Book 4 of Fury of a Rising Dragon series progressing along nicely

Coming of age fantasy author Sever Bronny making progress on book 4 of the Fury of a Rising Dragon series. Spot the miniature Excalibur sword in the focus bonsai!

On the weekends I typically still do a little writing. It keeps the flow of the story going and I actually really like hanging out with my characters :) Currently I’m more than halfway through the fourth book of the Fury of a Rising Dragon series — sitting at 136,000 words so far!

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21 thoughts on “Book 4 of Fury of a Rising Dragon series progressing along nicely

  1. Yessss! I’m so glad to hear that, and I can’t wait for the next book to come out.
    (Do you think this will be the last one, or will we have to wait for Champion’s Wrath?) *Fingers crossed it’s the latter

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  2. i love your book series! i cried when i realized the fourth book of Fury of a Rising Dragon hadnt come out, and im happy to hear that it will come out in december

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  3. On book 3 of Fury of a rising dragon. I have to wait till December!! Ugh lol I absolutely love theses books. The longer the better. Are you sure you want it to end after book 4? I’m 46yrs old, Male, home dealing with cancer. These books have made my days so much better. Who should I read that you suggest while waiting for December?

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    • Hello James!

      Don’t worry, the trio’s adventures will continue with more series’ :)

      I’d suggest Viktor Kloss’s academy series, I suspect you’d enjoy that.

      I am sorry to hear about your struggle with cancer, and wish you a speedy recovery and much coziness in these trying times.


  4. I have been waiting for the fourth book , Fury of rising dragon , what seems like forever! I can not wait until it is relesed. This is my all time favorite series ever.

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    • Thank you, Kerry, glad you’re enjoying my work. I ask this often: do you have any favorite scenes? Any favorite characters? I’m always curious.

      Book 4 on schedule to launch in December, btw.


      • I liked someone’s comment about diving into the life of Mrs. Stone. This would fit nicely into the section where they visit Ley. If they do, haven’t read all of book 3 dragon series yet.

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  5. OMG I finished all the books so far and can’t wait for the next one. I’m going to have a hard time waiting! I love all the books and my favorite scene is where the trio turn into dragons and fight the necromantic dragons!! I’m looking forward to maybe a side series about Mrs. Stone’s youth! I would love that SO much! This is my total favorite book series and I love everything about it.

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    • Glad you’re enjoying my work, Izzy! Book 4 is on schedule for a December launch. And yes I intend on one day writing about Mrs. Stone’s youth.

      Great scene choice! Now did you have any favorite characters?


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