Quick update…

I don’t get to note many triumphs since I only publish once a year, but today was a good day. I wrote 9051 of the most inspired words in my life. The book is at a staggering 261,000 words, so I got some serious editing ahead. But at least I am nearly done. Another few days or so should do it.

Spent half the day sobbing like a child because of the emotional gravity of certain scenes. It’s the end of the epic Fury of a Rising Dragon series, so a lot is happening. I suspect you guys are really going to enjoy it.

Anyway, just wanted to share that. I’m a wreck and look forward to a good night’s rest for a change. I blew past a deadline for this book so it’s been stressing me out. I think I’ll be okay now, though. This is going to be one heck of a finale.

Hope you are all well. More to come in due course.

31 thoughts on “Quick update…

  1. Thank you for working so hard! Remember, even though we readers are awaiting your latest triumph, you need to take time for yourself! We care about your characters, we care about you!


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  2. That was great…also makes me nervous about the finale. I’ll be ready with tissues and a strong drink.

    Be well! You’ve worked hard and deserve a rest.

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    • Aww, yeah, there will be … a few moments there. But it will be worth it.

      Yes, looking forward to some time off in due course. Still a ways off though as an in-depth editing round comes next.


  3. I’m sure it will be more than worth the wait! Take it from a guy who’s been waiting for the next book in a series for 8 years. I don’t mind waiting. Thank you for all the hard work you’re putting into it! Looking forward to enjoying it!!!

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  4. Hi Mr. Bronny,
    I’m super excited that you’re super excited about the finale! When you rest I suggest a smoothie and a New Orleans muffuletta! I love your complex character development. My favorite character is Augum, not only because he is the protagonist but I relate to Augum strongly (except for the girlfriend and arcane gift part. I’m an ordinary ;) ). My heart is already pounding and I haven’t even read the first chapter yet! I hope you know how proud all of your readers are of you. Long live Sithesia and its creator, Sever Bronny.
    One of many supporters

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  5. Recently spent several weeks working as a nurse in NYC, listening to the audiobook versions of your series helped me unwind and escape after shift. Tonight I finished your latest which brought me here and wanted to simply say thank you.

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    • Glad my work has given you a well-deserved reprieve from the grind. Keep safe and healthy over there in NYC, and thank you for the valor all nurses have shown in these trying times, Maureen.


  6. Good to hear the news, december couldnt come fast enough I love what you have done with the complex and likable characters to the world building. You are truelly a gifted writer. Keep doing what you do best and do whatever you need to do for yourself bc us readers care for you. I am around the same age as the mc and characters so I feel like I can relate to some aspects. And for some reason every book I learn something that I can apply irl. The Arinthian line was great, and Fury of a Rising Dragon is mindblowing cant wait to see what is to come.

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  7. I don’t think people mind waiting for a good book. The worst is a rushed book just because of a deadline, or any product in life really, that being said “wheel of time” took a little too much time, glad he had someone to finish the story for him.

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    • I feel the same way. And I’d push any release deadline (and have many times) to get the story just right. I want to make sure my readers get the best of me, not the rushed version :)


    • Yes! I’ve also considered writing a book about Atrius Arinthian, Attyla the Mighty, a young Anna Atticus Stone, a younger Jez, and of course about Leera. Perhaps in due time. The only thing is each book takes me about a year to structure/write/edit/etc, so time itself limited.


  8. Long time fan here, written you several times and you are always so good about responding. Can’t wait for the latest book! And WOW on the word count! I’m working on my first novel and am happy to have reached 80k (in 3 years, lol), so I know how much work must have gone into this, and I’m so happy for you. Way to go! Looking forward to December and getting my hands on it. I’m super excited to continue the adventures of the trio!

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    • Thank you so much, Jen. Yeah it’s a big book, but it’s also my ninth, so that muscle is strong. You’ll get there too, one day, just keep it up :)

      And thanks for your continued longtime support, Jen :)


  9. This is extremely random, but in your first book, Arcane, there was that one guy, Tyeon (Tye) did you ever have plans for his character? Also congrats doing good writing. :)

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      • Ah, I am now intrigued on what could have happened if he stayed alive. Just the possibilities, like Haylee never becoming the homie, or other big plot points. But I love it the way it is.

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  10. I hope that you crying is not because one or more of 3 main characters die, I hate when an author does that, instead of leaving them alive and letting the fans imagine their next adventure (if any, or maybe it’s their childrens challenges that gets to live on in the fans imagination)
    That said, I really love how your books have been captivating from the first page, not even the great known works like “The Lord of the Rings” have been able to captivate so much

    PS: I will not give a 5 star review for a “killing the main characters” book


  11. I have thoroughly your series and can’t wait for your finale! I like to think of a Author as painting me a picture of his story, I have really been enjoying your ‘paintings’!
    An old Soldier

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