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I’ve noticed people wanting to start discussions on various topics related to The Arinthian Line, Fury of a Rising Dragon, etc in the comments section of the blog posts, which in turn get buried over time. This discussion page should help (scroll to the very bottom to post your own thought/question, or reply to someone else along the way). I’ll weigh in//respond in between bouts of writing/editing when I can.

Let me kick things off by quoting a reader, who said, “What I find inspiring is that I think we can all find a little of ourselves in each of the characters.”

All right, so which of the characters do you relate to, and why?

If that question doesn’t inspire you, perhaps one of these will:

What’s your favorite scene?

Who is your favorite villain?

What’s your favorite spell? Why?

Which light-hearted scene did you enjoy the most? Why?

Which scene was the most thrilling for you?

Otherwise, have any questions, ideas, thoughts? Leave a comment below, and we’ll see how it goes!

June, 2021

1,945 thoughts on “Discussion

    1. I just realized that most books have trios with two boys or two girls and one boy or one girl like say harry potter and The Arthainian Line but what I realized was that hermione is a hard worker like Bridge and Ron is a jokester like Leera and Harry potter is in the middle like Augum.I can see how you got inspiration.

    2. Can you be an illusionist and have another element and master both if not do what is the first offensive,arcane armor and summoning look like I’m guessing it might look like anything they want because they’re illusionist but would they have any effect?

    3. Logan: All of my time is spent on writing the books, which are incredibly challenging projects as is. I do not have time left over for other projects, unfortunately.

      Atticus: regarding illusionists: I hope to write about them in more detail in due course. For now, I shall stay quiet on the subject! ;)

  1. Mr. Bronny thank you so much for responding!

    About my earlier comment about using telekinesis to bypass mind armor, would that work?

    P.S Could you maybe put something like that in a later book? (you don’t have to I was just wondering)

    1. Mr.Bronny could you tell us when the freinds birthdays are like jengo,olaf,preya,those sort of people also happy belated birthday Augum (7 days late)

    2. Hello again Henry! It’s my pleasure to respond :)

      As to using Telekinesis on the brain to bypass Mind Armor, not that would not work. But you can use the spell against the skull, I suppose, like you could against any other appendage.

      Atticus: perhaps in due course I will :)

  2. Let the heralds know that it took more than a month, but I finally finished all nine of Sever Bronny’s books, cover-to-cover, in a row. It was absolutely incredible to see the trio’s journey in full, and a reminder of how hard Mr. Bronny has worked. Thank you Sever Bronny for one of the best literary adventures of my life!

    1. is there a declaration of somthing in sithesia or is there a set of rules that everyone has to follow also im curios mrs.stone put erica in a prison for money could she escpae and she could be an enemy or did she die i forgot hmmm…

    2. Ben: I loved that comment so much I perma-linked it on the reader mail page ;) And thank you, means a lot!

      Atticus: Not sure what you mean by declaration of something in Sithesia. As to Erika, I don’t quite recall at the moment, actually, so I’d have to check =P

  3. book thrIn book three(valor) when they were getting there second degree you called bridge”bridget JONES” so is she a long lost distant relative or was it a mistake.

    1. they were in the antioc tournament i think and they wanted to be sisters i think but its bridget burns and leera jones

      1. no that was clash and they were fake ones but i think he made a mistake. Its in the chapter the 2nd degree

      2. Yes, that was a mistake that will be fixed in future updates to the books. Sometimes, no matter how many proof reads, such things slip through.

  4. Do healing dragons have bases because hte map marked 7 locatioms(fire,water,ice,earth,lighning,air, and necro) so did they just not find them.And what is a healing warlocks elemental weapon made of. do they just like summon a regular one?

    1. Yes, healing dragons have lairs, they just were out of range of that particular map. And a healing warlock’s First Offensive is a beam of white-hot light.

  5. Another thing that is opened up with different telekinetic attacks in my opinion could be the ability to stop a casting in place. For example when he curves Erica’s Fireball back onto herself, he could take it a step further and stop it in place.

    P.S I know he can use Mirror of the Dragon to reflect attacks.

    1. My only goals with these comments is to either have Sever Bronny respond or have one of my suggestions in a later book.

      1. Ya that would be cool he’s responded to me a couple of times ,now I just want my idea put in a book(:

    2. When will Mr.Bronny tell us what book he’s writing because it’s killing me.AH!Also when will the audiobook of champoins wrath come out because i know he did a 3 book contract now a four book contract.Also who wants to talk abpout the final scene the one where leera and augum fly together.

      1. Is that Bridget or mrs.stone because it’s of the staff also are there trainers in the endrago or whatever it’s called also can dragons make trainers
        Is mrs.stone learning how to be a dragon

    1. Yes he did force hod a couple of people.Also I just realized something on the third test at Hangmans rock,1 what was that monster,2 Augum did anhilio, he did slow time and he used telekinesis to warp the air around him it just shows that augum if he wanted to he could use wild arcanerey in a dire situation and be super strong also what if you did centerrio and then used wild arcnerey, could you potentially use the power of wild arcanerey with the enhanced focus of centario. That would be insane though rather dangerous.

      1. The monster at Hangman’s Rock was none other than the witch of old . . . and she had been playing her version of a prank on the friends!

    2. I meant when facing higher degree warlocks, he can cut off their spells by closing their throat as they cannot speak, therefore cannot cast spells. Not him making some Ordinaries choke themselves with their own hands as they have no defense against him, and can’t cast any spells.

  6. In a future book one thing that I would love to see is Augum using telekinesis in more creative ways for example Star Wars force choke which would bypass mind armor as it is not a spell like mute.

    1. could you use telekinesis to close someones eyes to do the blind spell but they cant use mind armor like Henry said also could you confuse someone by using telekinesis to spin them around, that would be fun in one of the academy’s war games in grizzly’s old class.I just remembered about grizzly and that one time where leera drew a grizzly on her satchel ):

      1. could also remove air from around thier ears defening them or mute/suffocate them by comprssing their lungs… wow telekenisis has way more use then i would imagine

      2. dose that mean that with strong and percise enough telekenisis one could controll the nerons of the opponent. wait that just illusionists.no because it wouldent be affected by mind armour.unless thats all that any of the mind spellls are, just messing with the brain

  7. I wanna know can augum protect his mind from senior arcaneoligist(hope that’s spelled right) ning? because s he said she wont forsfully break into his mind. Also if there are healing fountans are there stamina renewing fountains?

    1. Augum’s Mind Armor is war-honed so he can protect himself very well. In general, a normal warlock can defend against another warlock up to 2-4 degrees higher, depending on the competence of the parties involved.

      Stamina renewal as a whole is incredibly rare but possible in all forms. I hope to touch on this in future books.

  8. Eragon against augum stone. GO! Saphira atack! spirit of dragon, Fire breath. Anhillo Bato. Dodge. Eragon,fire ball.Augum cast centaro. Fire breath, Fire ball. Dodges both and follosw up with shooting to the sky. They follow. He parallizes the the keeps them in the air with telikineisis. Anhillo Ito!. Augum wins! Sever Bronny wins best author!!!

      1. yeah but it effects ther magic not arcanery. so i think aug would still win but they would make awsome 5 people i mean 4 people 1 dragon team

  9. Rating series 1:100 stars!
    Rating series 2:100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 stars!
    P.S. This is fake review but is honest.
    P.P.S. Whitch series do you like better?
    P.P.P.S. Anhilo ito! Flusttrato bato! flustrato! Baka! Baka!

    1. *Ducks the Third Offensive, summons shield and shouts, “Mimica!” reflecting back the double Confusion casting, then jumps over the tendril path of the first Push spell, only to get blown away by the second Push spell upon falling back down.*

      Gets up, bows. “Good duel!”

    2. “Mimica,Armari obscrua chameleano, armari obscrua
      chameleano traversa,Virtus vis viray,Enta frenza harka natar,Xae carna draca arcan doma legenda rava , Impetus peragro spectra xae and right as I teleport to the enemy,Annihilo Lito”,Thos is an insane combo if Augum or any in the trio did this there arcane resevoir would probaly be completlye drained but their enemy would be crushed with all the attacks!

    3. Here’s another trivia question, in the Arthainian Line who says this” Your real enemy is your mind ,master your mind and master your adversary”.

      DON’T LOOK!!!



      Sir Tobias Westwood

      1. tough, eather ms,stone or sir tabias westwood, but seeing as how i don’t remember who sir tobias westwood because he was in the books less. And only a true fan would this.

    1. not giving answere will reply after a few answers though.
      P.S. Yes i know the answer(yeesh)
      P.P.S. Have a good day everyone!

    2. The Trio, along with the help of Garryk, find a recipe for alchemist’s fire, which they use to destroy the metal shavings that hold the portal secrets.

  10. if i had to fight one of the trio without them being dragon arcaner level, it would be bridge because i would choose lightning and augums immune and i think Lee’s the best.

      1. If you know this Your a fan of The Arthainian Line,Who is dubbed Brave soul in the books? Extra Credit if you know what type of people dubbed him or her that.


        Augum Stone dubbed by the Henawa tribe

        If anyone else has trivia like this bring it on!
        Annihilo Ito!!!

      1. When I saw the first sentence I was like Oh NO! But then I saw the second one and was like phew.Also did you know who it was just curios?

      2. BEGIN:VCARD
        FN;CHARSET=UTF-8:Sever Bronny
        N;CHARSET=UTF-8:Sever Bronny;;;;
        ADR;CHARSET=UTF-8:;;844 Courtney Street 2nd Floor;Victoria;BC;V8W 1C4;Canad
        ORG;CHARSET=UTF-8:Sever Bronny Ltd.

        Sever Bronny’s Newsletter!

    1. Ahem! I have some trivia! Why did Burdens Edge shoot lightning out of it the first time Augum touched it? (Bonus points if you know where it was!)

      ANSWER: It shot lightning because Burdens Edge was acting as a way for his wild arcanery to break free otherwise, a conduit for the wild arcanery!
      BONUS POINTS: Mrs. Stone’s cave…………tears are in my eyes!

      1. I remembered the part about in the cave but i forgot it was wild Arcanerey . Thanks For that happy Memorie :)

      2. Also I looked at wiki/Fandom and they have Augum’s love life and heritage and a lot of other stuff while Leera and Bridget both have one paragraph with their description and stuff which is really funny and intresting.

      3. remember this cause careena. It was enchanted and he used wild arcanery accidently channeling it through Burdens Edge. Mrs. stones cave.

  11. When I got champions wrath for christmas I had just started reading the arinthian line series for a third time and I refuse to skip books. So I read the arinthian line and the fury of a rising dragon series for a second time before reading champions wrath. I got so stuck to It that I read for roughly 15 hours straight. At the end I felt like bawling and now a day later I still do. Just go to show how great your series is and how life like the characters feel. Your series is the BEST fantasy series for me up there with Eragon. I love them and will continue to love them forever. (who know maybe your belief in them created there universe somewhere in the vast multiverse)

    P.S your awesome.

    1. I am deeply honored, Ian, thank you! And having their world come to life somewhere in the multiverse would be so adorable and fun and awesome.

      So did you have any favorite scenes? Any favorite characters?

      1. Marek my least favorite villian is harlow,I don’t think that is his name though but he was aa mentor in the arthainian series that Mrs.Stone hired.My favorite is the same as you,Robin.My favorite character besides the trio is either kraktos the wise or Leland because he’s bean through a lot and he’s going to be super powerful later on.Also would you rather go against Augum,bridget or Leera.What element would you want to have also to fight one of the trio?


      I have actually been wondering this for a long time, does the trio still remember Annocronomus Tempusari, or, when Mrs. Stone and Krakatos made it so the trio didn’t see the shadows, did they forget about the whole thing? You never elaborated that fact in FoaRD…. Anyways love the books Mr. Bronny!

      1. That’s pretty hard but the element I’d choose would be either Earth or Healing. (And you were almost right it’s Harvus!) And I’d go up against Bridget well, of course not if I was studying the arcane discipline of Healing but if I was an Earth warlock I would. (Also I’d really like to see a Healer’s first offensive, except I think that Mr. Bronny already said in this page it was a white hot beam of light, but I would just want to see ANY first offensive!)

      2. They cannot ever cast the spell, but remember it all too well–and its horrible repercussions. They do not talk about it much like combat veterans never talk of war.

    2. I’ve been thinking about the problem and I think if they adopt a kid and invoke them as their child in the old wya it would work like how katrina was invoked in the old way.

      1. What do you mean Atticus? That makes no sense…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………?

      2. Thank you Mr.Bronny For answering the questions,I wonder if you’re an Arcaner and you declare war.In the war as a healer can you heal and attack if one attacks you if they break the pact at the start where they decide the rules.Also Harlow is a horrible person I think he is the worst and most cruel person in your books right alongside Lividus Stone.

      3. You’re welcome!

        Yes, you can attack in war as a healer, but that rarely happens because usually both sides respect healers and do not expect them to war. And a healer is allowed to defend themself in war, just not attack unprovoked.

    3. I have another question! Do you get to choose what your weapon is? ( I’m talking about the summon weapon spell!) Or is it your first visual picture of it in your head when you first attempt to cast the spell? Because, everyone’s is different Mrs. Stone’s is a staff, Leera’s is a short sword exc.

      1. I the Arthainian line when they stormed the black castle to get Augum’s mothers body he and his father disowned each other in the old way. which proves you’re able to adopt I. the old way and disown by using the old way.I checked with Mr.Bronny about this and he said it was possible.Also take this “Annihilo Ito!” also “Voidus Occa!”

      2. I like that idea if you practice hard enough could you change it because that could be super cool. having maces and all of those old weapons also marek quick whos your favorite character besides the trio and there mentors and your least favorite character.

      3. Oops- forgot to say who it was it is Laudine and my favorite villain was probably Robin, because I’ll never forget his duel with Augum! My LEAST favorite character has got to be Lividius Stone- you know who he is!

      1. Marek I would want to be an Illusionist and have telapathy like Leland,if not probably a lightning,healing or a good Necromancer.Due to the blood part with telekenises but that’s just a theory.

      2. Atticus, I like the idea of an illusionist, except it’s really hard to train as one like Mr. Bronny mentioned in FoARD. Anyways, what scene was your favorite? I’ll share mine: The one where Mailaka (I think I spelled it right!?) says that Augum loves her and then Leera storms off and then Augum finds her later with Devon and then he gets really angry. I just loved that one because they eventually overcame that little problem!

      3. I just used Wikipedia/Fandom, and Augum has, like, 5 paragraphs about him and Leera and Bridget only have one! It’s so weird! Well I guess since he’s like the main character, but Bridget and Leera are too!

      4. I love that little scene too, Marek. Sometimes it’s the dramatic moments that showcase what one could lose in their life, and make one appreciate what they have :)

  12. I have a couple questions,

    1. Can dragons learn regular spells? Like as in not wild arcanery?

    2. Is there a limit on shrink, because you could technically become fantasy ant-man.

    3. If your telekinesis was strong enough, could you fly?

    4. Can you make new spells from scratch?

    5. I just reread all of your books, and in the first one Alchemy was listed as a sub-element of sorts, and I was wondering about that.

    6. I was wondering about their solar system, as in how many planets there were, if inter-planetary travel was possible with basic teleport, ect.

    Just some thoughts.

    1. 1. Cannot reveal due to spoiler.

      2. Yes, there are some limits on Shrink. But the smaller you are, the more dangerous it is for you as you could easily get killed / squished / eaten. Also eventually you could break your very bones if you go too small.

      3. No, but you can propel yourself jump-like.

      4. Absolutely! A famous higher degree assignment in the academy is to craft a cantrip from scratch.

      5. Arcane alchemy is a combination of various spells, and is actually quite a rare element. More common is the proptypical alchemy which uses variations of spells to try to achieve change in substances, most famously turning stuff into gold (though no one has actually succeeded yet). It’s also often conflated with the alchemy occupation.

      6. Cannot reveal due to spoiler.

      Hope that helped :)

  13. If some one created a cron (Annocronomus Tempusari) spell scrolls then they could duplicate the scroll to have two scrolls and duplicate those to have four then be infinitely be able to duplicate anything without the cost of arcane stamina meaning that an ordinary could use the scroll to duplicate 3 scrolls and whatever they wanted.I think it would be very funny to see Krakatos the ancient do this or maybe the trio could eventually teach someone the spell. It would be hard but not impossible as Mrs.stone taught the trio without casting the spell, who were at the time only 4th degree.This is a proven method because Augum accidentally uses the duplicated ring from when he kills “insect eyes”.

    1. But remember the trio can’t use the spell ever again because they gave it up due to the “shadows”.So it would be rather hard to teach it to someone.But with the scroll I wonder if you would get side effects such as aging and the shadows.

    2. Another thing is that is interesting is, while learning the cron Mrs.Stone said that there was a gambler that learned the spell and used it for gambling and when he came home the wife did’nt recognize him.How did that guy learned that spell did he have a good mentor or something because who would train cron to that sorta person.

    3. Annocronomus Tempusari can only be used for so long before it drives the person mad or ages them out. It’s an incredibly dangerous spell, and very few have the self control to stop using it. Luckily it’s also one of the rarest spells in existence.

  14. There should be spells that need a connection to the element and using wild arcane like telekinesis lightning or “I am lightning” to explode in to lightning and blind everyone + teleport or to have the speed of lightning

    1. Yeah, but wouldn’t the lightning fizzle out sometimes, or a water warlock would soak into the ground, or have lightning be OP then?

      1. there would obviosly be equivalent spells to other elements and the use of wild arcanery would have to be incredibly powerful and the speed of lightning is sevral thousand times slower then the speed of light also I dont think that you can call anything to strong because they could literly control time and create and destroy matter mater.

    2. I wonder if there are any other teleports besides the regular, group one and spectral I’m guesing there are ,probably in the archive.What if there was one that allowed you to,I know this is going to sound super powerful and useful in sneak attacks and really weird what if you could do a spectral group teleport.Also the trio in the next books sould go to Anna Stone’s mountain hideout see if there are some super powerful scrolls or information that could change arcanerey.

  15. I love the “have children as dragons” but I think they will need help from a real dragon to transfer back while pregnant
    P.S. can they return second egg to a dragon for arcane sight?

  16. Just a question, could you keep blood from coming out of a cut with telekinesis? For example someone gets a gash on their leg could they (or someone else) keep the blood from leaving the body using telekinesis?

    1. don’t think so. You would have to use water shine extension because other wise they cant move liquid.

      1. I think you would have to be a necromancer because if water can be moved by the water element then blood could be moved by a necromancer.

      2. I think the water extension can move most liquids. Plus we see Leera move her porridge, which is only part water. Blood (or plasma) is mostly water so water warlocks should theoretically be able to move blood. But I agree necromancers might be able to too.

  17. I have a few questions. My first one is:
    Do you know any book series, aside from harry potter, that is alike you’re book series in any ways? Basically magic, an objective, romance, and a trio.
    Also, how do people remember what happens in one book from a series, then when the next book comes out, they remember everything? I guess i just have a bad memory, but good luck on your future work!

    1. In other castles in sithesia are there arcane defenses such as the ones that are in arcane castle, also if so does that mean if special people from the bloodlines or special artifacts like the scion would activate them.

      1. also the rivian people that made orion and such do you think you could give some history on them, though I’m guesing that would give spoilers. but it would still be nice

      2. Yes, other castles have similar arcane protections! And each one is activated differently, though the most common method is to be a Keeper of the Keys.

  18. i really would like a movie to be made or a video game(on Xbox) because we would be able to see the characters.

  19. But could they just ask another leyan to reinvite them so Ms. stone culd visit the trio in secret?

  20. if you wright more books about the trio I would love to see them interacte with Mrs.Stone more(maybe she would cast portal and slip a letter through without going through herself).

  21. Is there any way for a Leyan to make a short trip out of Ley and back? If a Leyan leaves Ley and returns within a certain period of time, could they escape the rapid aging?


      1. Unfortunately the moment they step into an “unacceptable” plane, they lose all their powers, as it is a fundamental law of Ley. But what may really bake your noodle is why Leyans are allowed to step into Endraga Ra! I hope to delve into that little mystery in due course, time permitting ;)

      2. I just realized something if leyans age in sithseia would tat make people decrease theyre age in ley also if not that would mean there us a plane that probally decreases leyans age and if so what if kraktous the wise knows about it.Also couldnt there be alternet planes like alternet reality .

  22. Is it posiible to have a warlock naturauly be able to do multiple elements? if so how much? Also can you give us more on the other elements besides ice,earth,water,lightning,air,healing,fire,and necromancy

    1. Naturally? Extremely unlikely. However, a warlock can work toward using multiple elements–and they would have to work extremely hard, but it would be possible. Mrs. Stone was someone who learned a bit of healing that way.

      I can try!

  23. Mrry christmas everyone hope it was good! Also i think you should make a short story about them celebrating christmas.(of course availiable on kindle unlimited(: )

  24. Being as the reproduction system of an egg birthing animal is different from a live birth animal leera and augum’s little problem could be solved.I think it would be cool if they had a child born of dragons and because it would be born of 2 different ellements it would have degrees and would have to start learning arcanery the same way sithesians do, instead of being a purly elemental beast like the dragons of endraga ra.It would be amazing for a thing like that to happen and it would be extreemly powerful to being a dragon born with tendril sight.

  25. just finshed reading the book and the end says that there were some cut out scenes because the 740 page cap and wonder if you could post them here? (also this might accidently have gone through a couple times or a message simmiler)

    1. I will consider it, but I typically do not post scenes that were cut as they did not go through the entire editing process, and I am a stickler for quality work released to the public :)

  26. *SPOILERS*

    My personal feelings on the topic of Leera’s infertility:

    1. Although I recognize the multitude of possibilities for this certain aspect of the story, my fantasy would be for Leera to end up bearing her own child… If Mrs. Stone and Krakatos were to learn of Leera’s curse and develop a Leyan ritual or spell over the course of the story to help cure her. Krakatos has immense amounts of knowledge so he might know the details of the curse to pass on to Mrs. Stone?

    2. I know that Augum does have distant relatives in the Titan clan, but I personally don’t think it would create as much emotional depth to adopt a child or find another distant relative to become their heir (At least without a big character build up leading to it :D).

    I loved the book overall, and thought that it ended the conflict with Canterra perfectly. These were my thoughts for the future, but I can’t wait to see where the story goes!


  27. Alright, time for my review (read: obsessive rant) of the final book in the Fury of a Rising Dragon series!


    Overall, I think a good word for this addition to the series is “gritty”. This book felt a lot less light-hearted than previous books, and not to a fault. Sever Bronny expertly captures the emotions and actions of teenagers, thrust into a war they did not want, forced to make impossible decisions and do unspeakable things. The Spirit of a Dragon simul is expertly handled: immensely powerful, but not without extreme limitations. Heck, Augum would have died when he ‘ported out of the final battle and was surprised by two low-degree warlocks after he reverted. The only reason he survived was the Callousness of the Predator.

    And speaking of the Callousness of the Predator, that was also much more of a threat than I reasoned. My friend accidentally spoiled the side effect for me when the book came out, before I had a chance to read it. But when I first heard of it, I didn’t think much of it. Maybe it would be a small hindrance that the trio would have no problem dealing with, like the Shrink side effects. Little did I know that it would cause massive rifts in Augum and Leera’s relationship, as well as reducing the Queen of our Hearts, Bridget, into a shadow of her former self. But we did get some feel good moments when Olaf, Augum, and Leera work together to comfort her.

    Now, as always, the arcane combat was outstanding. The inclusion of dragons added a third element to the fighting which greatly enhanced the book from a reader’s perspective. My favorite part of this was seeing the Trio come up against opponents they couldn’t beat in an all-out fight (it reminded me of the fight with the Lord of the Legion), so they had to out-maneuver and outsmart Katrina and Tyrannecron (I think I spelled it right).

    You know how I said earlier that this book was much grittier? Well it came with it’s fair share of tear-jerker moments. When Leera gets captured and Augum expects the worst, and Ning has to calm him down so he can save her? Oof…

    When, as I mentioned before, Bridget, who is arguably the most compassionate one of the Trio, distances herself from Olaf in order to spare him in case she dies? Hoo-boy, here come the waterworks.

    And I am really glad that Augum and Leera got one night of… passion… before the battle, as it shows how much they care about each other and elevated them to a new level in their relationship. But oh my gosh, Leera’s infertility hit me like a semi-truck full of dumbbells made from the heart of a neutron star. I mean, really?!?!? Can the fates just leave those two alone? Please? It did help my heartache a little bit when Augum proposes to Leera right after, even though they both know the Arinthian Line (hmmmm) is over.

    In my fantasy, one of two things happens: 1) Augum and Leera make love in a healing fountain, and she is healed by a combination of the passion and the healing waters. She gets pregnant then, and everyone lives happily ever after. Or 2) Augum and Leera find an orphaned/abandoned gutterborn baby of Titan descent, and adopt him/her, continuing the Arinthian legacy. I think this ending would be most fitting because it would bring everything full-circle: Abandoned, gutterborn boy becomes great and powerful warlock, defeats many enemies, faces many trials, and one day adopts his own abandoned, gutterborn child. Bing, bang, boom.

    I hope you enjoyed my in-depth review of what I loved about Champion’s Wrath.


    1. Ben, these are really lovely ideas and worthy of consideration for our beloved duo. Augum and Leera’s story is not over by any means, nor is Bridget’s, and I look forward to seeing what happens next as much as you guys do.

      Let me just say I am very excited about the future. Even though I may write one book about Mrs. Stone’s story next, the trio shall return in due course.

      Glad you enjoyed Champion’s Wrath, because I had a total blast writing it. I’ve spent nine years with the trio (thus far) for my day job, and consider myself one of the luckiest people alive to be able to write full-time.

      It was a joy to read your review, Ben, and thanks for all your amazing support over the years :)

      Happy new years!


    1. I only signed a three-book contract with the audiobook publisher, not realizing the book would go to four. I contacted them tonight and they jumped on Champion’s Wrath, and will send a contract in the morning in order to get started ASAP :)

  28. Hello i have read all of your books too many times to count and they get better every single time. I was wondering when the audible version will be available for Champion’s Wrath (Fury of a Rising Dragon)?

    1. I only signed a three-book contract with the audiobook publisher, not realizing the book would go to four. I contacted them tonight and they jumped on Champion’s Wrath, and will send a contract in the morning in order to get started ASAP :)

    1. So I was wondering if it was possible to have a child born with the element of necromancy? Like naturally born with it.

      1. Yes, it is, albeit it’s a dark ritual for necromancers of a particularly twisted bent, and the child may be a most frightful creature indeed.

  29. I have Lots of questions most are about necromancy.


    1.can necromancers become masters after becoming necromancers?
    2.Can necromancers get the settiling cause that souds like a elemental thing.?
    3.Shouldnt augum and Leera get taller or explode caouse they ate Tyraenacron(hope thats spelled right)and katrina?
    4.Can you be a Necromantic Arcaner dragon,dragoon or even squire?
    5.Last question:can you make a story about Modern day warlocks in a secret orginisation on earth with augum,bridget, and Leeras’s great great great grandchildren?

    Love you Sever bronny!!! (:

    1. Let me see if i can answer these :)

      >1.can necromancers become masters after becoming necromancers?


      >2.Can necromancers get the settiling cause that souds like a elemental thing.?

      Yes they can, and their eyes would turn black with energy.

      >3.Shouldnt augum and Leera get taller or explode caouse they ate Tyraenacron(hope thats spelled right)and katrina?

      No because their dragon bodies absorbed them like they would prey in the jungle.

      >4.Can you be a Necromantic Arcaner dragon,dragoon or even squire?

      Absolutely you can. Maybe one day I’ll write a story about a “good” necromancer.

      >5.Last question:can you make a story about Modern day warlocks in a secret orginisation on earth with augum,bridget, and Leeras’s great great great grandchildren?

      This is adorable. I love it, and I’d be lying if I told you I hadn’t thought about it more than a few times. All I will say is maybe ;)

  30. what spell is center it says LAW and OTB and its spell incantation is the first spell incantation of centarro then stirred. and where is centarro it isnt in the 3rd degree section. Love your books sever!

  31. Stop posting spoilers. It’s not considerate. Everyone deserves to read this book spoil free. Mr. Bronny works hard to put these books out and it’s just straight up rude to ruin it for others before they get the chance to read it.

  32. dont know guessing above her degree if it drained her that bad and for death yes, because he saw her shadow during chron wich means he is in someway responsible for her death.

  33. Question about what the Healer Jenkins did to restore Augum’s arcanery after the witch took it in Riven what spell was it what degree and what did it require her to do? Was it the spell that killed her in the end of the book? Also the battle at the tallows in Champion’s Wrath has to be my favorite scene.

    1. Try not to spoil the book for others, that would be great. It’s very new and putting details like that isnt very considerate of others who have not had the chance to read it yet.

    2. The witch spell has not been published yet, so I cannot comment on the details of the spell.

      And that battle scene took me a long time to get right. It was tedious but fun as heck still, haha.

      Glad you’re enjoying my work!

    1. The actual pronunciation is slightly Polish: Szy-ne-o. What does that sound like? Google the word “translate”, then insert the following word into the “Detect language” field: “szybko”, which translates to “fast” in Polish. Now hit the speaker button above the word and you will hear the pronunciation of the first syllable.

  34. I ha e enjoyed reading all of the books over and over and look forward to rereading Champion’s Wrath. I appreciate the setting throughout all of the books that makes for a believable scenario for the young heroes to be the hope for the kingdom as most of the older and experienced warlocks are compromised or hiding in fear. They are strengthened by Mrs. Stone who k kws she cannot continue to be the singular savior at her age.

    I enjoyed Augum’s interaction with the Grizzly throughout including the good and bad. I can relate to the frustrated and stubborn Grizzly as well as Augum when he is overlooked or ignored due to his youth.

    My favorite scene is when Augum and Senior Archaneologist Ning are solving the puzzle to activate the castle once more. I enjoyed Ning’s involvement throughout as it is a bit of a nod to the trio working with Mrs. Stone.

    It was sad that Ethan passed before the trio had an opportunity to interact with her again. Also the sad news of Leera’s infertility hit me hard and in fact I am still processing this part of the book and its impact to such a proud and old lineage as the Arinthian Line.

    It would be interesting to read short stories of the adventures of the Arcaners of old maybe in the form of a diary or adventure log that the trio finds. I am looking forward to more on Mrs. Stone as well has hopeful for future adventures for the trio.

    1. Thank you so much for such a lovely letter, Eric.I’m glad that you enjoyed the book. As to Augum and Leera, don’t count them out just yet. Augum has distant family in a far-away land that own a vineyard (see series 1; his mother, Terra Titan and Titan wine). Also, there is always adoption and arcanery, so who knows ;)

      Thanks for reading, Eric!

  35. Spoilers for Champion’s wrath

    Before I talk about the actual plot from Champion’s Wrath I wanted to say how amazing it is to compare everything that you’ve written about the trio. The difference between Champion’s wrath and Arcane is huge In complexity, characters, and plot. It really goes to show much work and effort you poured into this world and these characters, When someone reads through the story so fast it can be easy to forget how many years you put into it making it work and making the world come alive. So thank you for an amazing world I lose myself in whenever I read it.

    Onto the main plot, I think you did a great job when it comes to balancing the trio’s power, but not making it insignificant. One of the things in this book executed so well was how Bridget was handled, while it was heart breaking to see one of my favorite characters torn apart by the simul it made sense. It especially showed the hardships the trio went through without Bridget as the glue. It was also a cool parody when Augum and Leera had to help her with Olaf. We also got to see just how stressful the burden of leadership can be and shows what it might have been like for an aging Mrs. Stone. Now for Leera that ending is so heartbreaking but before that the final blossoming of Augum and Leera’s relationship is done so well. We see them picture their future and then at last pages once we think all is well it gets ripped away. she is cursed to never bear a child. This moment is so sad that even after two days I’m still sad about which says something because this is a fantasy book. However after thinking about it, it had to be her, it would have ruined Bridget to the point of no return and tested Augum’s love for her. Yet it didn’t change much between them. Finally ending with Augum and Leera flying into the horizon. Such a bittersweet ending but so perfect, who knows maybe they can reverse the curse some day with the help of Mrs. Stone.

    1. Thank you so much, Connor, I enjoyed readying your summary and thoughts.

      Let us not forget that Augum has distant family in far away lands, so who knows what could happen there. Further, adoption is always an option; don’t count Augum and Leera out just yet.

      Yes, it took me a long time to write this book; many, many hours. Always amazing to see people blow through it in a day or two (and I’m honored, but … wow).

      I had a blast writing this book. It shaped up better than I could have hoped. Thank you for leaving this wonderful note :)

      1. I know that he may have relatives on the Titan side that he’s never met, but wouldn’t he need someone on the Stone side to pass burdens edge to? Wouldn’t the castle require the sword and Arinthian blood to pass on the keys? I’m still praying for Mrs. Stone to rebuild a portal to Ley and heal Leera though.

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