Announcing the name of the book that will conclude the epic fantasy “Fury of a Rising Dragon” series

Heyas! How’s everyone doing? I’m going to announce the name of the next book. But before I do, I just wanted to note that I haven’t posted lately because I’ve been taking a break from social media to focus on finishing a major editing round, which was incredibly complex due to the sheer scale of the book.

And the book is epic, and I mean EPIC. I have a feeling you guys will be quite satisfied with how this particular series ends.

Now on to the crux of the post . . .

The name of the last book of the Fury of a Rising Dragon series will be Champion’s Wrath. It is currently on schedule for a December launch. (The image I uploaded is a stock image to whet your appetites.)

I’m also trying to decide on which series to write next: a story of the trio as adults, or a story about Mrs. Stone’s tempestuous youth. What are your thoughts?

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154 thoughts on “Announcing the name of the book that will conclude the epic fantasy “Fury of a Rising Dragon” series

  1. Trio as adults a must, the teenage angst was abit annoying, i would like to see the order restored to its original glory, like the Jedi temple on coruscant. The trio actually just obliterating evil, instead of getting kicked around for 59 minutes just to have 1 minute of anticlimactic justice.
    Just my cheap 2 cents, still love the books and story, the arcanery and its structure is sound.

  2. Hi Mr. Bronny!

    It would be really awesome if you could write a series chronicling the adventures of the trio as adults. It would be really cool to see what they get up to, and see what their life is like. Of course, Mrs. Stone’s story would also be equally amazing, but personally, I would prefer a series about the trio as adults.


  3. trio as adults, i really really want to know how it ends. i would love to see mrs. stone’s story as well, but like someone else said, there’s less suspense. And also the trio as adults would be super awesome

  4. Make trio as adults. I wanna Know if they get master and also start learning another ellement like how augum could do heeling like the spell he did to haylee and also Ms Stone cause i wanna know what adventures she had

  5. Trio as adults, but please stay away from the “oh my kids are in trouble so I have to save them” storyline.

  6. trio off adults i want to know what degree they get.
    also i love your books they are my favorite series EVER!!

  7. I’m kind of interested in Mrs. Stone’s story but I know I’d read either one, I love the books!

  8. I think it would be more fun to read about the trio as adults but both will be great. I’ve read all your books (they are all amazing) and can’t wait for the next.

  9. There’s a real question no ones asking… one of the utmost importance.

    Will Augum learn the Lightning Lamp spell that Mrs. Stone constantly demonstrates?

  10. “Trio As Adults” is my opinion. Just not a big fan of prequels, there’s a little less suspense because you know how it ends up. Plus, I’d wanna see where the story goes with the trio even after the next book.

  11. Will there be a story of atriums arinthian and how atrius was like Augum and not really all serious and stuff

  12. Please finish the booooooooooook. I’m toooooooooooooo excited and I swear ur gonna kill me with all this hype to a book I know is gonna be awesome. Also, will the new book be available to kindle unlimited subscribers. If u dare to not publish this book, I swear I’m gonna come down to ur house and beat u up.

  13. I was thinking a good idea would be for you to do a book or two about the trio, and then throw in a book about Mrs. Stone’s childhood, so it would be a little bit of a mix of both. But both sound great! This is personally my favorite book series, so I would like anything. Also do you have any suggestions of fantasy novels (possible series) that are similar to this book (other than Harry Potter)? If so, I would love to know!!

  14. Well, first I wish to tell you that I LOVE your books! I have read BOTH series! Looking forward to book 4 of Fury of the Dragon!
    So, where to go from there?? Well, the Trio as adults for sure, BUT, why not both? If you wish to do only one series at a time, do the adult trio first, then delve into the young Mrs Stone.

  15. I love both AL and FoaRD but I think you should a separate series from one of the other nations that intersects and goes either perpendicular and crosses over with the triumvirate that way more heroes can be seen from the other nations specially places like Tiberra and Abrandia

  16. When will u put an update on ur blog? I want to know if you planned to release the book early, if you do I would probably scream around my house with my hands in the air. Everybody in this entire universe who has read ur books will want u to release ur book early and read it. I mean ur my favourite author and I’m itching to find out if augum achieves MASTERY and if occulus gets revived.

    1. I love your enthusiasm! Alas, I’m seriously hampered by time. Champion’s Wrath is a demanding book, and I still have a lot of finalizing to do on this end, namely the final two edit rounds (almost finished the first one). There are loose ends to tie up, i’s to dot and t’s to cross. And the book will NOT be released until everything is to my standard.

      Hang in there and I appreciate your support and patience :)

  17. I know I’m a bit late here, but I love the idea of continuing the trios story while having short stories about Mrs. Stone. Also, has there been any progress on hardcover editions of the two series so far? Preferably some signed editions as well :)

    1. Hiyas Justin! Thanks for your input. As to the hardcovers, I haven’t had time to tackle that challenge as my hands have been full with Champion’s Wrath, which is a mammoth book. But there are some ideas kicking about n this side of the fence, so stay tuned and thanks for your patience ;)

  18. I’ll say this no matter what choice you make for the next series I definitely want both, as I do want to know what will continue to happen to the trio doing a series about young mrs Stone would also give the chance to fill in so many details we wanted in the other books we didn’t get to get due to mrs stones stubbornness on sharing information about herself and that would definitely also be dope

      1. Also a quick question you say your goal of release is December but for people who do the audiobook what would the time frame be looking like

  19. Hi, I love your Fury of a rising dragon series! Once I started, its like I can’t stop! But anyway, I would prefer for you the continue the trio’s journey.

      1. My favorite character would probably be Bridget, Mrs. Stones, Augum, or Leera (I can’t decide! 😂). For favorite scenes, I really like the scene where Mrs. Stones killed all those necromantic dragons.

      2. Great choices, Zye. And for what it’s worth, those are all my fav characters too =P =P =P

        As to how do I make my story so interesting … hmm, great question! I think it’s my basic premise when I write, which is to always ask the following questions to myself: Is this interesting to me? Am I having fun here? If not, what can I do to make the scene interesting? And what’s the most interesting thing I could write next? And so on ;)

      3. Hi, this is another quick question, have you ever given a character a(n) power/experience and then forgot about it entirely? Because I know that I have done it before as an author (though I’m only 12🤣).

  20. I check this every day for updates, Mr. Bronny and I’m getting antsy. After you announced the new Title I’m going crazy. Please tell us where you are at in the editing/publishing phase!

    1. I am currently just over halfway through with proofing the line editor’s edits. This will be followed by a text-to-speech edit round, and then a final proofing read. Everything is on track for an early December launch. Expect a cover and blurb reveal soon :)

  21. Hi sever! It would be amazing, if you could do a mix of both, the thought of you writing an incredible chapter of how Mrs stone got her sleeving and crossing it with how augum receives his sleeving is giving me goose bumps.

  22. Haters are idiots because your work is even better than the work you got inspired from (Harry Potter).im a 100% sure that the haters really like the book and are simply hating for no reason.

    1. Aww, thanks, and no worries. I don’t focus on that sort of stuff anyway. My readers are wonderful people, I love what I do, and I’m always looking to the future anyway these days ;)

  23. Please put the trio.i want to know if Augum gets mastery and I also want. To know if occulus gets revive, because it said that he could be revived if the lord of death is boiled alive and the trios fibnal challenge in their lives is occulus thus. Necromancer

  24. Been a fan of your work ever since I found The Arinthian Line by accident. I know it’s been said a lot, but Mrs. Stone is such an interesting character and her life would make for a great story. I especially want to know how she discovered Ley and Castle Arinthian, How she devised the test she gave Augum on Arcane, and what parallels would there be between young Mrs. Stone and Augum.

  25. Heya, just finished Mercy’s Trial and hyped for Champions wrath. Great series, love to escape into their world! Would definitly want to read more about the trio!

  26. I too would prefer the adult lives of the trio. Too often when a series ends as the youth prevail I am left wondering how they progress and mature. This would be nice for a change.
    The story for Mrs Stone would still be an option if this were done. At the end of the day, you are the author and do a great job!

  27. I love reading about the trio, and as some above have wished I’d honestly love for somewhat of a combination of the two. A possible way would be maybe to have a story centered around the trio as adults, but Augum faces challenges and wants to know how Mrs. Stone would go about it, so maybe there’s a way to sort of access Mrs. Stone’s memories to delve into her past as a way to connect it to the trio’s present as adults? It might get a little complicated that way but if anyone can do it, it’s you! But for the most part I think a story about Mrs. Stone and her finest battles and achievements on the way to becoming the legend she was would be something really interesting, rather than continue on the trio for the time being. Who knows, maybe going back into Mrs. Stone’s past could bring up some new ideas for the trio’s future! Either way I can’t wait to read what’s next.

    1. Thank you for the input, Aarya. It’s interesting how I’ve heard from a few people now to have a symbiosis story bringing Mrs. Stone’s past and the trio together, which in essence creates a third avenue to wander down.

      I have yet to fully make my decision as to which avenue to pursue, but it will made soon. And it’s a big commitment as it will take a chunk of my life with it.

  28. I think you should have a story where Augum and Leera’s child becomes a necromancer and how they have to face off against the people who want them.
    Another idea is to focus more on assassins or get bridgets school running.
    A new spell idea, kinda like the necromancer hellhound spell, this one is summon animal and you choose the animal based on your element. Fire is phoenix, Lighting is thunder wolve, and just aa few others

    1. Thank you for such wonderful suggestions, Cooper. I can say one of these options will be affected by the plot of Champion’s Wrath (Fury of a Rising Dragon, book4).

  29. Absolutely love your books they just keep getting better and better ! Lost track of the re-reads and soooo looking forward to December’s release, as is my daughter. Whilst would love to read more on the trio am sure that will come in time anyhow so would love to go back in time and see either Stone or even further back to the creation of the arcaner order.

  30. So, this is a little weird because I’m not used to interacting with the authors, but here goes… I would like to start by saying I THOROUGHLY enjoyed both series. I actually read the first book of FoaRD (way before the 2nd was released) which lead me to the original Arinthian Line series. Great stuff all around. Ultimately, I think you should do whatever your brainwave tells you… it’s been correct so far, and I’ll enjoy whatever you produce. For me, I would love to see the trio in their 20’s. I feel so invested now, it would feel like robbery if I didn’t get to see Augum get his last rings through mastery. Please don’t listen to one of the previous commenters about too much of the trio… that just nonsense!… more like can’t get enough!! But I know as a writer, your brain may need a break from them for a while and I completely understand and this post is long so I’ll end it here… can’t wait for Champion’s Wrath!!

  31. Just wanted to let u know that your books are great and I also find myself re- reading them. In my opinion I would like to see the trio as adults. I can’t imagine them being even higher in degree they sure will be a force to be reckoned with

  32. Hi Mr. Bronny, I love your series so much! I´ve probably read it five or six times since you released Mercy´s Trial, and I will probably read it again before Champion´s Wrath comes out. In regards to your question at the end of your post, I would have to go for a story about Mrs. Stone, although it pains me to say no to the trio. Another book idea that I saw someone else mention would be about Atrius and the other first recipients of the scions and their battles and duels with Occulus. Whatever you choose to do next, I can promise you that I will read it.

  33. I would love to read about the trio as adults next, but I also like the idea of a book about Mrs. Stone in her youth. I think that a book about Atrius Arinthian fighting Occulus would be a fun one as well. By the way, I loved reading your books.

    1. Also, I have been wondering if you had some method to coming up with the language they speak to use “magic”? When I try to come up with a language it looks to me like its obviously been made up, but yours doesn’t.

      1. Hiyas Jude! Glad you’re enjoying my work, and thanks for the input. Regarding spell language, now and then I flip through a dictionary on Latin and say the words aloud. Then, when I need to make a spell name, I draw on that resource, though I always make the words up–they just have to literally “sound” cool ;)

  34. Perhaps a few chapters on Mrs. Stone and some of her escapades as a youth as a lead-in to the continuing saga of the trio and some tidbits tossed in throughout the book would be a good way to go.

  35. I’m so excited for this last book, I’m a huge fan of both The Arinthian Line and Fury of a rising dragon, and I feel like they really capture the spirit of a true coming of age story. Thank you for the amazing stories and I’m looking forward to reading your future books.

  36. I just found your books on Audible and I’ve listened to the first series and half-way thru the second one and I am enjoying them. Maybe a story about Mrs. Stone which could then set up the plot line for the trio in the future as adults.

  37. I really agree with James C’s comment. Too little mystery remains in many of these series, the light is too bright on their stories! Great women characters are often cloaked in mystery and allure. :)

    1. Fair enough, R.Adams. But should I delve into Anna’s story, I would do it in such a way that would keep her mystique intact. You’ll see what I mean should I choose that avenue :)

  38. I’m going to play devil’s advocate. I want stories about the trio. I feel delving too deep into Mrs Stones past will remove some of shroud if enigma around her. She is so fantastic because of the site of mystery around her. Of course continue to expand on her story as it involves the trio but only where helps their character develop.

    1. Thanks for your input, James! I’ve always wanted to write her story one way or another, and I want to do it in a way that doesn’t kill the mystique. You’ll see what I mean should I choose that avenue. And don’t worry, the trio’s story will continue as well, just maybe after a year break if anything ;)

  39. Sir either one of those paths would no doubt lead to amazing stories .. but of course bc of constant references to her exploits and past sir .. I would love to hear Mrs. Stone’s (no doubt) incredible story sir.. thank you for making December awesome the last couple years . Thank you for letting us be a part of Augums journey ..

  40. I just want to say that this story is incredible and the characters are incredibly lovable. But at some point, I feel the story needs to end, otherwise I fear it will turn into Diary of a Wimpy Kid with each story feeling the same and unoriginal. I have always loved the feel and simplicity but conciseness of epilogues. Epilogues are great because you can give a happily ever after without the hassle of not meeting the expectations of your audience. Instead, we, the audience, get to dream up how they lived out the rest of their lives. A prequel would be awesome as we would finally get to understand the hints presented to us about Mrs. Stone. However, it can be difficult to keep continuity unless it has been thoroughly thought of before and especially after the publication of the text that the prequel is predating. If you truly want to continue the story of the trio, go ahead, as authors should write about what they and not their audience want to write about. I personally think either writing the prequel or moving on are the best choices. Good luck, and I’m excited to get my hands on Champion’s Wrath!

      1. Can we downvote? Who on earth can rightfully say they want less adventures of Augum, Bridge, and Leera? I introduced arinthian line to a few of my good friends 2 years ago and were all highly anticipating Champions’s Wrath. Don’t let this guy give you any crazy ideas about stopping the tales after the second series. :)

  41. I would like a trio as adults story, but depending on how champions wrath ends, they could be super OP in the next series, especially if they are now adults. At the end of the Arinthian Line, they no longer had the scions, or the ability to use Cron, but at this point you would have to make them no longer Arcaners, and even then they are still extremely powerful.

  42. Thank you so much for the update! Looking forward – in a bittersweet kind of way – to the conclusion of this trilogy.

    Just my two cents but definitely another trilogy about the trio as adults. Can’t get enough of the trio.

    1. Bittersweet for me too. I’ve spent years of my working life with the trio. But whereas this chapter of their lives ends, another one shall begin in due course. It’s just a matter of when ;)

      And thank you for your support, means a lot :)

  43. I’d love to see a story on the trio as adults (But aren’t they already adults XD), but Ms. Stone’s youth would be wonderful as well. I know that anything you write will be great, I can’t wait! Also, something which spark my interest is learning about Augum’s mothers side more.

    1. Yes, within the world itself they are technically “man and women” grown, but they’re still teenagers. I’m talking at least being in their twenties, etc =P

      And thank you, I appreciate your support in whatever i choose to do :)

  44. HIIIIIIIIIIIIIII. I can’t wait for this!!! So hyped!!! This gives me EVEN MORE reason to reread both series for about the 5th time. Can’t wait for December! Hope it comes sooner!


  45. I would personally prefer a continuation of the trio’s story. As you publish one book a year it could mean we would have to wait at least a couple of years to hear more about the trio if you next did a Mrs Stone book!
    I would love to read more about Mrs Stone but maybe once the trio’s journey has been completed?

    Can’t wait to read the next book!!

  46. I think a beautiful combination of the 2 would be amazing. A story of the trio as adults that takes them through discovering a mystery of Mrs. Stones past. However. Id read anything you write so whichever direction you go I’m sure it will be fantastic!

  47. The trio. While I love Mrs Stone and would like to read about her youth, I would much rather any major project focus on the trio. Maybe a Mrs Stone novella? Or flash back chapters? That being said I know that sometimes authors need something new to write to recharge their batteries, and I’ll read anything you write.

  48. No contest – the trio as adults! (to be fair, though, I tend to favor continuations over prequels in almost all cases)

    1. I hear ya. Copying and pasting for brevity: Maybe I’ll do a “Chronicles of Anna Atticus Stone” series which I dip into now and then while working on the trio’s stories. We’ll see…

  49. ARG I’ld have to say the trio as adults but after that I would love to see a series about the old way. (Mrs. Stone)

    1. Thanks, Ian. I’ve got a big decision ahead of me. Maybe I’ll do a “Chronicles of Anna Atticus Stone” series which I dip into now and then while working on the trio’s stories. We’ll see…

      1. I think this is it, Mrs Stone has lived too long to do a full series on, the Trio aren’t even adults and look how man books you have written on them lol. I think we need a highlight reel of sorts for Mrs Stone a book comprised of multiple stories or books because as I said there is a lot to tell even if you just hit the highlights and important moments in her life.

  50. Mr. Bronny, your ideas on whether you should continue this story are appealing as a continuation or even writing a prequel to this great series!

  51. Would it be wrong of me to ask for both? 😂. Really excited to hear that the next book will be coming out in the near future! Love your work! If I had to choose, I think I would go with Mrs. Stone. New perspectives are always interesting and I’d love to get more lore out of the world through it.

    1. It was a tougher time in those days. Mrs. Stone grew up in the last of the “old way” of doing things, which will be fun to write about. And she was a rebel and driven to boot.

  52. I would want more of the trio as adults or a story about a good necromancer. Or better yet, a combination of the two. I am counting down the days until book 4. Also did Caireen have to dye? She was my second favorite character. I can’t wait.

    1. Caireen and Isaac represented that Romeo and Juliet love story that never got off the ground. Their story was one of tragedy, thus giving more weight to those relationships allowed to blossom into a full life together.

      And one way or another, the trio’s story into adulthood shall be written ;)

  53. at the moment I would love to read a series about Mrs. Stone. but I also know that after reading the last book I will immediately want to read more about what will happen to them after they are done. So personally I think you should write about the trio as adults. That’s just me though.

    1. I reallly want to see Ms.Stone beat the hell out of Narsus or Dradeya after she go the scion.It should be an awesome battle. I really also want to now if the trio become masters in their element and are living legends (please tell me yes).

      1. I can’t wait for the next book.can u release it early, I bet you a trillion dollars it’s gonna be epic and will be told about for centuries

      2. Aww, the schedule is set in stone (unless something comes up), but i appreciate the vote of confidence :) Hang in there, December is just around the corner!

      3. Then I shall hope something comes up and I can’t wait till December please ur torturing me by making me wait, pls publish sooner……..

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