Honor’s Price (Fury of a Rising Dragon, book two) blurb and cover reveal

It’s that time! Here’s the cover and blurb reveal for Honor’s Price (Fury of a Rising Dragon, book two). (Launch is on schedule for the end of the month).

When a cunning enemy enslaves the kingdom, a famed warlock-knight must survive a gauntlet of perils to save his people.

Augum Stone is only sixteen and already a legend. He heard his name chanted in the arena by tens of thousands. He vanquished a notorious tyrant and ended a war. And he revived a warlock-knight order that lay dormant for generations.

But these feats came with a price—he needs combat to feel alive, to test his limits.

As Augum struggles with restraint, a callous enemy kingdom enslaves his people. And that enemy wants more than mere control—they’re searching for an ancient weapon with which to conquer Sithesia.

Now, with the future of all the kingdoms at stake, Augum and his friends must cobble together lost historical clues to find the weapon before the enemy does. Standing in the way is a manipulative prince, a traitorous nobility, a vengeful rival . . . and Augum’s own reckless nature.

* * *

Are you as excited as I am? The book is undergoing formatting as we speak, and we’re still looking at a late September launch. You’ll hear from me again soon!


P.S. I just sent out an email to all my subscribers which includes the first chapter (those of you with Gmail accounts may want to check your “Promotions” tab–and drag and drop them into your regular email tab, as sometimes emails get lost in the shuffle like that).

30 thoughts on “Honor’s Price (Fury of a Rising Dragon, book two) blurb and cover reveal

    • —– Spoilers Ahead, if you have not read all of the books up until Honor’s Price —-

      I love your books, and have re-read them at least 4 times. You are officially one of my favorite authors, and I can’t wait for honor’s price. On the page where it lists the spells the trio knows, I couldn’t find Cron, Teleport, Reveal, Disenchant, and Group Teleport. Is it because these spells are (excluding Teleport) are 2 degree’s above the trio’s current degree of seven? I can understand the reason why Cron isn’t there, because the trio can’t cast it anymore, nor can(as least as of yet), anyone, because the gold book is gone (other than Anna Atticus Stone). Also, it would be cool to add a collection of all the spells used in the books. Like, some of the Necromantic spells, or some of the ones used at the battle of Hangman’s rock(e.g. Forked Frenzy, Possession, Doppelgänger(I just like the way Doppelgänger sounds). Anyway, keep up the good work, your awesome.


  1. Seriously speaking now, is there any way you could of written a better chapter, it’s exiting and beautifuly detailed! The only reason I wouldn’t call it a masterpiece is that it is better than a masterpiece. I can’t wait thank so much for your hard work!!

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  2. I have really enjoyed your books, so much so that I have reread each one at least three times. I cant wait for Honor’s Price. I love how every test Augum goes through makes him strong and adds to his legend.

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    • Thank you, Patrick. Glad you’re enjoying my work. Augum goes through a few more tests in Honor’s Price, and I cannot wait for you to see what happens. This one’s a big book. We’re super close to launch too.


  3. Ahhhh!! I’m so psyched for this! I don’t think I’ll be getting any sleep this weekend, but it will be so worth it! I’ve been re-reading the whole series in anticipation for this release 😁 I love your writing!

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  4. Hello, I saw your books a few weeks ago and have went through the series and listened to the audiobook of burdens edge driving to and from work. I was wondering if you there is going to be an audiobook of Honor’s Price?

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