Academy of Arcane Arts class schedule, fall term, 3252.

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25 thoughts on “Academy of Arcane Arts class schedule, fall term, 3252.

  1. The purpose* well my friends I’m Interested In the actual studies of the Magick if there’s any actual courses and or colleges to be studying and or participate in let me know

  2. i am super excited for the next book and I also really wanna know about Augum and leera’s heir situation and will Augum ever go into leg again and have a super mega awesome quest, and do any of the three ever eat invited into ley after champions wrath

    1. The trio WILL return and some of these questions will get answered. Taking a break in between their story to write about Anna Atticus Stone’s first term in the academy, as well as her troubles with her family.

  3. Im a 20th degree Master lightning element(bcs Ms. Stone said this was the strongest element), Dragon and Commander of the Arcane Order (after Augum) and I am King of Solia

    1. I just noticed that there is a class with 150 unlike in the school these days though they have said there used to be thousands of students and it’s a headmistress not headmaster,also can’t wait to hear about orion getting “borrowed” by the old trio and the shaftsphere mine adventuere.

  4. Atticus Monroe, are u like a super fan because I see ur name pop up in the comment section a lot, even in the previous posts. If u are, I am too, so ya…

    1. I’m a super fan I want to read the series ten times so far I’m at 5 times also want to duel,if so show your stripes after you say what element and degree your in also would you be an arcaner?I’m 20th degree master in earth and can also do illusion,I’m a Dragon as well.

      1. I shall tel,l you one more thing,I am now the person in charge of the Antioc library as well as lived in ohm for many years learning there techniques and know some of the healing element. But I shall now show my stripes and make my move (First with 5 hits loses per turn you can do 2 spells. Summano arma dreadus terrablus then I do Impetus peragro spectra xae,then I attack once with my summoned elemental weapon( you can attempt to block it with shield).

      2. Atticus has achieved the rank of Attendant, responsible for answering questions when the author is not around. He is at least a 3rd degree warlock by now and is quite competent in the arcane arts and is well-versed with the world lore.

        Congratulations Atticus! Your Advancement Ceremony would be a thrilling bash, and all your friends–Augum, Bridget, Leera and the others–would surely attend :)

    1. I’m pretty sure it says somewhere (I think it’s FoaRD) that she’s lived several lifetimes

      1. They said she was well over 100 years old and well see her description in the AAS book.Like if sheĊ› old or something like that.

    1. Wait if your teaching duel elements that means ning must know healing illusion and one other element???

      1. In this context, Ning is a healing teacher for advanced students who are able to cross their single element spectrum. She does not know other elements.

      2. Ok thanks for the confirmation because if ning new two elements plus illusion she would be super powerful.

  5. I absolutely love how she’s doing all 1st degree classes… except for arcaneology! That is a great detail that perfectly fits with what we’ve learned about Mrs. Stone from TAL and FoaRD.

      1. Also I don’t know if you did this on pepouse but you can’t see this unless you see your name and click on it there is no other info besides that.

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