Prodigy of Thunder (Chronicles of Anna Atticus Stone, book 1) released!

A family of warlocks . . . torn by an ancient secret.

Fourteen-year-old Anna Atticus Stone is a prodigy.
A warlock prodigy.

The youngest to ever wield lightning, Anna burns with ambition, dreaming of attending the prestigious Academy of Arcane Arts.

But her life’s a mess.

She’s friendless, her father barely lets her out of the house, and her older sister keeps knocking her teeth out.

And her parents fight. Constantly. Mostly over her father illegally training the sisters in the old way, as it’s forbidden to learn so far ahead.

Now Anna readies to take the academy entrance trials. A pass will mean friends, warlock tournaments, and exploring a thousand-year-old academy. Typical teenage warlock stuff.

Except her sister is bent on sabotaging her. And there’s a reason for that sabotage—and for the illegal training . . . their father carries a dangerous secret.

A secret for only one daughter.

And Anna is about to find out what her sister is willing to do to claim it.

Personal thoughts from the author:

The day has finally come! After a long year of writing and editing Anna’s story, Prodigy of Thunder has launched. I cannot wait for you to experience the beginning of her journey. You have been requesting her story ever since reading about her in Arcane (The Arinthian Line, book 1). It gives me great honor to deliver on that request.

It was a tricky endeavor for me to write a book about an already established character. For that challenge, I searched deep into who Anna was whilst asking myself what sorts of things would she have gone through as a child and as a teenager. Writing the answers into the book was immensely enjoyable for me, even though Anna went through serious trials.

Anna’s strengths come from her independence, her compassion, and her ambition. But she has always suffered from loneliness too. This story partly aims to explain why and how that loneliness took root. I find her to be a complicated soul with an epic story, one I look forward to fleshing out in subsequent books.

Note that both the paperback and ebook versions have a map and Anna’s full academy class schedule. Also, I hope you’ll consider sharing the launch on social media (or even sharing my Facebook post about it).

Thank you all for your amazing support over the years, and feel free to email me your thoughts when you’re done reading.

Enjoy the book!

All my best to you and those you love,

P.S. Extra special thanks to the ART team, as well as the wonderful souls who participate on this website. You know who you are :)

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Sever Bronny

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9 thoughts on “Prodigy of Thunder (Chronicles of Anna Atticus Stone, book 1) released!

  1. Okay? So I just finished this… one question… whyyyyyyy???? You put me through so much heartbreak from anna!!! ;)It was an amazing story and I love it so much, I literally cannot wait to see what happens next! As is the way with warlocks, they are locked in war. Thank you for putting so much time and effort into this story! I could not put it down! It is very cool watching Anna evolve into the Stone Augum Leera and Bridget know her has! I cannot wait for more! Once again, thank you!

  2. Just finished reading… and wow, what a journey. You somehow make Anna, the previously venerable and stern woman Augum and the Trio have the privilege of learning from, seem so relatable and real. Every line I read from her never seemed out of place for her character, and throughout the book, I could see the wise, powerful, and caring woman taking shape.
    This is a book that will turn you into an emotional wreck (it certainly did so for me!), for Anna leads a life of tragedy.
    I’m rambling, but I just wanted to let you know what a huge honor you’re doing to those of us who read your books. I am truly grateful for what you do. Please don’t stop writing, your work means so much to so many people, and you deserve all the praise in the world for that.
    Truly, thank you.

    I cant believe im so late here, but oh well
    im sooo incredibly excited to read this, it sounds like itll be a blast!!

  4. I Love the Authors note and the book completely looking forward to Arcane Artist and the next book in the series, also there was a typo in the first paragraph,in this sentence,”You have been requesting her story ever since reading about her in Arcane (the Arinthian Line, book 1).”,where it doesn’t capitalize,”the”,.

    1. Sweet, I was waiting for this. I was checking the website all day, lol, and you know I asked my mom as soon as I realized that it came out to get it for me. Moira is super excited as well! I may have read a bit into the book on Amazon, but you can’t blame me. . .

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