Mercy’s Trial has launched!

Grasping at a sliver of hope, a group of friends undertake a perilous quest last attempted thousands of years ago . . . a quest to summon dragons.

* * *

I am thrilled to announce that Mercy’s Trial (Fury of a Rising Dragon, book 3) has finally launched!

Thank you for your patience and your long-time support. Below are the USA links to the book (though it’s available from all Amazon stores):

⭐️ Kindle and KU:
⭐️ Paperback:

Enjoy :)

50 thoughts on “Mercy’s Trial has launched!

  1. Gday!
    Mercy’s Trial awesome! AHHHHHH
    It felt wayyy too short because it was so good!
    Two typos that I noticed: (very slight spoilers)
    -The new light spell Augum knows is initially referenced as 3rd degree, but is later called a 6th degree spell.
    -Towards the end, Augum says “Awe and Breath of the Dragon”, when it should be “Awe and Bluster”.
    Just minor things that I noticed, they dont take away from the story at all.
    Ahhh! (Big spoilers)!
    Spirit of the Dragon + Frenzy +Centarro will be awesome!
    I loved the direction the plot took, and Spirit of the Dragon sets up for a hilarious prank on everyone back in the academy! Also, will Leera’s alchemy elective ever be useful?
    E.g. Stamina refill potions? Because that’d be awesome and a great way for her to connect with her mother.
    Oh and will everyone else learn Centarro?

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    • (SPOILERS, be warned)
      Continuing on, I love your story progression: each book seems to mature, as do the characters. It actually feels like a part of their lives.
      And Spirit of the Dragon is perfect! The phrase is so cool, and the pose is awesome! It’s exactly as a legendary spell should be. I can already imagine the Canterrans quaking in fear!

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      • Thank you for the typos report! I will have that fixed for the next time the book needs updating :)

        The school class stuff is tricky, but I hope to implement those skill sets more in future books.

        And glad you enjoyed it so much :)


    • Oh, and sorry to bother you, but when are you going to update the lore and spells page? I was thinking that you were going to wait a couple months for people to read Mercy’s Trial, then add spoilers.
      And then some miscellaneous ideas (I don’t expect them to be added, I just think they’re cool).:
      -Simul: Speed of the Dragon (just throwing a random name out).
      -Teleport and the First Offensive: you teleport to where your First Offensive hits.
      -Summon Weapon extension/Simul: Claws of the Dragon.
      -You can summon another sword in your opposite hand, and use the flat edge as a shield (Mirror of the Dragon). (Slight Spoilers) Leera didn’t seem to know as many spells as Bridget and Augum, and I think dual-wielding would suit her better.
      -Summon Weapon extension/Arcaner Simul:
      -Your next sword slash creates a blade of your element that travels forward, slicing through enemies. For bows, it increases the size and speed of your next arrow by a significant amount, and makes them explode upon hitting something.
      -Telekinesis Extension:
      -You can surround your feet and hands in a bubble of telekinesis, increasing your strength and adding slight protection. This means you can punch through shields without injury if you have Strength active, or if your telekinesis is particularly powerful.
      -Simul: Fury of the Dragon.
      -Any Offensive, Push, and Slam. Emits from your mouth instead of your hands. (SPOILER): Maybe requires Spirit of the Dragon?
      -Simul: Majesty of the Dragon (slight spoilers)
      -Emit a constant Fear aura. Drains your stamina, emits at 0.75x your casting degree strength. For example, if Augum could cast Fear at 10th degree strength, his fear aura would be a strong 7th degree.

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      • I love those ideas, a few of which I’ve even already considered but haven’t implemented. Thanks for taking the time to write them out; I’ll pore over them and see if I can help improve the current system :)


    • Even more spell ideas:
      Spell Arts!
      These are basically super spells that can’t be instamtly instantly cast, and instead require a certain combination of spells, alomg with immense stamina drain and a unique trigger phrase.
      Higher degrees don’t need to set up lesser spell arts, they can just straight cast them.
      E.g.: Earth Art – Crush of the Earth. Create two massive blocks of stone that pulverise enemies.
      Also, arcanery-enhanced versions of classic weapon moves would be cool.
      E.g. A special type of Mordeau (murder strike, designed to kill armoured enemies) for Augum would be pretty cool.
      Sorry for all the spam :P
      And thank you for writing such awesome books :)

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      • These are lovely ideas! I’ve got more complicated spells coming down the line in terms of rituals, and the spell list is getting large and complicated, but that’s the life of a warlock, isn’t it? Thanks for the suggestions, I’ve written them down for mental parsing :)


  2. Once again really good writing and over all a really good book, I feel like your books just have a way of bieng easy to connect to . I think you truly are doing a great job and hope that all goes well moving on with the series .
    A supporting fan

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    • So soon! Well glad you enjoyed it, Jim, and thank you so much for taking the trouble to leave a review. Means a lot to us authors. The next one has only just begun, so probably late next year??? Not sure.


  3. Me: Opens Amazon to see what’s new, not expecting anything special
    Also me: Sees Mercy’s Trial has launched
    Still me: Ah, ah, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
    *Grabs paper bag to stop from hyperventilating*

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      • Finished it recently, can’t wait for the next one.
        I can’t wait to see how the trio will deal with the limitations of the Spirit of The Dragon simul. (Ex. Stamina drain, large size, being defenseless after the spell is over.)
        Keep writing please!
        P.S. Maybe an Arinthian Line movie series…

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  4. This is just an fyi but I left an Amazon review, my first actually saying similar to the stuff I said earlier this month. Just wanted to say again good job and wish you the best wrighting the next book; hopefully books .

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  5. I lowkey think Cry is the best. Augum is cool. Leera is my all time fav. But once again, Bridget doesn’t seem as involved in the book as Augum or Leera. No offence. Also, I don’t really like Olaf. Once again no offence. But still. It is a wonderful book. One of my favorites, and I am not even done with it yet. I just gotta say, your skill with writing from Arcane to now. Is just amazing. Just watching your skill improve drastically through out each book. Just wonderful. You are the best author bbg.

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    • No offense ever taken! Everyone’s allowed their own favorites and to dislike whoever they want. Cry is an interesting choice, and one I don’t hear often. He’s also a complex character who I want to flesh out more in future books, as I see a gem of a story within him that I look forward to exploring.

      And thank you so much; a lot of people have been noting how far I’ve come with my craft. I think that’s from the sheer amount of words put in into the work: it’s now at 1.48 million words published!

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      • Whoa, congrats man. Very impressive. I love writing too. You are the reason though. I used to write for fun, but it wasn’t serious, but after seeing your work, I know writing is something I love doing. Thank you so much. Even though you don’t know you are helping me. You really are, every time I read your book(s) It always inspires me. The current “Story” I’m working on is somewhat similar to your books. Only with the degree system, the first 3 degrees are exactly the same (Everything has new names) and somewhat similar moving on. But I have 30 degrees instead of 20. The Plot and characters are completely different. But there is an academy like school in mine. Please don’t be mad that my story has a similar system, your System is just so PERFECT. But anyways. Love your work so much. Also is there any way you could make a map of Endraga Ra. That place just is so cool to me. I’d explore there if I was Augum. It is just amazing. Love your work. And happy holidays :)

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      • Not mad at all, rather flattered! I worked hard on that system to make it as balanced as possible while leaving behind some quirks which I hope to explore more in due time.

        And I’ll consider posting a map of Endraga Ra. Thing is, it’s a rather crude pencil sketch and thus not exactly fit for publishing (I sketch things out, leaving the details in my head).

        And I’m happy to have inspired you and wish you much luck and creativity in your writing. May you never fear of pushing yourself to come up with something that enthralls you!


      • It means a lot to me that you’re not mad, I’ve been stressing myself out over that (lol [lol looks like a tie fighter from starwars]) and I just finished your book, it’s honestly amazing. Like everything, there is a couple of things I didn’t like but most of it I did. I can’t wait until the next book where they learn shrink and frenzy. Gonna be epic! I will leave a review on Amazon at some point

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    • That’s fantastic, Alaska, glad you enjoyed it. So did you have any favorite scenes?

      And I hope you’ll consider taking a brief moment to leave an honest review on Amazon; means a lot to us authors :)


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