The Arena

*NEW:* Rules amendments added in red, including dice rolls.

The audience shoots to their feet and roars as you step onto the warm sand of the arena. The flags flutter overhead as you see a thousand people watching you. This is your moment to show your skills as a pupil of the fabled Academy of Arcane Arts. Now it’s only a question of how you will perform . . .

Welcome to The Arena! This is where you can test your mettle against fellow academy pupils. The rules are as follows:

  1. Keep it clean and respectful. An academy pupil treats his opponents with honor, giving the standard courtesies. That of course includes a bow before and after a fight, as well as showing one’s stripes.
  2. Pupils are expected to use the full trigger phrase of the spell they are casting, as well as name of the spell. Example: “I slap my wrists together with the First Offensive, shouting, Annihilo!”
  3. All offensive spells shall be cast feathered, meaning at diminished strength. This is practice dueling only!
  4. Choose a time to duel, being mindful of time zones.
  5. Choose a nickname when in the arena. Augum, for example, would be called Augum “The Hood” Stone.
  6. Choose an element. Available elements are: fire, earth, water, air, lightning, ice (healers do not duel, and necromancy will not be an option at this time).
  7. Agree on degree level for all contestants prior to the duel. Available degrees are 1 to 9. This matters because you will not be allowed to cast spells of higher degree (for the purpose of simplicity we will not account for people training beyond their degree).
  8. Dice rolls: Roll a twenty-sided dice (“D20”) to cast a spell/strike an opponent. Add your degree level to the roll. A roll of 14 or higher hits. If the opponent chooses to dodge or parry, they must roll higher than you (they too will include their degree bonus). Tie rolls go to defender. Centarro adds +4 to all rolls. Shields add +2 to all defensive rolls. Elemental Armor allows for two free hits before destruction. Feel free to use online dice rollers like this one.
  9. Example: A 4th degree warlock smacks their wrists together, incanting, “Annihilo!” He/she then rolls a D20, getting a 10. They then add their degree, scoring a total of 14, which would strike. But their 2nd degree opponent chooses to block with a summoned shield. They roll a D20, getting an 9. Adding their degree and the shield bonus, their total is 13, which means they failed to raise their shield in time and the First Offensive struck true, scoring one point for the caster.
  10. GOLD EARNINGS: Each duel participant receives 5 crowns, regardless of who wins. The crowns must be honestly tabulated at home using the honor system, but you may appoint someone among you to hold the title of “Treasurer”. It will be that person’s responsibility to keep tabs on everyone’s earnings.

    The earnings can be used to purchase the following:

    5 crowns – A Potion of Trickery that, when consumed, takes away an opponent’s point. Costs one action to perform. Can only be consumed mid duel.
    25 crowns – A better quality practice weapon, earning +1 on all strike rolls when using it.

    35 crowns – Ring of Tempering: reduces all non-spell physical strike attack rolls by 1
    35 crowns – Ring of Striking: adds +1 to all physical attack rolls (non-spell attacks)
    35 crowns – Ring of Absorption: adds +1 to all defensive rolls against mind attack spells
    35 crowns – Ring of Consternation: opponent suffers -1 on all mind attack defensive rolls
    40 crowns – Circlet of Luck: +3 on all “Rolls to Succeed” (see below)
    40 crowns – Circlet of Retrial: Once per duel, you may ask for a re-roll of any one single roll
    50 crowns – A shimmering elemental robe that penalizes all castings cast against the wearer, endowing a -2 penalty on all opponent’s strike rolls (physical offensive spells only, not mind spells).
    100 crowns – The purchase of an arcane Dreadnought weapon of your choosing (can be an axe/sword/bow/staff etc). You also get to name it. +3 on all strike rolls, and has the ability to cast First Offensive through the weapon (for 3rd degree+ only).
    Author’s request 1: Come up with a list of items. Have Attendant Atticus email them to me. Feel free to suggest amendments to the above too.
    Author request 2: what sort of mechanics would you like introduced for penetrating a shield / Mind Armor / Elemental Armor due to strong attacks? And how would attacking using a fist / foot factor? Think it over/playtest some ideas, and get back to me in due course with specific mechanics.
    Author request 3: What sort of mechanic would you like to introduce that is house-specific? Perhaps certain off-the-books spells/abilities only available to those houses?
  11. RULES CLARIFICATION: Second Offensives (always cast tempered) result in two points being awarded if both strike true. Chances of both striking are as follows: should attempted defenses fail, defender rolls a D6. If it is 1-4, the attack is successful and attacker is awarded 2 points. If it is a 5 or 6 defender manages to sustain one of the two attacks, but dodges the other (imagine one hitting a leg and the other the ground, or one the torso and the other zipping underneath an arm, etc).
  12. RULES CLARIFICATION: Strength: Should a physical attack be successful under the influence of Strength, the attacker is awarded one extra point. Further, all non-attack Strength attempts that relate (like flipping someone, lifting something, etc) using dice rolls gain an additional +4 on any D20 “Rolls to succeed” attempt rolls.
  13. RULES ADDITION: D20 “Rolls to succeed“: Any player may use an attack to attempt something not as yet discussed. At that point, the player is asked to honestly self-assess the difficulty of accomplishing the feat, and roll a D20. For an easy feat, they must score a 10 or higher. For a moderate feat, 14 or higher. For a difficult feat, 18 or higher. A successful moderate feat earns the attemptee one extra crown at the end of the match. A successful difficult feat earns them an extra two crowns! [Author asks the players to play test this and “feel” it out for balance issues]
  14. 2 ON 2 DUELS: You may now duel each other in team pairs! All participants will get an automatic 8 crowns per person. Initiative is rolled each round using a D20 (twenty-sided die). To cut down on text-based messages, this may be accomplished by the master of ceremonies/appointed score keeper/one of the participants. Highest goes first, with ties going to the person with more points that round. If a tie still remains, those involved in the tie are to each roll a D20 until one gets higher than the other. Further, the winning team is each awarded two extra crowns per person. [Author asks the players to playtest 2 on 2 and get back to him (perhaps via Attendant Atticus) on how to improve the mechanics].
  15. [OPTIONAL CHALLENGE]: Start dueling at 1st degree. After every duel, you graduate one degree. When you hit the 10th, you can choose any degree (between 1-9) to duel with. A request from the author: if the community comes up with a rank title for those who complete this challenge, have Attendant Atticus email me with the resultant decision and I will amend the rule here to make it official, allowing for people to use the rank in their name.
  16. Agree who goes first. Take turns. You can roll a dice to add randomness.
  17. You can cast one spell per text post. The person reacting MUST do the following however: react to the spell cast at them, and cast a counterspell / make an action.
  18. Possible actions:
    – Cast a spell, such as summoning a shield or weapon, summon elemental armor, Disarm, a First Offensive (feathered of course), etc. etc.
    – Block with shield / parry with practice weapon (practice weapons can be retrieved telekinetically from the carts that are wheeled out prior to each duel, costing one action). Weapon classes: spear, sword (short/long), dagger, axe, halberd, club, bow & quiver (3 arrows in quiver allowed max), any other reasonable weapon you can imagine.
    – Move to engage opponent in hand-to-hand combat (or with weapons)
    – Move away from approaching opponent
    – Dodge / duck / jump over the spell / twirl aside / (the audience roars for greater creativity!) etc.
    – Slash / thrust / slice / jab with weapon (etc). Can also throw the weapon.
    – Telekinetically bend the arc of an arrow / fireball / thrown object. Available only to 5th degrees and up.
    – Battle ‘port away (available only to 9th degrees and up)
    – Reflect a spell using Mirror of the Dragon (available only to aspirants who have passed the Arcaner trials and have subsequently gone through the training. Will flesh out rules in due course).
  19. [OPTIONAL RULE] You can use up to two dodges per battle, so choose wisely. After your dodges have been used up, the opponent’s spells strike true (as long as they roll a 14).
  20. Each opponent can withstand one hit to their Mind Armor before future spells blow through. At that point, the defender must roll a six-sided dice (known as a “D6”) Alternately, the Master of Ceremonies can be the dice roller. Results as follows:

    -A roll of 1 means the attack is successful and does full damage to the mind (1 point awarded, combatant must role-play how it affects them). So if it’s a Sleep spell, the person struck is put to sleep and the duel is over then and there.
    -A roll of 2 means the attack is somewhat successful and does half damage to the mind (1 point awarded, combatant must role-play how it affects them)
    -A roll of 3 means the attack is a partial glancing blow, and does no damage, but a quarter of the effect is felt by the person sustaining the attack (no point awarded).
    -A roll of 4 means the spell crumpled against the pupil’s Mind Armor (no effect/damage)
    -A roll of 5 means the spell crumpled against the pupil’s Mind Armor (no effect/damage)
    -A roll of 6 means the spell crumpled against the pupil’s Mind Armor (no effect/damage)

    All pupils are expected to report their rolls honestly. That is the way of honor that all pupils who hope to last in the academy shall obey. And losing a duel can be just as fun as winning one. After all, everyone learns from a loss and becomes slightly better not just as a pupil, but as a combatant. Losing builds characters more than winning.
  21. First to three solid hits wins! (This will keep the duels shorter). [OPTIONAL RULE:If no one is waiting in the wings to duel, both opponents can duel to five points]. But if a pupil believes he has been outmaneuvered in an incredible fashion (let’s say they believe their opponent was being particularly imaginative with their attack) then that pupil may do the honorable thing and bend the knee.
  22. For added fun, a third person can play the role of the Master of Ceremonies (Think Lucca Giovanni from the book Clash). This person’s sole job is to dramatize the events before them. They will also be the judge of the tournament, assigning points, making rules calls, etc.
  23. You’re welcome to suggest rules / amendments below. Due to the limitations of a text-based duel in this site, we will all have to be a little patient and forgiving in how things flow. A pupil is expected to do their best and to use their imaginations, as they are the most potent weapons they have. Good luck to all combatants!

The scene: The crowd stirs anxiously as the combatants meet in the center of the sandy arena. They are bare of foot and wearing the color of their respective degree. It is a [Master of Ceremonies chooses weather] day, and people have paid good money to see quality practice duels. In attendance we have academy arcanists, always keen to see how students are progressing. We have two high-degree healers as well, eager to help combatants injured in the fray [Master of Ceremonies may role-play what they do]. And of course, we have representative heralds from the Blackhaven Herald, the Antioc Herald, and the Academy Herald (Cry Slimwealth may be in attendance). And they like to gossip.

The heralds have been seen chatting together, in fact. Speculation has been mounting on whether or not everyone would get a glimpse of the fabled trio, who have been said to be interested in the events. Everyone is hoping to get a visit from one of them, although they are quite busy people these days guarding the kingdom. Perhaps in due course . . .

775 thoughts on “The Arena


    Rick. Rick. Rick. The name pounded me from inside my skull. I was 10 years old again. Looking up excitedly at my supposed “Mentor”. Little did I know that he, he the very person that raised me would betray me, just as he betrayed his own father. But this time it was worse. It was torture. I was beaten till the brink of death every single day just because my stamina didn’t match his. So when I was 12 I ran away, seeking shelter in the most dangerous of places; rooftops, backyards, and etc. Until one da- “YOU!” Rick’s voice snapped me back to reality. “YOU DARE PRESENT YOUR FILTHY FACE IN MY SHOP?!” Everyone in the shop turned. “I am seeking an item that must be discussed in private.” I replied eyeing the people shopping. They looked exactly like Rick’s minions that he showed me all those years ago. Instead of agreeing, Rick said, “Whatever it is you seek that can be heard by my ears can be heard by theirs.” I sighed. “Fine, the item I seek is the last scion.”

    “THAT ITEM IS NOT FOR SALE.” Rick yelled. “But what if I offered you a fortune?” I countered. “Depends on how much is in that fortune.” Rick said. “There is as much money in that fortune as you will ever need in life.” I said. “BRIBARY! KILL HIM!” Rick yelled, then he whispered so only I could hear what he said next. “That scion you wanted? I destroyed it.” “No you did not.” I said exasperated. There was no way he managed to destroy that last scion. To destroy it, you needed at least five other scions. All of which were in possession of my mentor. I was half way through my next thought when the attack began. I quickly noted the spells being cast. A second offensive from behind, a first offensive from the right, a darkness from the left, and a paralyze from the front. I quickly say “Un vun asperio aurum enchantus” and dodge the paralyze spell and roll back then to the left to avoid the first and second offensives. I whisper “Armari elementus totalus” and then use telekinesis to raise the four men by their throats so no more verbal spells. I looked around for Rick, but he was nowhere to be seen. I hated going back to my mentor empty handed, but at least I have these four guys that I can practice on, at least in private.

  2. The pool… the water was dark, reflecting everything out of the nothingness. An endless mirror, a portal to one’s soul. It stood in a rocky basin made of solid black stone that was part of the cavern, all of the same rock. I was on a small island in the middle, surrounded by clearer water that stretched into the darkness, and a small boat was beached nearby. My small lightning orb was the only light, and it was dim for fear of what lay hidden in that dark, lost cavern.

    I couldn’t help myself. I was warned not to; on the map, by the man who gave me the map, by a stone inscription outside of the cavern… I didn’t listen. Curiosity overcame me as I stuck my hand into the strange water, followed by the other. And then, beyond my own control, I dunked my head.

    And what I saw… ’twas beautiful yet horrible. Perfect yet ruined. Everything but nothing

    First, there was a small child, small in height, but perhaps 14. He had a mane of gold and red hair and bright green eyes, freckles the only detail on his smooth, tanned face. “Shyneo,” he whispered eerily, the word echoing in my mind. A weak flicker of lightning flashed across his hand, and he looked straight at me with a smile, seeking approval.

    Then he was older, perhaps 20. I was older to, perhaps 25 or so. Both of us had longer hair, more tanned skin, and a few scars. We were in a jungle… no, Endraga Ra! But is was true. And we moved, quickened by the dream-like state, until we were at a mountaintop. A violent storm swirled overhead, striking trees in its lightning. And there, behold, was a dragon made of lightning scales. We both summoned our shields… shields with castles and the golden “semperis vorto honos”… and approached the dragon.

    And now I was old. Older than old. Wrinkled as a dried apple, blackened by the sun, and stark-white haired. Older than old. And I was again in Endraga Ra, again with the dragon, but no boy. I shook in place before gathering strength, summoning my shield of lightning… with a dragon! And I raised it high, then shouted “Father, by your strength I beg freedom from this cursed form!” And behold again, the dragon’s enormous maw swooped over me, and it went black.

    The final part. I soared high and mighty over the jungle, but a barn wide, yet an apex predator. My instincts were sharper than ever before, and my spells tenfold times tenfold the strength. I beat my wings heavily, diving straight down and soaring up, spinning in place before leveling. I was reborn.

    I lifted my head out of the water, positively shaking with fear and happiness at the same time. That was true… it all was, I knew it. My future… I would be a dragon in two ways! But there was danger in this basin, and doing what must be done, I incanted “Annihilo!” shattering it with a bolt of lightning. Something deep within the cavern roared in its wrath, and I turned to face it, smiling, for I would not die. Not yet.

    My own note here: Einar, despite being a brute in physical and arcane strength, prefers adventures, discoveries, knowledge, and freedom of spirit. Be prepared for more adventures from the greatest adventurer in Sithesia, sparing the trio.

    P.S. Einar’s vision of him becoming a dragon later in life (the actual dragon, not the Arcaner-Dragon) is the effect of his own ritual that he devises after reaching the Dragon rank. This is his test to see if it works, and it does.


    Aaron scarson!” I spat. “Just because you are related to Robin doesn’t make you the best.” “Technicaly it does” he smirked. The assasians chuckle. Then they all say watch your back! Then thwomp off. I say “Huh,that was weird and walk inside my cabin.”


    1. Ok on this topic should people get gold,from duels before gold?Devon or Mr.Bronny should get the final say in this.

      6 months after the end of the canteran and solian war

      As Olishia stepped through the portal she wiped the perspiration off her forhead,ahead of her were 5 audible thwomps.All of the warlocks wearing path arcon robes.As they advance they spit there motto,as they summon there shields.I quickly summon my staff and charge forward,as well as casting summon minor dragon.The roaring Icey dragon quickly attacks on my comand fighting one them;tearing the body to shreds.Two of them then cast two beams of darkness come toward me,I dodge one but the three hits my thigh.I yell in pain,casting shyneo and freezing my wound to stop the blood.I then summon my shield just as 3 more beams come towards me,I cast mimica on them obliterating one of the assasins.I summon a icey wall surrounding me and teleport away to the Arinthian castle.I quickly run to to the nearest guard and say,”Their back.more of them than ever,the rogue archons got to ley…tell the trio.As blackness fill my eyes,I fall to the floor.

      Also tpjust clarifying this is just for background of my character and I guess..A bit of fanfic.

      1. I don’t know about adding gold before the rules for gold were introduced, ’cause there’s so many duels and it could get complicated. Course, it’s up to Mr. Bronny but that’s my opinion.

      1. John’s right, Kaden. I’ve also only dueled you (before gold was introduced), and Attendant Atticus and John (after gold was introduced).

      2. Wait hold on. I have only done one duel so far. I didn’t duel Attendant Atticus yet.

      1. nah, maybe saturday. I only rlly am open on friday, saturday, and sunday. and this friday i have stuff to do so…


    Alex strolled through the busy street. A street full of Leyans. Alex was searching for one thing, and one thing only. That item has been especially dodgy these days, and cost a fortune. Luckily, he was sent by his mentor, who had a supply of almost endless gold. Of course she would, she was the legendary warlock, the one and only, Anna Atticus Stone. Finally, Alex came to the shop he was searching for. Inside was a dusty room that held countless overpriced junk. But in the back row, was the item he was looking for. And that item was…


    1. DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Charlotte saw North faint, then, she got back up. BEND THE KNEE! BEND THE KNEE! The crowd shouted. Charlotte saw North bend the knee. For she had a duel before and her arcane stamina was not well. Healers were brought out to help North. And Charlotte smiled. For she had won her very first duel. Excited, she made her way over to North. And told her how fun it was to duel her. Though it was short, she still had fun. Her mother and father would be proud if they were still alive. Charlotte walked back to the academy, greeted by some of her best friends. She was congratulated and happy she won.

    North, is my best friend, Grace. She wanted to duel with me and I wanted to duel with her. The duel wa short because we were on a call with each other and my dogs were being such brats. *caugh caugh Tobi.

    Thank you for dueling with me Grace!

  6. Anihlio Bato! Hits north in the stomach knocking her back a couple of feet

    1. (North gets up back on her feet and is mad attack hit her) “Annihilo bato!” ( The attack hit her in her right shoulder, but it did not push her back at all and it did not faze her, but her faces was scrunched up like the attack did somewhat hurt her)

  7. Charlotte walks into the Arena hopefull for her very first duel. Excimet and fear are on her face as she walks up to Her appoinent and bows.

  8. Hello friends! Today I will be dueling North Jackson. A 10th degree water warlock.

  9. New stuff for my guilds. 3 bonus things degree two:Baka Bato, degree 5:Sumano Arma Anihilo!, 9th degree”ELemental Telekenieses

    Baka boto is just a double push.

    Summano arma is like the arcaner simils but for Anihilo.

    Elemantal: Is your telekeneises is your element.Example:For ice warlock you could freeze things with telekeneises.

    May you please email these to Sever Bronny, so i know if i can do this Attendant Atticus Monroe?

    1. Wait you can create your own spells if you have a guild!?

      PS: Do you need to do anything to create a guild

    1. Are sincus”Your Highness”Vitalis,Phobos”The Tide”Rathbone,Olishia”The Frozen”Monroe(?) ready to duel today or tommorow?

      1. Who you? Who you talking to? And are you new? And you need a character. So you gotta make 1. And time difference so I can’t cause it is 11:30 so sorry.

  10. To continue for duel from last page

    I roll a natural 17! So 18 and a tie(ps idk what to do in a tie, but anyway) since your shock was less than 14, I’m going to ignore that. So I hear you yell shyneo (if that’s how you spell it) but the light flickered off. I assumed because your stamina was low, but could be a bad casting. As you grab me, I reach behind you and attempt for a headlock. Which I rolled a 16 for

    1. I wasn’t recasting Shine each time, it was always running.

      But anyways, I just allow you to put me in a headlock (this isn’t really a physical hit, so not really a point awarded). I stomp on your foot with a 19 and send a wooden practice sword at your back with Telekinesis with a 12.

      1. Oh. I thought you were recasting, but anyway,

        I receive a 18 for dodging stomp, and since sword was 12, i’ll ignore it.

        I see your foot coming, and attempt to jump back, but as I put you in a headlock, I jerked you you along, allowing your foot to stomp on mine. I instinctively grab my foot, so you escape my headlock. I rise and attempt to squeeze your neck with telekinesis. which i got 18 for

      2. I think Telekinetically grabbing my throat would count as a Difficult Feat, so you succeed.

        I bow and show my stripes one last time, then say “My skill always work. Keep repeating, keep Shock you,” with a smug grin before I retreat down one of the Arena’s entrances.

        Good job, and just in time too ’cause I won’t be here for a while.

      3. I bow, flash my stripes one last time before retreating into the shadows.

      4. “It appears we have an ending with 1-3(I think) I would of prefered if Devon had won,Hehe, but i cant have favorites now can I?” The crowd laughs and says no. I” will be back at the next duel. Let me hear you!!! LOSERS SHALL BEND-THE KNEE WINN-ERS FIND ENTER-NITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

        I fly over to you Devon and say “Maybe dont try the same target oover and over in a row you should of fizzled it tjen when you get him in a stop cast it where you are trying to electrocute him.”

        I fly to you Alex. “You did good Devon usually wins. Good job but dont get to cocky you dont wanna lost now do you? Of course you dont!”

      5. sorry meant. you should of let shine fizzle. But recast it when you have him in a spot. like a headlock.

  11. You forget. Though since you had the most points this is how its gonna go.

    You both go up 1 degree but 0 gold you may continue the duel at the same points but I need to clear the arena. But good duel! Do you agree Devon and Atticus? And you too who was dueling him.

    1. If didnt send. Here it is. Meant forfet And its okay with you 2 dwellers and treasurer and Attendant.

      1. Ohhhhhh… never mind continue duel. your turn. on last page. read it but replie here.

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