First draft of Book 3 (Fury of a Rising Dragon series) nearing completion.

I just passed 200,000 words in book 3 to the Fury of a Rising Dragon series (title to be announced). The book is rapidly nearing its conclusion—and it’s one epic conclusion. But it’s only one battle in a war, which means, you guessed it:

Yes, there will be a book 4!

The expected release date of book 3 is December of this year (2019).

Thank you for your patience and your continued support. Your letters and comments inspire me to give it my all with my writing.

I love this job.

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13 thoughts on “First draft of Book 3 (Fury of a Rising Dragon series) nearing completion.

    • I really wasn’t expecting a new book after the third… so that makes it a whole lot better… I own all your books and for the newest two why are the letters so small, its so good though. XD

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      • The letters are so small because there is a maximum pagecount print length, and even one point higher on the font scale took book 2 over that maximum. Sorry about that!


      • I really like reading on my kindle. I mean the books are so cheap, and you can read them immediately. It’s way easier than buying one at a store or on Amazon or something. I am not paid by the kindle people.

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      • My wife and I read both–kindle and paper books. I do a lot of research for my work, however, and so 90%+ of my time reading is spent with paper books.


  1. I can’t wait. I also just thought it would be a trilogy but now there is a fourth. You have the best books and I personally like them more than Harry Potter.

    P.S. There better be a lot of romance ;).

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  2. I am elated there will be at least one more. I picked these all up last month and read them. I should have waited. I’m not sure I can wait until December for the next one! 😢


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