Props for the Arinthian Line

I know everyone’s anxious to hear word on LEGEND. I’m only about two weeks behind schedule, so going to miss a Christmas launch, but it won’t be long now. Expect it early January. It’ll be worth the wait :) Sneak peek coming very soon!

In the mean, here’s a photo of some props I used for The Arinthian Line, the details of which I posted on Reddit in r/fantasy. Stop by and say hi ;)

fantasy sword, globe, sphere, prop, lion, books

Fantasy props – lion, scions, dice, castle



The Arinthian Line *secret hint*

Secret hint: I imagine this as one of the heard, but *unrevealed* characters in The Arinthian Line. No spoilers! :) If you guess who it is, keep it to yourself! :)

Photo of majestic lion by Eric Esterle
(Photo by Eric Esterle)