48 thoughts on “Launch date

  1. Thank you! I just finished rereading the entire Arinthian line series and Burden’s edge in preparation for this! Plus the book comes out on my birthday as an added bonus! The Arinthian line series was good, the last couple really good, and Burden’s edge absolutely fabulous. I love your writing and your characters, especially their development. Watching Augum grow up is really fun and reminds me a lot of myself. Please never stop writing :)

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  2. I am one of the lucky Advanced Readers, and I just finished Honor’s Price. It is an amazing book! I loved every page of it! It is SO WORTH IT. I highly recommend it, and I am so happy I got the change to be an Advanced Reader and get it early. It is an amazing Book and I suggest you get it right on Launch Day and clear your schedule, because you won’t be able to put the book down! Every fan should get this book!

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  3. I want it now. I can’t wait for it. These are my favorite books by my favorite author and in opinion better then any of the Harry Potters. Never quit please. Keep writing about Aguam. I’ve waited so long!!!!

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  4. I want to read it all in one night but I don’t. I want to last as long as it can so I don’t have to have the same wait for the next one. I finished Burdens Egde really soon after launch and it has been a long wait so I am super hyped and when I wake up I will be able to read it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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