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I’ve noticed people wanting to start discussions on various topics related to The Arinthian Line, Fury of a Rising Dragon, etc in the comments section of the blog posts, which in turn get buried over time. This discussion page should help (scroll to the very bottom to post your own thought/question, or reply to someone else along the way). I’ll weigh in//respond in between bouts of writing/editing when I can.

Let me kick things off by quoting a reader, who said, “What I find inspiring is that I think we can all find a little of ourselves in each of the characters.”

All right, so which of the characters do you relate to, and why?

If that question doesn’t inspire you, perhaps one of these will:

What’s your favorite scene?

Who is your favorite villain?

What’s your favorite spell? Why?

Which light-hearted scene did you enjoy the most? Why?

Which scene was the most thrilling for you?

Otherwise, have any questions, ideas, thoughts? Leave a comment below, and we’ll see how it goes!

June, 2021

1,583 thoughts on “Discussion

  1. I got a cool idea weekly questions

    I’ll do one How many people have been disowned in the series
    Bonus if yo list everyone

    Extra bonus if you list who has been instead of disowned who has been formally accepted into a family.

    Will post answers once people attempt/answer the questions

    1. Augum, Lord Sparkstone, and Bowlander have all been disowned. As for accepted, Bridget and Leera have been “accepted” into the Arinthian lineage, Bridget as a SIster-in-War, Leera by marriage (well, soon)

    1. Nice,also if people want to make those sorta things,the website that fan used was hero forge.

  2. Fun fact of the day, Augum has worked for everything he has achieved, which makes his life very unique and likable. usually in books like this, the main character has some sort of gifted advantage, or a concept of “the chosen one”. While the Arinthian Line books and FoaRD series do have a small amount of this, I believe it is a healthy ratio that drags the readers in and makes them appreciate Augum and relate to him a little more.

    1. Well spotted, Nathan! It’s something I love infusing into my main characters: a hard work ethic. Now just wait until you read Anna’s story…

      1. Cant wait!! I’m in pre ap english courses right now cause I’m not old enough for the ap courses but that’s where I learned to spot stuff like that :) really hyped for mrs. Stones book btw

  3. ANNOUNCEMENT! I have finally decided to read the books. I am about fifty pages away from finishing Arcane. It is REALLY good so far.

      1. Y’all are shaming Brandon too much. Yeah, he WAS bad, but he had a redemption arc and now is good again!

  4. You guys can also do guilds/clubs/clans/houses (your choice as to what word works best for Sithesia), with your own crests and mottos to rival the Arinthians and the Von Edgeworths and the Malevants, etc. And if any one of you can draw/photoshop, I can upload on your behalf (doesn’t have to be professional by any means). For crests, you can give me your rough idea and I can design a crest for your guild/club/clan/house (see bottom of Lore page for an example of the trio’s crest that I photoshopped, but again, I’m an author not an artist) ;)

    Crests always come with a motto too, and usually represent visually its values, one of its main trade goods/ cash crop for its castle, or other things of import to the entity.

      1. All three of you tell me when you are finished and post the name, motto, and crest. I will have to decide whose I am going to join 🤗

      1. I think he’s cool. Plus (No offense to Olaf) he ain’t as chubby.

  5. So Mr. Bronny has left it to us to discuss and develop a solution for a better dueling area on some sort of website such as discord (If your not familiar you should try it out, it’s quite handy)

    I would suggest something such as discord because of it’s ability for seperation (for clarification I mean that we would be able to seperate the duels so it’s not as confusing). We would need to create a server than share the link/server with Mr. Bronny. The problem here is that a server takes a sizeable amount of effort to run/moderate so I think we should decide who would be the most able to moderate it (of course we can assign multiple people this job) and who would be on it the most. Discord is a great place where we can assign roles such as attendant that would play a part in running and maintaining the server. Of course, this all has to be approved by Mr. Bronny so just be aware of that. But lets start off with a simple question. Who here has used discord and if so how much do you know about creating/running a server?

    1. The nice part about duels here though is that we can all view them and study them. I think it’s just fine like it is.

      1. I agree that it’s good to be able to watch and study the duels, but we would be able to still do that in discord while having it more organized actually allowing for better study. And of course I wouldn’t be surprised if some duel did inevitably occur on this website, I am rooting for a discord server because of the myriad benefits. but I do see where you are coming from.

  6. Choose a pet Sabby the Ohmish Husky or Sir Pawsalot the cat

    Another question are you team Bridget or team Leera

    Team chaska or team Cry Slimwealth

    This is for good fun Now this last one is probably going to be leaning towards one side
    Team Brandon or Team olaf

    1. Definitely Sabby cause I love dogs and huskys even more

      Probably Leera cause she’s hilarious

      Cry Slimwealth cause he’s grown so much

      Olaf cause I don’t like Brandon in general, let alone he betrayed the trio

      What about you Attendant?

      1. About the same but I’m team Bridget and Leera,I want a redemption arc for Brandon but still Olaf the other questions the Same.

      2. Yeah, I definitely think Brandon could come back and be a better individual in general, but I’ll always support Olaf over Brandon.

  7. Her’s a couple of disscusion topics

    If the leyans were to build another scion who would get it and what element would it be?

    What other challenges do you think the trio has ahead of them, or what will happen after the Anna book’s

    Do you think in the next five years in the trios time will Anna be done with a portal for to and from ley?

    Who is the strongest warlock alive right now in the trios books that is not in ley?

    In the future books do you think sparrows perch will be a working town???

    What element do you think leland will get?

    Who would win in a 1v1 Augum vs Leera no dragon form??

    In due course will people with necromancy be shunned even if they are good people?

    THese are some discussion topics/questions I just got.

    1. I’m answering all of them.

      The scion: Probably Augum with a lightning scion, because Mr. Bronny does as he does. Augum would probably also link it to the castle again.

      Future trio challenges: There could be a fight from the other kingdoms (maybe the trio defends Canterra, or the other kingdoms attack Solia to kill the Dragons). It could be extraplanar, so from Ley or Endraga Ra, and if it’s that it could have to do with the Rivican ruins (maybe someone started the forges and machine shops back up). Or Mr. Bronny might go with something we can’t guess at all, like a different plane.

      The strongest warlock: This is hard to choose. But in combat, it would probably be Jez in my opinion.

      Sparrow’s Perch: It’ll probably be resettled, as Castle Arinthian is right next to it and Augum did ask Leera if that was alright.

      Leland: He’s an illusionist, so his element is illusion. Though it would be nice if he dabbled in healing.

      Augum VS Leera: Augum would probably let Leera win ’cause he’s a nice guy, but if he didn’t he’d probably win (they’ve practice dueled together before).

      Necromancy: It’s already illegal, but Augum would probably befriend a good one to show how Arcaners aren’t self-rightous and that there’s good in everyone.

      Oof, that was a lot.

      1. I agree on most parts with you, however, I would think that Augum would be the most powerful. In a 1v1 duel he could just summon his dragon form and wipe the floor with his opponent. He would also beat Bridget and Leera (probably) due to his advanced telekinesis.

    2. But Nathan remember she has a not so secre5 secret weapon spectral teleport

      1. This is true, but with it not being such a secret secret weapon Augum would be ready for it not to mention his reflexes are phenomenal.

    3. True also augum would never give Leera the win Leera would be so annoyed like as mad as Bridget was when she found out the southwards were offering a. marriage proposal times two.

      1. It did happen before, but her anger was mostly mock anger. I believe it was in FoaRD, when they were on their way to Olaf’s house and got attacked by 12 assassins. Just before that.

  8. Suggestion Mr.Bronny. Though it is Arena related i deemed i should put it here. I think that it would be cool for you to make a art for the arena. I have some sugestions. Though i guess this is just a idea.

    1. I think he means a team that gives suggestions like the advanced reader team though I may have misinterpreted it

    2. yeah devon is right. But like how he made anna’s picture. If that was drawing they are amazing!:)

      1. I’m pretty sure those were photoshopp he did,but I agree having a drawing or photo of the arena could help.

      2. Yep, that was just a quick photoshop job I cobbled together to give people a rough idea. I’m an author not an artist =P

    3. Anyone is welcome to submit art for the website directly to me via my email (see the contact page) and I will publish it where appropriate. Certainly doesn’t have to be “pro” art either!

  9. Happy beladed birthday Bridge!
    P.S. Does anyone wanna be me and Devon’s Mr.G?

  10. So hi everybody!! I know I haven’t been very active, and my apologies for that, I just have been content with sitting back and watching. However, I’m excited to get back into the thick of it and explore the depths of Sithesia with you guys. I probably won’t duel much as I am very incosistent getting on, but I do love watching you guys and your clever maneuvers. So, on a different note and hopefully a discussion facilitating notion, I would just like to bring up the fact that Occulus was most likely a telepath, considering that the agonex wouldn’t work for anyone except Leland who is a telepath. Which explains how he was able to defeat six scion bearers. I would also like to ask what you guys think the secrets of the elements that the leyans installed in the scions were.

    1. 3 things
      1 happy Memorial Day

      2 the info on the scions is in a secret leyan vault Mar.Broony said

      3 I might be the only one but I really feel disappointed that I forgot her bday but better late then never have belated bday Bridget!

      1. I too am disappointed and wish Bridget a belated happy birthday.

        I’m not sure if that is how the Agonex worked though, Nathan. Mrs. Stone could’ve wielded it, and she wasn’t a telepath. All that was required was the warlock had to best the Captain in a mind-battle, so even the trio could’ve used it.

      2. That’s the thing though, Mrs. Stone wasn’t able to figure out how to use it and she was a master warlock and one of the most skilled lightning warlocks to walk sithesia. The fact that she couldn’t and Leland, a young boy with no arcane experience but is a telepath, demonstrates that Occulus most likely was a telepath. I could be completely wrong, however it does seem that he was.

      3. That’s because Mrs. Stone didn’t mess with the Agonex, choosing to research instead. While she was struggling with books, Leland was fiddling with it until he understood it.

    2. Also remember she was practicing cron and really struggling with health and age,so id bet she would loose the mental battle and most likely her head would explode,while leland was in the spring time of youth and was a telepath like occulus which probaly allowed him to know what the commanders moves would be which furthermore allowed him to win the battle.

    3. I think you’re correct because Leland had no formal training in arcanery at the time, and he was able to tune to ancient artifact and specifically beat the commander in a “battle of the mind”

  11. No one talks here anymore! This is the disscusion! Not the lame discusion for stuff that we just wanna put in here so it doesnt get buried with the duels. Well you could do that but DISSCUS STUFF TOO! It is called discussion for a reason. I rest my case.

    1. Happy Memorial Day everyone!! I’ll take a moment of silence right now for all of those fallen American soldiers, pilots, etc. MOMENT OF SILENCE——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————Okay.

    2. Happy Memorial day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
      P.S. It is my favorite holiday up there with Christmas, The Fourth of JUly, and my birthday!:)

      1. So cool! Happy memorial day y’all! I’m going to ask a question, but you don’t have to answer it. Do you know any veterans who have served in the army? I know it might be an emotional subject, but it’s kind of cool to know a veteran, isn’t it? I’m going to start, My pop, (Grandfather) served in the Vietnam war. and is still alive. He is very funny, and tells us all kinds of jokes. He is the best.

      2. My great grandpa was in World War Two (passed two years ago though) and I have an uncle who actually just got released from service in Iran (or it’s Iraq, whichever one we’re fighting).

  12. Sever Bronny,
    The new arena is awesome, and I can’t wait to see how it grows and all the cool arcane battles to come!

    But I had a suggestion to improve the dueling. One problem with the duels is that this page is open to everyone, so it can be confusing if multiple people are trying to duel, or someone confuses who their opponent is, or a third party is trying to comment in the middle of a duel.

    To solve this problem, would it be possible to create individual chat rooms that only approved people could comment in, but were public to view? This way, no one accidentally interrupts a duel, but people can still witness the incredible arcane feats.

    This also might allow for certain “guilds”, dueling groups, and school teams to form. For example, if your character was Solian, they could be a part of the Academy of the Arcane Arts’ dueling team, and compete against other schools in tournaments. The rooms could be tied to someone’s email, and they would be able to approve applications for their certain team or group.

    I don’t know how hard that would be to do with this website software, but I think it would be a great feature if possible.

    Thanks for your consideration,
    Ben (Benjamin “Stonewall” Davidson)

    NOTE: I posted this in the Arena page, but it was quickly buried under duels and other comments. It was my fault, I should have seen it coming, so I decided to post it here instead.

  13. You have 6 hours of training you can do any training method your in the library of Antioc, you have 15 silver and a full circle takes 2 hours* you can do anything as long as it’s improving your arcane arts what do you do?

    1. I meant a full cycle also it includes extensions.*two hour varying on degree.the fifteen silver is if want to enter a training area buy food or something like that.A full cycle requires afterward a 45 minute break but buying food or meditate it refreshes you as well.

  14. Hey, so what do y’all think the implications of the Rivican ruins in Endraga Ra could mean in the next trio-centered book. Like, it obviously meant that the Rivicans were there and studied dragons (probably how they created Orion) but… I don’t know, it was really cool but I don’t think Mr. Bronny put it in just to put it in. He’s a master (pun intended) at writing and surely did a bit of foreshadowing. But what do y’all think it is?

    1. i Agree but it probaly means they will Do Rivicain stuff next series(trio series). Because that is the best i could come up with.

      1. I think in the next trio series they will probably go to ley or occuluses castle because that’s where rivican stuff is and find a cool spell or even some people that are rivicans in hiding.

      2. Yeah, and there’s also Rivican ruins under the Black Castle and I think the Black Arena (not sure on that one). The Rivican people crossed my mind too, but the spell would be super cool.

        Ooh! Afterthought. Maybe the RIVICANS found out how to tame the Predator, maybe it had something to do with Orion’s creation, like taming the Predator to wield it.

  15. Canon but also an idea that would be really cool:
    For Haylee’s birthday (or whatever reason) the Arcaners and friends all enchant her cane like Careena

      1. Just imagine Haley shooting ice out of her cane. It is HILLARIOUS!:)

      2. Oh well the enchanted cane has two purposes,1 dueling 2 She won’t ever throw away her cane again.

  16. Hi everybody! Marek told me I should try to duel somebody. So, here is my dueling “profile”.
    Name: Charlotte Emerald Dreads (Her friends call her Charlie. A very unfortunate last name, mostly due to the fact that she actually really loves her life. Well, when her family was in it she loved it.)
    Element: Fire
    Degree: 11th
    Age: Seventeen
    Looks: Blonde hair, Blue eyes, Tall, wears black a lot.
    Backstory: (get ready this is gonna be looooooong.)
    Charlotte Dread came from a very long line of Warlocks. Her family was very, very, wealthy, so she got into the academy easily. She loved to show off her skills in her hometown of Blackhaven. Charlie easily got into the academy at age twelve, due to her skills and her family’s money. And quickly became a star pupil. She met many powerful students, and quickly became popular among them all. At her sixth year, the war started. Blackhaven was destroyed. Along with her family. She spent many days searching for their body’s. She never found them. She heard of the trio, who had tried to save Blackhaven. She heard of the fight against Orion, in Blackhaven, and later, the Tallows. She believed in their cause. Today, she is a even more powerful, 11th degree. Age seventeen.

    1. The crowd jumps to their feet upon Charlotte’s entrance into the arena. The heralds have scribbled their high hopes for her, considering she comes from a distinguished line of duelers …

      1. She can’t be a master, as Mrs. Stone was the only living master. I agree though, she’s probably 20th.

      2. THey said mrs.Stone was the only known living master kraktos is probably a master.Also this is one very very very important question,to mr.Bronny you have talked about stams which is what you use to cast spells could you give us more info about that,because we only know that augum in the first book in FoaRD had around 100 stams a and the summon minor wall took 25 stams.So coul$ you put in the spells how many stams is everything.

  17. I have a question that has never been asked before!:) What…is…your…….. CAT’S NAME?!?!Literally the first time asked.:):):):):):):):):):):):):)::):):):):):):)
    P.S. This is for sever,though i guess you can answer too:)

    1. My cats name is Tobi Wan Kenobi. He is a dog though. He acts like a cat. He bites his nails and has a back hunch. he also sits by the window on our couch.

      1. what about skibbles leera’s kitten that was killed when Sparrow’s perch was well. you know what happend.

      2. TRue also fun fact Augum does not have a grandma in ley because she technically disowned him in the start of the second book,then she said I take it back but she didn’t do the ritual so that’s why augum does not have a stone grandma or great grandma

  18. Wait can I invite you don’t you have parental settings so I can’t friend you or something

      1. Maybe we can see eachother then.We wont have to worry about time differinces then!:)

      1. Here’s a random quote I just like by Albert Einstein: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”

        – Albert Einstein

    1. If anyone wants to play Minecraft tonight please tell me because I’m going to be playing tonight

      1. definatly!:) if you can see when i am on just check and im=nvite me.

      2. when do you think I forgot your time zone mines pdt

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