Update on The Arinthian Line, book 4

Book 4 of The Arinthian Line is coming along. First draft might even be done this weekend. I like this screenshot — an even 160,000 words, and projecting 180-190,000, before serious editing kicks in.

In this book, Augum, Bridget and Leera bond unlike ever before, but they also face their greatest challenges. This book is something. It’s packed with adventure–a greedy mentor, an ancient library, and a warlock tournament. I can’t wait to get it out there, but quality comes first, so bear with me :)

160,000 words complete

Published by

Sever Bronny

Bestselling author of the epic fantasy THE ARINTHIAN LINE series and the FURY OF A RISING DRAGON series. The adventure begins with Arcane (The Arinthian Line, book 1): http://amzn.to/1Rl1P1B

10 thoughts on “Update on The Arinthian Line, book 4

  1. I am typing this down here so very few people will see it, but I am 99% sure that headmaster Byron hired the Assassins. How else would one have gotten in to the mock battle. We also know Byron is against the arcaners. It can’t be Katrina, she is a Von Edgeworth yes, but she still cares about honor, and hiring assassin’s to kill someone is not very honourable. I think Byron hired the Assassins.

  2. I’m truly enjoying this series, and I’m really happy to hear that you may not have us waiting too much longer to find out what is next for Augum, Leera and Bridget.

  3. Hi Sever!! Just wanted to say can’t wait for this!! You’ve said little but, it sounds amazing! I hope all is well for you and your family! oxoxo


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