🎇Champion’s Wrath is now LIVE ON KINDLE!🎇

Your wait is over! The grand finale to the Fury of a Rising Dragon series, Champion’s Wrath, has finally launched on Kindle.

This book was a huge undertaking and an emotional journey for me, but I am mighty proud of the work—and the entire Fury of a Rising Dragon series as a whole. Loads of surprises coming your way.

Champion’s Wrath is a true epic, clocking in at a whopping 275,000 words—736 paperback pages, maxing out the printer (and my nerves). I gave it my very all every step of the way.

I cannot thank you enough for your amazing support over the years. You have sent me emails by the thousands from all corners of the world, throwing nothing but kindness my way, encouraging this endeavor. Because of you, I have been able to be a full-time author now for over five years (and I’ve spent nine years writing the trio in total—thus far).

And special thanks to the ART. You know who you are, and you are very much appreciated 🙂

This has been a difficult year in particular for everyone, and hopefully Augum, Bridget and Leera can give you a little pick-me-up for the holidays. So grab a blanket and get cozy, because the last adventure in the Fury of a Rising Dragon series is about to begin. I proudly reveal Champion’s Wrath, available from Amazon in the following countries:


All my best to you and those you love,

P.S. Additionally, I put the Kindle version of Arcane and Burden’s Edge on sale for only 99 cents (sale ends Dec 8th). Please share if you have people in your circle who you think might enjoy the saga.

P.P.S. I hope you will consider leaving an honest review of Champion’s Wrath on Amazon when you’re done, as every review helps Augum, Bridget and Leera reach new readers. Thank you so much.

P.P.P.S. Bonus photos of Buddha. She pretends like she wants to be part of the fun, but what she really wants are the cookies:


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19 thoughts on “🎇Champion’s Wrath is now LIVE ON KINDLE!🎇

  1. I am looking forward to the continuation of the story and to hear more about the resurrection of the Arcaner order. Hopefully the trio find a solution to certain problems they now face. Have you thought about making a companion book for Dungeons and Dragons for a warlock class similar to your books?

    1. I get the occasional question from DnD fans about my work, so it’s certainly possible. The thing is it takes time to flesh stuff out like that, and these days time is a little precious because the work of writing/editing/publishing is quite demanding when so many works have been released. Perhaps in due course :)

    1. Interestingly, this is not the first time this has been brought up. I’ve gotten the occasional email over the years wondering about this very thing. But I don’t ever see it happening as they truly do see each other as brother and sister, and nothing more. But they are bonded by the blood of war, and that is a very strong bond indeed.

    Since Leera is now Infertile for the rest of her life, why don’t they just adopt a kid, or they could do the witch thing, or ask Krakatos (sry if I spelled it wrong) for help cause he’s like a couple thousand years old and he must have a way right?


    1. Whoa, whoa, spoiler haha!

      Well, let’s not count the trio out just yet as they’re a clever bunch. And if anything, Augum and Bridget could adopt!

      Glad you’re enjoying my work :)

  3. My son has been staying up until midnight every night this past week devouring your book. Last night, I had to pry the tablet out of his hands to get him to go to sleep!

  4. Another amazing read, but I have to admit I got impatient waiting on the paperback to ship and bought a kindle copy as well! Thank you for your hard work and I look forward to seeing the trio in their future adventures!

    1. Wow, thank you for your faith in my work! Hope you enjoyed the adventure, and I hope you’ll consider leaving an honest review on Amazon :) Any fav scenes?

      1. I won’t comment on any from the latest book to avoid posting spoilers, but the scene where Augum wakes up to find Mrs. Stone waiting for him in Ley was one of my favorites in Mercy’s Trial. I’m hoping she doesn’t take to long figuring out how to build a new portal!

  5. G’day!
    Again, I’ve been blow away by the quality of writing. This was an epic conclusion to the series, and I loved every minute of it. That said, I have a couple questions/comments:

    Slight Spoilers (read ahead at your own risk):
    -The motifs of the 2nd and 3rd books wasn’t repeated as much: of them being “locked in war”. To be fair the book was more focused on Spirit of the Dragon so that makes sense, it’s just something I think would’ve made the booking a bit stronger.
    -Centarro was underutilized, as least in my opinion. It’s a staple spell of the trio, and was heavily used in books 1-3. While it’s probably better for them not to rely on it, it wasn’t used nearly as much in this one.
    -I feel underwhelmed by the content after the war. It’s not that it wasn’t good, I just thought there needed to be more; but splitting this book into 2 would’ve been extremely challenging, I feel. At least while keeping it engaging.

    Major Spoilers (don’t read further if you haven’t read the book):

    -Again with Centarro being under utilized: I feel a little disappointed it wasn’t used more, or at least against Katrina.
    -Kinda confused on this one: Leera being cursed to infertility. Wouldn’t this be fixable? Via the witch at hangman’s rock. Last time the witch took Augum’s arcanery, Miranda Jenkins died to give it back. However, she was already drained by extensively healing others, and close to death anyway. If Jengo was a high enough degree he should be able to restore his arcanery and live.
    Essentially, one of the trio would turn into a dragon, break a tooth, revert, then use the tooth in the ritual. I understand why you did that (make Augum and Leera grow more), it just doesn’t make a huge amount of sense to me if it can be fixed that easily. I guess it just feels weird.
    -I remember there being talk of the trio having to make their own cantrip for the 10th degree exam. Are you ever going to explore that in the future? I just want more stories of the trio, since we didn’t get that much after the war :p

    I loved it and I hope to see miscellaneous stories about the trio in the future!
    Thank you for an amazing 3 years!

    1. It cannot be fixed that easily (there are certain costs to certain problems). But nothing is guaranteed either way.

      And all I can say at this time regarding the cantrips is maybe ;)

      Thanks so much for the feedback, and glad you enjoy my work :)

  6. THIS BOOK WAS AMAZING!!!! Easily my favorite of the series thus far. As soon as I could I downloaded it and began to read. Took me about five hours to read and that was time well spent. I look forward to future books.

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