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Let’s get to the big news first: the audiobook for Honor’s Price (Fury of a Rising Dragon, book 2) just launched today!

It’s narrated by the accomplished Gary Furlong, from Ireland.

I’ve been getting a lot of emails asking about when more audiobooks are going to come out, but unfortunately audiobooks take a long time to produce—especially for fantasy epics, which is the kind I write. The best thing you can do to help speed the process along is to get the distributors to take notice, which means leaving an honest review of any of my audiobooks on audible.

On to other matters.

I hope the wait for book 3 in the Fury of a Rising Dragon series is not too excruciating. I’ll be releasing the title of the work in the coming months. I’m also still on track for an early December launch, and am having a blast editing the book. It’s a big adventure with a lot of new character development and a whole new storyline that’s going to take things in an incredible direction. Augum’s main challenge in this work will be to control his temper while stepping into the shoes of a true leader. The girls too will have their own unique challenges.

I’m quite excited about where things are headed with this series, and have big plans for our intrepid trio—as well as a unique combination of spellcasting and story I simply cannot wait for you to experience.

There’s been a lot of mail in general from you happy folks (I post the “best-of” here on this site). You’ve been amazingly supportive and understanding of how long these stories take to crank out and get right. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you to each and every one of you :)

All my best to you and those you love, and happy listening to Honor’s Price!

P.S. I added a recent photo of me inducting Honor’s Price into the local downtown library here in Victoria, BC.

17 thoughts on “The Latest News

      • I recently read a book where in the prologue the author said a certain chapter was just a chapter with NSFW content and not important to the story, so if you weren’t a fan of the romance you could skip past it. Would you ever consider doing something like this?

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      • Hi Jack. There will be no need since there will not be any NSFW romance in the book (NSFW means Not Safe For Work for others reading). Everything on that front will continue to stay wholesome.

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  1. Just caught up. I’m both super psyched there’s a book 4 and upset. I hate the waiting and anticipation. To be honest when I read the very first book in this series it wasn’t my favorite, but I was going to force myself to finish. Somewhere along the journey I realized how amazingly captivated I was. These books are EASILY in my top 5 all time favorites. And I read a lot so that’s huge! Stoked for December and the coming adventures! Keep up the wonderful work.

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  2. I’ve been looking on all of the internet for a hard cover version of the Arinthian Line series and I can not find it anywhere! This is my most favorite series and it would be awesome to have a hard cover set. Does one exist or are they all soft covers?

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    • Hi, Joey!

      Glad you’re enjoying my work. This question comes up a lot, and I’ve been mulling over doing hardcovers. For that matter, I was thinking of completely rebranding the covers for the first series, maybe hiring an illustrator to “paint” them. Ideally, it’d be somebody who has read the work. It’s just a matter of putting the energy into it, and most of my energy is taken up with writing the next book in the trio’s adventures.


      • Hello! Speaking of drawing, a couple months ago you had asked us for things we would like to see. I answered with a drawing of the characters as described in the book. You responded saying you thought it was a good idea but I never saw anything. I would LOVE to see a sketch or something of the whole gang and even Grandmama Stone living her best life in Ley

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      • Yeah this one’s still on the to-do list, it’s just that I’ve been knee-deep in the editing stages of Mercy’s Trial, so haven’t had much energy for much else (it’s an intensive process as-is, exacerbated by the book being quite complex). I’m not sure if I want to run a fan contest for this so that we get a wide variety of interpretations of what they look like, or if I should hire an illustrator to depict how I feel they look like.

        One way or another, this will happen in due time :)

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