Coming soon: Clash (The Arinthian Line, Book 4)


CLASH (The Arinthian Line, Book 4)

Warlocks Augum, Bridget and Leera are finally able to relax after a grueling ordeal in Bahbell. Their substitute mentor Leopold Harvus, however, isn’t at all like the legendary Anna Atticus Stone. He’s manipulative and petty with a distaste for anything
untoward—particularly Augum and Leera’s affections for each other.

As their studies suffer from his oppressive meddling, Anna Stone—on the run
from the Legion—tasks the trio with a dangerous new quest that could turn the
tide in the war. But when Harvus pushes Augum too far, a brazen act of
rebellion plunges everyone into mortal peril…

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8 thoughts on “Coming soon: Clash (The Arinthian Line, Book 4)

  1. Looks great! I sent an e-mail asking to be part of the advance reader team. Will I get this book or is it too late and have to wait for the next release. Keep up the fantastic series Sever thanks for the brilliant reads.

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  2. My son (age 11) just TORE through the first three books! As soon as he was finished (5 minutes ago), he asked me to look for book 4. It looks as it will be released soon, but doesn’t look like it can be pre-ordered. Any news to share?

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