Honor’s Price (Fury of a Rising Dragon, book 2) has launched!


When a cunning enemy enslaves the kingdom, a famed warlock-knight must survive a gauntlet of perils to save his people.

Augum Stone is only sixteen and already a legend. He heard his name chanted in the arena by tens of thousands. He vanquished a notorious tyrant and ended a war. And he revived a warlock-knight order that lay dormant for generations.

But these feats came with a price—he needs combat to feel alive, to test his limits.

As Augum struggles with restraint, a callous enemy kingdom enslaves his people. And that enemy wants more than mere control—they’re searching for an ancient weapon with which to conquer Sithesia.

Now, with the future of all the kingdoms at stake, Augum and his friends must cobble together lost historical clues to find the weapon before the enemy does. Standing in the way is a manipulative prince, a traitorous nobility, a vengeful

rival . . . and Augum’s own reckless nature.
* * *
This launch marks three years of full-time writing. Three years. In total, I published seven books, stacking up to 1.24 millions words. I am grateful to you, dear reader. And I am grateful to my amazing wife, who believed in my writing when she could have easily told me, after I had already failed in making a living in my music career, that I should be more practical. Yet she pushed me to see where it goes, knowing I was having a blast writing.

And I’m still having a blast writing (thank you, my love!).

Many of you have written me wonderful heartfelt letters expressing your love for the trio’s journey. You have motivated me to give it my all with this work, which has been a year in the making. It’s a big book—230,000 words / 634 paperback pages, almost as long as Legend. In this new chapter in their lives, our illustrious trio find themselves embroiled in a new adventure—one of courage, determination, and especially, growth.

Thank you for supporting my work—it means more than you know :)

Now on the book. The kindle version can be purchased from Amazon HERE. The paperback version can be found HERE.

Enjoy the adventure, and I’d love to hear your thoughts when you’re done reading.

All my best to you and those you love,


32 thoughts on “Honor’s Price (Fury of a Rising Dragon, book 2) has launched!

  1. I just finished and it was a very very very very good book. I agree with the other anonymous about the romance and in my opinion there should be more between Aguam and Leera. In my opinion the romance is sweet and it makes Aguam and Leera closer and I don’t understand how people would hate it. Ivery do hope you continue making books (about the trip) after this trilogy is over. I would be very sad if you do stop but if you feel like stopping then do. This is one of my favorite books and the end is nice. It wasn’t as big as a cliff hanger as Burdens Egde. You are my #1 author. 😃😃☺️☺️😀😀😀

    P.S. when is the next book supposed to come out?

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  2. I’m the anonymous that asked about the Aguam and Leera cheating question and yes I’m pretty sure it was that one. I’m going back in the Arinthian Line series and reading my favorite ones and I remember liking that one, thx!

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    • Deranged Doctor Designs designed the cover for the Fury of A Rising Dragon series, and I designed The Arinthian Line covers myself. As to T-shirts, that’s something I’ve been mulling for a while, but until there is a demand, I will likely wait on.


  3. I love your writing and I wish the next book could come out sooner. It is so hard to wait. I don’t know any other good series like this because yours are by far the best I have ever read. I hope when this trilogy is over you keep writing about the trio. These books have gotten me through a lot of bad times. #1 books! Never stop writing!!!

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