An announcement about the next book

Legendary warlock Anna Atticus Stone walking up the stairs at the Academy of Arcane Arts

I have an announcement to make. After four months of work, I just finished the first draft of my tenth book.
And it’s about Anna Atticus Stone.

Can’t tell you how excited I am. She was an absolute joy to write. Very independent, much more so than Augum was. And she knows who she is and what she wants. I suspect you guys are going to love reading about her.

But Anna had a very tough childhood, and part of the book will deal with that. The rest showcases her first term attending the Academy of Arcane Arts. The book will also reveal what sort of person her vile sister was; Anna’s tumultuous relationship with her parents, who go through a divorce; and it will reveal her ambition, which will eventually result in her becoming the most brilliant warlock of all time.

The title shall be revealed in due course. Expected release date is December of this year.

And don’t worry, the trio shall return. I’ve just always wanted to write a piece of Anna’s story, a woman I’ve grown to know (and you’ve grown to love) as a hundred-year-old matriarch and legendary warlock.

This will tell how she began.

P.S. Some of you caught the hint I threw out on my last post, which showcased Anna’s Academy of Arts schedule. If you missed it, go back and have a peek.

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Sever Bronny

Bestselling author of the epic fantasy THE ARINTHIAN LINE series and the FURY OF A RISING DRAGON series. The adventure begins with Arcane (The Arinthian Line, book 1):

14 thoughts on “An announcement about the next book

  1. becoming a atendant is easy:3 years of survitude.
    P.P.S. caps lock

    1. I’ve clarified the “attendant” rank situation at the top of the Discussion page. If anyone has ideas for ranks, please feel free to share them :)

  2. Ya,I can’t wait to read and delve into her life and story from her perspective and her journey as a warlock.

      1. Marek please look at the second to last post there you can learn how I became an Attendant but you have to remember Mr.Bronny can only give ranks not you or any one else.

      2. I clarified this at the top of the Discussion page. Hope that helps! More ranks coming in due course. If anyone has ideas on that front, please do share them!

  3. *Starts dancing like Leland and his ghoul* Yes yes yes! Yes!

    Seriously, I’m pumped beyond measure to read about Mrs. Stone’s youth! And she has the scion!

    1. But she also has to wait till her father passes and then also have to face her sister in a battle and we all know what happened there.

      1. Yeah, that’s true, but to me it sounds like it’ll be dealt with like Augum’s backstory. That is, a glimpse in the beginning and the rest revealed throughout. But that’s just my interpretation.

  4. Can’t wait to read her story! Did Steve ever get back to you about making movies out of the previous series? He hasn’t messaged me lately. Loved how you ended the previous series btw

    1. Hiyas Arthur! I am afraid he has not. He probably got quite busy, or perhaps the project may not be what he is looking for at this time. All good :)

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