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Some curses cannot be broken. They must be faced.
As a teacher, a wife, and a mother, Anna Atticus Stone craves peace. But being a warlock champion means protecting the kingdom. It also means watching over her unruly daughter, Thia, who’s fallen for a boy.
A boy who happens to dabble in—of all things—necromancy.

When that boy—and a deadly figure from Anna’s past—involve Thia in an illegal warlock tournament, Anna must consider dusting off her dueling skills. But not all is as it seems, and when Anna discovers Thia has been cursed, she finds herself in an epic battle for her daughter’s soul.

A battle that drags the entire family into Hell.
Anna faces her worst nightmares in this spell-binding and emotional finale to the Chronicles of Anna Atticus Stone, which delves into the life of one of the most beloved characters from the bestselling series The Arinthian Line.

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Paperback coming Dec 8
Audiobook coming 2024

I cannot express how excited I am about Flames of Stone. The book, which clocked in around 225,000 words (about the same length as The Arcane Artist), delves into a crucial — and difficult — part of Anna’s midlife, one I was not sure I would have the courage to tackle.

But I did it. A year of solid work thus culminates in my twelfth(!) book, and the finale to this series. Although this book ends with Anna being fifty years of age, I wrote it in such a way that you can then jump right into Arcane, as everything else that happens between Anna turning fifty and Augum stepping into the picture is discussed in The Arinthian Line series.

I feel that this book—in fact the whole series about Anna—exemplifies the most impactful times of Anna’s life that led to her becoming who she is in The Arinthian Line, while still feeling fresh and new (I do not believe that you will feel like you’re reading a “prequel”).

Writing Flames of Stone was an emotional ride, one I am incredibly proud of completing. There will be some tear-jerking moments. But there will also be a lot of new revelations, namely who Augum’s grandfather was (and thus the Lord of the Legion’s father), with a big twist as to why no one except for Anna knows his identity.

And of course, you will read about loads of new spells, as well as already familiar spells that receive a lot more detail. You will delve into new world lore and pick up some hidden easter eggs that hark back to series 1 and 2. It is a robust book, and I hope a fulfilling one. It certainly was for me writing it.

Thank you for all your amazing support over the years. Much more to come, including illustrations, merchandise, and more on the trio, who I will be writing about next! You’ll hear from me again soon.

All my best to you and those you love, Sever,

P.S. ART sendout coming soon.

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  1. So… just spitballing here based on the description of Flames of Stone, but my guess is Augum’s grandfather is Narsus.

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