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I’ve noticed people wanting to start discussions on various topics related to The Arinthian Line, Fury of a Rising Dragon, etc in the comments section of the blog posts, which in turn get buried over time. This discussion page should help (scroll to the very bottom to post your own thought/question, or reply to someone else along the way). I’ll weigh in//respond in between bouts of writing/editing when I can.

Let me kick things off by quoting a reader, who said, “What I find inspiring is that I think we can all find a little of ourselves in each of the characters.”

All right, so which of the characters do you relate to, and why?

If that question doesn’t inspire you, perhaps one of these will:

What’s your favorite scene?

Who is your favorite villain?

What’s your favorite spell? Why?

Which light-hearted scene did you enjoy the most? Why?

Which scene was the most thrilling for you?

Otherwise, have any questions, ideas, thoughts? Leave a comment below, and we’ll see how it goes!

June, 2021

1,583 thoughts on “Discussion

  1. or i would have “convey degree” the spell of legend that i definitly didnt read the first 72 pages of arcane to find its actual name then be correct on thinking that it was convey degree.that didnt happen.

  2. Or the spell that creates spells or the one that allows you to create ………. SCIONS!

  3. If you could do any spell in real life ot master degree,what would it be? Also i will just join when you play minecraft.

    1. Spirit of the dragon
      Sorry I couldn’t play,if your able to I usually play from 12-1 pdt and sometimes at 7-10ish pdt.

    1. I don’t,also this isn’t a chat board is for discussing things about the Arinthian line and FoaRD
      Who wants to duel in the arena?

      1. When, Attendant? I’m actually available today, 11-12PM (8-9 for you) if you want.

    2. ok just for marek i am HandsomePants65.Also is the knowledge to build a cloud chamber in Solia Ley, or ENDRAGA RA?

      1. The knowledge is in the library in key as well as other spells,also Devon for duels or Minecraft?

      2. In the library of Ley mr.bronny comfirmed it a while back.

      3. Though as they referenced in the books there was a Rivican like structure so that could have more powerful spells like spirit of the dragon.

  4. I started the building in my minecraft world,right now I’m working on their barn.

    1. Yes it’ll be on a realm and I’ll friend you just tell me your friend code I’m able to play most days,also I’m you the maps in the books to design the map.

    2. Yes i am but I’m using the maps so I’ll first use the 1st map then start to expand I’m also doing it in a realm so you could play when I’m not and so forth,I’m going to use a medical texture pack too.

    1. Just saying in the spells in awe of the dragon and breath of the dragon have typos

      1. its not cause if it was it would be The STRONGEST SPELLS IN EXISNTINCE. Cause leyans spells are rated lowere than what solians would rate them. Centarro would be 8th-11th.

    2. Did anyone besides me notice that Mrs. Stone is going to be trained by Senior Arcaneologist Ning? The really special part of it, though, is that it’ll be in dual elements! We know that Ning knows some healing, and Mrs. Stone healed Augum once. . . (BTW this is on her schedule)

      1. Remeber in that scene Mrs.stone talked about dual elements,mrs.stone has healing,fire,lightning and I think that’s all.

      2. Also Ning only knows illusion and healing,Mr.Bronny said that when I asked.

    1. Can in Cron can you cast spells or during spells can you cast spells

      1. chron casting should work in cron. in a spell book in the antoic library (spells tab) it says chron casting is when you do one spell after the other but i’ll take the word of Mrs.Stone over some spell book.she said that chron casting is when you have one spell up and cast another spell without dissipating the first one.an example of this is casting shine then casting reveal and keeping shine up.the book’s part about simulcasting corroborated with the words of Mrs.Stone

  5. But atticus i dont think you can teleport to the healing fountain in antioc

    1. Oh I can remember I’m an Attendant and Herzog once gave me cloaked privileges too

  6. Hey, sorry combatant Kaden, it turns out I am very busy tomorrow.

    I am free to duel someone later, probably in the weekdays.

    1. Thanks about Minecraft I might be able to play tonight but it depends on how late I’m able to stay up and how long you can stay up I might be able to play after Nine ish my time 12 ish your time

      Who shall fight the The Raiser next he has a track of either 3-0 or 4-0

  7. i bend the knee cause i am gonna loose either way. I emmiediatly stop decaying, it was the play dead spell.That could of went better.
    P.S. Good job.

  8. i am hawaii standard time zone. I do know the third offensive though.

    1. Ok. What time works? I’m in Eastern, and noon to 3 works bestest (7-10 for you)

  9. Hey who wants to duel me? I am free a lot tomorrow, but I’m in Eastern time.

    Dragoon Devon “Wild Storm” Lucheinus, a fierce 19th degree lightning warlock form Nodia with a summoned flail.

      1. Great. What time, and what’s your time zone?
        As an honorable Dragoon, I’ll fight with an 11th degree spell maximum.

  10. and i just ducked under all beams exept one wich demolished my helment.

    1. i just checked here and relaized that you went already.guess i wasnet neaded.

  11. Thre third offensive was a fake and one beam knocked my helm off. i parry the staff but take the whip i yell baka and disalo aiming at you whip. Your fear spell nearly penetrates.

    1. I just ignore your spells and then run behind you and slash you with my staff and whip and then cast three anhilio meurto aiming them so it’s impossible to dodge them at all or so you don’t have time to teleport away.and remember that I have my elemental armor,strengthen,centrro and frenzy on

      1. oh. I raise my shield and fligh backwards after you demolishing my armor, then i turn gray and start decaying.

      2. Ok I’ll give you the choice to bend the knee now or do you want to keep fighting and have a chance to gain a multitude of injuries or even die

      3. This is the move I’ll do if you decide to keep fighting I do the spirit of the dragon spell then cast spectral teleport and hit you with all my strength with my summoned weapons which would kill you but after I do that I do group teleport with you to the healing pool in Antioch and heal you with healing spells I win then.

  12. Wow you have good reflexes dodgeing 12 beams then I dodge the 3rd offensive and summon a shield barely in time to shield my self then I cast Summano arma flustrato and Summano arma crux dreadus terrablus and .run towards you and try to hit you with the staff and the whip

  13. First where did you disenchant it at,then I dodge it as I have previuosly cast reveal but one hits me but it starts to heal with necromancy and healing ,then I do three succsesive casting of anhilio muerto!

    1. i quickly duck and yell Anhilo Ito! Then i sprint at you and swing my confusion ax at you.

  14. No you cant teleport out of it so the only spell that works is infirmi which I use baka and then dodge the fear casting and then cast virtus vis viray and then cast anhilio muerto

    1. I summon my sheild and say mimicus and say Exotus mia enchantus duo dai ideum exat and disenchant it.(i reflected anihilo muerto

  15. Impetus perango spectra xae i teleport of of imprison then hit you with my confusion ax. Infermi! Dreadus terriblus!

  16. Also could we hurry I can only do this for 15 more min

  17. I use a healing spell to heal myself,then I cast Un vun asperio aurum enchantus and then cast Imprison

  18. Armari elementus totalus,Enta frenza harka natar,Centeratoraye xao xen

  19. “Un vun asperio aurum enchantus” “Virtus vis viray” “Summano arma flustrato”

    1. wait can i use every spell because ur only 11th degree

      1. me. yester day was not for duel club(me and alexander fought). what are rules?

      2. We should do triple move turns first to five hits wins.

      3. Also for A reminder this is my info

        Attendant,Dragon Atticus Monroe,”The Raiser”.
        Necromancy 20th,Healing 13th

  20. Hey whoooops sorry that repeated THREE TIMES. Kept not going through, and… now it went through

    1. Mr.Bronny I was wondering if there was a flag of solia or of sithesia if so could you give us a desription?

      1. Attendant, might I suggest emailing that to Sever Bronny instead? The comments are going to get buried in duels.

      2. The official crest of Sithesia is the lone pine tree (I’ll post an image of it in the LORE section when I find the file again).

      3. Thank you I’ve been researching medivial building and the maps in the books because in Minecraft I want to build the entire world

  21. What are everyone’s time zones? I’m Eastern American, so it’s 12:30 for me right now.

  22. Small note on my dueler.
    A Dragoon, with Awe of the Dragon (summoned flail), Birth of the Dragon, and Mirror of the Dragon

      1. I forgot to mention that I am a Dragoon, and those are my simuls

    1. Also, what are the time zones for everyone? I’m Eastern American, so it’s 12:30 right now for me

    2. Also, what are everyone’s time zones? I’m Eastern American, so it’s 12:30 right now for me.

  23. Me and Attendant Atticus’s fight is 3:00 atticus’s time and 12:00 mine 6:00 mareks.

  24. Oh misspell, meh. I am gonna cast “anihilo bato!” i duck and say “arcan roso”
    P.S. Arcane Drain steals arcane stamina.

    1. before you steal to much stamina i cast impetus peragro” then cast “voidus lingua”

      1. i dropoed and rolled foward so u miss. I get up see you and said, “voidus aurus, Effectus xadius”

      2. i roll away and summon my shield because your centarro should run out soon.

    1. i cast telekenisis on your fireball and hit your elementus with it.”voidus lingua”

      1. it was a fake first offensive. plus i dont have a elementus,yet. “Summano elementus minimus draco Voidus aurus”

      2. you have an elementus from when you cast chameleon.while your castingi “voidus lingua”and use telekenisis with my disenchant to move it twords you if you dodge.you hit me with the deafness.

  25. “Summano elementus minimus” ” armari obscrua chameleano traversa” And i hide.

    1. i cast “un vun asperio aurum enchantus” and see you.i set my elementus on yours and cast “voidus lingua” at you.

      1. i hurl the elemantal at the wall destroying it.And then i say”Enta frenza harka natar”.

      2. “voidus lingua” “Exotus mia enchantus duo dai ideum exat” (:

      3. i put this already but dont know if it worked.”voidus lingua” “Exotus mia enchantus duo dai ideum exat”i typed that twice now.

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