Kindle ebook of Burden’s Edge is on sale for $0.99 for first time ever

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If you know someone who’s looking to start a new adventure, let them know that for the first time ever, the kindle version of Burden’s Edge (Fury of a Rising Dragon, book 1) is on sale in the U.S. for only $0.99 cents on Amazon. But you’ll have to hurry because the sale expires early Wednesday morning.

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6 thoughts on “Kindle ebook of Burden’s Edge is on sale for $0.99 for first time ever

  1. So far I have purchased all of your books from the kindle store, but I was wondering if there is a chance that they will be released in a hardcover format? It’s just my personal preference, but I like to have hardcovers of all of my favorite books.

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    • Hello Justin!

      You’re not the only one who has asked for this. Once the series ages a bit, my wife and I will consider putting out a hardcover “anniversary” edition, with additional info, new covers, etc. It’s something that we’ve been dreaming about since day 1.


    • Definitely NOT the first draft, as it’s always the worst, with the most glaring problems. The second draft is usually where things really start to get sculpted into place. But my favorite part about writing a book is crafting scenes that are so fun that I reread them later and think to myself, “I wouldn’t change a thing!” :)


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