Below is a partial list of the spells in Sever Bronny’s world of Sithesia, as found in the series The Arinthian Line and Fury of a Rising Dragon. The spells are the standard and elemental sets our heroic trio, Augum Bridget and Leera, know. More spells will be revealed as they are published.

General glossary:

Cycle: practicing every spell one knows, back-to-back.

Learning “wild”: Learning by intuition. Highly dangerous.

Chronocast: Casting one spell after another in quick succession (common).

Simulcast: Casting an elemental and a standard spell at the same time (rare).

The Sleeving: When all twenty arm rings fuse into one band, indicating the warlock has achieved mastery. Happens on its own.

Hallowed Trust: An old tradition wherein a warlock will cease to battle an opponent to give him or her their degree via the Convery Degree spell. A day of peace and celebration is declared, and the enemies are expected to share a toast and a cup of wine or ale, before returning to combat the next morning.

Arcastration: The total stripping of the ability to cast arcanery

Magic: Fake arcanery. Parlor tricks, card tricks, and the like. Used as a derogatory term against other warlocks to cheapen their craft.

Permanence: An enchantment typically sinks to permanence after 100-300 years, depending on the skill of the caster.

Feat of Legend: A legendary casting.

Quint: Used in the Academy of Arcane Arts to denote a five-day “week” consisting of four classes and one Study Day. The Sithesian calendar is exactly 30 days long, and thus 360 days are in a year.

Er priem: Performing a service without pay or benefit; community service.

Proata mentora: Performing tutelage to less experienced warlocks; can also be community service.

Illegal spell: In the Academy of Arcane Arts, it is illegal to learn or cast a spell more than two degrees beyond one’s own degree.

The seven kingdoms of Sithesia: Solia, Canterra, Nodia, Tiberra, Ohm, Abrandia, Sierra

1st-2nd degree: Burgundy Apprentice
3rd-4th: Royal blue Apprentice
5th-6th: Emerald Initiate
7th-8th: Amber Initiate
9th-12th: Crimson Adept
13th-16th: Purple Mage
17th-19th: Turquoise Grandmage
20th: White Archmage
20th: White w/ decoration Master Archmage

Note that there are variations depending on culture. Also, golden bars on the shoulder typically denote the difference within the same robe color. This is known as “achieving one’s golden bar.”

There are three standard spells and one elemental spell per degree, and there are four tiers of spells: Lesser (1st to 5th degree), Mid-range (6th to 10th degree), Advanced (11th to 15th), and Spells of Legend (16th to 20th, and 20th Master)

Note: Arcaner simuls and current known runes are at bottom


OTB: Off-the-book spell, meaning not officially taught in Academy of Arcane Arts

DEG: Degree

PHRASING: The word / phrase that triggers the spell.

LEY: Means the spell can only be taught by a Leyan for it to work

E: Elemental spell


1 Telekinesis
1 Repair Apreyo
1 Unconceal Un vun deo
1 (E) Shine Shyneo
2 Shield  
2 Push Baka
2 Disarm Disablo
2 (E) Slam Grau
3 Mind Armor  
3 Object Alarm Concutio del alarmo
3 Object Track Vestigio itemo discovaro
3 (E) The First Offensive Annihilo
3 (OTB)


Centarro Centeratoraye xao xen
4 Fear Dreadus terrablus
4 Deafness Voidus aurus
4 Confusion Flustrato
4 (E) Summon Minor Elemental Summano elementus minimus
5 Amplify Amplifico
5 Darkness Voidus vis
5 Paralyze Paralizo carcusa cemente
5 (E) Summon Weapon Summano arma
6 Mute Voidus lingua
6 Object Invisible
6 Seal Obdura del boundera sen
6 (E) Elemental Armor Armari elementus totalus
7 Slow Effectus xadius
7 Blind Voidus occa
7 Minor Illusion
7 (E) Summon Minor Wall Summano valla minimus girata barricada
8 Sleep Senna dormo coma torpos
8 Chameleon Armari obscrua chameleano Extension: armari obscrua

chameleano traversa

8 Strength Virtus vis viray
8 (E) The Second Offensive Annihilo bato
9 Teleport Impetus Peragro
9 Shrink
9 Frenzy
9 (E) Craft Trap
 List version 1.2 Last updated: November 19th, 2018


Birth of the Dragon: Summano elementus minimus draco

Spells involved: Augments Summon Minor Elemental

Effect: Summons a vicious small dragon in place of standard elemental

Who knows the spell of the trio: All three know the spell

Roar of the Dragon: Summano arma grau

Spells involved: Slam + Summon Weapon

Effect: Primes summoned weapon with X hits of Slam, where X is warlock’s degree

Who knows the spell of the trio: Augum

Awe of the Dragon: Summano arma dreadus terrablus

Spells involved: Fear + Summon Weapon

Effect: Primes summoned weapon with X hits of Fear, where X is warlock’s degree

Who knows the spell of the trio: Leera

Bluster of the Dragon: Summano arma flustrato

Spells involved: Confusion + Summon Weapon

Effect: Primes summoned weapon with X hits of Confusion, where X is warlock’s degree

Who knows the spell of the trio: Bridget

Mirror of the Dragon: Mimicus

Spells involved: Shield + Reflect

Effect: Turns summons shield into an arcane mirror, reflecting incoming spell back at caster

Who knows the spell of the trio: All three know the spell

Current Runic Knowledge:

Shield Rune

Various common minor runes (mostly servant runes; will be updated in due time)