The Arena

*NEW:* Rules amendments added in red, including dice rolls.

The audience shoots to their feet and roars as you step onto the warm sand of the arena. The flags flutter overhead as you see a thousand people watching you. This is your moment to show your skills as a pupil of the fabled Academy of Arcane Arts. Now it’s only a question of how you will perform . . .

Welcome to The Arena! This is where you can test your mettle against fellow academy pupils. The rules are as follows:

  1. Keep it clean and respectful. An academy pupil treats his opponents with honor, giving the standard courtesies. That of course includes a bow before and after a fight, as well as showing one’s stripes.
  2. Pupils are expected to use the full trigger phrase of the spell they are casting, as well as name of the spell. Example: “I slap my wrists together with the First Offensive, shouting, Annihilo!”
  3. All offensive spells shall be cast feathered, meaning at diminished strength. This is practice dueling only!
  4. Choose a time to duel, being mindful of time zones.
  5. Choose a nickname when in the arena. Augum, for example, would be called Augum “The Hood” Stone.
  6. Choose an element. Available elements are: fire, earth, water, air, lightning, ice (healers do not duel, and necromancy will not be an option at this time).
  7. Agree on degree level for all contestants prior to the duel. Available degrees are 1 to 9. This matters because you will not be allowed to cast spells of higher degree (for the purpose of simplicity we will not account for people training beyond their degree).
  8. Dice rolls: Roll a twenty-sided dice (“D20”) to cast a spell/strike an opponent. Add your degree level to the roll. A roll of 14 or higher hits. If the opponent chooses to dodge or parry, they must roll higher than you (they too will include their degree bonus). Tie rolls go to defender. Centarro adds +4 to all rolls. Shields add +2 to all defensive rolls. Elemental Armor allows for two free hits before destruction. Feel free to use online dice rollers like this one.
  9. Example: A 4th degree warlock smacks their wrists together, incanting, “Annihilo!” He/she then rolls a D20, getting a 10. They then add their degree, scoring a total of 14, which would strike. But their 2nd degree opponent chooses to block with a summoned shield. They roll a D20, getting an 9. Adding their degree and the shield bonus, their total is 13, which means they failed to raise their shield in time and the First Offensive struck true, scoring one point for the caster.
  10. GOLD EARNINGS: Each duel participant receives 5 crowns, regardless of who wins. The crowns must be honestly tabulated at home using the honor system, but you may appoint someone among you to hold the title of “Treasurer”. It will be that person’s responsibility to keep tabs on everyone’s earnings.

    The earnings can be used to purchase the following:

    5 crowns – A Potion of Trickery that, when consumed, takes away an opponent’s point. Costs one action to perform. Can only be consumed mid duel.
    25 crowns – A better quality practice weapon, earning +1 on all strike rolls when using it.

    35 crowns – Ring of Tempering: reduces all non-spell physical strike attack rolls by 1
    35 crowns – Ring of Striking: adds +1 to all physical attack rolls (non-spell attacks)
    35 crowns – Ring of Absorption: adds +1 to all defensive rolls against mind attack spells
    35 crowns – Ring of Consternation: opponent suffers -1 on all mind attack defensive rolls
    40 crowns – Circlet of Luck: +3 on all “Rolls to Succeed” (see below)
    40 crowns – Circlet of Retrial: Once per duel, you may ask for a re-roll of any one single roll
    50 crowns – A shimmering elemental robe that penalizes all castings cast against the wearer, endowing a -2 penalty on all opponent’s strike rolls (physical offensive spells only, not mind spells).
    100 crowns – The purchase of an arcane Dreadnought weapon of your choosing (can be an axe/sword/bow/staff etc). You also get to name it. +3 on all strike rolls, and has the ability to cast First Offensive through the weapon (for 3rd degree+ only).
    Author’s request 1: Come up with a list of items. Have Attendant Atticus email them to me. Feel free to suggest amendments to the above too.
    Author request 2: what sort of mechanics would you like introduced for penetrating a shield / Mind Armor / Elemental Armor due to strong attacks? And how would attacking using a fist / foot factor? Think it over/playtest some ideas, and get back to me in due course with specific mechanics.
    Author request 3: What sort of mechanic would you like to introduce that is house-specific? Perhaps certain off-the-books spells/abilities only available to those houses?
  11. RULES CLARIFICATION: Second Offensives (always cast tempered) result in two points being awarded if both strike true. Chances of both striking are as follows: should attempted defenses fail, defender rolls a D6. If it is 1-4, the attack is successful and attacker is awarded 2 points. If it is a 5 or 6 defender manages to sustain one of the two attacks, but dodges the other (imagine one hitting a leg and the other the ground, or one the torso and the other zipping underneath an arm, etc).
  12. RULES CLARIFICATION: Strength: Should a physical attack be successful under the influence of Strength, the attacker is awarded one extra point. Further, all non-attack Strength attempts that relate (like flipping someone, lifting something, etc) using dice rolls gain an additional +4 on any D20 “Rolls to succeed” attempt rolls.
  13. RULES ADDITION: D20 “Rolls to succeed“: Any player may use an attack to attempt something not as yet discussed. At that point, the player is asked to honestly self-assess the difficulty of accomplishing the feat, and roll a D20. For an easy feat, they must score a 10 or higher. For a moderate feat, 14 or higher. For a difficult feat, 18 or higher. A successful moderate feat earns the attemptee one extra crown at the end of the match. A successful difficult feat earns them an extra two crowns! [Author asks the players to play test this and “feel” it out for balance issues]
  14. 2 ON 2 DUELS: You may now duel each other in team pairs! All participants will get an automatic 8 crowns per person. Initiative is rolled each round using a D20 (twenty-sided die). To cut down on text-based messages, this may be accomplished by the master of ceremonies/appointed score keeper/one of the participants. Highest goes first, with ties going to the person with more points that round. If a tie still remains, those involved in the tie are to each roll a D20 until one gets higher than the other. Further, the winning team is each awarded two extra crowns per person. [Author asks the players to playtest 2 on 2 and get back to him (perhaps via Attendant Atticus) on how to improve the mechanics].
  15. [OPTIONAL CHALLENGE]: Start dueling at 1st degree. After every duel, you graduate one degree. When you hit the 10th, you can choose any degree (between 1-9) to duel with. A request from the author: if the community comes up with a rank title for those who complete this challenge, have Attendant Atticus email me with the resultant decision and I will amend the rule here to make it official, allowing for people to use the rank in their name.
  16. Agree who goes first. Take turns. You can roll a dice to add randomness.
  17. You can cast one spell per text post. The person reacting MUST do the following however: react to the spell cast at them, and cast a counterspell / make an action.
  18. Possible actions:
    – Cast a spell, such as summoning a shield or weapon, summon elemental armor, Disarm, a First Offensive (feathered of course), etc. etc.
    – Block with shield / parry with practice weapon (practice weapons can be retrieved telekinetically from the carts that are wheeled out prior to each duel, costing one action). Weapon classes: spear, sword (short/long), dagger, axe, halberd, club, bow & quiver (3 arrows in quiver allowed max), any other reasonable weapon you can imagine.
    – Move to engage opponent in hand-to-hand combat (or with weapons)
    – Move away from approaching opponent
    – Dodge / duck / jump over the spell / twirl aside / (the audience roars for greater creativity!) etc.
    – Slash / thrust / slice / jab with weapon (etc). Can also throw the weapon.
    – Telekinetically bend the arc of an arrow / fireball / thrown object. Available only to 5th degrees and up.
    – Battle ‘port away (available only to 9th degrees and up)
    – Reflect a spell using Mirror of the Dragon (available only to aspirants who have passed the Arcaner trials and have subsequently gone through the training. Will flesh out rules in due course).
  19. [OPTIONAL RULE] You can use up to two dodges per battle, so choose wisely. After your dodges have been used up, the opponent’s spells strike true (as long as they roll a 14).
  20. Each opponent can withstand one hit to their Mind Armor before future spells blow through. At that point, the defender must roll a six-sided dice (known as a “D6”) Alternately, the Master of Ceremonies can be the dice roller. Results as follows:

    -A roll of 1 means the attack is successful and does full damage to the mind (1 point awarded, combatant must role-play how it affects them). So if it’s a Sleep spell, the person struck is put to sleep and the duel is over then and there.
    -A roll of 2 means the attack is somewhat successful and does half damage to the mind (1 point awarded, combatant must role-play how it affects them)
    -A roll of 3 means the attack is a partial glancing blow, and does no damage, but a quarter of the effect is felt by the person sustaining the attack (no point awarded).
    -A roll of 4 means the spell crumpled against the pupil’s Mind Armor (no effect/damage)
    -A roll of 5 means the spell crumpled against the pupil’s Mind Armor (no effect/damage)
    -A roll of 6 means the spell crumpled against the pupil’s Mind Armor (no effect/damage)

    All pupils are expected to report their rolls honestly. That is the way of honor that all pupils who hope to last in the academy shall obey. And losing a duel can be just as fun as winning one. After all, everyone learns from a loss and becomes slightly better not just as a pupil, but as a combatant. Losing builds characters more than winning.
  21. First to three solid hits wins! (This will keep the duels shorter). [OPTIONAL RULE:If no one is waiting in the wings to duel, both opponents can duel to five points]. But if a pupil believes he has been outmaneuvered in an incredible fashion (let’s say they believe their opponent was being particularly imaginative with their attack) then that pupil may do the honorable thing and bend the knee.
  22. For added fun, a third person can play the role of the Master of Ceremonies (Think Lucca Giovanni from the book Clash). This person’s sole job is to dramatize the events before them. They will also be the judge of the tournament, assigning points, making rules calls, etc.
  23. You’re welcome to suggest rules / amendments below. Due to the limitations of a text-based duel in this site, we will all have to be a little patient and forgiving in how things flow. A pupil is expected to do their best and to use their imaginations, as they are the most potent weapons they have. Good luck to all combatants!

The scene: The crowd stirs anxiously as the combatants meet in the center of the sandy arena. They are bare of foot and wearing the color of their respective degree. It is a [Master of Ceremonies chooses weather] day, and people have paid good money to see quality practice duels. In attendance we have academy arcanists, always keen to see how students are progressing. We have two high-degree healers as well, eager to help combatants injured in the fray [Master of Ceremonies may role-play what they do]. And of course, we have representative heralds from the Blackhaven Herald, the Antioc Herald, and the Academy Herald (Cry Slimwealth may be in attendance). And they like to gossip.

The heralds have been seen chatting together, in fact. Speculation has been mounting on whether or not everyone would get a glimpse of the fabled trio, who have been said to be interested in the events. Everyone is hoping to get a visit from one of them, although they are quite busy people these days guarding the kingdom. Perhaps in due course . . .

775 thoughts on “The Arena

  1. GUYYYYYYYYYYYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I just found out the dueling name of Ana Aticus Stone!!!!!!!! Its the black eagle!!!!!!!

      1. Was it in the trainer on the poster while looking for the black castle key what book?

    1. Her schedule. On dueling club it said black eagle above it. Though i may be wrong. am i right Mr.Bronny

      1. That’s Black Eagle Niterra Bladorang (I think that’s what the name is, hard to read). She’s a Black Eagle from the royal guard and teaches the dueling club. After all, the Black Eagles are master duelers.

  2. Update on character Apearence: Tall, emerald green eyes, Short dark red hair.

    Personalit: Slightly cocky,firery(Forgive the pun),Confident, and slightly annoying:).

    Anddd done with my character. I just have to do updates now for…ever.:(

  3. The picture:A burning sword…matched with a electric sword
    The motto:When the enemies fall. we shall rise
    The name:The Arinthian Alliance!!!

    1. Read the beginning, like “OH CRAP, HE’S RESURECTING THE LEGION!” Nope, false alarm, we’re safe.

      PS Y’all, working on my own group right now of adventurers of distant lands and travelling duelers! More later.

      1. Yes,I’m working on mine too,still thinking about it

    2. Yes I will become the lord of the Legion!!!!! MWAHAHAHAA!!

      P.S.Joking. Probaly;)

    1. oh oops typed the wrong thing. my mind was thinking the cold and my hands typed the hood oops

  4. It is a clear sunny day. And it is 97 degrees outside. And the bell just struck 11 times(I Think this is correct)so it is 11:00

    1. I calmly walk into the arena, ignoring the curious looks people shoot my way, I bow and flash 1 ring of ice silently, waiting for my opponent.

      1. I stroll in across from you, strutting with a confident head bob, until I stop. I summon 1 crackling ring of lightning and bow the bow of a royal, before saying, “You first,” in a voice amplified by the Master of Ceremonies.

      2. I reach behind my back attempting to grab a sword with telekinesis unnoticed by you, while running forward and attempting to punch you in the face.
        NATURAL 15 for grab sword so 16
        NATURAL 16 for punch so 17

      3. Oh wait, was the master of ceremonies supposed to roll for us?

      4. I’m just going to write my totals each time.

        I got a 19 against the sword and a 12 against the punch. My instincts warn me of something, and I duck to see a sword fly over my head, but that left me vulnerable to your punch. I then yell “Shyneo!” and grab you with the Shock extension. That’s a 16

      5. Assume I added my degree too

        For the shock, A NATURAL 17 i cant believe it so 18, i see the shock coming and expertly twirl around while taking control of your hand. I then try to yank all of the carts up into the air with telekinesis.

        taking control of your hand: 14
        yank carts: 16

      6. Umm… A cart is quite heavy and we’re first degree, not to mention Telekinesis on multiple objects is very advanced…
        Anyways, A 19 on the carts and a 15 on my hand. I just laugh at you and try to shock again, following up with a kick. 17 for Shock, 13 for kick.

      7. NATURAL 20 FOR SHOCK!
        natural 6 so 7 for kick.

        I saw your shock coming and jumped back from our tangled position so your shock fails, and I say, “Never try the same tactic more than once unless if it succeeds” but as I was distracted, your kick connects with my shin and pain shoots up my leg. I reach forward with a hand and try for a desperate attempt to grab your leg with telekinesis, all the while dropping down and conducting a perfect sweep.

        16 for grab
        17 for sweep

        ooooh my luck is on a hot streak
        PS: i hope i dont jinx my luck

      8. I, too, am extremely lucky and roll a Nat 20 and got a 7 as well. So I let your Telekinesis pull my leg out from under me, but I go with it and use the momentum to do a back handspring and, much to the crowd’s amazement, kick your jaw mid-flip. I then attempt Shock again, muttering, “It work some time.” A 18 for the flip-kick thingy, a 12 for Shock.

  5. I do have a question before me and Treasurer Devon duel, is it possible for a pupil to master two elements? Other than their own and necromancy.

    1. If you mean master as in earning the master rank in both, probably not, and if so it would be Krakatos. However, Mrs. Stone demonstrates the ability to learn multiple elements. We are aware of her healing abilities, but in Valor with the Henawa, when the Henawa demand a “magic” fire, Mrs. Stone lights it, obviously using an albeit low degree fire spell. However, Mrs. Stone explains that to be extremely difficult as it goes against the grain of arcanery.

    1. Kaladin, since I can’t log onto here very often, can you give me a call for when we’re planning on doing this?

  6. 2 questions regarding stinckroot. Remember my question about it devon?I would look back at it.
    1:What happened when you-Know-Who swallowed it? I forgot.

    2:What happens when it is burnt.Would it knock them out?

    1. I don’t know who swallowed it, but I can find both answers in Arcane. Leera once put stinkroot in the drinks and spirits at an Academy banquet, causing everyone to rush to the bathrooms, which we can assume how horrible that was. As for burning it, Augum tossed stinkroot into a fire in Arcane after reviving Leera with it. I remember it had a nauseating smell, and burned like oil, but not enough to render someone unconscious.

    2. SPOILER ALERT IN SERIES 1!!!when August competed in the Anioc Classic. And Lee when in Restricted area.

      1. I don’t know what scene you’re talking about in the Antioc Classic, but when Leera was in the Restricted area, she got nauseous, and a bit loopy.

  7. Few things

    1:I opened my guild. It is Dueliers United.Crest:Half blue half green. Motto:wit is the key to victory

    2: I royaly challenge Cincus,Atticus, and Phobos to a duel. At their earliest convienece.

    3:Also, we are all second degree right?

    1. Uh,1 sorry I have not been able to duel with a first degree so if any one elSe is I’m up for a duel before the kaden phobos and cincus duel,Though I might add that I’ll try to answer as soon s possible as i sometimes have things going on.

      The Antioc Attendee guild*

      Motto:Knowledge is power

      Not accepting new members currently

      Crest:In the works

      *All are welcome even not library ranked people,though if your rude like Bowlander or Sido or most of the SouthGaurd twins you can not join**.

      **Though even if you are not a bowlander,sido,etc type of person you still can’t join at the momment.

    2. Umm hi? I have literally left this site for a month and I don’t know why. I’m pretty sure I missed just over 700 comments lol. Anyways good to be back and with all the new rules and dueling options. :)

      1. I’m free almost whenever, you choose. I’m Eastern Time

      2. Alright, maybe tomorrow at some time? I’m also Eastern time

      3. Actually, I don’t have time tomorrow, but I do have time on monday, if that’s fine with you.

    1. Can you do like Monday at idk 3? I’m actually not sure the exact time yet, but maybe 3

      1. Alright, maybe like 2 because I have stuff to do in the morning.

  8. Just wondering, what does the Darkness spell do? Does it make the opponent roll with disadvantage?

  9. Attendant Atticus and Kaden “WildFire”, would you be available to do a 2v2 battle tomorrow with me and Voidspawn, with teams decided randomly? Also, Treasurer Devon, could you please give me and Voidspawn 5 crowns for the battle that we just finished?

  10. By the way, I think that using a weapon of any kind to make a melee attack should add a +2 bonus to attack rolls, like shields do with defense rolls. Otherwise, there’s no point in grabbing a weapon when you could just deck them.

  11. I go on the offensive right off the bat, punching you in the face with telekinesis. I got a 17+1=18, which is a hit.

    1. You can’t punch me in the face with telekinesis. Ignoring that, I roll a 9+1=10, failing to dodge it. Your fist connects, and I feel my nose start to drip blood. The score is now 1-0.

      I reach behind me and summon a short sword from the weapon rack with telekinesis. I raise it and prepare for your next attack.

      1. (Before I did my first action, I did the show stripes and bow. I forgot sorry) I dash backwards, out of range of your shortsword, then reach out with telekinesis to pull a halberd from the weapons rack.

      2. Ignoring the breach of etiquette that you un-did, I flash my two rings of water and begin to attack. I run forward, and make a slice at the arm that you’re summoning the halberd with, hoping to interrupt your concentration. Unfortunately, I get a 3. (From now on, just assume that I include the +1 in my numbers) As I swing, “Your Highness” whacks my sword away without any effort, and he finishes summoning his halberd.

      3. I attempt to knock the sword out of your hands my halberd. I got a 15 (assume I included the +1 as well).

      4. Unfortunately I rolled a natural 1, to get 2. The short sword flies out of my hand and leaves me vulnerable to attack. Because l got such a horrible roll, I miss my action staring down with disbelief at my sword lying in the dust.

      5. “Let me show you who the real champion is,” I say, thrusting forward with my halberd. I got a 12 on my attack roll.

      6. I neatly step to the side (no roll required because it was less than 14) and try and use his momentum to yank his halberd from him with my telekinesis. I got a 17. “Apparently ‘Your Highness’ isn’t so royal after all,” I say. “Maybe this will pay you back for all your family’s inflated taxes and trumped-up charges.”

      7. I got a 15 on the dodge, so you succeed. The halberd is yanked out of my hands, though just barely. My fingers graze the shaft as I try to reclaim the weapon midair. Backing up away from Phobos, I pull a shield from the weapon rack with telekinesis, holding it out defensively.

      8. Unfortunately for you, shields only defend in one direction. I pull a club from the weapon rack behind you and slam it into your behind, with another roll of 17. I think I detect a squeak of pain from “Your Highness”, and I waste no time in saying so.

      9. I ROLLED AN 18! Watching Phobos reach a hand out to me with telekinesis, I roll down onto the ground, narrowly avoiding the club, which continued into Phobos’ waiting hand. Phobos tosses the club over his shoulder, not caring about it.

        I bring my foot up, smashing it into your nose with a roll of 20. Phobos’ front teeth drop out, and a loud crack comes from his nose (if I hit, of course.).

      10. Sadly, I rolled a 13, which would mean that I got hit. My teeth do not drop out (whatever he would like to say), but he does score another hit to the nose. The score is now 2-0.

        Sensing defeat, I honorably bend the knee and concede this match. Before I leave, I call out over my shoulder, “While you may have won this match, you have not and will never crush my spirit. I will continue to help my family against your oppression in any way that I can.”

      11. nou. On a side note, I have attained my 2nd degree!

  12. This uppity little kid’s house has been annoying me and my family for too long. It’s time to put him in his place in the only way that matters. In the Arena. Of course, since he’s only first degree, I’ll have to temper my spells as if I was one as well. Sincus Vitalis, I formally challenge you to a duel.

  13. Name: Sincus ‘Your Highness’ Vitalis
    (If you recognize that first name, then you have a very good memory. If you don’t, look at page 556 of Honor’s Price)

    Birthday: 19th day of the 4th month. Born in the year 3335 (or something. I don’t know what year I want) after The Founding.

    Appearance: Tall, olive skinned, with medium length red hair and teal eyes.

    Degree: 1st Air

    Personality: Confident, determined, decisive.

    History: My parents were killed in the Solian/Canterran war, so I was orphaned at a fairly young age (the year 3344 P.F. (Post Founding). Augum was 18 when the battle took place, and he was born in the year 3326 P.F.). I lived on the streets in Blackhaven for a couple years, until I showed a talent with arcanery. A Canterran nobleman by the name of Gareth Vitalis found me using wild arcanery, and adopted me (for who knows what reason). He soon introduced me to the Academy of Arcane Arts, where I learned how to control my powers. I quickly learned that I was adept at fighting, perhaps due to living on the streets for the majority of my life. After attaining my first degree, I went to Antioc for my dueling debut.

    All of this is open to change. I threw all this together in 30 minutes, so I’ll probably be changing it over the next little while.

    1. Kaladin16, you ready to fight? (Remember, you’re tempering your spells to 1st degree strength.)

    2. Sure, let’s fight. Also, I don’t think that it’s so long after the events of FoaRD.

  14. Present day continuation of Kaden”Wildfire”

    I am walking in a cold and slightly snowy night. Sudennly i hear multiple thwomps. I wonder were all those people are going this time of night. i walk in the forest to my little cabin. I hear rustling leaves. Then i hear more thwomps and no less than 5 assasians apper in front of me with 1-2 rings of water on there armes. Then another thwomp and an old bullie appeared in front of me. His name was Aiden. He was colder than his own element,Ice. And now he is 3rd degree and he looks reading to blow my head off.And his last name was…

    Too be continued…

  15. A lot of huge fire balls fire into the center of the arena filling it with steam. When it dissapates you see me standing facing the entrance were my enemies will emerge from with a slight smirk on my face.

    P.S. I am not the person that sent the firballs. Remeber i am PRETTY wealthy.

  16. Alex “The Cold” Runi


    Alex walked around his training room, waiting for his instructor to arrive. He glanced at the old dusty clock hung on top of the door. His instructor was one hour late. Could something have happened to her? Alex waited until his instructor finally arrived 3 hours late and took him to a lake. It was one of the few lakes in Ley. “Today we shall begin your training for the Arcaner Trials.” She said. “Bu-” Alex began. “I know, but you have to do it to succeed in you task.” she interrupted. “I understand.” Alex murmured. “Let us begin your lesson.” his instructor said grandly.


    1. I’m sorry Mr. Bronny if this conflicts with your story, I didn’t mean for it to conflict with that. i was just saying the lake because like it probably has a nice view.

      1. And also the instructor thing. It probably will conflict with your story once i reveal who it is.

      2. And also i said the lake because it connects to Alex’s element.

      1. Also, do you think the plot of mr. bronnys next book will be conflicted by my post?

      2. Frankly, it doesn’t matter. We just do what we do, it doesn’t matter if it conflicts. Make Jez your mentor, go to Ley, be an Occi… maybe not that one, but you get it

  17. Also for going through a shield and elemental armor, I think maybe physical attacks, since spells bounce off them unless if it’s powerful enough.

  18. Also another thing Mr.Bronny just said was that Anna will get some(drumroll)…. …. ….. Arena scenes

      1. Boy, it’ll be nice to have some spells you can use in combat 😉

      2. Good idea kaldin,let’s do it tomorrow,also I forget but what are people time zones mine is pdt

      3. I’m Central time, will switch to Pacific time on a week. Kaden, I was thinking we randomly decide teams. (See my other post)

    1. Does anyone else want to do a 2v2 please try to respond in the next couple of hours,also I’m fine with whatever teams,we could roll d4s each player gets assigned a number 1-4 roll two times the 2 first numbers are on one team and then do that again if a reroll happens of a number already used then reroll

      1. Better idea to decide teams: I roll a d3 to find my teammate, and the other two link up. Then again, it’s getting kind of late in my time zone. Either we do it soon, or we do it another day.

      2. If I roll a 1, I team with you. If I roll a 2, I team with Atticus. If I roll a 3, I team with whoever else decides to play.

      3. By the way, I won’t be available at all tomorrow, but should be able to battle sometime on Friday. Does that work with everyone? Also, can I get some suggestions of arena names for my brother?

      4. Ok depends on the element but
        Fire,The Blazer,Ablaze
        Water,Arcane Fire Fighter
        Ice The a Frost Walker
        Air ???

        Sorry on how unoriginal some are but it was on the spot.

      5. I need to say 3 things. 1 i rolled a 1 for team 1/ 2 the name zap has been taken i think. 3 an air name would be the tornado.

  19. Treasurer Devon, Kaden and I just finished our battle, and I did a moderate feat. Will you write it down that he got 5 crowns and I got 6?

    1. So 6 each, got it. That was a great duel by the way, guys, especially with only the 1st degree! Sorry about your luck Phobos.

      1. Umm… what? Surely you aren’t going to… eat it?
        I don’t know, could you explain that please?

      2. Its a secret but for an advantage. But 1 peice of gold. I have an idea.Evil laughing.

    1. I flash my rings in response, then reach out and use Telekinesis to try and take your weapon. I rolled a 13, add 1 for my degree bonus, and it’s a 14, which hits.

      1. I roll a 3+1 so 4. my weapon flies to your hand. Dont think thats a point. I summon another sword then pull your foot both with telekeneises(spelled wrong).

      2. Ummmmmm… I don’t think that you can do two things with telekinesis for one action. It’s fine this time, I just need your roll so that I can defend.

      3. Also, do you think that yanking your sword counts as a moderate feat? My roll would have succeeded, either way.

      4. Also i meant that i did 2 actions and they were both telekeneises. I think we have 2 actions.

      5. According to rule 17, “You can cast one spell per text post.” If you look, it says that on your turn you react to your opponent, then take an action. But we’re going to ignore it this time and just move on.

        I got a 2+1=3 on the yank, so I fall prone. I reach out and grab your leg, trying to yank you down with me. I got a 4+1=5, so it failed.

        I think you got a point for knocking me down, so that’s 0-1.

      6. Also I got an extra crown for the moderate feat of yanking your sword.

      7. I roll a 6+1 to block your 5 Then i cast shine and set my sword on fire.

      8. WHAT WOW HOW DID YOU LIGHT YOUR SWORD ON FIRE?!?!?! (sorry I’m a little overexcited) I stand up and whack your sword hand with the flat of my blade, hoping to get you to drop it. Unfortunately I got another four, so I don’t put in enough power to hurt.

      9. I hold the sword out and use telekeneises too blow the fire at you. If that is not possible i just whack you.

      10. I mean it sets flesh on fire it could set wood on fire i think. Buttt now my sword is burnt out. I summon a club from behind you to hit you and i roll a 9+1 so 10.

        P.S. Use the one in the rules section thats what i am using.

      11. I rolled a 8 so it hits me so its 1-2 i try blinking it out then i blindly try to trip you with telekeneisis.Then kick with my foot. Rolls are 20 for trip and 11 for other thing. Also not everything is moderate i think though it is up to highest ranking person here because Mr.Bronny is not here.

      12. I blink the sand out of my eyes. Trip you telekeneticly. Then kick you with my foot. Rolls: trip:20(Yes!) kick:11(eh)

    2. I didn’t know you could do that with Shine. Anyways, I try to parry, but I only roll an 11, so it fails. You now have 2 points and I have none.

      I try again to attack with my sword. I roll a 2+1=3, so it misses, BAD. I’m going to find another dice roller ;D

      1. Since I’m two points behind, let’s go to five, yeah. ;) As far as I know , nobody’s waiting to fight. Since your roll of 10 is less than 14, you automatically missed. I feint with my sword before kicking sand in your face. I got 17+1=18, so it hits (unless you dodge it).

      2. So you tripped me with the telekinesis, because I got an 8+1=9. You can’t do two actions on your turn, though. Anyways, attacks fail if the roll is less than 14 including the degree bonus.

        The score is now 3-1, your lead.

        I use my telekinesis to pull a dagger from the weapon racks, and pull it at your back. I got 5+1=6, so it shoots past you without hitting you. Hopefully, it distracted you.

      3. I glace at it momentarley then summon the dagger ad go to stab you. Well its a wooden dagger but you know what i mean.

      4. Wow I guess I’m just unlucky today. I got a 9+1=10, which means that you hit again. The score is now 4-1.

        I attack again with my sword (probably futilely), and roll… an 8+1=9. Typical. I miss again. Your turn.

      5. Sorry about your luck. I attempt to kick you. And roll a 12 so 13.

      6. Awesome, you missed! (Awesome for me, not you) I punish your arrogance by slicing with my sword. I get an 8, so 9. Another miss lol.

      7. I punch in the stomach and roll a 18 so 19. so there is a good chance it will hit.

      8. I got 10 so 11. I respectfully bend the knee and concede the victory. Good game! That was fun!

      9. I bow and say “Good job. You would of bested me if you werent so unlucky. Smart moves.”

      10. And devon gives us our coins. Me:8 Phobos:6. I think its that because i just counted all of the times we rolled 14+.

  20. In light of Kaden and Phobos now dueling, can I ask everyone to specify when you succeed a moderate/difficult feat, that way there are no disagreements on gold?

    1. By the way, did yanking the sword out of his hand with telekinesis count as a moderate feat? (see above)

  21. Does anyone want to duel 1v1, first degree? Phobos is itching for a battle. I’ll be checking this page throughout the day, so please respond if you’re interested.

      1. Ok. I’ll start a new post, roll to see who goes first!

  22. Also this was an Auther challenge. You should call people who finished 1-9 challenge should beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee:Master dueler!

  23. I think for 200 gole you should be able to buy a dreadnought sword like Lee’s. But it can do any spell.

    1. I would, but it looks way more complicated than 1v1’s. Maybe after I’ve at least done my first match. Speaking of, would you be available to battle sometime tomorrow?

      1. Are you available today to battle 1v1? First degree? Nobody else is currently dueling, so it should be fine.

  24. Hey everyone! I just added a large update to the arena rules (see new portions in red). These are based on suggestions passed on via Attendant Atticus (and a couple others who took the time to email me). I wasn’t able to implement every suggestion, some for balance reasons, others due to time.

    I also haven’t had a chance to read over how things have been coming along as I’ve been incredibly busy with publishing/editing. I have three major audiobook companies vying for the rights to Anna’s first book, which is exciting. Further, I told Attendant Atticus about how the book is progressing (he is free to copy/paste what I said in a comment wherever).

    Anyway, I hope you guys are doing well and I hope these rules clarifications/additions can add some spice to the fun. Play test them and enjoy yourselves, and get back to me in due course with suggestions! Particularly feel free to come up with specific items, their names, their crown costs, and what they do. Same goes for abilities available only to certain houses.

    Good luck, everyone, and happy dueling!

  25. I would like to duel as well, also doing the first to ninth challenge, (which I think the title for should be Rising Star). Just FYI I’ve never dueled like this before but we’ll see how it goes.

    1. Hello,welcome,please state you degree,nickname,element and if you want to you can create a backstory for you character.Im going do the 1-9 challenge as well

      1. Phobos “The Tide” Rathbone

        1st Water (for now)

        Phobos is a distant descendant of Attyla the Mighty, but he isn’t evil. While some of his family have been evil, he doesn’t like how his entire family is mistrusted because of the actions of a few. He wants to become a necromancer Arcaner to prove that necromancers can be good too. He will take the Torment Trial once he is high enough degree and it is an option.

    2. Heyyyyy I’d love to duel you some time, but can you like state your name and degree and stuff? Oh, and im doing the challenge too

      1. I’m free all day Tuesday, would that work for you? 1v1 first degree, with the new rules?

      2. *Gulps* I forgot to refresh this for a week. So I didnt see this message, so sorry. Is it possible for us to duel another day?

    3. Wait kaladin as in magic misfits kaladan? Its another magic book.

      P.S. I don’t know were my computer is so im using phone.

      1. No, Kaladin from Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive. Another book series.

  26. Also do people have ideas for weapons=gear you should be able to get vis the shop?

    1. Yes! I forgot to mention this, but spell scrolls! You can for 10xDegree gold, and goes up to the 11th degree. Or, you know, whatever Mr. Bronny would want to do.

      1. Ooh,good idea,I think we should maybe even have a elemental bracelet,that increases your elemental attacks by one or two,a strength arm band that increases physical attacks and a thing to help ward mental spells.Also the spell scrolls shouldn’t count as a spell on your turn due to how expensive they are,I mean a first offensive would be 30gp so 6 matches whereas frenzy would be 100 gp so 20 games.

    2. A telekinesis training cube. You get it pre-set to a weight level, and it increases your degree boost when using Telekinesis, by training with it out of battle. For example:

      Quill/+1/20 crowns
      Inkwell/+2/40 crowns

      Change specifics as needed.

  27. I rolled a 11 and 3 18 and 26 I have to use all my elemental armor then I run towards you cast elemental armor then try to hit you with my spear then tried to kick you an NAT 20!!! So 35 and then a 8 so 23
    35- for the spear 23- for the kick

    1. I bested the kick with a total 25, but did not best your spear. It slips past me and sinks into my side, and I push it out. Holding a hand over the wound, I bow and say “You best Einar. Olishia must teach Einar her skills someday.” I have quite a shocked expression, as Einar thought himself unbeatable.

      Good job Attendant! That was cloooose

      1. I bow in return flash my stripes for the final time until they dim then I say”,Good job,your dueling and arcane prowess astounds me”,.

        Side note remember what you must do as treasurer.

        Also I’m buying a potion of trickery

  28. I don’t know. But I know we need to pass the Squire test, and Mr. Bronny hasn’t set rules for that yet.

  29. I roll a natural 20!!!! Yes 29 then I roll a 11 so 22 then I run towards you in front of you I try to kick you then I run a bit back and cast Shield,the kick roll was 8 plus 11 so 19,Be prepared I have some new tricks up my sleeve,been rereading the 4th FoaRD book.

    1. A 10, giving me a 23 against your kick. I trace you, incanting “ paralizo carcusa cemente!” and punch you. Totals: 25 Paralyze, 28 punch.

      1. I roll a 15 so 30 I dodge then for the paralyze I rolled a 13 so 28 then I run up to you whilst running I cast strength and punch you in the neck and kick you in the shins,the neck hit is 14 so 29 and a 12 so 27.

      2. Wait, Centarro does a +4 bonus on top of your +9 degree bonus for +11, but you were doing +15, so that punch would’ve hit.

      3. No shield does plus two on defensive 9+4+2=15

      4. Oh, forgot you cast Shield.

        Ok, I roll a 18 and 14 for 31 and 27, so I dodge both of your attacks, mutter about how this duel takes forever, and make a sweeping motion with my legs to try and knock you off your feet, simultaneously snapping off “Flustrato” with a jiggly hand motion. That’s a total 27 for Confusion and total 23 for the kick.

    2. I rolled a 15 so 30 and a 13 so 28 then I cast strength the run towards you and try to hit you by the neck for a roll of 12 then try to kick you in the shins for a roll of 12 so 27.

      1. When you guys are done dueling, you wanna due me? Just FYI I’m doing the first degree all the way to nineth challenge

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