Happy holidays from Augum, Bridget and Leera!

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Buddha, the Arinthian house cat, treads on Burden’s Edge in search of a hidden treat.

Happy holidays! Four quick things:

#1. I’ve recently updated the site with new resources for readers, including Fury of a Rising Dragon series lore like Augum, Bridget and Leera’s school timetables, the Arcaner Code of Honor, a photos section, lists of spells and simuls etc. The big question now is, what sorts of things would you like to eventually see on the site? Reply to this post with any thoughts.

#2. Augum, Bridget and Leera are having a heck of a time in book three of Fury of a Rising Dragon, including attending their first official academy dance! Some old faces make a return in this book, as well as a venerable institution that’s been a favorite with you guys. The book is coming along swimmingly, and I cannot wait for you to delve into the adventure next year.

#3. If you know someone with a kindle who you think would enjoy The Arinthian Line, the ebook version of Arcane is on sale for $0.99 cents in the U.S. and the U.K for a short time. I’ve made a Facebook post announcing the sale on my author page in case you feel like sharing it.

#4. I’ve recently joined Instagram! You can follow me here (or just search for Sever Bronny).

Thoughts? Questions? Just reply back to this email. I read and try to respond to everyone :)


“I am unimpressed. Why you no give more treats?”

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31 thoughts on “Happy holidays from Augum, Bridget and Leera!

  1. Thanks for asking! My favorite scene is probably the final battle in Legend, with all the castings of Cron, but the Mrs. Stone’s fight in Riven was very cool. I actually wrote an essay about that fight in English class!

    1. Also, my favorite character is Augum. One of the reasons why is because it is only written from his perspective, which is great, but would you ever consider writing from a different characters perspective? :)

      1. Ah yes, a lot of people have that scene as a favorite one (and wow, an essay! I hope it went well). And yes, I have a few characters whose perspectives one day I’d love to have the time to write: Mrs. Stone, Jez, Bridget…

  2. Just wanted to say that your books are amazing and are probably the best books I’ve ever read. August, Leera and Bridget’s journey is so well written and I can’t wait for the next Fury of A Rising Dragon book to come out.

    P.S. I think it would be cool to make a backstory for Jez. Thanks!

      1. Thank you, Charlie, glad you’re enjoying my work. Yeah, one day I may do a backstory for Jez as she is a fun character to write. Time is the problem–there is just not enough of it!

        So do you have any favorite scenes, any favorite characters yet? :)

  3. I think it would be cool if in the lore section you could tell when the different degrees start learning different elemental spells than each other, like was hinted at early on in the Arinthian Line series.

    1. Ooh, that’s a complicated one as the differences are many but in most cases tiny variations on each spell. Though there ARE abilities “on the side” that really change depending on the element. Although I’m not sure I could frame it for the Lore section just, I’ll try to explain that in the coming books :)

      1. Oo, what if you wrote about Mrs. Stone’s childhood, other than the duel with her sister, in the lore section?

  4. I would like to see maybe some satchels like the students use to carry things from class to class. With maybe the school, Arcaner, or Arinthian insignias on them.

  5. I think that’s a great idea, I think that a solian flag would have some purple in the background, with a pime in the foreground.

  6. I think it would be cool if you could make some flags for the kingdoms, just a thought but I think it would be cool.

    1. I’ve already begun, I just tend not to publish world details until they appear in one of the books (maybe one day that will change: I have a wealth of information on the world here).

  7. I think that it would be really neat if in the lore section you could tell us what the trio do in their free time other than studying and practicing arcanery.

  8. I started reading your books about a year ago and I haven’t enjoyed a series this much since the end of the Percy Jackson, and I am number four books. I would love to see an art piece with leera, Bridget, and Augum in your image. We know what Augum looks like but it would be great to see them and maybe even Jez and the Grizzly? You mentioned a dance and I would DIE if you put out art with them at the dance you mentioned. Just a though

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