Audiobook of Mercy’s Trial (Fury of a Rising Dragon, book 3) launches today! #fantasy #audiobook #series

So only two weeks after concluding the audiobook version of The Arinthian Line series with the launch of Legend, I can now proudly declare that the audiobook for Mercy’s Trial (Fury of a Rising Dragon, book 3)  launches today! That means you’ll be all caught up audiobook-wise, and will be able to listen to the entire adventure up to this point straight through.

Getting to this point has been a long time in coming. Thank you to everyone involved in making this possible.

Oh and I need your help. I don’t have an advance reader team for my audiobooks, thus I am putting in a call to all listeners to please leave a review of my books on audible if you’re able to. It would mean a lot to me. Thank you :)

News on Fury of a Rising Dragon, book 4:

I am now 196,000 words into book 4, the first draft of which is rapidly drawing to a conclusion. It’s a thrill to write this book because the trio are having to mature at a rapid clip, Augum above all. He faces some tough choices ahead, but some exciting ones too. A great battle brews the likes of which has hardly been seen in the kingdom in thousands of years.

Leera is mostly her usual peppy self, but she’s steadily gaining confidence. As for Bridget, she has been struggling with various things, from loathing the idea of taking lives to worrying about ruining her relationship with Olaf due to circumstance.

Lots more to come. Hang in there, and I hope you are keeping safe in these turbulent times. All my best to you and those you love,

—Sever Bronny

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Bestselling author of the epic fantasy THE ARINTHIAN LINE series and the FURY OF A RISING DRAGON series. The adventure begins with Arcane (The Arinthian Line, book 1):

9 thoughts on “Audiobook of Mercy’s Trial (Fury of a Rising Dragon, book 3) launches today! #fantasy #audiobook #series

      1. I thought the scene had the perfect amount of action, though it seemed that it was over so soon

  1. esha is my favorite character because she is so calm during stressful situations she could really help in this quarantine

    1. Ha! Yeah, she certainly would. I’m just rereading some of her scenes, actually, and she has some fantastic pieces of wisdom, such as, “Our thoughts dye our soul”, and, “Time always claims its toll.”

      If she were here, she would probably say something like, “Pay attention to that which you can control, and appreciate what you have before you.”

  2. Esha remembers that Retus Eldriticus was quoted saying ” One way or another, our existence will always end, yet the amount of time we live will never seem to be enough. That is why it is better to live in the moment than spend it worrying about the future. The moment is the only thing we truly possess. You have the privilege of a mortal life. Do not squander it, for its beauty lies in its fleetingness.” These lines are very fitting to the quarantine times we live in today. A lot of people found comfort in this advice when I quoted it on my Facebook page. A hint for them to enjoy today and stop waiting and complaining about the quarantine. Enjoy the moment. Great message.

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