Flames of Stone (Chronicles of Anna Atticus Stone, book 3) has just launched!


The Arcane Artist is out!

The Arcane Artist (Chronicles of Anna Atticus Stone, book 2) has launched!

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Audiobook: Now available!

Paperback: Now available!

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Join a trio of best friends on the magical journey of a lifetime . . .

“Arcane is a very intriguing story, well written, and beautifully conceived. A super entertaining book.” 

—Author E.C. Sheedy

The Arinthian Line series:

Fury of a Rising Dragon series:

epic fantasy series fury of a rising dragon book 1

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Flames of Stone launches!

I am honored and excited to announce that Flames of Stone (Chronicles of Anna Atticus Stone, book 3) has launched! The paperback is live, and the audiobook is coming April 30th 2024. It’s hard to express the feeling of getting this book out there, as it’s been a long road. I am proud of the…

Flames of Stone PREORDER now live!

Some curses cannot be broken. They must be faced. As a teacher, a wife, and a mother, Anna Atticus Stone craves peace. But being a warlock champion means protecting the kingdom. It also means watching over her unruly daughter, Thia, who’s fallen for a boy. A boy who happens to dabble in—of all things—necromancy. When that boy—and…

Time for a reread!

Rereading the book that started it all: Arcane (The Arinthian Line, book 1). It’s in preparation to edit what I anticipate to be the last book of The Chronicles of Anna Atticus Stone, on schedule to launch in December. Got to make sure all the world and character lore lines up. Have to say, the…


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