr. Bronny isn’t here often, I’ll tell you what he’s said to this same question from others. He’s very busy with writing/editing and that leaves little time for the spells list, and even the discussions page. Besides, the spells list might not be entirely fleshed out, Mr. Bronny still might have empty slots in the elemental or standard spells.

    2. Mr. Bronny is to busy right now with Anna Stone’s book, so some of your suggestions will be missed, KForce. Don’t take it personal!

      1. Nah it’s fine. This is the only author page where it get replied to some of the time. The rest, none

    3. Congrats to those who were chosen; sad 😞 I wasn’t picked, but Kaden chose those who he thought would be interesting in the book, so I’m glad Devon and MOIRA were chosen. . .

      1. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay! Thank you so much! Oh, also I give you permission to do anything you want to my character. Also, I didn’t put this in the original backstory, but Charlotte is a triplet. Her sister is named Charity. And her younger brother, his name is Emil. Charlotte is the oldest then Charity, then Emil. Her mother’s name was Thea. Her father’s name was Sean. They all are fire fire warlocks. Also, Marek asked me to ask you if you are writing it in a google doc and to ask you if we could see it so far. Not as an editor. Only as a viewer. Thanks!

        Thanks Kaden, looking forward to this! Einar would enjoy NOT being killed, but do whatever you want. I’ll get back to you on Einar’s backstory, it’ll take some work.

  25. Kaden, you said a couple of days ago that on Tuesday, you would pick the names of the characters for people in the book that you are making. Have you decided who the characters are?

  26. Here is just a fun little question that I came up with:
    If you could buy any three things in the entire AL or FoARD series, what would you buy?
    Keep in mind that you can buy ANYTHING. ANYTHING. Even the most ridiculous thing! Have fun with it!
    1). I would buy the fire Scion.
    2). I would also buy a lifetime supply or Canterran chocolate.
    3). I would most likely buy a little puppy. I would name that puppy ‘Lil Mimi. After a television show that love.
    (I feel like I spelt Canterran wrong. Did I?)
    Also, I feel like mentioning this, Marek and I are making a picture of Leera. We started it yesterday but then I was writing something on the outside of the page and I COMPLETELY DELETED THE ENTIRE THING. I am crying on the inside. Keep in mind this is on my iPad, so I might be able to recover the drawing from the cloud. So, wish us luck trying to make another one. Or wish us luck trying to recover the drawing. It will be fun. YAY.

    1. Here’s what I’d buy:
      1.) The Lightning Scion. cuz why not?
      2.) An Arcaner Shield (Is that possible?)
      2.) Crimson Tooth, Leo’s hometown, so I could possibly make it better, like shutting down some gangster businesses and making the citizens happy!

    2. Ok,mines a bit over the top

      1 Arcane power so I can cast spells

      2 All of sithesia and rule over it nicely and not kill half the population or spread a cult around.

      3 Access to ley

      I wouldn’t buy ley. Because you just CANNOT,so ya.

      1. Shoot,I’m changing the 3rd one I’m making it so all witches,demons,everything in oculus castle and every undead thing has to follows my control or I could just do a witch either way I could g t access to ley without doing anything because the witch is really powerful.

      2. Argh forgot about endraga ra well,I guess now that,I’m lord of sithesia I’m getting some lifetime canterran, and with all my knowledge and power I’m asking a witch to let everyone have infinite canterran chocolate.

    3. 1) Castle Arinthian, or maybe Northspear (either with Keeper of the Keys privileges).

      2) The Antioc Library (wouldn’t change much, just give free access to all except for the most dangerous stuff, like necromancy. Don’t worry Attendant Atticus, you’re not fired). Also, just want all that knowledge.

      3) Like Moira, life-time supply of Canterran chocolate (you spelt it right Moira) because duh.

    4. Attendant Atticus, if you were the leader of Sithesia I (As my character Charlotte.) would follow you if you needed support. But…… only…… IF YOU GIVE ME CHOCOLATE!

  27. I am making a book taking place in sithesia but does not connect to the story line. There is a contest. Two lucky contestants will get there character in my thing. Sign up by replies and saying your ARENA character in my book

    P.S. I will do some stuff with backstories and such. Submit by tuesday.

    1. Wait, do I have to create a backstory? I am just going to guess and say that if my character gets the part then I create a backstory. It will be TEN TIMES LONGER then the first one then. Anyways, Charlotte Emerald Dreads. Nickname, “The Phoenix”. Yay! *insert “yay” Bitmoji here.

  28. I have done it. A feat of legend. Just kidding! I have finished Campions Wrath. Thus completing the FoARD series and the AL series. Which also means I have completed the Sever Bronny series. MUHAHAHA! I am super excited to read Mrs. Stone’s book when it is available (So is Marek).

    1. Good job! And now you get the enjoyment of… reading them like fifty more times! YAY!

  29. Hello Sever, I have .a question, to get your degree, does it have to be given but a warlock higher that you? If so, then how did Anna Stone get her 20th degree?

    1. Ok,I’m just going take a stab at it

      So as you know convey is a higher degree spell(I forget what degree)which makes it so that if you know it you can do the ceremony and all of that stuff,on this topic I like Devon’s idea of how the arcane ether won’t give you a stripe if you haven’t earned it.

      Also the way I learned about tAL was through my mom,she’s an author and she knew him and I just finished a ton of series,so I was lost.She remembered him and then I read the whole series via kindle and I blew through the series and then read FoaRD.

      1. Convey Degree is a 17th degree Spell of Legend, if I’m right. This means Anna would get her 20th degree from someone of at least 17th degree, but not necessarily higher. We’ve only seen it used by warlocks of higher degree because the trio hasn’t attended a ceremony for someone achieving a degree beyond the 17th in which case the warlock casting Convey Degree could be the same degree or less as the recipient.
        Wow, big words today.

        I came across tAL because my mom wanted me to stop rereading HP (18 times y’all!) and LOTR (9 times). Made me read other books, but they all sucked, so she got me this for my bday, and now I am obsessed.

  30. So I saw a couple of people post how they came about these series so I decided to do the same.
    For whatever reason I wasn’t able to go to the library one time and so my mom just decided to grab some books for me. She grabbed all three (Arcane, Riven, and Valor) that the library had and I, in my usual amount of patience, read all three in a few days. after that, I decided to buy the first series on kindle, having absolutely no clue that there was a next series. After I finished the series I frantically googled when his next book was coming out, and to my surprise I found that there were already two books in another series and a third one on the way!! So I read all of those, waited not so patiently for Champions Wrath, and here we are. Best books I’ve ever read :)

    How did the rest of you find his books?

    UPDATE: I have more or less finished Leera’s Theme and have sent it to Mr. Bronny for any suggestions and approvement to post it. I’m quite pleased with this one ;)

    1. Well, I came across the series because of Marek. Thank you, I guess. The series is a lot of fun to read. Also I am about I would say, around a third of the way through Champions Wrath. Yay!

      1. WOW!!!! Your a faster reader then me! It took me two days to read champians wrath and 2 week for al of his books!!!!!!

    1. Yeah, yeah, happens to me all the time. I’ve added Marek and Moira, if you give me your name I’ll add you Kaden.

      1. I ain’t laughin’, ‘specially when mine is MightyLoaf0! I’ll add you though

  31. Sithesia news! Many people are disappearing around sithesia. Some names are:Amy Elysium,Ben stonewall,and Alexandria, and many more! This is kaden”Wildfire” reporting weekly.

    1. Update. More recent disappearances are. Aeris and the brothers Adrisitus and Tylor.

      1. Heyyy sorry, got back from a family reunion yesterday. I’m back and happy to report that I’ve started work on Leera’s Theme!! I should also be able to play the piano at the necessary level for augums theme soon :)

    2. I agree with Anna, known to you guys as The Walrus. If it wasn’t for my mom searching “Books Like Harry Potter”, I wouldn’t even know this series existed, and I wouldn’t know you guys!

      1. For me it was “Books Like the Lord of The Rings” but yeah I relate too. Also… Anna… not suspicious at all…

  32. Sent kaden a friend request in fortnite. Uh, just to let you know, I went back a couple of comments ago.

      1. Impetus perango I snap and apear behind you. Shut that foul mouth! Voudus lingua! Paralyzing carcusa cemente!

      2. Walrus i challeng you to a duel. Warlock verse wizard! Use any spell must roll i use my 2nd degree! Your time. Prepare to lose. Not trying to be rude but still.

      3. Imagine having an author whose sequel to her greatest series is a screenplay (COUGH J.K.Rowling COUGH). We have actual books in the Bronny department.

      4. Well you guys might like this book series better, and I totally respect that, and I’m sure it’s a good series. But, let’s not forget that in the ‘About’ section of the book says that the Harry Potter series help inspire these books. As it also says “Seriously. Because if it hadn’t been for HP (J.K. Rowling), I’d never have dared”. And just one more thing: Sever Bronny listed also that part of his favorite sagas are Harry Potter. Just to remind you all :)

      5. We aren’t saying HP sucks, just that Sever Bronny’s books are like a bazillion times better.

      6. I wasn’t saying that you were saying we said they suck (ah, yes, English), I was just clarifying that we weren’t in case there were mixed interpretations.

      1. For your information Devon some people enjoy screenplays, and I personally enjoyed The Cursed Child and so do many others. And no, I’m not going to “duel” you Kaden, I’m too lazy to try and figure out how to do that.

      2. That’s okay, we all have problems to work on Walrus. (Joke, please don’t be offended.)

  33. SUP Y’ALL I’M BACK! I was at a youth camp with my church and felt moved to put here: Jesus love’s you all. If y’all wanna talk ’bout Jesus and that kinda stuff, we can trade emails or do it over a game, just tell me.

    PS, for those who know about Christianity’s workings, I got baptized yesterday!

    1. So I have been meaning to post this for a little while, but I finished all of the books in the AL series, and I have just finished Honors Price yesterday. So, yay me! I have been no stop reading and I have to say, I. LOVE. THE. BOOKS. They are such a fun read! I am going to make it my mission the tell everyone I know about the books. Muhahahaha!

  34. Mr bronny. Serious question. Can. You. Show. Us. A. Picture. Of. Your. Lego. Castle?

  35. Question. Do any of you play fortnite? If you do,
    Marek: MalkCheese
    Me: Sparkle MJ5
    We will add you.

    1. Yes will do. But only sever bonny stuff. Marek corrected me last time. But he told me his already.

  36. Or how about 4:00? That would be… Hum. Lets see, 1:00 for you? Whta ever time you wnat. Sorry about the green prfoille picture. Im trying an new email.

      1. Grace is my best friend. Hence why I said, “Grace has entered, Marek.” Basically telling Marek that Grace was here. She is my best friend.

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