First draft of Book 3 (Fury of a Rising Dragon series) nearing completion.

I just passed 200,000 words in book 3 to the Fury of a Rising Dragon series (title to be announced). The book is rapidly nearing its conclusion—and it’s one epic conclusion. But it’s only one battle in a war, which means, you guessed it:

Yes, there will be a book 4!

The expected release date of book 3 is December of this year (2019).

Thank you for your patience and your continued support. Your letters and comments inspire me to give it my all with my writing.

I love this job.

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58 thoughts on “First draft of Book 3 (Fury of a Rising Dragon series) nearing completion.

    • I really wasn’t expecting a new book after the third… so that makes it a whole lot better… I own all your books and for the newest two why are the letters so small, its so good though. XD

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      • The letters are so small because there is a maximum pagecount print length, and even one point higher on the font scale took book 2 over that maximum. Sorry about that!


      • I really like reading on my kindle. I mean the books are so cheap, and you can read them immediately. It’s way easier than buying one at a store or on Amazon or something. I am not paid by the kindle people.

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      • My wife and I read both–kindle and paper books. I do a lot of research for my work, however, and so 90%+ of my time reading is spent with paper books.


  1. I can’t wait. I also just thought it would be a trilogy but now there is a fourth. You have the best books and I personally like them more than Harry Potter.

    P.S. There better be a lot of romance ;).

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  2. I am elated there will be at least one more. I picked these all up last month and read them. I should have waited. I’m not sure I can wait until December for the next one! 😢

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  3. Love your work and these characters. I’m extremely happy that you continued their story and actually hope that this series isn’t the end for the 3. I’ll keep checking back here for the pre-order information. Thank you!

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  4. In class the other day I was re reading your book and the teacher came over to me and told me to put it away, then the next day I did the same thing and it happened again today and I almost got a referral, it was so funny!!! I just love your books so much I would give my phone away and keep your books. I’m so excited!!! Oh and do you know what the cover is gonna be?

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    • Honestly your books are the best I’ve ever read, I don’t know how to do this grammar thing, anyway’s, I love fantasy and you have the best type, where do you get your inspiration from, and have you wrote any other books?

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      • I’m honored, but don’t get in trouble in class, haha :)

        The cover is still a few months away, but it’s something I’m already thinking about and will send basic info along to the designer when the time comes. Things are going to seriously escalate with this book. And no, I have not written any other books other than The Arinthian Line and the Fury of a Rising Dragon series’. I save everything I have for the work you see, hence why it takes so long per book.

        As to where I get my inspiration from, mostly my imagination; what I’d love to experience; what I think would be fun to see; but I also get inspiration from books, from medieval research, from life, from friends, and from movies (I’m a big movie watcher).

        Hang in there :)

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  5. How do you foreshadow what happens in future books, because in the second book of the Arinthian line you gave Robin the “Destiny Stone”, and he later died because of the Stone, was that always your intention? Or did you have different ideas. And how do you know to add something so early on to happen in future books?

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    • A great question! The Destiny Stone was a good example of a challenge I set myself that I did not have the answer to at the time. In this case, the challenge was: what could I do that was fun with this object?


      Now what I think you’ll find interesting is that I did not know how the stone would come into play until the final scene between Augum and Robin in the arena, when they dueled to the death. I remember pacing the apartment and trying to come up with a way to factor the Destiny Stone in somehow, in a manner that was pertinent and meaningful to the story. I think I even had the scene nearly finished, and Augum was writhing on the ground losing, when it hit me like a ton of bricks: What if the stone, which had been partially responsible for Robin’s rise, could be karmically balanced so that if it was destroyed, HE was destroyed?

      I think I pumped my fist or jumped up and down and yelled yahoo or something silly like that, because the scene came together beautifully after that. Mind, I then edited the scene endlessly until it was as good as I could make it, but the core idea with the stone was what capped it off.

      And this happened a lot with my work: I’d set myself a challenge I did not have an answer to, then later answer that challenge. Sometimes it took a lot of pacing around the apartment to figure out, at other times an obvious solution presented itself.

      More often than not, however, I’d insert a foreshadow early in the book during the editing phase. This is why a book for me often takes shape in the second or third edit round, when the details can be snuck in. My challenge now is to not make the foreshadowing obvious, and throw some red herrings in so that readers can’t see too much coming. But that will come with experience, I suppose.


  6. You should write some books in Leera’s point of view. You should also hold a fan art competition. I really want to see other people’s ideas on what they look like.

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  7. I kind of feel like Bridget is not as important as Augum or Leera… also do you use the metric system or the not metric system, the one us dumb American’s use

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      • Using notebooks to keep track of it all. That and cue cards. I’m pretty well organized with the world details, and anything I miss usually gets caught in the editing phases.

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      • what are cue cards? Funny I was about to ask you about if you have a journal. (Trying to write a book, but I’m a new writer so I need the strategies)

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      • By cue cards I meant index cards really. I write all pertinent character details on 3×5 inch index cards, often writing additional details on the back. If you want to see what they look like, I posted some photos of these here o the site a whi8le back and on my Author Facebook page.

        As to developing your skills as a writer, I always recommend the following three books to aspiring authors:

        Wired for Story by Lisa Cron
        Self-editing for Fiction Writers by Renni Browne and Dave King
        A Writer’s Guide to Fiction by Elizabeth Lyon



  8. I stumbled on an add on Facebook about your books, I went to Amazon and “borrowed” the series. It took me a few days to get to them, but had a hard time putting them down after starting :) I fell in love with the characters and story line. Now I’m waiting for the next book *not very patiently* to see what happens next! Thank you for a great read :D

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      • The Fury of a Rising Dragon, yes. The Arinthian not yet LOL I will get to that one next. I have about 10 or 15 books I still need to read before I pick up a new one…I’m a VERY avid reader LOL

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      • Since you started with Fury of a Rising Dragon first, I look forward to hearing whta you have to say when you get into The Arinthian Line :)


    • I usually pace, thinking aloud to myself while I try variations of plot ideas, until I get one that gives me an “Ah ha!” moment. Sometimes I just write ahead anyway and delete what I wrote if it doesn’t work. I don’t take it too seriously either way, because it can always be changed in editing. The primary goal is to have fun. Ask yourself, “What’s the coolest thing that can happen next?”

      Good luck :)

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