Title of book one of coming trilogy announced

Short but exciting update: the first draft of book one in the coming new series is almost complete, and it’s name is BURDEN’S EDGE.

It’s about Augum, Bridget and Leera dealing with the responsibilities of going to the Academy of Arcane Arts while navigating royal intrigues.

Unfortunately, that’s all I can say at the moment

The series title will not be announced for some time still and is expected to be a trilogy. Projected release date for book one is late this year.

In unrelated news, here’s a shot of me celebrating Clash’s admittance to the local library, which happened last Thursday.


Lastly, I just wanted to thank my Advance Reader Team for taking the time to read and review the books prior to launch. Thank you a thousand times over :)

Hope you’re all well :)


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Sever Bronny

Bestselling author of the epic fantasy THE ARINTHIAN LINE series and the FURY OF A RISING DRAGON series. The adventure begins with Arcane (The Arinthian Line, book 1): http://amzn.to/1Rl1P1B

15 thoughts on “Title of book one of coming trilogy announced

  1. Hi again, I have not checked for updates in a while and dont see any up top so I was wonder when you are expecting a realease date. :)

    1. Hello Josh :)

      Book 1 in the coming series is just about complete, and will then undergo editing while I start on book 2. I’m hoping to get book 1 out sometime end of this year, roughly November ish? December? Anyway, I’ll know as we get closer to the date.

      Had a blast writing the trio’s latest somewhat harrowing challenge, which happened today. I cannot wait to reveal it to you :)

  2. Hi my name is issac and I am soooooooo excited for the trilogy although im quite young at 15 i love the length i just couldnt stop reading them not knowing how to stop myself i kept finishing them within a couple of days. through all the series ive read so far the Arinthrian line is my favorite keep up the awesome work Mr.Bronny

  3. Hi, I am really exited about the next book and was about to ask what month it would be realeased in, but scince you already answered that, I would just like to say good luck with the next book (Probably wont need it) PS: Yes I am aware i suck at spelling :)

  4. I am really looking forward to this new book. Since legend came out I have been looking for mor fantasy books and have read at lest 59 but none have compared to your series. I hope the trilogy starting with burdens edge will be just as good. A quick question will you be keeping your advanced readers? And do you possibly have an idea as to when it will be ready for release as I cannot wait.

    Thank you Oliver


    1. Thank you, Oliver :)

      Yes I will definitely be keeping my Advance Review Team! As to when Burden’s Edge will be ready, expect it around December or so :)

      1. Is there anything on this world that would get us that book in like August or September lol. How will i survive

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