A peek behind the curtain

Finished writing book 3 recently, and now I’m rereading the first two books of the Fury of a Rising Dragon series in preparation for the first round of editing. It will go through numerous rounds of edits before release later this year

Reading my own books might seem strange but I find it to be an important part of the process. And yes I do laugh at my own jokes 😂 Currently at the scene where the trio and friends visit Olaf for the first time in “Castle Squalor”—Olaf’s house. It’s one of my favorites in Honor’s Price. Do you have a favorite scene in the book?


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I'm a full time author living in Victoria, British Columbia. I grew up on Dragonlance and probably spent way too much time playing video and role-playing games (particularly Rifts and AD&D). My favorite sagas are Harry Potter and Game of Thrones. I was a musician at one time, having released three albums with my industrial-rock music project Tribal Machine, including the full-length concept album The Orwellian Night. One of my songs can be heard in the feature-length film The Gene Generation. Now, my cat likes to keep watch from a customized Lego castle near my desk. I'm trying to breathe new life into my tennis game, and love to bike camp with my amazing wife, who is also my editor (and biggest supporter). I enjoy talking to my readers very much, so email me anytime at severbronny@gmail.com The Arinthian Line is my first series, currently consisting of ARCANE, RIVEN, and VALOR. Each of the books hit #1 on Amazon in the Fantasy Coming of Age genre at one time or other. Subscribe to my newsletter to receive a notification of release of the next book in the series at http://eepurl.com/HIxzX I only email 1-2 times a month, so you don’t have to worry about useless spam clogging your inbox. Connect with me at severbronny.com

23 thoughts on “A peek behind the curtain

  1. The beginning of the book when Augum takes out the assassin like he’s the grandson of Anna Atticus Stone!

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      1. I can’t see it on my phone. When I get home I will pull this up instantly on my PC and zoom max and I WILL read it. 🤣

      2. OP here. I just wanted to see who I could get to double take on the notes. I couldn’t actually read em.

      3. Okay that made me laugh. Sneaky, sneaky! And there I was thinking, “Wait, I thought I made sure they weren’t readable in the first place”

  2. I am SOOO excited… can’t wait. Will take the day off of work when I find out the release date haha.. thank you for hard work and communicating with us, your avid readers

  3. Cant wait. Really think it is going to be a good book, especially since I have loved your last ones . Keep up the good work

  4. Can you please give us an estimate on how long the editing will take because I am dieing to read the next book. And than you for your hard work.😀

    1. There will be multiple editing rounds, and the book is large (230,000 words right now), so it’s going to come down to the wire. Launch is still expected in December though :)

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