Announcing the name of the book that will conclude the epic fantasy “Fury of a Rising Dragon” series

Heyas! How’s everyone doing? I’m going to announce the name of the next book. But before I do, I just wanted to note that I haven’t posted lately because I’ve been taking a break from social media to focus on finishing a major editing round, which was incredibly complex due to the sheer scale of the book.

And the book is epic, and I mean EPIC. I have a feeling you guys will be quite satisfied with how this particular series ends.

Now on to the crux of the post . . .

The name of the last book of the Fury of a Rising Dragon series will be Champion’s Wrath. It is currently on schedule for a December launch. (The image I uploaded is a stock image to whet your appetites.)

I’m also trying to decide on which series to write next: a story of the trio as adults, or a story about Mrs. Stone’s tempestuous youth. What are your thoughts?

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Sever Bronny

Bestselling author of the epic fantasy THE ARINTHIAN LINE series and the FURY OF A RISING DRAGON series. The adventure begins with Arcane (The Arinthian Line, book 1):

154 thoughts on “Announcing the name of the book that will conclude the epic fantasy “Fury of a Rising Dragon” series

  1. Trio as adults a must, the teenage angst was abit annoying, i would like to see the order restored to its original glory, like the Jedi temple on coruscant. The trio actually just obliterating evil, instead of getting kicked around for 59 minutes just to have 1 minute of anticlimactic justice.
    Just my cheap 2 cents, still love the books and story, the arcanery and its structure is sound.

  2. Hi Mr. Bronny!

    It would be really awesome if you could write a series chronicling the adventures of the trio as adults. It would be really cool to see what they get up to, and see what their life is like. Of course, Mrs. Stone’s story would also be equally amazing, but personally, I would prefer a series about the trio as adults.


  3. trio as adults, i really really want to know how it ends. i would love to see mrs. stone’s story as well, but like someone else said, there’s less suspense. And also the trio as adults would be super awesome

  4. Make trio as adults. I wanna Know if they get master and also start learning another ellement like how augum could do heeling like the spell he did to haylee and also Ms Stone cause i wanna know what adventures she had

  5. Trio as adults, but please stay away from the “oh my kids are in trouble so I have to save them” storyline.

  6. trio off adults i want to know what degree they get.
    also i love your books they are my favorite series EVER!!

  7. I’m kind of interested in Mrs. Stone’s story but I know I’d read either one, I love the books!

  8. I think it would be more fun to read about the trio as adults but both will be great. I’ve read all your books (they are all amazing) and can’t wait for the next.

  9. There’s a real question no ones asking… one of the utmost importance.

    Will Augum learn the Lightning Lamp spell that Mrs. Stone constantly demonstrates?

  10. “Trio As Adults” is my opinion. Just not a big fan of prequels, there’s a little less suspense because you know how it ends up. Plus, I’d wanna see where the story goes with the trio even after the next book.

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